Super Smash Bros. Kerfuffle is a crossover fighting series for the Super CD-i, a revamp of the beloved and classic console known as the Phillips CD-i. Rather than focusing on iconic and classic characters, the series simply features whoever Phillips is able to get their hands on.



The games usually feature fighters from poorly received and highly infamous games, such as the Bubsy series or Shaq Fu.


The six fighters from the first game are the only fighters to have appeared in every game in the series. That's right... all one of them.

  • Gex the Gecko (Series: Gex)
  • Bubsy (Series: Bubsy)
  • Boogerman (Series: Boogerman)
  • Jim the Knight (Series: Hydlide)
  • Shaq (Series: Shaq Fu)
  • E.T. (Series: E.T. the Extraterrestrial)
  • Takeshi Kitano (Series: Takeshi's Castle)