Shadow Hand...

Super Smash Bros. J is a Super Smash Bros. game by for the DSj.

Playable Characters


Name Side Attack Up Attack Down Attack Final Smash
Mario Cape Slap Spin Jump Ground Pound Mario Wildfire
Samus Missile Screw Attack Morph Ball Power Bomb
Pikachu Lightning Jolt Lightning Jump Lightning Shield Zapachu
Kirby Inhale Float Rock Tornado
Baby Mario Dash Gravity Climb Blank-achute Yoshi Stampede
Baby Luigi Rattle Spikes Toady Carry Bag Fall Toady Snatch-n-Drop
Armstrong Super Missile Space Jump Bomb Norfair Heat
Adam Zapper None Contact Bounty Attack
Raichu Thunder Jolt Thunder Jump Thunder Shield Power Zap
Pichu Electric Jolt Electric Jump Electric Shield Zap
Waddle Dee Charge Air-Cartwheel Mine Cart Roll Stampede
Rick Power Inhale Float Rick  Roll Power Tornado


Every other BRAWL "Smasher". They have the same attacks.

  • Waluigi/Tennis Smash/Blue Shell Throw/Baby Time/Tennis Craze
  • Toad/Cheep Charge/High Jump/Mushroom Toss/Mega Mushroom
  • Daisy/Flower Trail/Float/Ground Pound/Flower Power
  • Space Pirate/Claw/Karate Kick/Laser/Ninja Slide
  • Libi/Same as Yoshi/Same as Yoshi/Same as Yoshi/Same as Yoshi
  • Spirky/Same as Kirby/Same as Kirby/Same as Kirby/Same as Kirby


Also, when Bowser uses his FINAL SMASH, the Koopalings appear. They only have one attack, and automatically use it, then leave.

Lemmy/Giant Ball
Roy/Pound Shake
Iggy/Plasma Toss
Wendy/Ring Wrap
Larry/Tennis Fireball
Bowser Jr./Hidden Warps


All of the SSBB "Smashers" are gathered on Final Destination. Suddenly, Master Hand's dead body-hand-thingy falls, and they kick it off of Final Destination. It lands near Tabuu's body, and they fuse. They become Shadow Hand and swear revenge, then leave. Shadow Hand arrives at Final Destination and turns everyone but Mario, Kirby and Samus into dolls. He sends Waluigi, Space Pirate, Libi and Spirky to steal the dolls, which they do. Mario, Kirby and Samus then go to their dimensions to find partners. Mario gets Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, Kirby gets Rick and Waddle Dee and Samus gets Adam and Armstrong. They then go to Mushroom Kingdom 1 and see Waluigi with a Peach, Toad and Daisy doll! Mario beats him and Peach, Toad, Daisy and Waluigi join them in their quest. They travel to Brinstar and see Ridley with a Space Pirate, Link and Sonic doll. Samus and Armstrong defeat him, then Space Pirate, Link and Sonic also join them. Libi leads them to Yoshi's Story, where they see him with a Yoshi and Bowser doll. The Baby Bros. challenge him  and soon defeat him. Libi, Yoshi and Bowser then join. Finally they find Spirky with Meta Knight, King Dedede, Luigi and Ness dolls. Kirby beats him and Spirky, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Luigi and Ness join. They run to Battlefield to see Metal versions of all of them. The metals are defeated and they save the last dolls. They run to Final Destination to challenge Shadow Hand. Shadow Hand is defeated and a giant Void appears. The smashers run off as Shadow Hand and the Smash Dimension are destroyed.

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