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Super Smash Bros. Interstellar (or SSBI) is a game that is the newest addition to the Super Smash Bros. series. It is for the Wii U. The controls remain the same between games.


Starting Newcomers

Image Name


Special Moves


Daisy is a well-balanced fighter who uses a golf club as her main weapon. She is far from a clone of Peach, not borrowing a singe move from her.

B: Pollenation

Side B: Superball

Up B: Rabbit Flap

Down B: Crystal Smash

Final Smash: Crystalized Daisy

Tingle Artwork (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland)
Tingle Tingle is a very interesting and unique character. He can do many things with his Neutral B, like heal himself or summon Rupees to throw.

B: Kooloo-Limpah!

Side B: Rupee Toss

Up B: Balloon Fight

Down B: Tingle Shield

Final Smash: Uncle Rupee

Tumblr m7sbgbqAeW1qlhoglo1 1280
Muddy Mole Muddy Mole is the retro character of this game who has something very unique up his sleeve: digging.

B: Iron Ball

Side B: Hole Trap

Up B: Cabbage Jump

Down B: Dig

Final Smash: Mole Family

Little Mac Little Mac has a powerful star collection gimmick. He collects stars by preforming combos and uses them to power his B moves.

B: Star Punch

Side B: Star Jab

Up B: Star Uppercut

Down B: Star Counter

Final Smash: Giga Mac

Dawn BW2
Sinnoh Trainer Dawn doesn't fight on her own. She stands in the sidelines and uses Piplup, Grotle and Infernape to fight.

B: Bubble Beam/Absorb/Ember

Side B: Drill Peck/Sand Attack/Flame Wheel

Up B: Aqua Jet/Wood Hammer/Fire Spin

Down B: Pokémon Change

Final Smash: The Chains of Spiritomb

Bulbasaur Since Pokémon Trainer was cut for  Sinnoh Trainer, Bulbasaur is basically a faster version of Ivysaur. although, has has recieved a few buffs.

B: Giga Drain

Side B: Razor Leaf

Up B: Vine Whip

Down B: Spore

Isaac Issac is the main hero of Golden Sun. He uses Earth Psynergy for his main attacks.

B: Rockfall

Side B: Move

Up B: Growth

Down B: Quake

Final Smash: Condemn

Starting Veterans

Image Name Description Special Moves
Mario As usual, Mario is the "balanced character" with very straight-to-the-point moves (throw a projectile, reflect a projectile, go up, go down).

B: Fireball

Side B: Cape

Up B: Tanooki Tail

Down B: Ground Pound

Final Smash: Mario Finale

343px-Wii U Peach artwork
Peach Peach is pretty much unchanged from her Brawl self, although her Final Smash heals her directly.

B: Toadsworth

Side B: Peach Bomber

Up B: Perry

Down B: Vegetable

Final Smash: Calm Vibe

Bowser SSB4
Bowser Bowser is unchanged as well, but his fire is different. You can hold down B for a stream of fire like before, but you can lightly tap B to create a fireball. His Side B has also changed.

B: Fire Breath

Side B: Blue Shell

Up B: Whirling Fortress

Down B: Bowser Bomb

Final Smash: Dry Bowser

Donkey Kong DK has quite a few ranged moves now, although he pretty much remains the same. The only special move he keeps is Spinning Kong.

B: Coconut Launcher

Side B: Rambi

Up B: Spinning Kong

Down B: Barrel Bomb

Final Smash

Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is back, with quite a few moves that involve Animal Buddies. He is unchanged other than that, though.

B: Peanut Popgun

Sie B: Rambi Charge

Up B: Squawks Flight

Down B: Banana Peel

Final Smash: Squawks Storm

Yoshi Yoshi has stayed completely the same. Nothing is different

B: Egg Lay

Side B: Egg Roll

Up B: Egg Throw

Down B: Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash: Super Dragon

Wario Mario Party 8
Wario Wario has a few moves from Wario Land as well as Wario Ware now. Other than that, he's the same.

B: Chomp

Side B: Shoulder Bash

Up B: Corkscrew

Down B: Wario Waft

Final Smash: Vampire Wario

Link Artwork 2 (Skyward Sword)
Link Link is now based on his Skyward Sword incarnation. He has some moves inspired from this game, but mostly, he remains unchanged.

B: Bow

Side B: Beetle

Up B: Spin Attack

Down B: Bomb

Final Smash: Skyward Strike

Princess Zelda Artwork 2 (Skyward Sword)
Zelda Sheik has been removed from Zelda entirely. Zelda is almost the same, but her specials have been reworked due to Sheik's removal.

B: Light Ball

Side B: Din's Fire

Up B: Nayru's Comet

Down B: Faore's Wind

Final Smash: Light Arrow

Metroidprime3 1
Samus Aran/Zero Suit Samus Samus is pretty much the same, although they transform with their Down Specials now. Both their Final Smashes turn them into Fusion Suit Samus for a short time, which is a stronger version of Samus.

B: Charge Shot/Paralyzer

Side B: Missile/Plasma Whip

Up B: Screw Attack/Plasma Wire

Down B: Suit Up

Final Smash: Fusion Beam/Fusion Suit Samus

Pit Pit now has weapons from Kid Icarus: Uprising as special moves.

B: Palutena Bow

Side B: Orb Staff

Up B: Wings of Icarus

Down B: Guardian Orbitars

Final Smash: Palutena's Army

Ice Climbers SSBB
Ice Climbers The Ice Climbers are the same. Enough said.

B: Ice Shot

Side B: Squall Hammer

Up B: Belay

Down B: Blizzard

Final Smash: Iceberg

Kirby Kirby has his Final Smash replaced, but other than that, he's unchanged!

B: Inhale

Side B: Hammer

Up B: Final Cutter

Down B: Stone

Final Smash: Ultra Sword

King Dedede King Dedede is pretty much unchanged from Brawl, though he can sometimes throw Bandana Dee with his Side Special. He also has a new Final Smash.

B: Inhale

Side B: Waddle Dee Toss

Up B: Super Dedede Jump

Down B: Jet Hammer

Final Smash: Grand Hammer

Fox Fox is unchanged as well.

B: Blaster

Side B: Fox Illusion

Up B: Fire Fox

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

Captain Falcon SSBI
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon is also unchanged.

B: Falcon Punch

Side B: Raptor  Boost

Up B: Falcon Dive

Down B: Falcon Kick

Final Smash: Blue Falcon

Olimar Olimar can sometimes pluck and throw Rock Pikmin, but not Winged Pikmin. Winged Pikmin are his new Up Special.

B: Pikmin Pluck

Side B: Pikmin Throw

Up B: Winged Pikmin

Down B: Pikmin Order

Final Smash: End of Day

Pikachu SSB4
Pikachu Pikachu has a few changed specials, but that's about it.

B: Electro Ball

Side B: Volt Tackle

Up B: Quick Attack

Down B: Iron Tail

Final Smash: Thunderbolts

Marth Marth is exactly the same.

B: Shield Breaker

Side B: Dancing Blade

Up B: Dolphin Slash

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: Critical Hit

Ness Ness is also the same.

B: PK Flash

Side B: PK Fire

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Starstorm

Sonic Sonic uses the Wisps from Sonic Colors, but also uses some old moves.

B: Cyan Wisp

Side B: Spin Dash

Up B: Spring Dash

Down B: Yellow Wisp

Final Smash: Super Sonic

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Description Special Moves
Luigi SSB4
Luigi Luigi retuns with a few decloned moves! He can't even be considered a semi-clone now.

B: Ice Ball

Side B: Green Missile

Up B: Super Jump Punch

Down B: Poltergust 3000

Final Smash: Dream Team

Petey Piranha Petey Piranha is a very heavy character with many tricks up his sleeve.

B: GoopChuck

Side B: Swoopin' Stu

Up B: Piranha Pit

Down B: Piranha Egg

Final Smash: Stu Storm

Cranky kong ssbi
Cranky Kong Cranky Kong has a very unique potion gimmick. He can collect projectiles, like in Mr. Game and Watch's old move Oil Panic, and then can either throw them (with negative effects) or drink them (with positive effects).

B: Bottle Up

Side B: Potion Throw

Up B: Cane Bounce

Down B: Potion Drink

Final Smash: Youth Potion

Waluigi Waluigi uses sports equipment to attack, much like Daisy. He can glide with his Super Glider from MK7.

B: Tennis Serve

Side B: Bill Blaster

Up B: Air Swim

Down B: Wall-Luigi

Final Smash: Waluigi Racer

Ganon (SSBI)
Ganon Ganondorf was cut for this baddie! He uses stuff that is not a Falcon Punch or a Falcon Kick.

B: Fire Bats

Side B: Boomer Trident

Up B: Ganon Leap

Down B: Lightning Summon

Final Smash: Moblin Horde

Young Link Young Link is not a clone, since he uses the 4 elemental rods in battle along with Link's old Final Smash.

B: Sand Rod

Side B: Fire Rod

Up B: Tornado Rod

Down B: Ice Rod

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Midna ws
Midna Midna is a character that can fight with or without Wolf Link. Press Down B to dismount him and become lighter but weaker, and use it again in front of him to mount him. Wolf Link can be KOed this way, though.

B: Twilight Sphere

Side B: Stun Wave

Up B: Hair Whip

Down B: Dismount

Final Smash: Fused Shadow

Medusa Medusa uses dark spells as well as the snakes on her hair to attack.

B: Poison Fang

Side B: Shadow Beam

Up B: Snake Whip

Down B: Stone Stare

Final Smash: Summon Hades

DHDDuck zps237a4239
Duck Hunt Dog Duck Hunt Dog uses ducks to attack.

B: NES Zapper

Side B: Egg Shot

Up B: Duck Flutter

Down B: Laugh

Final Smash: People Hunt

Meta Knight SSBI
Meta Knight Meta Knight has been nerfed a little, and is now middle tier. But other than that, his moveset hasn't changed. (Except for a new Final Smash, that is.)

B: Mach Tornado

Side B: Drill Rush

Up B: Shuttle Loop

Down B: Dimensional Cape

Final Smash: Monster Flame

Gooey Gooey uses copy abilities that Kirby doesn't use.

B: Eat

Side B: Burning

Up B: Sticky Tongue

Down B: Spark

Final Smash: Snow Bowl

Smash Bros Brawl Mr Game and Watch
Mr. Game and Watch Mr. Game and Watch is the same, except with a new Side B, and Judge isnow his Down B.

B: Chef

Side B: Ball

Up B: Fire

Down B: Judge

Final Smash: Octopus

Falco Lombardi SSBI
Falco Lombardi Falco is decloned a little, but overall his moveset is the same.

B: Blaster

Side B: Barrel Roll

Up B: Falco Pack

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Arwing

200px-Wolf O' Donnell
Wolf O'Donnell Wolf is the same, except for his Final Smash.

B: Blaster

Side B: Wolf Flash

Up B: Heck Hound

Down B: Reflector

Final Smash: Summon Andross

Smash Bros Interstellar ROB
R.O.B. R.O.B. is the same.

B: Robo Beam

Side B: Arm Rotor

Up B: Robo Burner

Down B: Gyro

Final Smash: Diffusion Beam

200px-Emerald Brendan
Hoenn Trainer

Hoenn Trainer, like Sinnoh Trainer, uses 3 Pokémon. In this case, the Pokémon he uses are Absol, Gardevoir and Blaziken to represent the Psychic/Dark/Fighting triangle.

B: Bite/Psybeam/Blaze Kick

Side B: Night Slash/Moonblast/Mach Punch

Up B: Pursuit/Teleport/Heat Crash

Down B: Pokémon Change

Final Smash: Mega Stones

SSBBRZS Jigglypuff
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff has a new Final Smash, and her moves are switched up.

B: Sing

Side B: Rollout

Up B: Pound

Down B: Rest

Final Smash: Disarming Voice

Pokedex 3d victini
Victini Victini has a very unique gimmick. If you use his Down B, you can increase his stats. However, don't use it twice in quick succession, or you'll lose all progress!

B: Searing Shot

Side B: Flame Charge

Up B: Psychic

Down B: Work Up

Final Smash: V-Create

Ike Ike is back, and his moveset is the same.

B: Eruption

Side B: Quick Draw

Up B: Aether

Down B: Counter

Final Smash: Great Aether

Lucas; Ryuka(Clear)
Lucas Lucas is the same, but his Final Smash is different.

B: PK Freeze

Side B: PK Fire

Up B: PK Thunder

Down B: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Love

Garet Garet uses Mars Psynergy to attack.

B: Flare

Side B: Move

Up B: Lava Shower

Down B: Fire Bomb

Final Smash: Wyvern

Silver Silver uses telekinesis in very strategic ways.

B: Psycho Bolt

Side B: Blazing Fire

Up B: Orb Levitate

Down B: Tele-Crush!

Final Smash: Wreckage Meteor

Mega Man Mega Man uses Robot Master powers to fight.

B: Mega Buster

Side B: Metal Blade

Up B: Rush Coil

Down B: Leaf Shield

Final Smash: Mega Man 2.0

Pac-Man Pac-Man uses attacks from his arcade game.

B: Wakka Wakka

Side B: Rev Roll

Up B: Pac-Dots

Down B: Cherry Bomb

Final Smash: Power Pellet

Moogle Moogle uses attacks from Final Fantasy.

B: 10 Needles

Side B: PomPom Whip

Up B: Moogle Uppercut

Down B: Regenerate

Final Smash: Chocobo Riders

DLC Characters

Image Name Description Special Moves

Toad and Toadette

Toad and Toadette join as a duo! They use the same attacks.

B: Spore

Side B: Golden Mushroom

Up B: Mushroom Bounce

Down B: Resize

Final Smash: Toad Brigade

Shy Guy SSBR character
Shy Guy Shy Guy uses it's supspecies' various attacks.

B: Snifit Gun

Side B: Bandit Chase

Up B: Fly Guy

Down B: Spear Throw

Final Smash: Behind the Mask

Spirit Tracks Artwork 3

Toon Link and Phantom Zelda

As a duo, one stands in the background while the other fights. Switch with your Down B.

B: Bow/Torch Blade

Side B: Boomerang/Wrecker Roll

Up B: Whip/Warp Attack

Down B: Switch

Final Smash: Spirit Train

Lip Lip uses very unique, roulette-like attacks.

B: Puzzle Piece

Side B: Quick Swap

Up B: Rainbow Surf

Down B: Garbage Block

Final Smash: Tetris Attack

Bandanna Dee Rainbow
Bandana Dee Bandana Dee uses his spear and attacks from his supspecies.

B: Spearang

Side B: Beam Whip

Up B: Parasol Dee

Down B: Megaton Punch

Final Smash: Flare Beam

Black Shadow Black Shadow uses Ganondorf's old moveset.

B: Shadow Punch

Side B: Flame Choke

Up B: Shadow Dive

Down B: Shadow Kick

Final Smash: Black Bull

Hawlucha Hawlucha is a counter-based character.

B: Mirror Move

Side B: Karate Chop

Up B: Flying Press

Down B: Detect

Final Smash: Sky Attack

Ninten Ninten completes the trio of Mother characters.

B: Hypnosis

Side B: Brain Shock

Up B: 4th Dimension Slip

Down B: PSI Magnet

Final Smash: PK Beam

Black Mage Black Mage uses magic from Final Fantasy.

B: Fire

Side B: Blizzard

Up B: Thunder

Down B: Toad

Final Smash: Meteor Shower


Image Name Description Status
Tumblr mx9g440Skt1sw8d3mo1 400
Battlefield Battlefield is the same. Starting
Final Destination SSBB
Final Destination Final Destination is the same. Starting
Super Bell Hill A basic stage with no hazards. Starting
2113800-mushroom gorge mario kart 7
Mushroom Gorge The track takes place on 3 mushrooms, 2 green and 1 red. Shy Guys in karts can bounce on the red one. There is also a bridge overhead Shy Guys can sometimes drive on. Starting
Maple Treeway A cruise-type stage on a mesh platform, on a tree trunk, and in the treetops. Unlockable
Trash Pit Taking place in Bowser's body, poop can rain down, hurting people. Unlockable
Dr. Luigi Taking place in the game Dr. Luigi, 4 people can battle while someone plays on the gamepad! Starting
World 9-8 - King Bill - Destructing Wall
King Bill Cruise A cruise-type stage on the back of a King Bill. Unlockable
Gangplank Galleon - Overview - Donkey Kong Country
Gangplank Galleon A basic stage where cannonballs can rain down from above Starting
Donkey Kong 3 - 1986 - Nintendo
Donkey Kong 3 Bugs can attack from anywhere.  Unlockable

Yoshi's Puzzle

While 4 people play Smash, 1 person plays the puzzle game Yoshi on the Gamepad. A lot like Dr. Luigi. Piranha Plants can hurt you. Starting
Mona-pizza 786 poster
Mona Pizza Mona Pizza is a basic stage taking place on the roof of Mona Pizza. Starting
Lorule Castle Interior
Lorule Castle Lorule Castle is a stage where you are surrounded by lava. Starting
Skyloft Skyloft is the same as the SSB4 stage. Starting
Link in Clock Town
Clock Town Clock Town cycles through the 3 days. Unlockable
Smash bros for wii u screenshot august 20
Pyrosphere Pyrosphere is the same as in SSB4. Ridley is a stage hazard here that you can control with your Gamepad. Starting
Aurum island ar card
Aurum Island Aurum Island travels through space. Starting
Quilty Square
Quilty Square Quilty Square is a basic stage on the roofs of buildings. Starting
Megaton Punch Competition Megaton Punch is a stage where Iron Mam can come down, knocking enemies back. Unlockable
Halberd (Starting)
Halberd The Halberd returns from Brawl. Starting
Lylat Cruise
Lylat Cruise Lylat Cruise also returns from Brawl. Starting
Venom Venom takes place in a cave filled with acid. Starting
Greenplant01 l
Green Plant Green Plant is a cruise-type stage. Starting
Formidable Oak Formidable Oak appears here. Plasm Wraith is a stage hazard that you control with the Gamepad, much like Ridley. Unlockable
Master Ball Stadium Master Ball Stadium cycles through the types Psychic, Dark, Ghost and Fighting. Starting
Ruins Of Alph SSBI
Ruins of Alph Like Spear Pillar before it, Ruins of Alph has 2 legendary stage hazards, Ho-Oh and Lugia. These too can be controlled with a Gamepad, and can be swapped out for each other. Unlockable
Poké Floats
Poké Floats Poké Floats is the same as the Melee stage. Starting
Nimbasa Gym Elesa BW
Nimbasa Gym A cruise-type stage where you travel around on a car. Emmolgas fly around as stage hazards. Unlockable
Lumiose City The biggest stage in the game, where you battle atop tall buildings. Unlockable
Pokemon Stadium
Pokémon Stadium A new stage which cycles through the 8 elements from both previous Stadiums. Starting
Arena Ferox
Arena Ferox Arena Ferox is the same as in SSB4.


ElfKitty Magicant
Magicant Magicant is an odd stage where PSI Rockin randomly happens. Unlockable
Nookington's Nookington's takes place within a massive store. Unlockable
The Summit
Summit Summit returns from Brawl, unchanged. Starting
Austrian tetris-wallpaper
Tetris Tetris, much like Yoshi's Puzzle and Dr. Luigi, is played by a Gamepad user while the battle rages on! Starting
PictoChat PictoChat returns from Brawl with a few more pictures. Unlockable
Hanenbow Hanenbow returns from Brawl too, unchanged. Unlockable
Miiverse Miiverse appears as a stage where characters such as Goku, Steve and Master Chief come out and attack. Unlockable
Vb mariostennis 1
Virtual Boy The Virtual Boy is a transforming stage that transforms into Mario's Tennis, Mario Clash, and Teleroboxer. Unlockable
Green Hill Zone SSBB
Green Hill Zone Green Hill Zone is the same, except Silver is not in the background (obviously). Starting
Mega Man 2 - NES - Wood Man Stage
Wood Man Stage

The Wood Man Stage is a forest stage where leaves rain down.

Pac-Man Stage
Pac-Maze Pac-Maze has 3 far-away, differently-shaped platforms. All players are teleported to the next after a few minutes. The ghosts are also stage hazards. Unlockable
Cornelia Castle
Castle Cornelia Castle Cornelia takes place in a throne room. There are no drops, much like Shadow Moses Island. Unlockable

Assist Trophies and Pokéballs


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