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SMF Mario

Mario is a starter character in SSBI. He is in the Super Mario franchise.


NS: Fireball/Throw a flaming sphere.

SS: Super Cape/Whip with a cape. Reflects projectiles. Flips players around.

US: Super Jump Punch/Jump into the air. Renders useless.

RS: Tanooki Tail/Attack with a raccoon's tail.

DS: FLUDD/Spew a stream of water. Can be charged.

FS: Mario Finale/Unleash a fiery tornado. Gets bigger overtime.


NT: Grows bigger than smaller.

ST: Does the victory animation from the NSMB games.

DT: Breakdances like in SM64.

RT: Does the death animation from Donkey Kong.


Palutena's Guidence

Pit: Woah, it's Mario!

Palutena: Don't worry, you know almost everything about him.

Viridi: Let's just hope you don't end up as destroyed as that Mario movie.

Pit: We. Don't. Speak. Of. That.

Palutena: Am I the only one who thought that movie was good?

Viridi/Pit: WHAT?!

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