Bowser is a character in Super Smash Bros. Intense. He is unlocked from the start.


NS: Fire Breath/Spew deadly flames. Weakens overtime.

SS: Koopa Klaw/Picks up and bodyslams an opponent.

US: Whirling Fortress/Hide in shell and spin upwards.

DS: Bowser Bomb/Ground Pound downwards. Jumps diagonally if on ground.

RS: Heated Blast. Fires a small flame.

FS: Giga Bowser. Transforms into the almighty monster known as Giga Bowser.


NT: Growls.

ST: Chomps a couple times.

DT: Stands on one foot and tries to balance.

RT: Carries a huge hammer and points it in multiple directions.


Palutena's Guidence

Pit: Uh oh! Bowser's back.

Dark Pit: Remember, if you die, I die, so-

Pit: DON'T die. I got it.

Palutena: Watch out for his new move which fires a fireball.

Viridi: Pyrron would love that move.

Pyrron: Did I hear fire?! This match is gonna heat up pretty soon!

Dark Pit: Why is Campfire-Man here?

Palutena: He's commentating for the player.

Viridi: Oh come on! They are gonna find out we are sentient!

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