Super Smash Bros. Intense is a game for the Nintendo Master. It's the 5th SSB game. It introduces the Reverse Special, a special move that you can achieve by pressing Special and the opposite direction of where you are standing.

Gameplay & Reviews

The gameplay is a mixture of all games, mostly Melee and SSB4. As I've said before, the Reverse Special is a new feature added to the game. Another feature is 10 Player Smash, a new version of 8 Player Smash. Even Story Mode returns. The game has received loads of positive reviews from critics, such as a Salvage from Caddicarus and a Smash Ball/10 from ProJared.

Starting Characters

See this for unlocks. [1]

Starter Stages




There are DLC packs for this game that are 4.99 at their release, but 7 days after they are 10.00.

Fazbear Pack

To celebrate the release of Five Nights at Freddy's: Eternally Haunted, Nintendo made a DLC pack about it. You can get this for free if you beated Night 6 on FNaF: EH if you have it.

Returning Pack

Nintendo made a pack about veterans that made the cut. You can get this for free if you beat All-Star mode as Lucas in this game.

Classic Pack

Nintendo made a pack about the olden days. You can get this pack for free if you have all available NES Remix games.


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