Super Smash Bros. Infinity
North American boxart.
Developer(s) Namco Bandai.

Sora Ltd. SGY

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Designer(s) SGY
Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States March 29, 2018

Flag of Japan March 29, 2018

Single player, Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
ESRB 10 Pegi 12
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Super Smash Bros. Infinity is a upcoming game in the Super Smash Bros. series set to be released on Nintendo Switch. The game will come on March 29, 2018.


Super Smash Bros. Infinity  have the same formula from the pasts games, the pace of the battles is stated between Melee and Brawl like in SSB4.

The moveset, visuals and of some veterans were changed with a completely new moves (such as Link). The game uses Unreal Engine 4, the game ofters the most beautiful graphics on Super Smash Bros series. Some stages has rain and mud effect (Battlefield for example), that applies to the character, leaving wet or dirty. 



You can use filters

Just like in the past game, you can share snapshots with friends, but now the game has new filters to make a good snapshot. Players can use stickers and stamps to customize the snapshot, you can use 100 stickers and stamps.


Custom Moves


Every Special have 3 different special with 5 variants.

Similar to SSB4, players can customize fighter's special attack. Every special have 3 types with 5 variants (Just like the example of Mario's Standard Special), like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS,  Players can equip items to fighters to increase attack, speed and shield. A new function in customization is the special gloves and shoes, with these items players can use news atributes to fighter (Glide,Fly,Dig).  

Character Editor


The example of colors textures and outlines

Also Sakurai has confirmed a Color Editor mode for the characters, the mode looks like the same Color Editor on Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers. You can choose sections like hair, hat, clothes or shoes. You can use shaders, like metal shaders, some characters has exclusive shades like Link and Toon Link with a Cell-Shaded look or Mario with his Brawl visual, and you can use outlines in the characters or even aura just like Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The color editor will have 10 slots.

Victory Editor

You can also change the colors of the victory screen and put exclusives things

Players can change the victory of a character with items.

like fireworks or items from the character's game like Mario with Super Mario Bros blocks and Goomba, you can change the victory theme to more 3 victory theme for a character, the players must unlock new items for a character beating modes like Classic Mode.

Smash's Fusion World

280px-World 1 - Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World's Map

This Mode serve much like as a Melee's adventure mode, in a similar vein to Super Mario 3D World Map, The Fusion World is a clash between franchises, Mushroom Kingdom between Hyrule, get ready for fusion with enemies, bosses and stages. You can use the Fusion Stone to do fusion moves (Falcon Punch + Sonic Boost) you can do a Falcon Punch releasing a Sonic Boost. Somes bosses has a Fusion Stone, get ready for really scary monsters like Yveridley.  Players can collect a Custom Icon (Lighting, Fire and Ice) to fusion with a item like Bumper in the inventory, so you can use a Fire Bumper or Ice Ray Gun in the adventure mode.


The game features 11 worlds with a large map, just like Super Mario 3D World, with unlockables places and things around the map. Each world features a set of levels along with Team Battles, Shop and Mini-Games House. Players need to explore and find 4 Fusion Stones in each stage.

World Preview
World 1
World 2
World 3
World 4
World 5
World 6
World 7
World 8
World 9
World 10
World 11

Normal Enemies


Fusion Enemies

Chase Enemies




Fusion Bosses

Custom Icon

Custom Icon
FireGY LightingGY IceGY
Fusion with Fire Fusion with Lighting Fusion with Ice

Mii's Academy

This is a online mode, players uses Mii as main character and create a team. You can search and conquers more places with your team, beat another teams and be the most powerfull team in Smash World Ranking, you can create battles with your rules, in this mode the players can use another characters to battle, character stock just like in Smash Tour.

Tower of Challenges

Tower of Challenges is a new mode for 2-players. The players they go through various challenges like Normal Battle, Special Battle, Team Battle, Boss Battle, Home-Run Contest, Multi-Man Smash, Target Blast, Horde and Break the Targets. Passing each tower, you will have to defeat the boss of the tower betting everything earned during challenges, you can choose a franchise tower or a mix tower, in Franchise Tower you will beat challenges of a franchise and the boss (example:Super Mario Tower will have challegens basead on Super Mario series). In Mix Tower you will beat challenges and bosses from various franchises.

Confirmed Franchise Tower

  • Super Smash Bros. Tower
  • Super Mario Tower
  • Donkey Kong Tower
  • The Legend of Zelda Tower
  •  Metroid Tower 
  • Kid Icarus Tower
  • F-Zero Tower
  • Dragon Quest Tower

Types of Challenges

Color Challenge
BossSGY Purple Challenges means Boss Battles, the final challenge of a tower.
NormalSGY The players must defeat a regular character.
SpecialSGY Players must defeat a character with special effects like Metal Battles, Giant and Vanish characters, Mini Characters with FIRE!
JackpotSGY A normal battle with a jackpot from the character franchise.



There two Team Battles, battles when the players must defeat a certain numbers of a characters and battles like 2 vs 2.
TargetHomeSGY The players need to play some bonus game to win prizes.
ChaseSGY The players need to beat a horde of enemies of differents franchises.
HordeSGY The players need to get a enemie with a prize, you need to chase the enemie in a long race!!

Types of prizes

Prize Description

Mario BagSGYZeldaBagSGYKirby BagSGY Sonic BagSGY

Colorful Bags

Means prizes based on a franchise.(Red Bag:Super Mario's Rewards)


Gold Bag

Means update on character stats, coins and increases the double of yours prizes.


Bowser's Icon

Means Boss Rewards, If you beat the boss, you will still with all yours rewards and will win a Boss Trophy.

Chase Mode

You need to chase a enemie to collect a new item like Custom moves, Trophy, Masterpieces and Music, but you have a certain time to chase him.


Enemie Stage


Running Man

The Legend of Zelda

350px-South Hyrule Field

Hyrule Field

The Legend of Zelda

Nabbit, New Super Mario Bros. U


Super Mario

MS Rio2016 OlympicStadium

Olympic Stadium

Mario & Sonic




Pumping grand

Pumpkin Grand



Doc Louis

Punch Out!!


The Street

Punch Out!!



Super Mario


Ice Slide

Super Mario


Pico & Wild Goose


FZeroGrandPrix copy

F-Zero Grand Prix





Diagonal Valley Rally

Diagonal Valley Rally




Super Smash Bros.

The Plain

The Plains

Super Smash Bros.

Brawl Sticker Snowman (1080 Avalanche)


1080° Avalanche

Frosty Shadows

Frosty Shadows

1080° Avalanche








Bullet Bill

Super Mario


Cloudtop Cruise

Super Mario


Home-Run Contest

Home-Run Contest follows the same rules as in the previous installment but now players can upgrade the Home-Run Bat and choose and unlock others Bat.

Bat Stats


Home-Run Bat

  • Power: 8/10
  • Normal Attack: 6/10
  • Throw: 6/10
  • Speed: 7/10


Wooden Home-Run Bat

  • Power: 9/10
  • Normal Attack: 8/10
  • Throw: 4/10
  • Speed: 3/10


Fire Flower Bat

  • Power: 6/10
  • Normal Attack: 9/10
  • Throw: 8/10
  • Speed: 6/10

*This bat have a fire effect.

Ogre Club

Ogre Club

  • Power: 10/10
  • Normal Attack: 9/10
  • Throw: 3/10
  • Speed: 1/10


Sun and Moon Bat

  • Power: 7/10
  • Normal Attack: 4/10
  • Throw: 5/10
  • Speed: 7/10

*This bat have a lighting effect.

Wii Remote and Nuchuk

Wii Remote & Nunchuck

  • Power: 5/10
  • Normal Attack: 8/10
  • Throw: 10/10
  • Speed: 6/10


Trophy Machine


The Machine

Players can earn trophies just playing this mode, the player will need 2 credits to enter in the machine and get a trophy, use the stick to right or left and press A to try to grab a trophy. Don't try to grab a bomb, you can lose coins and credits. Players can get a credit playing Classic Mode or All-Star Mode, the most trophies you grab, most dificulty will be to earn.


The game has a achievements system, you can earn coins or sometimes custom parts. Plays similar to the Challenge Mode, players can check the list of Achievements, the game will add 150 achievements to gold to bronze.

Achievement Icon Objective
CoreGoldSGY Unlock the Master Core color for all the characters.
AmiiboAchievementSGY Scan 71 Amiibo.
Amiibo2AchievementSGY Scan 50 Amiibo







The game features some alternate costumes called "Alternate Character" or "Variation",this alternates characters are in fact clones,but with some differences in gameplay.




The Weapons: Mii Full Weapons List

The Mii Fighters are cut from this game, now you can create a Mii freely. You can put and customize all of the moves; from the basic moves to special moves also you can add weapons like Fighting Gloves, Swords, Guns and Magic Beams to all moves. The Mii's Creation Mode remembers character creation from games like WWE.

Master Core's Unlockable Costume


Every character in this game have a unlockable 10th color, to unlock the color, players will need to beat Master Core at hard difficulty (8.0-9.5)





Unlocking Criteria

Battlefield (64) Clear the Classic Mode with all characters (Includes the alternate characters).
Melee Final Destination Clear the True All-Star Mode with all characters (Includes alternate characters).
Rainbow Road Clear Tower of Challenges (Super Mario Universe) with Rosalina & Luma.
Super Mario Maker Unlock Retro Mario.
Wario Land Clear the "Blast from the Past!" Event.
Kongo Jungle (64) Clear Classic Mode as King. K. Rool.
Flat Zone X Defeat at least 3 enemies in Chase Mode as Mr. Game & Watch without customs.
Duck Hunt Unlock Duck Hunt.
Hyrule Castle (64) Clear the "Master of The Wind" event on hard difficulty.
Pyrosphere Clear Classic Mode as Samus without continues.
Excitebike Arena Clear Chase Mode with 6 characters.
Corneria Clear the Star Fox Tower as Fox or Falco.
Saffron City Unlock Jigglypuff

Downloadable Content



Character Content Release Date
  • Greninja
  • 10 colors (Unlockable Master Core's costume), 10 Color Editor Slots and Ash's Greninja costume.
  • Trophies: Greninja, Greninja (Alt.), Secret Ninja Attack and Substitue Doll.
November, 2018
Young Link
  • Young Link
  • 10 colors (Unlockable Master Core's costume), 10 Color Editor Slots and Classic Link costume.
  • Great Bay stage from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Trophies: Young Link, Young Link (Alt.) and Fierce Deity.
November, 2018
Dixie Kong
  • Dixie Kong
  • 10 colors (Unlockable Master Core's costume), 10 Color Editor Slots and Tiny Kong costume.
  • Trophies: Dixie Kong, Dixie Kong (Alt.) and Electric Guitar.
February, 2019



Stage Price Release Date
Bowser's Castle $1.99 November, 2018
Yoshi's Story $1.99 November, 2018
New Nintendo 3DS XL $1.99 December, 2018

Super Smash Bros. Classic Pack



Release Date: 04/25/18

Stages Features 5 stages from the first game: Final Destination, Yoshi's Island, Sector Z, Metal Crystal and Planet Zebes.
Alternate Costumes Classic costumes for Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Samus, Captain Falcon, Ness, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu and Jigglypuff with a unlockable 10th color based on Fighting Polygon Team.
Classic Mode A Classic Mode from the past based on the 1P Game from Super Smash Bros.
Other games For the 12 characters from the first game, players can play the classic Break the Targets and Board the Platforms.

Halloween Update

The game has received a Halloween update with costumes for all the characters.

  • Free Download Date: 10/14/19 to 10/31/19.
Icon Costume
CosmicCloneSGY Mario-Cosmic Clone costume
CosmicLuigiSGY Luigi-Cosmic Luigi costume
KisekaePeachSGY Peach-Kisekae Peach costume
PirateYoshiSGY Yoshi-Pirate Yoshi costume
BowlettaSGY Bowser-Bowletta
CosmicSpiritSGY Rosalina & Luma-Cosmic Spirit costume
KoopaKidSGY Bowser Jr.-Koopa Kid
FlyingSquirrelToadSGY Captain Toad-Flying Squirrel Toad costume
DryBonesKartSGY Shy Guy-Dry Bones
WorldMarioSGY Retro Mario-16 bits Mario
ZombieWarioSGY Wario-Zombie Wario costume
DreadKongSGY Donkey Kong-Dread Kong costume
HelperMonkeySGY Diddy Kong-Helper Monkey costume
KarateKongSGY Cranky Kong-Karate Kong costume
BaronSGY King K.Rool-Baron K. Roolenstein costume
PumpkinWatchSGY Mr. Game & Watch-Mr. Pumpkin & Watch costume
FrisbeeDogSGY Duck Hunt-Frisbee Dog
Hero's SpiritSGY Link-Hero's Spirit costume
DarkZeldaSGY Champion Zelda-Dark Zelda costume
PuppetZeldaSGY Zelda-Possessed Zelda costume
YigaSGY Sheik-Yiga Footsoldier costume
HeroGanonSGY Ganondorf-Era of the Hero Armor
FireBlazerSGY Toon Link-Fire Blazer outfit
DarkSuitSGY Samus-Dark Suit
RoivasSGY Zero Suit Samus-Alexandra Roivas costume
SakuraSamuraiSGY Takamaru-Sakura Samurai
LightFighterSGY Pit-Light Fighter costume
RetroPalutenaSGY Palutena-Classic Palutena
SarahSGY Excitebiker-Sarah (Excitebike 64) costume
DonbeSGY Ice Climbers-Donbe & Hikari
TropicsROBSGY R.O.B.-Startropics R.O.B.
ShadowKirbySGY Kirby-Shadow Kirby costume
KingDMindSGY King Dedede-King D-Mind costume
TridentKnightSGY Meta Knight-Trident Knight costume
ClayDeeSGY Bandana Waddle Dee-Clay Dee costume
LeifSGY Marth-Leif
MeleeRoySGY Roy-The Binding Blade costume
BrawlIkeSGY Ike-Path of Radiance costume

Corrin (Male)-Rowan costume

Corrin (Female)-Lianna costume

AwakeningAlmSGY Alm-Fire Emblem Awakening costume
PaulaSGY Ness-Paula
CommanderLucasSGY Lucas-Commander outfit
MachRiderSGY Captain Falcon-Mach Rider costume
JamesSGY Fox-James McCloud costume
AFalcoSGY Falco-Adventures outfit
Wolf2SGY Wolf-Star Fox 2 Wolf
PHDSGY Pikachu-Ph. D Pikachu
PrincessPuffSGY Jigglypuff-Princess Jigglypuff
SuitMewtwoSGY Mewtwo-Robotic Suit
DragoniteSGY Charizard-Dragonite costume
MegaSGY Lucario-Mega Lucario costume
XurkitreeSGY Decidueye-Xurkitree costume
JackSGY Villager-Jack costume
LouieSGY Olimar-Louie
PaintTrainerSGY Wii Fit Trainer-Halloween costume
AeronSGY Shulk-Aeron costume
VasaraSGY Rex-Vasara costume
MarinaSGY Inkling-Marina
SpringtronSGY Spring Man-Springtron
PacDevilSGY Pac-Man-Pac-Devil costume
PlasmaSGY Bomberman-Plasma Bomber
EvilRyuSGY Ryu-Evil Ryu costume
ProtoCostumeSGY Mega Man-Proto Man costume
Hero8SGY Hero-Dragon Quest VII Hero
ShadowSGY Sonic-Shadow
KHCloudSGY Cloud Strife-Kingdom Hearts Cloud Strife
FRHeihachiSGY Heihachi-Fated Retribution Heihachi
SamusBayonettaSGY Bayonetta-Galactic Bounty Hunter costume
FrogadierSGY Greninja-Frogadier
ShadowLinkSGY Young Link-Shadow Link costume
TinySGY Dixie Kong-Tiny Kong costume

Costumes Pack

Picture Contents Price Release Date
  1. Zelda: Era of the Hero of Time Robes
  2. Champion Zelda: Royal Attire
  3. Zero Suit Samus: Other M Costume
  4. Pit: Classic Pit
  5. Marth: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light Marth
Free April, 2018
  1. Little Mac: SNES Little Mac
  2. Spring Man: Max Brass
  3. Ryu: Battle Costume
  4. Heihachi: Mario Costume
Free April, 2018
  1. Peach: Cat Peach
  2. Rosalina & Luma: Tanooki Rosalina
  3. Bowser: Meowser
  4. Captain Toad: Mummy-Me


April, 2018
  1. Sheik: Era of the Hero of Time Outfit
  2. Ike: Awakening Ike
  3. Pac-Man: Ms. Pac-Man
  4. Hero: Dragon Quest IX Hero
  5. Sonic: Classic Sonic
  6. Cloud: Classic Cloud Strife
Free April, 2018
  1. Wario: Vampire Wario
  2. Lucas: Masked Man
  3. Mewtwo: Shadow Mewtwo
  4. Bomberman: Magnet Bomber
  5. Mega Man: Mega Man?
Free June, 2018
  1. Bowser Jr.: Kamek
  2. King K.Rool: King Krusha K.Rool
  3. Ganondorf: Wind Waker Robes
  4. King Dedede: Orchestra Dedede
  5. Wolf: Star Fox: Assault Wolf
Free Junes, 2018
  1. Mario: Wedding Outfit
  2. Donkey Kong: Game Boy Donkey Kong
  3. Yoshi: Striker Yoshi
  4. Link: Classic Tune
  5. Samus: Fusion Suit
  6. Kirby: Ninja Kirby
Free June, 2018


  1. Diddy Kong: Kisekae Plate Diddy Kong
  2. Toon Link: Tri Suit
  3. R.O.B.: Ancient Minister
  4. Meta Knight: Dark Meta Knight
  5. Charizard: Mega Charizard Y
  6. Olimar: Brittany
Free August, 2018
  1. Luigi: Propeller Luigi
  2. Ness: Pajamas Ness
  3. Fox: Adventures Fox
  4. Pikachu: Pikachu Libre
  5. Jigglypuff: Igglybuff
  6. Captain Falcon: Phoenix Outfit
Free August, 2018
  1. Mr. Game & Watch: Chef
  2. Palutena: Pseudo-Palutena
  3. Falco: Falco Assault Outfit
  4. Wii Fit Trainer: Dance Aerobics Outfit
  5. Shulk: M100 Set
Free August, 2018
  1. Retro Mario: Super Mario Bros. 3 Style
  2. Excitebiker: World Rally Outfit
  3. Corrin: Phantom Corrin (M)
  4. Corrin: Phantom Corrin (F)
  5. Inkling: Octoling
Free December, 2018
  1. Shy Guy: Koopa Troopa
  2. Duck Hunt: Poochy & Goonie
  3. Takamaru: 2008 Takamaru
  4. Bandana Waddle Dee: Sailor Dee
  5. Alm: Gaiden Alm
  6. Villager: Dive Villager
Free December, 2018



Assist Trophies


Animal Crate


Poké Ball





Box art



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