Super Smash Bros. Heroes is a video game from Super Smash Bros. (series). Its developed by Vaccum Inc. for Vaccum Player, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. A dojo can be found here. It is the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Zero.

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Mario Princess Peach
Mario makes comeback to Super Smash Bros. series. He is well balanced character, and his weight is medium. His power has been increased by some, so watch out! Our well know damsel in distress Princess Peach is returning with others to Super Smash Bros. Heroes. She has many brand new attack, like Energy Ball. Her Final Smash is very unique.
Standard Special Move Fireball Standard Special Move Toad
Side Special Move Hammer Smash Side Special Move Flashlight
Up Special Move Super Jump Punch Up Special Move Hearth Fly
Down Special Move Mario Tornado Down Special Move Energy Ball
Final Smash Mario Finale Final Smash Toad Army

More to come...


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