Super Smash Bros. Hellfire is a game made by SuperSonicDarkness (tbc) with some help from the Fantendo community. It is set to be released Summer 2016 for the Wii U.

Default Characters

Image Character Description Franchise Final Smash
250px-Mario SSB4 Mario A Smash Bros game wouldn't be complete without him! Mario is the most all-around character in the game, using his items and his hammer to fight.  SSB Mario Series

Mega Mushroom

Mario grows big and rams into and/or stomps on anything in his way. 

LinkHyruleWarriorsRender Link The hero of Hyrule returns for battle. Despite him sporting his Hyrule Warriors outfit, he mostly uses his original moves, such as his bow, his sword, and bombs.   SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

Triforce Slash

Link traps the opponent in the Triforce and rapidly slashes at the opponent, for a short amount of time. 

YoshiMPIT2 Yoshi Mario's trusty steed, Yoshi can swallow enemies as well as throw eggs to attack. He also can eat berries to activate certain powers.  SSB Yoshi Series

Super Dragon

Yoshi sprouts wings and flies around the stage, shooting fireballs down at opponents. 

Kirby garridk Kirby Kirby the pink puffball returns to fight! He can swallow opponents to gain their powers as well as use a hammer. He also is able to use copy abilities from his games.  SSB Kirby Series

Warp Star

Kirby will fly by the stage in a warp star, dealing massive damage to anyone he comes in contact with. 

Rosalina Model SSB4 Rosalina The princess of the cosmos returns for another Smash Bros battle! She uses her lumas and cosmic magic to fight. She also has better recovery then some of the other fighters.  SSB Mario Series

Power Star

Rosalina summons a power star, and it releases energy beams that do lots of damage. 

502px-SSB4 - Pikachu Artwork Pikachu The electric mouse and mascot of Pokemon makes a return! Pikachu uses mostly electric attacks during battle.  SSB Pokémon Series

Volt Tackle

Pikachu gets engulfed in electricity, dealing damage to whoever gets in his way!

009Blastoise Blastoise A newcomer to the game, Blastoise is a tank-like fighter who uses melee attacks and his two water cannons to attack.  SSB Pokémon Series

Mega Blastoise

Blastoise mega evolves, becoming stronger, yet a bit slower, for a short ammount of time. 

Fox J Fox One of the original 12, Fox uses is laser blaster and other tech to fight, such as a deflector or the Fire Fox technique.  SSBStarFoxEmblem

Land Master

Fox gets into a Land Master, a machine that can fly and shoot massive lasers.

Samusfol5 Samus A bounty hunter and heroine of the Metroid series, Samus uses her arm cannon to shoot energy blasts, missles, and other attacks.  SSB Metroid Series

Zero Laser

Samus shoots a powerful laser beam that extends very far. 

Donkey kong. Donkey Kong  An ape and former rival of Mario, Donkey Kong has strong attacks consisting of a charge punch, throwing barrels at opponents, or banging on bongos.  SSB Donkey Kong Series

Barrel Blast

DK rockets through a chain of Rocket Barrels, dealing massive damage to whoever is in the range of the rocketing. 

Shulk Shulk Wielder of the Monado, Shulk mostly uses his Monado sword to attack.  Xenoblade Emblem

Mechon Rampage

Shulk jumps out of the way as a Mechon comes in and rampages through the stage. 

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