Story Mode returns once again in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. The story can be played Solo, or multiplayer.

The story, called Dark Revolt, takes place in The World of Trophies, a place full of peaceful tournaments and battles, and where trophies come alive. During a competition, however, a troop of Nintendo villains attack the peaceful world, after being informed of great treasures and power being kept by The One. The Nintendo Heroes must defeat these beings, and restore peace and order in The World of Trophies.

Part One: The Invasion

The story starts at Stadium, where a tournament is seen being held. There are two pieces of glass and two cannons behind it. Pikachu and Kirby are seen in the stands. Suddenly, the croud's cheers settle as a trophy is blasted out of a cannon. In midair flight, the trophy transforms into Mario. He gets in his stance, right before the sheet of glass. The other cannon shoots out a trophy, that transforms into Link. The two get ready to fight as the buzzer beeps and the glass vanishes into the ground. (Stage 1: Vs Link) (Playable: Mario) Mario defeats Link as Pikachu and Kirby cheer them on. Mario revives their defeated foe. Mario is detirmened the champion of the Tourney. But before any celebration, a gate opens as King Boo comes out. He grabs Link and stores him inside him, and attacks Mario. (Boss 1: King Boo) (Playable: Mario) Mario defeats King Boo, and saves Link. As Link regains consciousness, a strange ship appears overhead. Pikachu and Kirby come beside Mario and Link, ready to fight. The ship stops, right outside the Stadium. The four run outside, only to be stopped by the Koopa Troop and Bowser. (Stage 2: Defeat 40 enemies) (Playable: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby) The four defeat the Koopa Troop, and get ready to battle Bowser, before he flies off in his airship.

The story switches to Yoshi, who is on his island. He is eating berries, as he is ambushed by Wario. He engages in a fight with Yoshi. (Stage 3: Vs Wario) (Playable: Yoshi). Wario is defeated, but spared by Yoshi. As Yoshi tried to leave, he was shot down by Bowser's Airship. Wario and Yoshi were both turned into trophies as the Airship passed over the island. An Arwing is seen above the island, fighting off two Wolfens. The Arwing is shot down, and crashes into Yoshi's Island. Fox emerges from the Arwing, and lands on the island. (Stage 4: Race to the Finish) (Playable: Fox) Fox reaches the forest of the island, and comes across Baby Mario and Baby Luigi. They prepare for a fight, but Fox immediately surrenders, proving his innocence, but the Baby Brothers still won't resist. (Stage 5: Vs Baby Mario Bros.) (Playable: Fox) Fox wins, and notices something in the distance. He runs towards it, realizing that it was Yoshi's trophy. Baby Mario runs up and, after noticing who it was, retunrs him to his living state.

The story once again switches to Mario, Link, Pikachu, and Kirby, who are now in The Great Cave, which is located just under the stadium. (Stage 6: The Great Cave) (Playable: Mario, Link, Pikachu, Kirby) Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu make it out of the cave, but Link the group and is still iniside the cave. While trying to find an exit, Link is attacked by his double, his doppleganger, his shadow, or just Dark Link. (Boss 2: Dark Link) (Playable: Link) Link defeats Dark Link and is about to strike him with the master sword when Dark Link rolls to the side, dodging the swing, and grabs Link, tossing him out of the cave, and into the clouds. Dark Link then disappears into the shadows.

The story is now focusing on Bowser Jr., who has obtained a fleet of Airships, and is approaching an island, known as Captive Island. Captain Falcon is seen running towards the fleet. He jumps, and Falcon Punches one of the ships, and gets ready to attack. (Stage 7: Defeat 50 enemies) (Playable: Cpatain Falcon) Captain Falcon destroys Bowser Jr.'s fleet, but not before he flies off. Captain Falcon lands on the island, and watches the Airship descend in the southern part of Captive Island. (Stage 8: Race to the Finish) (Playable: Captain Falcon) Captain Falcon reaches the fleet, but is shot and turned into a trophy. Bowser Jr. descends from his Airship, and approaches a nearby cottage. A strange white light emerges from the forest, and a familiar face is seen. The light reaches the house and smashes the window. The light goes out, but immediately flashes again inside the cottage. The roof breaks and the light comes out, and dims, revealing Geno. Geno prepares for a battle with Bowser Jr. (Stage 9: Vs Bowser Jr.) (Playable: Geno) Geno wins, turning Bowser Jr. into a trophy. He then notices Captain Falcon, and revives him. The two shake hands, and form a team.

Pit is seen in Overworld, watching different battles happening. Magnus comes behind Pit, nods his head, and the both of them jump out into the clouds, with Magnus sprinting inbehind Pit. (Stage 10: Overworld) (Playable: Pit, Magnus) Pit and Magnus see an airship overhead, and fly/jump up. They see Bowser, Bowser Jr., and Wario. (Stage 11: Vs Bowser, Bowser Jr.) (Playable: Pit, Magnus) Bowser and Bowser Jr. are turned into trophies, and Magnus notice Wario trying to jump off the Airship. (Stage 12: Vs Wario) (Playable: Magnus) Magnus defeats Wario, and chucks him far past Overworld. Pit is then seen taking control of the Airship, trying to land it as Magnus is knocking Koopa Troop members off the airship. The ship lands, and Pit and Magnus get ready to defeat the Koopa Troop. (Stage 13: Defeat 35 enemies) (Playable: Pit, Magnus) The two defeat the last of the enemies on the ship, and board it again, flying of into the sky.

It switches to Stanely the Bugman in Black Alley, cleaning up after the mutant bugs and pests. After spraying a big with his pecticide, it melts, and the bits conjoin to make a mega monster called Pestipede. Stanley jumps into a hut to grab a new bottle of Peticide, and prepares to battle. (Boss 3: Pestipede) (Playable: Stanley) Stanely presses the trigger and jams it, and tosses it into Pestipede's eye, defeating it. It disappears, and a trophy of Lucas falls from it's remains. Stanley frees him, only to be challenged by the wimpy boy. (Stage 14: Vs Lucas) (Playable: Stanley) Stanley wins, and frees Lucas once again. This time they decide to team up. (Stage 15: Black Alley) (Playable: Lucas, Stanley)

An Arwing is seen chasing two Wolfens, presumably the two Fox was fighting. The Arwing shoots one down, and hits the other, which had just pulled a U-turn, with a missile. Falco emerges from the Arwing, and prepares to fight the pilot of the first Wolfen, Wolf. (Stage 16: Vs Wolf) (Playable: Falco) Falco wins, and walks away. But Wolf gets up and shoots Falco, truning him into a trophy. He then proceeds to excape in Falco's Arwing.

Lucas and Stanley are confronted by the other fallen Arwing in the Forbidden Woods. Panther ejects from it, and prepares to battle the two boys. (Stage 17: Vs Panther) (Playable: Lucas, Stanley) The boys win, and Panther is turned into a trophy. Wolf, in the Arwing, passes over, swoops Panther up using a metal arm, and flies away.

In a rocky environment, a strange figure stands proud. He pulls out a bow and an arrow and shoots into the distance. After a short while, the arrow explodes, and turns the entire area into a dark, shadowy void. Dark Pit looks at what he created, and smirks. He then sees Pit and Magnus, in their ship, fly into the void from the remaining rocks. They start flying toward Dark Pit, as he flies toward the ship. He lands, and prepares to fight Pit. (Stage 18: Vs Pit (black)) (Playable: Pit) Pit wins, and Dark Pit turns into a large, Spider-like beast called Arachnite, as Magnus comes out to help Pit. (Boss 4: Arachnite) (Playable: Pit, Magnus) Pit and Magnus win, turning Arachnite into black dust, and returning the rocky valley back ton normal.

Toon Link is seen in a forest, pulling the Master Sword out of stone. He raises it up, and is ambushed by dark creatures. (Stage 19: Defeat 30 enemies) (Playable: Toon Link) Toon Link defeats them, and walks away. A strange glow blasts toward him. He uses his shield to deflect the object. The light fades and Mewtwo is revealed. (Stage 20: Vs Toon Link) (Playable: Mewtwo) Toon Link is turned into a trophy by Mewtwo seconds before Pit and Magnus appear in their ship. The two warriors prepare to fight Mewtwo. (Stage 21: Vs Mewtwo) (Playable: Pit, Magnus) Mewtwo is defeated, and Toon Link is returned to his normal state. The three decide to team up, and leave on the ship.

Peach is shown to be underneath The Great Cave as Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu exit it. Kirby and Pikachu see her as enemy, adn attack her, despite Mario's attempt to stop them. (Stage 22: Vs Kirby, Pikachu) (Playable: Peach Mario) Mario returns Kirby and Pikachu to normal as they see Zoroark try to ambuch them. (Stage 23: Vs Zoroark) (Playable: Mario, Peach, Kirby, Pikachu) Zoroark is defeated, but used Night Slash to turn Mario into a trophy, and ran away with him.

Pit, on the ship, spots Zoroark and Mario's trophy, and repeatedly shoots him with his arrows. Zoroark swiftly dodges all the attacks, but is tknocked out when Toon Link uses his arrows. Pit flies down and frees Mario, followed by Magnus and Young Link. (Stage 24: Vs Zoroark) (Playable: Mario, Pit, Young Link, Magnus) Zoroark is turned into a trophy, and thrown into the distance by Mario. Peach, Kirby, and Pikachu all catch up to them when Bowser appears with his Koopa Troop. He sends them out to attack them. (Stage 25: Defeat 50 enemies) (Playable: Mario, Peach, Kirby, Pikachu, Pit, Young Link, Magnus) After his troop is defeated, Bowser challenges Mario to a battle. (Stage 26: Vs Bowser) (Playable: Mario) Bowser is defeated, but escapes on his Koopa Klown Car.

Diddy Kong was unpealing a banana in a thick jungle, when he was attacked by a bunch of dark creatures. Donkey Kong swung in on a vine to help Diddy Kong defeat the enemies. (Stage 27: Defeat 60 enemies) (Playable: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong notice a distinct glowing in the distance, and check it out. (Stage 28: Jungle Hijinxs) (Playable: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong) They arrive at the light and see Link's trophy. They return him to normal state, and form a team.

The story switches to Geno and Captain Falcon, on the Blue Falcon, escaping Captive Island. They arrive in the Monty Rocks, and see Brock throwing a Pokéball. Geodude comes out, and attacks incoming creatures. Geno and Captain Falcon decide to help him. (Stage 29: Defeat 50 enemies) (Playable: Geno, Brock, Captain Falcon) Brock thanks them for what they did, and is about to leave, when a dark blast destroys the Blue Falcon. Ganondorf is seen hovering abouve the rocks, and starts moving toward them, shooting more dark power. (Stage 30: Vs Ganondorf) (Playable: Geno, Brock, Captain Falcon)

Zero Suit Samus is seen running through caves, and defeating dark creatures with her laser whip. She runs over the edge of the ground, and falls into a dungeon. (Stage 31: Great Cave Dungeons) (Playable: Zero Suit Samus) Zerp Suit Samus comes across a futuristic room, and sees Shadow in a test tube. She wakes him up, and he breaks out of the glass. He prepares to fight her, when the alarm goes off, and pulls out a Chaos Emerald to preform Chaos Blast and escape. Samus was about to chase him, when a bunch of Shadow Clones appeared. (Stage 32: Vs Shadow (blue), Shadow (green), Shadow (brown)) (Playable: Zero Suit Samus) Samus defeated the clones, and they turned into a black mist, and escaped.

Mario, Pit, Peach, Kirby, Pikachu, Magnus, and Toon Link all enter a cave in the base of the mountain under the Stadium. When they enter, they are greeted by three caverns. They realize they need to split up. Pit and Mario go in the left one, Kirby and Magnus go in the right, and Peach, Pikachu, and Toon Link go in the middle. Pit and Mario are greeted by a bunch of dark enemies. (Stage 33: Defeat 20 enemies) (Playable: Mario, Pit) Mario and Pit close in on a glowing cavern, and decide to check it out.

Samus followed them into a room where she saw Wario with her Power Suit. (Stage 34: Vs Wario) (Playable: Zero Suit Samus) Wario was turned into a trophy. She was about to put her suit on, when an arrow missed her head. She turned around to see Pit and Mario appear. Pit hit her with his blade, and knockd her into her suit. She quickly put it on, and Samus was ready to fight. (Stage 35: Vs Mario, Pit) (Playable: Samus)


Marth is shown to be running away from something in the Forbidden Valley. He slows to a hault, turns around, and slices a Maddrot in half. He slices several more, before turning around, and being inches away from a sword swinging at his face. He luckily blocks the attack fast enough to save himself from Roy's speeding sword. They start sword fighting, until Roy sees a Maddrot about to attack Marth and kills it. They become surrounded, and decide to team up. (Stage 36: Defeat 45 enemies) (Playable: Marth, Roy) Marth and Roy run toward a large jungle, when they spot the Ice Climbers climbing onto the faint valley. Marth and Roy stop in front of them, and the Ice Climbers challenge them to a fight. (Stage 37: Vs Ice Climbers) (Playable: Marth, Roy)The boys are turned to trophies, but shortly returned to normal. The four decided to team up, and set off for the jungle.

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