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Super Smash Bros. Havoc is an upcoming Super Smash Bros. game for the OL Havoc. It will feature 54 characters, an epic storyline, and many modes.





Image Name Series Description
456px-BrawlMario Mario Super Mario Super Smash Bros' star character is back, and ready for another round! Mario is a balanced character, and esy to master.
250px-Peachssbb Peach Super Mario Peach is lightweight, and has a wide variety of moves unique to her. She can even use Toad to block incoming attacks.
Bowser Bowser Super Mario
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Donkey Kong
490px-BrawlDiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong
220px-BrawlYoshi Yoshi Yoshi
WarioClassicBrawl Wario Wario
250px-Link Link The Legend of Zelda
Princess Zelda Zelda The Legend of Zelda
3DPikachu Pikachu Pokémon
Kirby Kirby Kirby
Meta Knight Meta Knight Kirby
BrawlKingDedede King Dedede Kirby
Lucas Lucas Earthbound (Mother)
Brawlrsamus Samus Aran Metroid
Foxsmnas Fox Star Fox
459px-Pitart Pit Kid Icarus
Captain Olimar Olimar Pikmin
BrawlIceClimbers Ice Climbers Ice Climber
BrawlSonic Sonic Sonic
Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman
BanjoBrawl Banjo & Kazooie Banjo Kazooie


Image Name Series Description
592px-LuigiBrawl Luigi Super Mario
GenoPortrait Geno Super Mario
BowserJr.Brawl Bowser Jr. Super Mario
BabyMarioBros.Brawl Baby Mario Bros. Yoshi
KingKRoolBrawl King K. Rool Donkey Kong
StanleyBrawl Stanley the Bugman Donkey Kong
Ganondorf 4944 Ganondorf Legend of Zelda
BrawlToonLink Toon Link Legend of Zelda
GhirahimBrawl Ghirahim Legend of Zelda
ZoroarkBrawl Zoroark Pokémon
MewtwoWiiU Mewtwo Pokémon
PichuBrawl Pichu Pokémon
BrockBrawl Brock Pokémon
Jigglypuff2 Jigglypuff Pokémon
BandannaDeeBrawl Bandanna Dee Kirby
FalcoBrawl Falco Star Fox
Wolf O'Donnell Wolf Star Fox
PantherBrawl Panther Caroso Star Fox
Captain Falcon Captain Falcon F-Zero
BrawlMarth Marth Fire Emblem
RoyBrawl Roy Fire Emblem
BrawlNess Ness Earthbound (Mother)
Masked Man 2 Masked Man Earthbound (Mother)
MagnusBrawl Magnus Kid Icarus
Isaac Isaac Golden Sun
MikeJonesBrawl Mike Jones StarTropics
11soze0 Excite Biker Excite Bike
Mr. Game and Watch Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch
BalloonFighterBrawl Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight
ShadowBrawl Shadow Sonic
LaytonBrawl Professor Layton Professor Layton
RaymanBrawl Rayman Rayman




Assist Trophies and Pokéballs



Story Mode

Image Name Series Description
KingBooBrawl King Boo Super Mario
DarkLinkBrawl Dark Link Legend of Zelda
DynaBladeBrawl Dyna Blade Kirby

Adventure Mode

Classic Mode

All-Star Mode


Event Matches



  • Fight
  • Special Fight
  • Tournament


  • Challenges
  • Trophies
  • Art Book
  • Coin Launcher
  • Snapshots
  • Replays
  • Stage Builder
  • Wi-Fi connection


  • Screen Adjust
  • My Music
  • Sound
  • Controls
  • Erase File(s)

Unlockable Content

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