This is a page featuring all the Assist Trophies and Poké Balls in Super Smash Bros. Havoc. Due to the large size, these two sections were separated from the items.

Assist Trophies

Image Name Series Description
Rosalina Super Mario
Birdo Super Mario
HammerBro.Brawl Hammer Bro. Super Mario
Phi Legend of Zelda
MetroidBrawl Metroid Metroid
Palutena Kid Icarus
Ike Fire Emblem
Sukapon Joy Mech Fight
Ray Mk II Custom Robo
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo
GruntBrawl Grunt Battalion Wars
Knuckles Sonic
Pac-Man Pac-Man
White Mage Final Fantasy
Magic Red Black Mage Final Fantasy

Poké Balls


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