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Super Smash Bros. Havoc is the upcoming fictional fifth entry in the Super Smash Bros. series for the Nintendo Wii U. It is a reboot of an original Super Smash Bros. game by the same person, and was mainly recreated for the author to expand on their ideas for a future installment in the series.


General Changes

  • Blast zones have been decreased, now being sized somewhere in between Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • More stages will have stage hazards that can be disabled in settings, along with stage bosses.

New Mechanics

  • Restoration is a new feature in the game that can be toggled on or off (default is off). With it on, players will gradually recover from damage, and the longer one goes undamaged, the more health they regain. This feature is exclusive to local matches and online with friends.
  • Players will be able to customize the amount of knockback, damage, gravity, and aforementioned restoration (if toggled on) they want in their matches in local matches and online With Friends.
  • Players will be able to create an online profile, detailing things such as their favourite fighters, stages, items, assist trophies, and even a brief, appropriate description about themselves. These pages can be liked, and the amount of likes, as well as pageviews, will be recorded for the player to view.



There are 96 playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Havoc (93 if the Mii Fighters are counted as one character). 

Playable Characters





Alternate Characters

  • Toadette for Toad
  • Koopalings for Bowser Jr.
  • Dr. Luigi for Dr. Mario
  • Different trainers for Pokémon Trainer
  • Prince Fluff for Yarn Kirby
  • Ninten for Ness
  • Alph for Olimar
  • Matthew for Isaac
  • Heroine for Hero
  • Mrs. Pac-Man for Pac-Man
  • Male Wii Fit Trainer
  • Female Villager
  • Female Robin

Unlocking Criteria



New Stages

Retro Stages


Assist Trophies

See: Super Smash Bros. Havoc/Assist Trophies.

Assist Trophies return from the previous two installments; however, they have received a notable change. Now, each Assist Trophy has their own health that will be displayed on the top right of the screen, in the color of the player that summoned them. When their health hits zero, they will disappear. Assist Trophies that can't be attacked, such as Andross or Devil, will not receive this feature.



Character Artwork

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