This page shows all the modes you can choose in SSBGL.


Smash Match

The most popular game mode chosen by fans. There players can choose a Regular Smash (up to 4 players) or a Hyper Smash (up to 8 players). The rules to choose are Time, Stock, Stamina, Team, or Coin battle.

Special Smash

The Special Smash is quite similar to Smash Match, but has some special elements. For example, you add the Bunny Hood and the Metal Box to your character.

  • Stamina: 300%/Stamina
  • Size: Mega/Mini
  • Head: Flower/Bunny
  • Body: Metal/Clear/Tail/Rocket Belt/Screw/Back Shield
  • Status: Curry/Reflect
  • Gravity: Light/Heavy
  • Speed: Slow/Fast
  • Camera: Fixed/Angled


This shows you how to use the controller to play the game.

Games & More

Classic Mode

The Classic Mode returns mostly unchanged from Smash 4 Wii U. The mode is set in 8 levels, with an intensity score ranging from 0-9. When players defeated Master Hand, they get rewarded by a trophy depicting the character they used.

The Classic Mode Formula

  1. VS Random Opponent
  2. VS Random Opponent
  3. VS Random Opponent
  4. Target Blast
  5. VS Random Opponent
  6. VS Random Opponent
  7. Multi-Man Smash
  8. VS Master Hand/Crazy Hand/Master Core

All-Star Mode

The All-Star Mode returns in this game. Unlike in its predecessor, this mode is unlockable again and can only be unlocked by unlocking all hidden characters. Here, players fight against the characters by debut, from Newest to Oldest.

Stadium Mode

The Stadium Mode is a mode with various minigames to participate.

Target Blast

This game is mostly similar to Target Smash from SSBB. There players must break some shields to complete this level. There are 5 different levels. Level 1 is available from the start, while the other four levels must be unlocked.

Home-Run Contest

The Home-Run Contest is a game where you must knock a sandbag far as you can. Grab the Home-Run Bat and strike it perfectly.

Multi-Man Smash

The Multi-Man Smash is quite similar to regular Smashes, but you must defeat Fighting Dummies, and even your double.

  • 10-Man Smash
  • 100-Man Smash
  • 1-Minute Smash
  • 15-Minute Smash
  • Endless Smash
  • Cruel Smash

Boss Rush

The Boss Rush is finally back from SSBB. It must be unlocked by clearing the Adventure Mode with 50 characters. The main goal is to fight and defeat bosses from various Nintendo/Third-party franchises. However, these bosses are also appearing as a stage hazard in some stages.


The Training Mode is a mode where you can analyze the character's movesets, the items, and you can even choose your CPU behaviour, like standing, jumping or attacking.


Special Orders

The Special Orders return in this game. There are two different orders. The first order game is called Master Orders. There, you must do something for the Master Hand, like battling against opponents. In Crazy Orders, Crazy Hand gives yout orders instead.


Stage Builder

This mode is to creating your own stages by your imagination. You can also edit some created stages with this by adding objects, platforms, or even stage hazards.




Trophy Rush










Sound Test

My Music

Internet Options



Smash World

Smash World is a brand-new feature introduced in SSBGL. The gameplay is quite similar to Smash Tour from Smash 4 Wii u, but the coloured items are removed. There, you play it similar to its predecessor. Pick your Mii and go through levels, defeating enemies, and even bosses.


Challenges are returning from SSB4. There you can see your earned trophies, stages and CDs that are extremely elusive. They are only obtainable when you do something, like playing VS matches, unlocking characters, or playing Stadium Mode.

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