These are the stages that appears in Super Smash Bros. Great Fray. There are old and new stages from various Nintendo franchises, and each of them have a Omega version which give makes the stage lack of gimmicks and hazard, but not all are flat like the Final Destination unlike in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

While not all stages have one or two bosses, the Stage Boss will only appears in the Boss version, unlike in previous Super Smash Bros. games where the bosses would disrupt the gameplay at any moment. The Stage Bosses are also faced in Classic Mode, in a Final Battle in Smash Run, in Smash Quest and in Boss Arena, where these Bosses are faced in their home stages.

Stages with name that are bold means the stage needs to be unlocked first.

(All stages are arranged by reveal order.)

New Stages

Stage & Series Description Avaliability

Final Destination

Super Smash Bros.

A flat and medium stage with no hazards and a beautiful scenery in the universe. You will eventually even see pixilized travel where you sees multiple memorial battles, from the old Nintendo games to the new one. This is also where you fight the Smash Hands as well as the dreaded Master Core.

Boss Mode: Master Hand, Crazy Hand and occasionally, Master Core.

Available from the start.

Fatal Confrontatinon

Super Smash Bros.

A rather infernal looking and unstable stage that starts with being flat, started to have parts of the platform rising up or dropping down momentarily. It is actually the home place of Crazy Hand, and at the end of Classic Mode, you will face him and Master Hand...and maybe the even more dreaded Crazy Core.

Boss Mode: Crazy Hand, Master Hand and occasionally, Crazy Core.

Available from the start.
Super bell hill Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario series

You start with the Super Bill Hill area where you break boxes, catching up Rabbits and Big Rabbits for items, then at Shadow Alley Play where you can only see the shadows of everything for about 15 seconds, Sunshine Seaside where you swin through water and throw coconuts at your opponents and finally, at Shimmering Lava Lake, where there are lava lakes where the players must avoid falling on, or else having 100% damage and you will be instantly K.O.. After this, you will return into Super Bill Hill and the cycle restarts.

Boss Mode: Instead of instantly returning to Super Bill Hill, you will face Motley Bossblob before going back to the first level.

Available from the start.
MK7 Bowser Castle Bowser's Castle

Super Mario series

Boss: Koopa Clown Car
ALBW Lost Woods Lost Woods

The Legend of Zelda

Ironeo Battle Tower

Pokemon series

Bosses: Toughust or Toxihost Available from the start.
Waddle Train Z Top Old Odyssey

Kirby series

Available from the start.
Hornet Hole Hornet Hole

Donkey Kong series

Boss: King Zinger Available from the start.
Homecoming Hijinks DKCTF Homecoming Hijinks

Donkey Kong series

Summon or defeat Lord Fredrik once in any mode.
Wario land shake it glittertown Glittertown

Wario Land series

Boss: Chortlebot. Available from the start.
Ice climbers map Classic Mountain

Ice Climbers series

Available from the start.
Space Pirate Mother Ship Space Pirate Mother Ship

Metroid series

Available from the start.
SSB4 PictoChat 2 Pictochat Remix

Pictochat series

The remix of previous incarnations of Pictochat from previous Super Smash Bros. games. Available from the start.
Star Fox 64 Titania Titania

Star Fox series

Boss: Goras Available from the start.
Inkopolis plaza splatoon Inkopolis

Splatoon series

Available from the start.
Clu Clu Land Clu Clu Land

Clu Clu Land

Available from the start.
MK8-Excitebike-Arena Excitebike


Unlocked upon completing the Event "Extreme Excitebike".
Worldmap weyard Weyard Boss: Saturos and Menardi Unlocked with Isaac.
Wingo's Watchtower Wingo's Watchtower

Super Mario series

Boss: Wingo Summon Wingo as an Assist Boss once, or clear Classic Mode as Captain Toad
Swapnote thumb Swapnote

Swapnote series

Available from the start.
Lorule Castle Lorule Castle

The Legend of Zelda series

Boss: Yuga Ganon Defeat Master CoreCrazy Core as Ganondorf. Doing so as permanent Ganon does count.
640px-Classic Sonic vs. Death Egg-1- Death Egg

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Boss: Death Egg Robot or Big Arms Available from the start.
WilyCastle SSBGF Wily Castle 7

Mega Man series

Boss: Guts Man G or Wily Machine 7 Available from the start.
WarioWare D.I.Y.

WarioWare series

Clear Classic Mode as either Wario or Ashley.
S.S. Raijink

Wario Land series

Boss: Bandinero King Clear the Event Match "Shake King's Vacation"
Bowser's Wolly Castle

Yoshi series

The arena is round, thus the only way to knock out a fighter in a percentage match is to launch it upward, to a Danger Wollyball or on Baby Bowser's attacks when the fighter's % is 100% or over.

Boss: Baby Bowser

Available from the start.
Villager's Home

Animal Crossing series

Available from the start.
Tower of Valni

Fire Emblem series

Boss: Cyclops Available from the start.

Star Rush

Mario Party series

Available from the start.

NES Remix

NES Remix series

Available from the start.

Execrable Star

Kirby series

Boss: Fake Fighters, Omega 0 Play as Magolor in any modes ten times.

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