Smash Quest is one of the new modes available in Super Smash Bros. Great Fray, and is either also a spiritual successor of Smash Tour (the reason why the mode itself didn't returned is because it is considered as too polarizing), where collecting fighters, Stat mechanism and moving around map were kept, but is even more cooperative-oriented and the players move together. Up to four players can play in one game.

The fighters are also constantly customized (unless if the mode's rules are settled as "No Customized"), and the fighters shares the collected fighters in a space called a Party, which is a word, often used in roleplaying games that usually refers the group of the currently using characters, or a small group of player.

The player can save the game at anytime, has because it have a Battle at after every turns (except when landed on Pacific Space) and boss battles will make the game quite long. However, it will be erased shall a new game is started instead.


Unlike its predecessor, Smash Tour, the mode is played even more cooperatively as the goal is to defeat the powerful "Evil Emperor" boss (or "Evil Empress" if the boss is female) that is either a Stage Boss, Assist Boss or Boss Fighter, boosted with Custom Orbs (for the former two) or Custom Parts (for the latter one). Stats are still scattered around the maps and randomize at every turn, but the stat increase at equal sharing on the players.

Instead of using the Miis as the players themselves, the players will use their selected Fighters from the character selection (known as Avatar Heroes/Villains) and collect more not by crossing their icons but by defeating them. Each individual Fighters (even two copies) have a different title that give different effects, such as different stats changes, and the amount of Power Stars that indicate how many titles it have. They will level up after getting enough EXPs, even those who are not used. They will not level up beyond three Power Stars, thus one fighter can have up to three different titles. The player who performed the best (by how many points it have collected) will be marked as MVP.

Each players will bring three characters of their Party (or more or less if it is a Versus Match), and the defeated Fighters will not be lost, but must take a rest for the next battle, unless if it is an Avatar Hero/Villain. Enemy Fighters will be recruited if knocked out and have their damage over 100%, forcing powerful attacks to be waited until the damage is at over 100%. For HP matches, they will be recruited, no matter what. Enemy Fighters with three Power Stars are harder to fight with.

Advancing in the map is also different; instead of individual players who moves separately, they move all together as the spaces are drastically different; there are multiple space type such as an Easy Stage, a Hard Stage and a Boss Battle Stage, as well as moving one space after another. Each players take turns to move from a rolling one to six, and must position wisely. They can only go under one direction (unless certain Trophy effects does otherwise), thus one must take a wise move in a multi-path situation.

There is two ways to reach the end and face the Evil Emperor; by determined turns in Freewill Maps or reaching the end in Linear Maps. The players will use all of their Fighters (all who were resting are automatically recovered) to face the Evil Emperor; shall they win, they will be awarded with many different rewards and Golds, but shall they fail, they will choose to start over the Emperor Battle, to get back at the start (or five more turns in Freewill Maps) or to give up.


Space Type Effect(s)
Safer Space The battle will be safer, thus the next battle will be easier but have less rewards.
Riskier Space The battle will be riskier, thus the next battle will be harder but have more rewards.
Pacific Space You will recruit free Fighters and no battles will occur.
Helping Space Master Hand will appears and give a benefict to the player who lead its team to land here. But if the player is the current MVP, he will instead hinder it!
Chaotic Space Crazy Hand will appears and make a chaotic event, like increasing the Item Frequency, halve EXP the MVP will gain, double the EXP everyone else will gain, and so on. If the player who has the least amount of gained EXPs, Crazy Hand will instead help that player...while also hindering the MVP as an exchange.
Dreaded Space This is where Master and Crazy Hands will really give a threatening challenge to the players. It can be either fighting a gang of dangerous Fighters, taking on a Great Fray Fighter such as Giga Bowser and Tera Inkling, or facing a slightly boosted Boss. Shall the players wins, they will gather a greater amount of rewards but losing instead and they will have to go back from the previous space they landed on in the previous turn.
Enemy Barrage* The players have to face an army of between ten to twenty same or different enemies, and is leaded by a bigger one (an Enemy using a "Giant" Custom Orb). Tougher enemies could give troubles but will also fill up the players' Smash Meter and Great Fray Gauge faster when damaging, and getting damaged by, them.
Outlaw Space* When an outlaw Fighter was under loose, it will put either a Safer or Riskier Space into an Outlaw Space. Reaching it will forces the players to take on that outlaw. The outlaw enemy is usually fought alone, but it may also be reinforced by either another outlaw, or even an army of enemies.
More Trophies Get an extra Trophy Item for every players. Make good use of these Trophies Items. When nearby the Evil Emperor or at the last five turns, it always give a more effective Trophy Item.
Secret Space Hidden in either a Safer or Riskier Space, it will show up when the players landed on it. It will reward a Three-Star Fighter, or even a Boss Fighter. The Boss Fighters, like a regular Fighter, will stay in the group, although the Party will only handle up to four Boss Fighters.
Boss Space* In Linear Maps, there is always a Boss Space in the middle of the map. Sometimes, Crazy Hand will spawns one when he feels like it. The player have to defeat a Boss to keep going in Linear Map, or else it will be sent back. In Freewill Map, losing to a Boss will only make the Boss leaves while the players will have no rewards.
Contest Space

Stopping here will make the players to face each others in one of numberous Final Battles from Smash Runs (except of Vs Master Hand & Crazy Hand and Vs Master/Crazy Core) as well as Homerun Contest, Target Smash/Blast, Platform Boarding, Trophy Snag and Coin Rain. For most final battles, it will be settled into five-minute Timed match, a two-stock match, a five-minute Coin match, a five-minute Enemy Bash match, a five-minute King of the Hall Match or a five-minute Bonus match.

Travel Space Get into another Travel Space. It often help to get nearer to something important, or getting away from a Dangerous Space when not prepared for it. Sadly, the opposite can happens too when being too careless.
Fighting Custom Team Barrage* Upon reaching there, you will have to face an army of 20-men Fighting Custom Team. The Fighting Custom Team consist of all four type of Mii Fighters, all three Pokemon from the Pokemon Trainer, Villagers, Custom Robos and Inklings. Sometimes, a Great Fray mode of anyone of the team will appears as the last foe, but is slightly weaker.
Stat Boost Space Gain a stat boost for three stats. Sometimes, the last placed player will have a stat boost on all six stats instead.
Dangerous Space Even the Smash Hands don't want you to land there, and for a good reason. Stopping there will forces the players to face a powerful Great Fray Fighter in a 4-on-1 battle (with only one Fighter from each player), or an army of naughty Fighters. Winning will bring enourmous rewards, but losing will forces the defeated fighters to get a rest for two turns instead of the usual one turn.
Promotion Space Landing into one will promote any Fighters who had the least amount of Power Stars. It will also give slight Stat boosts for the five next battles. They are few in most boards.
Evil Emperor* Getting the Evil Emperor in a Linear Map will make the players to finally face it. The Evil Emperor is a very strong Boss with three different Custom Orbs, with enemies to assist it. Occasinally, the Evil Emperor will be Master Hand and Crazy Hand themselves instead, and either of them will use their Core form or getting into Super Smash Hands when taking enough damage. In Freewill Maps, it will only appears when there are no more turns to take.

Any spaces with an asterick (*) means that the players have to stop there, no matter how many number of spaces they have left to move.


Title Name Effect(s)
Avatar Hero/Villain

Will not rest when defeated; recruit Fighters with only 50% damage dealt at them required; level up much faster.

Barbarian 30% more Attack and Arm; Forward Smash Attack have higher launch power by 15%.
Magician Physical attacks will have Magic effects; 30% more Special; able to shield with longer durability.
Knight 30% more Attack and Defense; the fighter will not flinch from weak attacks.
Ninja 10% more Attack and Special and 20% more Speed and Jump but 20% lower Defense; use the Smoke Bomb to hold the sidestep quite longer but can be hit after a second.
Pirate 20% more Attack and Speed and 10% more Jump; ranged attacks have longer range.
Wizard 40% more Special; Special Moves can break shields quicker.
Samurai 30% more Attack, Defense and Arm; Super Smashes are more powerful.
Giant Giant Fighter; 10% more Speed and Jump; never flinches from standard moves and aerial attacks.
Fairy 20% more Special and Jump; the Fighter can hover for two seconds.

(Renamed Royal if the Fighter have King or Queen as part of the name such as King Dedede.)

10% more on all Stats; recruit Fighters without needing the Damage Condition; capable to summon a random Smash Run enemy by taunting for assistance.

Luchador 20% more Attack and Arm; throwing have more launching power; Stout Strength is enhanced.
Spy Can turn invisible by taunting; melee attacks do more damage on the back of the enemies.
Metallic Metal; 10% more Jump; immune from being grabbed.
Gargantuan Rare Title. Mega-Sized Fighter; 20% more Arm and Jump; never flinches from aerial attacks, and only flinches when his/her damage percentage exceeded 75%.
Thief 10% more Jump and Speed; capable to snatch the enemy Fighter's item by pummeling it or throwing it.
General 10% boost on all stats; when defeating an Enemy, the General will summon a strong Enemy for assistance.
Corrupter The first hit will not damage any Smash Run enemies, but will make them instead side with the players; can also corrupt Fighters whose damage is at 100%.
Ghost 10% more Speed and Defense; physical attack do less to no damage to this Fighter, but shield have less durability.
Great Fighter

(Some Fighters uses the name of their Great Fray instead, such as Wario-Man instead of Great Fighter Wario and Ganon instead of Great Fighter Ganondorf)

Rare Title. Permanent Great Fray.


There are two types of maps in this game; Freewill and Linear.

Freewill Maps

Freewill Maps are maps that allow the team to freely travel, forward or backward, but have a settled amount of turns that one its reached zero, the Evil Emperor will be automatically fought.

Map Name Description
Miracle Kingdom Combines aesthetics of various kingdoms from various series, like the Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule. The size is medium and the paths are simplistic, with few intersections, that allows the players to take an easy way without stressing out.
Spatial Outrage Combines aesthetics of spatial locations from various series like Metroid, Star Fox and F-Zero. The size is large and had little intersection, but the paths are filled with Transport Spaces where the players can take it for any occasions.

8-Bit City

Give aesthetics from the NES-era, with 8-bits looks and sounds form it. The size is small, but the board itself is squared with have multiple intertections, giving a feel like a maze.
Game Boy Zone Give aesthetics from the Game Boy games, similair to 8-bit but blurrier. The size is smaller than 8-Bit City but have less intersections and more varied spaces at every turns.

Linear Maps

Map Name Description
Hijink Country A large map with many paths, but little risks on most of them. It starts with the village in Animal Crossing, then a more modern city in Pokemon, then a Japanese-like city of Inkopolis.
Dojo Island Combines aesthetics from Wii Sports, Punch-Out, and other sport and fighting games of Nintendo series. A medium maps with multiple Enemy Barrages and dangerous paths, but also tons of useful Fighters (two or three stars, no one star) in Recruit or Pacifist Spaces.

16-Bit World

Give aesthetics from the SNES-Era, combining form Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Kirby Super Star, Super Metroid, F-Zero and finally Star Fox. It is a very large (read, the largest of them all) with several shortcut and to compensate its very large size, tons of rewards even if you only takes shortcuts.
Smash Road Usually selected as the last map does to its very hard difficulty does to frequent Enemy Barrage, Boss Spaces, Dreaded Spaces and Dangerous Spaces, as well as a long map. It uses aesthetics from the Super Smash Bros. series itself, starting from the original Super Smash Bros., then Melee, Brawl, for 3DS and Wii U, and then Great Fray itself. It offers as much rewards as 16-Bit World, although the latter one is easier.

Trophy Items

There are (number pending) Trophies to use in this mode that have different effects. All help the players but some of them also only affect during the map.

Trophy Effect(s)
Doc Louis (Map) Double the effect of gaining Stats on anywhere.
Draggadon (Assist) When taken enough damage (100%), the player will summon the Assist Trophy, Draggadon, although this time he is permanent.
Callie (Assist) Double the stat boosts from the titles, and increase flinch resistance by 20%.
Marie (Map) Put the Enemy Barrage, Outlaw and Bosses into sleep, including the Evil Emperor, and the players can assault them for instant win (for Evil Emperor, it takes 40% of damage).
Excitebike (Map) Double the movement number rolled by the player.
Kamek (Map) Slow down the spinner. This allow the player to get a desired number.
Tharja (Assist) Summon Tharja as an Assist Trophy, and she stay in there permanently.
Giovanni (Map) Make only Pokémon appears in the next match, whatever it is playable, enemy, Bosses or even Boss Fighters (Guzzlord or Groudon). Completing one stage will automatically add a Three-Star Pokémon Fighter.
Professor Oak (Assist) All Poké Balls will be instead be Master Balls, and Moonala or Groudon are more likely to appears via Sealed Trophy.
Super Mushroom (Boost) Become bigger, stronger and more resistant for the next match.
Mega Mushroom (Boost) Become even bigger, stronger and more resistant for the next match, but duration is a bit shorter than the Super Mushroom boost and the fighter will fall a bit faster.
Great Fray Sphrere (Boost) Start in the Great Fray condition. If already a Great Fray Fighter, it can be given to an ally.


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