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These are the items that appears in a Smash match. There are some items removed, but also some new items as well as a third-party Item to represent the Mega Man franchise, the Weapon Data.

Regular Items

Normal Items that can appear on any times, and usually simple to use.

Image Description
SuperMushroomSM3DW Super Mushroom Makes the user Giant for 7 seconds, increasing his/her overall power and launch resistance, but because of the height, also becomes easier to be hit.
PoisonMushroomfl Poison Mushroom It's appearance is now more obvious, but the Poison Mushroom can now be grabbed and thrown at any unlucky opponents. The victim will be shrunk for 7 seconds, and he/she will have weakened and becomes easier to be launched, but is also harder to hit.
MegaMushroomSM3DW Mega Mushroom As if the Super Mushroom is not effective enough! While slower, the Mega-Sized fighter is now way stronger and is almost flinchless, but it also have slightly increased falling speed. Don't get near the edge if you are Mega-Sized! The theme that plays when you get one is either the one from New Super Mario Bros. or the one from Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.
MiniMushroom LTL
Mini Mushroom
It makes you tiny like if you were shrunk from the Lighting! Fortunately, your jumping height had greatly increased, and you falling speed is reduced. Of course, like the Poison Mushroom, it can be grabbed and be thrown. With even weaker attack and defense, it is best to maneuver when being Mini.
DoubleCherry Double Cherry If you seeing double, then it is the Double Cherry who did it! Eat one, and have a clone of yourself until 10 seconds passed or if you or your clone is knocked out.. Your clone will constantly copy your movements like if you were the Ice Climbers, and you even grab the same ledge. One problem is that spamming a combo will prompt your opponent to charge it's Super Smash Meter even more faster...
BlueShell3DWorld Blue Shell Replaces the spiny counterpart. Unlike the Green and Red Shells, this particuliar type of Koopa Shell will instand covert your body into a Koopa Shell. When dashing, you will slide with your Shell to damage opponents, and you can also duck with greater height difference. Doing both of these actions also makes you to take only one 1% damage at a time and even greater launch resistance.
FireFlowerSM3DW Fire Flower Grab it and makes flames to burst into your close opponent. While having short range, it will constantly damage your opponent which is useful to raise its %/reduce its HP. Be wise of using this, as it will not releases fires burst forever and it will eventually runs out of power.
StarmanSM3DW Super Star Makes you invincible from everything for seven seconds! Even grabbing and moving forces will not have an effect on you. Make sure to catch it, as it is bouncing and such not as simple as getting a Super Mushroom or even a Mega Mushroom.
SuperLeafSM3DW Super Leaf Grab one, and you will have a racoon ears and tail. This is not just aesthetic; you can float for long time before landing in, before the Power-Up runs out of time. Use this to get a long jump or to make a continous aerial combo.
GreenShellMK8 Green Shell Throw it and it will make a medium-high launch hit. Be careful with it, as it bounces back from the wall and may hit you back. Fortunately, you can stop it by just stomping on its above, like how to do stop the same Koopa Shells in the Super Mario main games. You can also fire it back with your strong attack, but this is a riskier option.
RedShellMK8 Red Shell Like the Green Shell, only that it will constantly chases its targets...including you. Strong attacks will only continue to spin and chases anything, but a stomp will still works. What a stubborn Koopa Shell!
Bob-OmbWiiU Bob-Omb

Ep-wep-wep-wep-wep-wep-wep-Boom! This living bomb is a weapon, not just a character, and will not hesitate to move around and then explode at those who are unlucky enough to make contact with it. His powerful knockback is dangerous, but fortunately, you can grab him as long as him is standing still and throw it before Bob-Omb will explode.

HotheadSSB4 Hothead This enemy is introduced in Super Mario World, and now for somehow, he becomes an item. Throw him and he will crawl on the floor and walls like in Super Mario World, but he will also grow stronger should fiery, explosive or electric attacks hit him but also shrunks if water or icy attack also hit him. This also increase his power and knockback, so if someone else thrown him and this happens, watch out!
HammerSSBB Hammer The classic weapon from the original Donkey Kong arcade. This item is powerful and resistant, but the user cannot perform a mid-air jump nor a flip jump, and disable you to grab a ledge. It will also have a chance to drop its head, making it useless...unless someone will pick up the head and throw it right back at your face. Ouch.
GoldenHammer Golden Hammer The step-up of the Hammer and is originated from Wrecking Crew. Not only it is indeed more powerful, but you can even rapidly press A (or whatever button you configured to Attack) to even stall your fall for a while. Unfortunately, there is also a foul version called the Squicky Golden Hammer which looks identical...but is completely harmless and will only makes squicking sound everytime that it hit a foe. Don't expect this to happens if your opponent have it, of course.
BombchuSSB4 Bombchu Throw it on the ground, and it will move foward and climb through walls and ceilings. Don't be fooled by its cute appearence; it will explode on any contact or damage. If you see one getting at your way, jump while you can!
BunnyHoodSSB4 Bunny Hood This cute item is not perfectly practical; it does increase your speed and jumping height when you wear it but it also increase your falling speed. If your character have an already huge jump stat in anyhow (like in Smash Run), grabbing it would make a near garenteed self-destruct on a medium stage. Would you think that it would make the already adorable characters like Kirby any cuter? I would guess so too.
HW Cucco Cucco The comically one of the most feared creatures of Hyrule, as once you attacked one for whatever reasons, you would get attacked by a flock of swiftly and apparently flying birds! Throw one to an opponent, and the Cuccos would attack that opponent instead. At least this is a good solution to avoid hitting one by accident...
DekuNut Deku Nut This throwing item can stun any opponents on the ground or launch anyone in the air. Use its stunnig capacity to get a chance to deliver your strongest move at your unlucky opponent! The thing is, like any exploding items, it could also backfire at you if you don't watch out...and for some reasons, the Deku Nut may eventually decide to blow up. Aren't they sentient or something?
FairyBottleSSB4 Fairy Bottle When your percentage is at 100% or over (or if your HP is lower than 100), the Fairy in the bottle will heal your percentage by 100. Otherwise you can just throw it at your opponent as long as they do not have 100% or over. The CPU-controlled fighters would accidentelly heal you when throwing it, so they only use it when their % is at 100 or over...or they simply throw it away to prevent you to use it. What a bunch of naughty computers!
GustBellowsSS Gust Bellows This literal blowing weapon pushes the opponent away with the wind. This time it does now flinches the aerial opponents, even when it does no percentage damage and does only have a weak, presetted knockback. But in Special Conditions where everything is almost air-weighted, this weapon becomes useful at best, feared at worst!
HW Heart Container Heart Container Grab this healing item to recover 100% (or 100 HP), but this falls slowly which you may want to catch in the air before your opponent have a chance. In All-Star Mode, three (or five in Hardcore Mode) Heart Container that completely heals you will be available at the beginning, but each can only be consumed once.

Special Items

More advanced Items that only a few or one only appears at a time, and are usually powerful.

Image Description
New Smash Ball Smash Ball Break it in order to use your fighter's Final Smash. The Final Smashes are powerful techniques that will turn the tide when used correctly. Each fighters, including Boss Fighters, have now each two different Final Smashes that can be switched before each match.
Great Fray Sphere Break it and your Great Fray meter is fulfilled in no time. The Great Fray Sphere is more agitated than the Smash Ball, but a bit more fragile, so hurry up and break it before someone else does!
2000px-Triforce.svg Triforce Pieces This three part Item is something you haven't think about before; once you collect all of the three Triforce Pieces, a Triforce is formed and you will get stats increased by 500, as well as gaining a random boost (Giant or Mega, Metal, Bunny Hood, constant healing, etc). Now that's when the iconic icon of The Legend of Zelda have a real use!
SSBB Dragoon Dragoon Another three part Item that once you gathered Part A, B and C, you will ride on the Dragoon. You have several seconds before you could strike your foes with the attack button, and the hit is almost instant K.O.!
DaybreakSSB4 Daybreak A three part weapon that need to be assembled before being operational and upon this, you can move around before pressing the attack button to deliver a devastating beam that will make a guaranteed K.O. on most foes!
Weapon Special Inkstrike Inkstrike Unlike the Triforce, the Dragoon and the Daybreak, this weapon does only have two parts which is a bit quicker to do, but the Inkstrike can be easily avoided as it leaves a spot that allows the opponents to flee, which forces you to lure them or knock them into its range. To use the Inkstrike, use left or right to choose a target then press attack to fire it.
Sealed Trophy The Boss Fighter is sealed, and once you break the seal (by smashing it), he/she will assist you by playing as that Boss Fighter. Boss Fighters can do all what a Fighter can do, but are more powerful. If someone else did it, brace yourself!

Poke Ball Pokemon

Pokémon that can be summoned from a Poké Ball and a Master Ball. The Master Ball will only summons rare and Legendary Pokémon.

Weapon Data

Special Weapons from the Classic Mega Man series. To use it, just use a standard attack like if you are using an Item. It will remains until being KO'd or running out of its energy. Their icon will be in 8-bit (Mega Man 1-6 and 9-10), 16-bit (Mega Man 7) or nearly-modern (Mega Man 8), depended of its debut.

While some of them are already used by Mega Man, others are only obtained within the Weapon Data. All the weapons from Mega Man 1 (plus the two exclusives of Mega Man Powered-Up) are available in this game.

Weapon Name Description Amount of Uses
Rolling Cutter Throw one to makes 4-6% on each hit, and can do multiple hits. However, you need to adjust with the weapon's arc in order to damage your opponents. 20
Super Arm Grab a Guts Block from the ground and throw one at the opponents. A full block have a great knockback and caused 20 damage in each hit, while a streaming rock chucks caused 5 damage each. 15
Ice Slasher Fires a soaring arrow-shaped blade that damages and freeze the opponent. Each damage caused 7-10%. 15
Hyper Bomb Throw a bomb from a small arc that explodes on impact. Each hit caused a moderate knockback and makes 9-11 of damage. 10
Fire Storm An orb will briefly surrounds the user during the attack, while a fireball will horizontally soar. The fireball caused 5 damage while the orb can make up to 10-13 damage. Getting close to your opponent allows you to build a horrid amount of damages. 5
Thunder Beam Shoots straight lighting bolts in the two vertical directions and forward. Each Thunder Beams causes 6 damage, but getting close will make it up to 18 damage each time. 5
Time Slow Slow down the foes. Unlike the time-stopping weapons, Time Slow will only slow down the foes and everything else, but it last much longer. 1
Oil Slider Spill oils on the floor. When opponents stepped on it, it will slip and trip on the ground. When the user stepped on it during a dash, he/she will slide through and caused big knockback and 9 damage to the opponents, and the user can turn back and cancel it with a jump. 10
Air Shooter Fires several whirlwinds that spread out and rises upward. It is useful to take out airborne Smash Run enemies and aerial opponents. 10
Atomic Fire Shoot fireballs at enemies. It can be charged by holding the attack button and deals greater damage and knockback when fully charged. 15
Bubble Lead The player drop a heavy bubble that slightly damages and traps any fighters and enemies for a moment. The more damage the fighter is, the longer the bubble will stay. The trapped fighter will also fled when hit by anything else. 10
Time Stopper It momentarily stop time but doesn't cause any damage. This allows user to rack up heavy damage on a fighter, but all projectiles from the user become immobilized before the effect wears off. 1
Gemini Laser Shoot an horizontal blue beam that ricochet to 45 degree angle when hitting a wall, floor, ceiling or enemy. 20
Needle Cannon A rapid fire weapon that fires needles that makes no knockback but consecutive damages (4-5 damage per hit). Each needles had slightly alternative heights. 30
Search Snake Releases robotic snakes that climb up walls and moves on ceilings. They had mediocre knockback and each cause a damage of 7. 15
Spark Shock Shoot sparks which stun an opponent for several seconds. The fighter cannot shoot another one if someone get hit by this. 10
'Drill Bomb' Shoot an exploding drill that will damage an opponent multiple time, and then blow up after three hits in a row. 10
Pharaoh Shot Use a chargable shot that can deal from mediocre to very powerful, depended on how long the player charged. While slower than Atomic Fire, it can be fired in any direction. 15, fully charged costs 5
Dust Crusher Shoot an exploding pile of junk that split into four diagonal directions. While weak, it can rack up damage if used well. 20
Dive Missile Shoot a chasing missile. While weak, it can help the user to catch up with aerial foes. 15
Water Wave Shoot a waving water that goes from the floor, and it drops if it end up into an abyss. It can deal multiple hits if the foe is grounded. 15
Power Stone Summon a spiral of large stones. It deal heavy damage and medium knockback, and is useful when surrounded. Unlike in Mega Man 5, the stones will not disappear if it hit a target. 10
Charge Kick Charge forward with a sliding kick. While only working on the ground, it can deal a powerful hit and the user have a super armor when using it. 10
Crystal Eye Summon a large crystal sphere that launches forward. Unlike in Mega Man 5, the Crystal Eye will also splits if it hit simply anything, instead of just walls. 10

Assist Trophies Characters

Characters that will help you by directly attacking the opponents, hindering them or by boosting the summoner. There can now be more than one Assist Trophy but there will never be two of the same characters at the same time.

Foul Assist Characters

Characters that causes troubles for all players, including the summoner itself. Most of them can be knocked out, and it is possible to switch them off in the Item Switch.

Assis Bosses (Assist Trophy and Poke Ball)

Strong and permanent characters that will constantly attack on the others, but can not only are defeatable, most will tag with the character who dealt enough damage on him/her/it and can turn back on the original summoner. Like the Foul Assists, it can be turned off from either Item Switch or the Boss Switch.

Sealed Trophy

The Boss Fighters inside those Sealed Trophies are obviously locked inside a seal, and you need to break that seal. When you were the one who break it, the Boss Fighter will back you up (while your character is simply in the background), and will remains until that Boss Fighter is knocked out.

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