SSB Great Fury Title

It is now possible to give your part by making your "mod". However, you must PM me on chat for permission and upon permission granted, follow the conditions below;
  • No any jokes characters, memes, and anything not from video games, and only Nintendo and the following third-parties (Sega, Capcom, Namco, anything from Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Ubisoft, anything from Shantae and Shovel Knight).
  • While being biased to some characters don't bother me at all, please do try to make the tier list from generic and too predictable. Do not class them from previous Smash games!
  • Fantendo characters and fan Nintendo characters are allowed (I added my own, Unten and Netnu, and four others I got permission from Arend and Tenshi, see?) but it is preferable not to use "joke" characters such as Poopbutt Koopa or anyone who obviously can't be beaten at all.
  • If you don't like these directives, just make your own page and do not forget to credit me for the Super Smash Bros. Great Fray if your mod is based on this game.

Enjoy! Samtendo09 (tbc)

Super Smash Bros. Great Fray (known in Japanese as Great Fray Smash Bros. Superpowered) is a successor of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, first revealed during the Previews of Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase. It will be exclusive for the Evo-Gem and is produced by Gear Games, with Samtendo09 as the main executive while Masahiro Sakurai being the advisor. It is revealed that it would be released at 2022, some months later after the Evo-Gem's indicated release. It is also revealed that Master Hand and Crazy Hand will have bigger roles, and the latter one will be more than just Master Hand's literal left-handed counterpart.


The gameplay is about 1.15x of speed from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, have the same physic of Super Smash Bros. Melee, gives graphics slightly more realistic but also more detailed (like Link's Master Sword being more shiny).

It also gives multiple addition for the gameplay, such as Flip Jump, Counter-Grab, Combo-Stopper (said to be available only for heavyweight characters), Super Smash (power-up version of Special Moves) and the transformation counterpart of Final Smash, the Great Fray, a powerful mechanic that makes characters greatly boosted or transformed, based on Pokken's Burst Mode. The distance of edge-grabbing is also reduced to be comparable to Melee, and the L-Cancel returns.

General Mechanics Changes

Mechanic  Changes
Shield Now last longer for heavier fighters, but last shorter for lighter fighters.
Sidestep Reverted into closer from Melee.
Roll/Dodge Reverted into closer to the Rolling/Dodging from Melee.
Air Dodge Now works like in Melee, albeit it does not leave the user helpless in order to avoid frustrating accidents and self-destructs.
Footstool Jump Characters in Giant, Mega or Great Fray form (depended of the size of the Great Fray itself such as Mega Captain Toad) may instead "squish", damage and bury the jumped on a normal victim. When this happens in the air, it is a guarenteed Meteor Smash. A character who is asleep can now be footstooled.
Jump/Short Hop/Aerial Going aerial will reduce the character's launch resistance by 1.25% by ground attack, while the character on the ground will take 1.25% less knockback from aerial attacks. This make aerial attacks more risky and situational.
Weight Most characters whose not heavyweight and got one or more aerial attacks (Captain Falcon) or can deal more combo (Fox) had less launch resistance. Heavyweight characters who can't do aerial combo but may or may not have a powerful aerial attack (Bowser, Ganondorf and King Dedede, but not Wario) got slightly more launch resistance.
Rage Now at maximum rage, attacks will deal 20% more knockback than normal. It is now optional and is setted off by default.
Ledge Grab Now have distance comparable to Melee, but also not able to grab if an enemy (not an ally) had already grabbed that ledge. It is still possible to grab even if the character is facing the opposite of the ledge.
Counter (Special Moves) Now only gives less knockback and damage than the incoming attack does. This is to prevent desperated spamming of Countering and to make it more like a last resort. Only slower counters can deal more damage, with the exception of Vision Counter. In Bayonetta's Witch Time case, it require a more precise timing to make it work correctly. 
Hitstun Slightly reduced in order to give the victim a more aggressive counter.
Reflecting Only give less damage and knockback than the original projectile, making it more situational. Villager's Pocket is as strong as the normal projectile for the first second, but gradually get weaker and weaker before being up to 30% weaker.

Can now have "Very Low" and "Very High" setting in the Rule Settings. Most Assist Trophies are only able to damage, not flinching nor launching, the opponents, with the exception of Foul Assists and Assist Bosses. The amount of items at a time is increased, and more Assist Trophies, Poké Balls and Master Balls can appear but there cannot be a matched Assistant.

Multiple items become even less powerful, including explosive items, which include Assist Trophy (except of Assist Bosses who can be stunned with a Super Smash or a powerful attack, and they can be toggled off), and also Pokemon from Poke Balls that get notably weaker and less frustrating to get over.

Stages All levels are compatible to 8-Player. However, all stages become tamer and friendlier. Stage Bosses are weaker and can be stunned by strong attacks or Super Smashes, and can be toggled off by itself. Some stages like The Great Cave Offensive have a Small Version which shrink down the level to a more reasonable proportion.

If launched and the K.O. is inevitable, the character will scream like if they got knocked out, but they will not scream again after being K.O. off-screen.

Boss Fighters and players under Great Fray makes a more violent explosion when blasted off-screen.

0-HP K.O. Each character have a different "death" animation, and sent off-screen. Mega Man's K.O. animation is simply the classic death/blunder animation from the classic series.
Custom Items When you receive a Custom Equipment and Custom Orb, that item will be unlimited and you will not receive it again. This is to prevent tedious results from the Random Number Generator and allow player to collect them all with shorter time without getting the same item over and over again.
Special Trophies In addition of normal Trophies, Special Trophies are rare, one-of-a-kind Trophy that cannot be lost or sold, and can be multiplied in Trophy Studio. Pressing the M Button will make the Special Trophy make a brief movement. Final Smash, Great Fray and Boss characters are also Special Trophies, but multiple can be obtained.

Aesthetic Changes

Aesthetic  Changes
Voice Actors

The characters had the most recent voice actors for multiple fighters. Bowser, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong uses their respective voice actors instead of their realistic voices, although it can be switched between the original voices or the Smash voices. Anyone who speaks Japanese now speaks English.

A major difference is that Master Hand and Crazy Hand also speaks, voiced by the famous voice actor Xavier Mobus, who also voices the Announcer, and they occasionally taunt the player (Crazy Hand a bit more often) during the battle against them.

Graphics The graphics in general give out more details to match the current game standards but also have more effects like shining effect on Link's Master Sword and Mega Man's armor.
Sound Effects Now sounds more faithful to the home series, such as Link's slashes sounds like it is from recent Legend of Zelda games, and Pokemon moves have sound effects from modern Pokemon games.
Match End Now the background have a more refreshed and the other fighters now show up. The clapping animation is retained for middle place, but the losing animation (three different for each fighter) are introduced, and is used for last place, such as Waluigi furiously stomping down the floor and Inkling uses her/his Splattershot losing animation from the Splatoon series.
Expressions The characters give out an angrier or more surprised expression when hit by an ally. This only happens when Friendly Fire is turned on. They also expose this when receiving a Screen K.O. by an ally. Exemples are Wario giving a furious glare, Rayman gives a genuinely shocked one, and Captain Toad being saddened.

New Mechanics and Techniques

Mechanic Name Function Availability
Flip Jump The fighter jump even higher from the ground than an initial jump. Light-Weight Fighters can jump much higher. To do this, press down softly, then up quickly. All fighters.
Counter-Grab When the victim takes enough hits from a combo, that victim rushes at his rival who uses that Combo, with a Super Armor, in order to grab it. The throw functions are the same. All fighters.
Combo-Stopper When the fighter has damage % over 50% while unable to attack, the Fighter cannot be flinched from any more hits beyond the first one, including hits in the airs, and only takes up to 5% of each hits. This makes Smash Attacks or other strong attacks more mandatory. Heavy-Weight fighters.
Stout Strength The fighter will lift heavy items like a Barrel Container or large enemies or bosses with ease, which moves and jumps as the same, but cannot perform a mid-air jump and Special Moves. Their throwing ability is also enhanced. Mega Man can perform this thanks to his Super Arm. It is also applied when having a Giant status or Mega-Size status for everyone. All strong and Heavy-Weight fighters, plus Mega Man, plus any Giant/Mega-Sized fighters
Super Smash

Collect the Smash Energy, hit your opponent and get hit by anything (the latter one increases more than the two others) will increase the Smash Meter. Once fulfilled, the fighter can unleash a Super Smash, an enhanced Special Move, by pressing A and B at the same time (assuming you are using the Gamecube Controller).

Super Smashes can stun Stage and Assist Bosses, which gives an advantage for the players, but it must be used wisely.

All fighters.

(Can be Disabled)

Great Fray

Transforming counterpart of the Final Smash. Any former transformating Final Smash like Giga Bowser and Ganon becomes a Great Fray, though others like Mega Mewtwo Y remains the same Final Smash. Upon the Great Fray Gauge fullfilled by doing the same way as filling up the Super Smash Meter, the fighter will automatically transform.

Some characters had no physical changes but are still boosted, while others becomes more different as an actual transformation. The duration also varies depended on the Great Fray mode's effectiveness. The Great Fray fighter can still do anything a regular fighter can do, including Super Smashes and Final Smash.

All fighters.

(Can be Disabled)

Team Finale A fighter can join its teammate's Final Smash by pressing B near such teammate during a Final Smash. It will either cause more damage or other effects. All fighters.
Statuses The status will hinder the player, and the way its work is depended on what status it is. See the table below for its effects.

All fighters.

(Can be Disabled)

Team Throw

One player have to crouch or dodge while its teammate will use the Grab button. When the combination succeed, the thrown player will not only become immune to all attacks but also give an extra jump when thrown in the air. The thrower will not be left helpless, and can throw its teammate in eight directions.

Heavy-Weight fighters can throw further, while Light-Weight fighters can be thrown at longer distance.

All fighters.
Ambush Breaker When ambushed by two or players, whatever if they are on the same team or not, the fighter will deliver an unblockable counterattack but with fixed launch power to seperate the group. A successful Ambush Breaker will also heal the fighter by 50% of damage received. All fighters.
Beyond 999% K.O. When the character is at 999% and that it got hit by anything as long as the attack or hazard is damaging, the character will undergo under a 0 HP KO. General.

Character-Exclusive Techniques and Mechanics

Each character have their own different mechanics or techniques. They are either beneficial or unhelpful, but mostly the former, and some characters have similar techniques/mechanics but had different effects. Some character shares one technique or mechanic with another, but one mechanic remains exlcusive to one or a few characters. Some of these are already introduced in previous Smash Bros. games.

Character Description
Mario Performing a footstool into an opponent will deal 10% damage and a soft knockback into the bottom.
Link Standing still or crouching will make his Hyrulian Shield to block incoming projectiles.
Pikachu Pikachu can escape from being grabbed with Static after immediately pressing the Attack button upon getting grabbed.
Kirby Kirby can use Copy Ability to use the current Neutral B of the opponent, but will lose it if he Taunted. He can also mid-air jump up to five times.
Bowser Bowser is such a resilient foe that attacks that deals 10% or lower will not flinch him at all. Attacking at his back with contact attack will also get the attacker to receive 5% damage.
Ganondorf Ganondorf's spear can be taken away by a powerful hit, but he can retreive it back long as it didn't fall into a bottomless pit or flung off-screen. The other characters cannot pick it up. To compensate, Ganondorf's spear gives him extra range for his standard attack, side attack and Smash Attacks.
Mewtwo Mewtwo can float for a while with his levitation. His Pressure Ability also delays the opponent's same Special Move by 0.5 second at their next use, which is intended to discourage them from spamming projectile.
King Dedede King Dedede is already perfect, but he can mid-air jump up to five times.
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong have the best Heavy-Item Carrying speed, jump height and throw (discounting KiloBot). He can also carry his opponent after he grabbed them. While this is optional, it can deal interesting or unexpected punishment.
Samus Can switch between regular or Ice mode with a taunt. Ice-powered projectiles deals less knockback but help making a combo more consistant.
Zero Suit Samus Both of her Down-B attacks can dodge incoming projectiles, but not physical attacks.
Fox His Reflector (aka the Shine) is instant and can pull a bad surprise on the opponent. Unlike in Melee, the knockback is always set to be weak regardless of the opponents' %.
Yoshi When Shielding, he can immediatly initiate his Egg Roll or other Egg-related moves and these moves execute faster than when normally used.
King K. Rool When getting 100% or over, he can "play dead" and completely absorb a knockback from a potentially fatal blow by pressing R and become immune to upcoming knockback for two seconds, but this only works with a strict timing. Final Smashes by pass this mechanic.
Wario If using Shakequake Punch as his Down-B, his Shakequake Punch charges faster, and if it is fully charge, have much greater range and can completely shatter a Shield, but have a set knockback and the start-up is a bit slower. If the Down-B is Wario Waft instead, the charge is slower, but the fully charged Waft is deadly as it is near instant, give Wario a Super Armor and have powerful knockback!


Status Effect Frequent Source
Burn Gradually damage the victim by 2% each half second, but also damage foes who made contact attack by 5%. Automatically healed when hit by Water attacks or when swimming on water. Flame attacks.
Paralysis Unable to move, but will not fall in the air. Will wear off when hit or even touched by anything, or after two seconds. Electric attacks.
Deep Sleep Prolonged version of Sleep; will not woke up until taking enough damage, but gradually heal itself by 10% each half-second. Various.
Deep Freeze Prolonged version of Freezing; will not take damage from anything that are not flames, explosions or anyone under Great Fray. Ice attacks.
Poison Damage the victim by 5% everytime it attack. It will do nothing if the victim will not attack at all. Poison attacks.
Splashed Decrease the power of Special Moves, and make them unable to flinch any fighters. Water attacks.
Smashlust Heal the player by 5% everytime it hit someone, but also decrease Defense. Various.
Injured Decrease the power of regular moves, and make them unable to flinch any fighters. Certain attacks like Little Mac's attacks.

Game Modes


Up to 8 players will play together, or take on the Local Tourney, Vs. Boss, Smash Roulette and Random Smash.

The Regular, Special and Tournament matches will take place in Timed, Stock, Coin or Enemy Bash. The Enemy Bash is all new, as the goal is to knock out as many Enemies from Smash Run as possible.

Regular Smash

Play an 8-player Smash without any additional condition. With the Evo-Gem's Super Gaming Operation System (SGOS), it is now possible to play any stages in 8-Player Smash without restriction, thus even making a Boss appears during a Smash with 8-players. Unlike in previous Super Smash Bros. games, the Stage Boss(es) will only appears when the stage is switched to Boss Battle, and thus will not disrupt the battle in a normal stage with Boss Battle off.

Special Smash

The player will set the General Conditions, then put up Individual Conditions for each of the eight players. Only Player 1 will give the conditions. Aside of this, it plays the same as in Regular Smash, but the battles will not count towards the records.

Available Effects Description
Size Give the player a different size, such as tiny or giant. They affect the offensive and defensive stats of the individual player, and each player can have a different size.
Status Give any effects from Back Shield, Blue Shell, Bunny Hood, Cloaking Device, Franklin Badge, Metal Box, Rocket Belt, Super Leaf and Superspicy Curry. Each different effect can be stacked to each individual player.
Attack Only allow individual or all players to use Attack, Special Moves, or Throws. Can be stacked.
Gravity A higher gravity can make jumps lower and falling speed faster, while lower gravity will make jumps higher and falling speed more floaty. Can be applied to individual players.
Mount Can let any characters to mount any mountable assistants, including Boss Assists. When selecting Kyogre or Rayquaza, you can Primal Reverse/Mega Evolve it by hovering the Selection Hand over it, and then hold R, then select it.
Speed Make the game speed faster or slower, but it does not affect the timer.
Warp Makes horizontal or vertical screens being not deadly and instead warp the player into another side of the screen. If both are activated, then the only way to knock out a fighter is in HP Mode or by performing the 1000% K.O.
All-Stars Turn this on to make the defeated fighter being replaced by a random one. Hold the L Button before turning it on will make Boss Fighters available to replace a defeated fighter, while holding the R Button will make Great Fray variations of fighters (including Boss Fighters if holding the L Button) doing the same thing, but either will not always replace the defeated fighter.
Assists Make Assists to work as normally when "Normal", or goes rogue and no one is safe from them when setted in "Rogue".

Local Tourney

The tournament, setted by Player 1, can have up to 256 players in a single or double-bracket. Aside of the matches settings, the following tournament settings as shown below can also be changed. Unlike the previous games, it is possible to save the Tourney at anytime for later. The settings below are only basic and more advanced settings are available in Mod-Mode.

Basic Setting Available Options
Best out of Rounds One, Three, Five, Seven
Change Character? No, Yes, Randomize, Randomize if Needed
Seeding Random, Manual
Amount of Players per Matches 2-8 Players
Solo or Team? Solo, Duo, Triplet, Quadiplet.
Can the Host changes Outcomes? Yes, No, Replay Required
Bronze Match Yes, No

Character Restriction

The player will decide which Fighters are allowed or banned, or are not allowed to be Custom.

Allow, Ban, No Custom, Random

Custom-Type Fighters Allow, Default Only, Ban

Vs. Boss

Up to eight Players will take on an Assist Boss, a Stage Boss, a Boss Fighter, a Great Fray Fighter or a Great Fray Boss Fighter, and this mode can be played alone. If the Boss is defeated, the players will gather more rewards, but shall they loses instead, they will have minimal rewards.

Smash Roulette

This mode will give out which Fighters will be given to which players, which stage will be played and what is the Special Condition. The match will continues until everything is played, and anything already picked cannot be used again.

Random Smash

Unlike Smash Roulette, the Random Smash will randomize everything, even give out Customs and Modify Orbs that are not found yet for one match. The player can set out the match rules, then the match begins. It will take place on either Regular Smash, Special Smash or Vs. Boss.

Online Smash

Online Smash can be played For Fun, For Glory, Online Tourney, Smash Run and Community Smash. The player must have Connext account to have access to any of these modes, as well as sharing custom fighters, Equiped Fighters and levels.

Unlike previous Super Smash Bros. games, Online Smash is more constructed and have game quality matched of offline gameplay thanks to the Evo-Gem's capacity. The other main difference is that up to eight player can play in any of these modes (in the case of Online Tourney, a whopping 64 players) and a Community Smash can hold as many players as member of any community as possible.

Taunts can only be activated once (with the exception of special taunts that switches characters or moveset, such as Ganondorf and Wario, but they become muted when used once), and spamming an attack (used more than twice) will cause the character's voice to be muted during this attack for the rest of the match.

Equipments and Customized Moves cannot be used in any online matches except on specified Online Tourneys and certain communities, however the Custom Fighters can be used, but only as default. Alternative moves cannot be used in For Glory and For Glory Tourneys.

For Fun

Up to eight players (or four if the player prefer this limit) can play in almost any stages (Final Destination and Omega Stages are not included) with items on in Medium frequency. It can be played in Free-For-All, Doubles, Triples, Squad (4-on-4), Four-Team Battle and 1-on-1. Any of these type of matches can be played with Quick Play.

There is no ranked matches as it is made for players who only wanted to have fun. Overused characters, however, tend to be limited to avoid causing ire from certain players does to their prescence.

The stage is alway chosen at random, although the player in the Waiting Time can know what stage it will be, and while in the Waiting Time, it will fight with the Sandbag.

For Glory

Unlike For Fun, For Glory takes a bigger manner about competitive and thus only allow Final Destination, all of Omega Stages, and a few selection of stages being considered as competitive-safe. There is also no limit use for any characters but the player can decide to only fight the fighters that have the same Gear Games Tier as the selected fighter (the character in F-tier is in the E-tier Category, while the SS-tier is in the S-tier Category).

Items are disactivated, and Super Smashes cannot be used as well. The set is two stocks, seven minutes and team attack on.

For Glory can be played in Free-For-All, Doubles, Triples, Squad (4-on-4) and 1-on-1. There is no quick play selection, and there is one unranked mode and ranked mode; the unranked mode have no impact whatsover, while ranked mode will increase your Rank if you perform with various skills, and lower if you spam one or two moves, or if you deliberatly quit in the middle of the match (disconnection will do nothing but doing so three-in-a-row will cause the player to be unable to play for 12 hours).

Arcade Modes

There are modes made for one to two players (four in Adventure Mode), which have Classic Mode (now reverted to Smash 64, Melee and Brawl's style), Adventure Mode (the remake from Melee with more stages and up to four players can play together), and three Special Orders, which consist of Master Orders, Crazy Orders and the new one, Versus Orders. All-Star Mode also returns, although it is readjusted does to the enourmous amount of playable characters.

Classic Mode

The Classic Mode is reverted into the style of old-school since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, although there are new additions of formats and a new final boss named Crazy Core that is fought instead of Master Core should the last battle take place on the Fatal Confrontation instead of the Final Destination (decided at random when facing the two hands), from the same difficulty as required as before for the two. Another addition is that in the middle of the Classic Mode path, you will confront a Stage Boss, Assist Boss or a Boss Fighter before being able to advance to the next level.

The amount of stock can now be setted by the player has between one to five like in Smash 64, Melee and Brawl, and is the same amount for both players. Since the Long Classic tend to be more challenging than previous Classic Mode from previous Smash games, the player(s) can get another stock upon defeating a Boss, but no more than his/her/their initial amount of stocks (i.e. once you started with three stocks, you cannot get more than three stocks).

The opponents will always have the same moveset and original color in difficulty under 3.0, but also instead have random colors and moveset as of difficulty 3.0. Unlike in any other Classic Modes, the opponents that are going to be faced is completely random, but the stage always match the same franchise of one of the opponents (i.e. if Bowser is faced, the battle will place on any Mario stages).

Because of the Classic Mode had more level and bring back bonus stages, the battle against Master Core/Crazy Core had been shortened as each of the formes had fewer HP than bosses in general. However, to compound this, the other Hand will try to protect the exposed core of one of the Hands.

An example is if Master Core is exposed at the end of the battle, Crazy Hand reappears and attempt to protect Master Core by attacking the player(s) until he/she/they knocked Master Core offscreen, forcing Crazy Hand to forfeit.

Like in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, up to two players can play this mode. This chart demonstrate the level order when a single player is playing this mode, and such one-on-one battle will never occurs when playing with a friend. If a Giant, Mega or Metal Battle had taken place, it will not happen again afterward except for Level 10 in 5.5 Difficulty or higher.

Two length are available while setting the Difficulty and either length is counted to any rewards involving Classic Mode; Long, which have eleven levels, three bonus levels and three boss levels, which is useful to collect a lot of rewards, or Short, which offers much less rewards but is much faster to complete Classic Mode as every characters in the game.

Long Classic Mode
Level Level-Type
One (Start) One-on-One (Two-on-Two in Two-Player mode)
Two 2-on-2 Team Battle, 3-on-3 Team Battle or 4-on-4 Team Battle, or Free-For-All from three to eight fighters.
Bonus One Target Test, Platform Board or Coin Rain
Three 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 Battle, or 2-to-8 player free-for-all.
Four Giant Battle (3-on-1), Mega Battle (5-on-1) or Metal Battle
Boss One Stage Boss, Assist Boss or Boss Fighter
Five 1-on-1, 2-on-2, 3-on-3 or 4-on-4 Battle, or 2-to-8 player free-for-all.
Six 10-Men (10-Women if the opponent is female) Battle
Bonus Two Trophy Snag, Trophy Rush or Homerun Contest
Seven 1-on-2, 2-on-3 or 3-on-4 Battle
Eight Giant Battle (2-on-1), Mega Battle (3-on-1) or Metal Battle
Boss Two Stage Boss, Assist Boss or Boss Fighter
Nine Vs. Enemy Team (Enemies that appears during Enemy Bash Match, Smash Quest and Smash Run)
Ten Dangerous Battle (Six fighers versus two Giant opponents. Difficulty from 5.5 to 9.0 will make the opponent either Giant, Metal, Great Fray Mode or rarely, Mega. Two Mega-sized opponents will only occurs in 7.5 to 9.0)
Bonus Three Race to the Finish
Eleven Fighting Custom Team (A step-up of the Fighting Mii Team; Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner, Mii Mecha, Pokemon Trainer, Custom Robo, Villager and Inkling.)
Final Boss Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand (Master Core or Crazy Core will show up after the two hands takes enough damage if the difficulty is setted from 5.5 to 9.0.)
Super Final Boss If the player had defeated Master Core/Crazy Core in Difficulty 9.0, then the Hand with the Core still unexposed will instead revive the defeated Core and both will take their true transformation; the Super Smash Hands, which is a fusion of their Hand form and their Core form.
Short Classic Mode
Level Level-Type
One (Start) One-on-One (Two-on-Two in Two-Players Mode)
Two Anything from Long Classic's Level Two to Level Four
Three Same condition as Short Classic's Level Two
Bonus or Boss Any Bonus levels as above or a Stage Boss, Assist Boss or Boss Fighter
Four Same condition as Short Classic's Level Two and Three
Five Guaranteed Giant (2-on-1), Mega (3-on-1) or Metal Battle.
Six Fighting Custom Team
Final Boss Master Hand and/or Crazy Hand (Neither Master Core or Crazy Core will appears in Short Classic.)

Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode is basically a remake of Super Smash Bros. Melee's version of Adventure Mode. While most stages had few changes, there are two additional stages that represent Wario Land (which the fight with Wario characters, even Ashley, takes in Glittertown, a stage based on the game that existed way after Melee. However, the Wario Land franchise itself did existed before Melee) and Punch-Out, as well as the additions of In-Between Fights in stages of various franchises that didn't have a dedicated level, such as helping Shulk to defeat Metal Face, who is now one of the Boss Fighters.

The final opponent will be any Nintendo Rogues, with includes all villainous characters, as well as Wario and King Dedede, as well as his/her Great Fray version if either the Difficulty is at 5.5 or higher or that the Hard Path is taken, without using a continue. (In example, if Bowser was defeated and the conditions was met, then the player(s) have to face him again as Giga Bowser.) Because of that mode being planned, certain Melee had returned like Peach's Castle.

Like Classic Mode, each players can have up to five stocks, but the only difference is that the only way to get an extra stock is to defeat the Boss Fighter, Marx except when faced in the Fatal Confrontation for the True Final Stage. With the exception of King Hippo, the Boss Fighters and fighters permanently under Great Fray will only appears in Difficulty 5.0 or higher, although for Marx himself, the Difficulty must be 6.0 or higher instead. Unlike in the orignal Adventure Mode, it is possible to quicksave after defeating one of the Boss Fighters, but only once.

The Adventure Mode was also splitted into two paths that the player can choose before entering each stage; the Easy Path, which is taking on easier fight, and Hard Path, which where you will face harder opponents and eventually, the Boss Fighters. Possibly because of extended length, the player can quick save after completing an In-Between Battle and the Fighters' Alt. Trophies are obtained as normal rewards, and completing Adventure Mode will reward a wave of ten Great Fray trophies instead of one by one, which up to 40 can be obtained if played in four players. It will go under a cycle until all Great Fray trophies are obtained, which then more will be given at random afterward.

If you managed to clear the final stage in 7.0 difficulty or higher, you will confront the final Boss Fighter, aside of Master/Crazy Fighter, in Fatal Confrontation.

In 8.0 to 9.0 Difficulty, you will have to face the same Boss Fighter as he/she is under permanent Great Fray mode, making a definite final battle of this Adventure Mode.

Stage Objective Opponent(s)
Stage 1: Mushroom Kingdom
  • Reach the flagpole.
  • Defeat the enemy team or take on Waluigi.
  • Defeat Petey with Rosalina & Luma.
  • Various Mario enemies, Yoshi Team (Part 1)
  • Vs. Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy (Part 2, Hard Path)
  • Vs. Waluigi (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Vs. Petey Pirahna (Part 3, only taken in Hard Path)
Stage 2: Kongo Jungle
  • Defeat the two tiny Diddy and Dixie Kong.
  • Defeat the Giant Donkey Kong (or Giant Cranky Kong if he was unlocked) or take on the Kremlings, and then King K. Rool.
  • Take on Bashmaster, and then Lord Fredrik.
  • Tiny Diddy Kong and Tiny Dixie Kong (Part 1)
  • Giant Donkey Kong or Giant Cranky Kong (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Kremling Enemies and King K. Rool (Part 2, Hard Path)
  • Bashmaster and Lord Fredrik (Part 3, only taken in Hard Path)
Stage 3: Underground Maze
  • Get the Triforce within 7 minutes in a large maze. You will also have to face up to five different Links shall you get one of the five Master Swords.
  • Defeat Zelda/Sheik or take on Gohma, and then Ganondorf.
  • Various Zelda enemies, five seperated Links. Sometimes, one of the Links is replaced by Toon Link or Impa. (Part 1)
  • Zelda/Sheik. (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Gohma, Ganondorf (Part 3, Hard Path)
Stage 4: Brinstar
  • Defeat Samus/Zero Suit Samus, or help her to defeat Dark Samus, and then Ridley.
  • Escape to the exit within 40 seconds before Zebes will explode!
  • Samus/Zero Suit Samus (Part 1, Easy Path)
  • Dark Samus, Ridley (Part 2, Hard Path)
Stage 5: Greens Greens
  • Defeat Kirby or King Dedede, Meta Knight and Waddle Dee.
  • Defeat fifteen Kirby with different hats.
  • Take on Giant Kirby or defeat both Magolor and Marx.
  • Kirby (Part 1, Easy Path)
  • King Dedede, Meta Knight, Waddle Dee (Part 1, Hard Path)
  • Kirby Team (Part 2)
  • Giant Kirby (Part 3, Easy Path)
  • Magolor, Marx (Part 3, Hard Path)
Stage 6: Boxing Ring
  • Defeat 10 Little Macs or take on Aran Ryan.
  • Take on King Hippo or Giga Mac.
  • 10 Little Macs (Part 1, Easy Path)
  • Aran Ryan (Part 1, Hard Path)
  • King Hippo (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Giga Mac (Part 2, Hard Path)
In-Between Battle
  • Varies
  • Varies
Stage 7: Corneria
  • Defeat the elusive Fox.
  • Take on Fox or Falco, while avoiding the Arwings at all cost or defeat a strong Wolf.
  • Fox (Part 1)
  • Fox again or Falco (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Strong Wolf (Part 2, Hard Path)
Stage 8: Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Defeat 12 team of random Pokemon characters except of Mewtwo.
  • Take on Mewtwo or Groudon or Kyogre.
  • On 6.5. difficulty, Groudon and Kyogre will reappears and will Primal Revolve into Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, respectively. They will attack each others as well as players who are on their way. The stage have been expanded does to their sheer sizes.
  • Pokemon Team (Part 1)
  • Mewtwo (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Groudon or Kyogre (Part 2, Hard Path)
  • Primal Groudon vs Primal Kyogre (vs Players, Part 3, Hard Path)
Stage 9: F-Zero Grand-Prix
  • Get to the finish line as fast as you can...while avoiding the F-Zero cars at all costs!
  • Defeat Captain Falcon or Black Shadow. Black Shadow have two stocks.
  • Captain Falcon (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Black Shadow x2 (Part 2, Hard Path)
Stage 10: Glittertown
  • Take on the two Warios, the biker one who have Wario Bike and Wario Waft, while the overall one have Dash Attack and Earthquake Punch.
  • Take on Captain Syrup or a slightly bigger Shake King.
  • If you completed Part 2 less than a minute, you will then face a stronger D.I.Y. Wario in WarioWare D.I.Y. Again stage.
  • Two Warios (Part 1)
  • Captain Syrup (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Bigger Shake King (Part 2, Hard Path)
  • Giant Wario (D.I.Y. Costume, Part 3)
Stage 11: Onett (Easy Path)/New Pork City (Hard Path)
  • Take on the 3 Nesses or 3 Lucases.
  • Take on Porky, and then the Masked Man.
  • Three Nesses (Part 1, Easy Path)
  • Three Lucases (Part 1, Hard Path)
  • Porky, Masked Man (Part 2, Hard Path)
Stage 12: Icicle Mountain (Melee)
  • Survive 51 seconds of constant scrolling.
  • Defeat two team of Ice Climbers.
  • Various Ice Climbers enemies
  • Two Ice Climbers
In-Between Battle
  • Varies
  • Varies
Stage 13: Flatzone X
  • Defeat 20 Mr. Game & Watches. The last one is a Giant Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Twenty Mr. Game & Watches
Stage 14: Battlefield
  • Defeat the Fighting Custom Team. There are twenty of them like the Mr. Game & Watches of Flatzone, but five of them are Giants.
  • Defeat Metal Mario and Metal Luigi. If you don't hurry up (in 2 minutes), Giant Metal Captain Toad will show up and the remaining Metal Bros. will retreat!
  • Or defeat a random Assist Boss, who always have one of the three Custom Orbs (Giant, Metal or Commodo).
  • Fifteen normal Fighting Custom Team memebers, five Giant Fighting Custom Team members (Part 1, either Path)
  • Metal Mario and Metal Luigi, Giant Metal Captain Toad if two minutes had passed (Part 2, Easy Path)
  • Giant/Metal/Commodo Assist Boss (Part 2, Hard Path)
Stage 15: Final Destination
  • Defeat the villainous villain or King Dedede or Wario. Which is picked is random.
  • Defeat the same villain under permanent Great Fray.
  • Random Villain Fighter (Part 1)
  • Same Villain Fighter under permanent Great Fray (Part 2, only if Hard Paths are picked or difficulty is at 5.5 or higher)
Stage 16: Fatal Confrontation
  • Defeat one of the Boss Fighters.
  • Defeat the same Boss Fighters again, this time this one is under his/her permanent Great Fray.
  • Boss Fighter (Part 1)
  • Boss Fighter under permanent Great Fray (Part 2)

Master Orders

This mode play the same from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although with multiple additions such as the Final Battles from Smash Run such as Vs. Boss, as well as Bonus Stages and the new conditions introduced in this game. The only major difference is that you will be forced to face Master Hand and Crazy Hand shall you successfully completed ten tickets, and Master Hand will become Master Core if one of your completed tickets have at least one Very Hard mission.

The battle takes as long as the boss battle from the same previous game, although with Crazy Hand's last resort support when Master Core is fully exposed, just like in Classic Mode of this game.

Crazy Orders

Just like Master Orders, Crazy Orders play the same as from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, although there are also additions such as Mega Battle, which offers more rewards than both Giant and Metal Battles, and Customized characters. If you reached the 20th Round or over and face Crazy Hand, the two Smash Hands will fight as usual but Crazy Hand will becomes Crazy Core, and takes almost as long as the Master Core battle from Masters Order, and Master Hand will protect Crazy Core at all cost shall the latter one is fully exposed..

Versus Orders

It combines both Special Orders into one and can be played with up to four players. It can be played for between 5 to 100 turns, and the last turn is always a battle against Master Hand and Crazy Hand. If it ended in the 20th turn or higher, one of the Hands will use his Core in their respective stage once one of them had enough damage.

The difference is that shall everyone loses (in Vs. Boss for example), the half of the rewards will lose. During Streaming Mode (playing with players that don't have the game itself), only the hosting player can get rewarded (except for the guests who do have a save file if they played the game before). The players also must complete all of the settled turns, otherwise they will leave with little to no rewards.

All-Star Mode

The game mode play the same like in Melee; the players (up to four players like in Adventure Mode) will take on array of various characters without losing all of their lives (up to five each). Unlike recent Smash Bros. games, the player can continue but will lose points and Coins.

Instead of facing them in chronological order or the inverse, the opponents will be grouped in six with what they have in common (called Theme), plus some wild cards, and you will only need to face six of them at a time, although the amount of opponents at a time will adjust to match the number of players (like if there are three players, three opponents will appear at a time). There will be six per round with the exception of the last round, and around ten rounds, which means you would not face all playable characters. The Custom Fighters will always be in the last round, and this time you will face the ten (as Raichu, Hawlucha and Swampert are counted as seperated characters) instead of the usual six.

In Normal or Hard, the last opponent of the last round will always be Inkling, and when defeated, she/he will quickly get back and transform into Tera Inkling, causing the other opponents to retreat. The Tera Inkling have the same durability as in the normal gameplay in multiplayer Smash, and it served as a surprise for those who will find this All-Star Mode too easy.

Adventure Mode 2: Smash Strikers

Added from the True Adventure Mode Update in March 11, 2023, it will take place on a modified version of Smash Wars (see below), and unlike Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary, it will does take place on multiple franchises fusioned together. Another difference is that any characters unlocked so far will also be played as the first character (or up to four if it start in up to four players), while the rest of the characters can be recruited like in Smash Quest.

The antagonist is unknown at the moment, but revealed that it is not a villain specifically created for this mode. Stage Bosses can now freely roam as of this update, although some had made changes to work differently outside of their stage, such as Mega Baby Bowser when he is fought outside of Bowser's Woolly Castle.

The antagonist army is called the Utopia Conqueror, which are conqueror of multiple words, and their leader brainwash heroes and villains alike. This means that while some villains doesn't care much even if they would be next, most who aren't brainwashed yet will not waste any time to help the player upon recruitment.

The stages had included multiple elements and structures from various franchises, and there is more chance to recruit characters that matches the included franchise than any other stages that does not include the franchise. For instance, Mario is more likely to be found on stages with Super Mario structures than stages that don't have those structures.

The stage order and the structure of the stages are randomized, as well as enemy placements. Because of that, no characters are likely to do a perfect run for any first time run.

Because of the randomization of the stages and the enemy placement, the story is not the main focus, as the gameplay mostly matters like typical platforming games. That being said, the enemy characters such as Fighters and Bosses will have banters at each end of the level, one for each available characters.

Which bosses and enemies that would be more likely appear in which stages are depended on the respective franchise the stage is based on, but is otherwise also randomized. If a stage is Super Mario based, then the boss(es) would be Petey Piranha, Boom-Boom or Pom-Pom, but it is also possible, but not as likely, that another boss from another franchise would appear.

Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Smash Strikers

Games and Others

This main mode is where the renewed Smash Run, Smash Quest, Stadium and Stage Builder are at, as well as the Vault which contains Smash Shop, Trophies, Snapshots, Replays, Sound Test and Options.

Smash Run

Smash Run returns with renewed mechanics to make it more fun to play and much less difficult for many players, as well as more varieties such as more Final Battles, adjustable settings just like it's inspired mode from Kirby Air Ride, City Trail, and more stages (the latter mentioned mode being the last stage).

The Smash Run is now compatible for from two to eight players, and Team Battle is also available for the mode itself (although only if the number of players is paired).

It have many differences as demonstrated in the table below, and as the director Samtendo stated, it is to make the mode more fun, more varied and much less frustrating. The stages used only in Smash Run are found on the page with regular stages.

Old Smash Run New Smash Run
There is only one stage, and this stage does not randomize. There are eight stages for Smash Run. The Smash Run World will have randomly generated paths and hazards.
There is only one stage as stated above. The following stages are Classic Smash Run, Coin Rush, Dungeon Explore, Gym Palace, Castle Siege, Government City, Race City and City Trial.
The Enemies had varied strength, some of which are very dangerous for even the most skilled players. Most Enemies are weak and have little to no knockback and all of them can't even flinch the players, and stronger one will side with the player once it is hit twice or thrice, somewhat similar of how Pokemon will follow you if you capture them with a Poke Ball or the Helpers from the Kirby series.
There are always four players, and when there are less than four, computer players will take place. It's always Free-For-All in the Smash Run itself (excluding some Final Battles). Like a regular Smash match, the Smash Run can be played with between two to eight players. It can be even settled into Team Battle, but only if there is an even amount of players.
The Final Battle is completely random and is not entirely told until reached, as it cannot be settled. It is now possible for the players to vote one of the three Final Battles, and the Final Battle with the most votes will be selected. The CPU cannot vote so if there is only player one, that player will entirely decide what Final Battle would it be. Which Final Battles would appears can also be settled just like in Air Ride's Trial City mode.
The players cannot interact between them other than specific Powers, until certain Final Battles. It is now possible for players to actually fight each others in Smash Run. Hitting and defeating a fighter will not drop their stats but instead increase each others' random stat by 5 to 50, depended on weak or powerful moves.
The computer players cannot have their difficulty setted, thus making them easier for skilled players. Just like in Smash Modes, their difficulty can be ranged from 1 to 9.
Actual bosses do not appears in Smash Run, other than overwhelmingly powerful enemies. Assist Bosses and Boss Fighters can appear in Smash Run at any time, and it rewards immense amount of Stat Boost.
The time limit is only settled to five minutes, and the Events frequency is medium. The time limit can be settled for up to 99 minutes (the longer, the more rewards at the end) and the Event frequency can be adjusted from None, Low, Medium, High and Constant (one after another).
The fighters uses the percentage like in regular Smash and will be defeated if they were launched from their own screen. The fighters will instead use HP (can be settled for up to 999 HP for all fighters) and will only be defeated if it runs out of HP. If a fighter falls, it will take some damage but will reappears to the nearby spot, like regular gameplay in HP Mode.
The players can only keep rewards found in treasures and when defeating enemies. The players can also have much more treasures when completing some Events and also produces more when knocking out stronger foes.
The treasures take a design from Kid Icarus: Uprising. The Mimicuties are used to trick the players and are considered as frustrating to fight with. The treasures instead take design from respective series, and in the Smash Run World stage, it take the design from Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary. As of the Mimicuties, they become noticeably much weaker and still offers big rewards.
Items will only drop in specific places, enemies and treasures. Items can now spawns at anywhere, as well as recovery items being more frequent does to the HP system used instead of the % system.
The Final Battles lasts only one minute, with the exception of Stamina Smash. The minutes can be settled between one to ninety-nine, just like in a regular Smash mode.
The penalty of getting knocked out is losing a big to huge amount of Stat Boosts. The penalty is even less severe, losing only from 20 to 100 in all, but you will still waste precious seconds.
The series to have the most different kind of enemies is Kid Icarus, which is considered as disproportionate for certain players, and most of them are either difficult or annoying to deal with. The series that have the most enemies are tied of Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and Pokemon, with 16 each. As of Kid Icarus, nearly half of the enemies are cut, including the dreaded Orne, making a total of only nine.
Smash Run is not compatible for online play. Smash Run is compatible for online play, although unlike Regular Online Smash, there is no such For Fun or For Glory in there. Anyone quitting will have his/her character controlled by the computer for the rest of the match.
The amount of rewards is restricted for each players, since each players uses their 3DS handheld consoles. The amount of rewards for the Evo-Gem (console version) depends of how many Handheld Tablet version users have. Because of the nature of Smash Run, only controllers with seperated screen can be used (it is possible to connect the Handheld Tablet with a Gamecube Controller Adapter).
Master Hand and Crazy Hand does not appears in the old Smash Run. They occasionally appears during certain Events, and while Master Hand throw out bigger stats, Crazy Hand give an instant Great Fray boost for the player with the least stat boosts.
The old Smash Run stage had some tight paths. None of the Smash Run stages had tight paths except for some secret paths as well as larger platformings, in order to let Assist Bosses, Boss Figthers and certain Great Fray fighters to run through paths without problems.

There are also additional Final Battles, as well as old one returning. All challenges designated in the description as a "Smash" will randomly assigned on Free-For-All match, or a Team Battle (4, 6 and 8-players only), which in four players makes two-on-two, six players make three-on-three or three teams of two, or eight players makes four-on-four or four teams of two.

All players of the winning team will be considered as the victor. All matches are either Timed or Stocked (default amount is two) and in case of Timed, lasts five minutes (can be settled, and Sudden Death included if a tie had occured) unless otherwise specified.

Only Vs. Boss and its final bosses variation do not have Timed matches and have automatically two stocks for each players, excluding the "9th player" Boss Fighter.

Match Type Description
300% Smash All fighters starts and respawn with 300% for the whole match, just like Super Sudden Death.
Climb! A free-for-all match, where the goal is to climb up one of the three vertical stages. Smart Bombs and Danger Zones will hinder the race.
Double Smash All fighters starts and respawn under the effect of Double Cherry for the whole match.
High-Launch Smash A match with an increased launch ratio.
Explosive Smash A match where only explosive Items spawn.
Flower Smash A match where everyone have a Flower condition for the entire match.
Funny Smash A match where Item frequency is Very High but the powerful items (i.e. Hammer) will never appears.
Giant Smash A match where every fighters have a Super Mushroom buff.
Glorious Smash A match on an Omega Form stage with no items, just like in For Glory.
Mega Smash A match where all combatants have a Mega Mushroom buff.
Metal Smash A match where every fighters have a Metal Box buff.
Mini Smash A match where all combatants have a Mini Mushroom debuff.
Mr. Saturn Smash A match where only Mr. Saturn appears as Items.
Multi-Man Smash On Battlefied, the players will independently vies to defeat as many opponents as possible under rules similar of Multi-Man Fray, within one minute limit. Along with the Custom-type Fighters, Giant, Metal and rarely, Mega versions of an opponent fighter another player is using can appear.
Mushroom Smash A match where only Super Mushrooms, Poison Mushrooms, Mini Mushrooms and Mega Mushrooms will appears.
Reflect Smash A match where all combatants are permanently wearing the Franklin Badges.
Run! A free-for-all match, where all players must reach the finish line at the end of one of the three horizontally scrolling stages, similar to Race to the Finish. Speed-based power-ups such as the Bunny Hood, Superspicy Curry and a temporary Speed stat boost will spawn occasionally and there are multiple Danger Zones. In a match longer than two minutes, shall no one hurry up, a rapid and superstrong giant Boom-Boom, immune to the Danger Zones, will appear in order to speed things up!
Stamina Match A match where all combatants uses health instead of damage percentage, with 200 HP for each of them. There is no time limit and each have only one stock.
Vs. Boss The fighters will either fight each others (teammates notwithstanding in team battle) or the Stage, Assist Boss or Boss Fighter. In a match beyond six, the Boss is buffed up.
Vs. Enemy Team

Each player will take on the Enemy Team, either seperately or in the same stage (the latter only possible in the console version) will defeat as many Smash Run enemies as possible, within the selected time settled in Rules. Variants include;

  • Mario enemies on Bowser's Castle (Omega)
  • The Legend of Zelda enemies on Lost Forest (Omega)
  • Pokemon enemies on Ironeo Battle Tower (Omega)
  • Kirby enemies on The Great Cave Offensive (Omega)
  • Randomized order of random enemies on Battlefield
Wrap Star Smash Only the Wrap Star item will appears on a match, and only the Final Destination or Omega variation of the stage will be selected.
King of the Hall Smash A match settled in King of the Hall gamemode. The player/team who stands on the brighted stage part for the longest time wins.
Shine Strife A match with Shine Sprites. The player/team who collected the most Shine Sprites after the time runs out will win the match.
Tag! A game of tag with only contact attack will deliver the IT status. The player who had the IT status after the time runs out will lose the match, while the rest of the players wins.
Juggernaut A special one-stock match where one player will have a permanent Great Fray while the others players have to defeat it. In a match with six or more players, the Great Fray fighter will have enemies for his/her support.
High Stage Speed Smash The speed of the stage will be even faster, making it more dangerous for the players.
WarioWare Smash A special match where you will have to complete as many microgames as possible in the WarioWare D.I.Y. stage.
Party Smash A match where Fans and Party Balls are more frequent.
Assist Wars A match where only assisting Pokémon and Assist Trophies can damage the players, as none of the players' attacks will works.
Randomized Smash A randomized match that works the same as in Random Smash, with the characters changed, but the players will keep their respective Stat Boosts.
Crazy Smash Like the above, but a random status is given to the next fighter at every time, and enemies starts to spawns right at the beginning of the match.
Stage Contrary Smash The stage's hazards are instead helpful to all fighters except the Stage Bosses.
Vs. Giant Smash A special one-Stock Match between three Normal and one Giant. If there is six or seven players, one will be Mega Sized, and if there is eight players, two of them will be Mega Sized. The difference between Vs. Giant and Juggernaut is that the former had no supports, and the Giant can perform a Great Fray.
Inversed Stats Smash The characters had their increased stats into halved value of the inversed stats. In example, a +650 on Arm will become -325.
Stat Stealer Smash Every hit, a random Stat gained on one fighter will be stolen by the attacker.
Splitting Team Smash Work like regular Team Smash, but upon a defeated team, the remaining combattant will fight each others.
Vs. Master Hand & Crazy Hand The fighters will team up and take on Master Hand and Crazy Hand on either Final Destination or Fatal Confrontation. Unlike the other battles where they were fought, they can also summon Smash Run enemies and this happens more frequently the more players are on this match. Occasionally, they becomes Super Smash Hands when taken enough damages.
Vs. Master Core/Crazy Core This match is similar of Vs. Master Hand & Crazy Hand, but instead the players face Master Core or Crazy Core, and is as long as it was in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U.
Vs. Marx/Marx Soul Just like Vs. Master Hand & Crazy Hand, the players will face a Giant Marx, one of the Boss Fighters and the unlockable one aside of Master/Crazy Fighter. Marx will instead become Marx Soul, his Great Fray mode, when the number of players is beyond six...and he is still Giant.

Unlike the other Final Battles, Vs. Marx (Soul) will be exclusive to the City Trial stage, and is the only Final Battle as such until Marx (Soul) is defeated for the first time, no matter if a player or a CPU had knocked him out.
Once he got defeated, he is unlocked as a Boss Fighter and can be confronted in other game modes, as well as fightable in any other stages and treated as a regular boss in Vs. Boss.

Smash Quest

Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Smash Quest Mode


In this mode, the player can play any of the minigames below. Each of them are either a bonus game, a quick challenge or a special challenge. Up to four players can play in Multi-Man Fray, Boss Burst and WarioWare Endurence, while the rest have up to eight players to take their turn.

Mode Description
Target Test There are twenty different Target Test levels, each of them incresingly more difficult than one after one. The goal is to break all of the ten targets before time runs out. Each set levels of four also have color-coded sizes; blue are the largest, cyan the second largest, green the middle-sized, yellow the second smallest and red the smallest.
Target Blast! A variation of Target Test. The player have to destroy as many props and targets as possible by launching a timed bomb that explode after ten seconds. The countdown will only start if it got touched by anything or if the player waits twenty seconds. There are two tries, and the second bomb is much bigger and thus more powerful.
Platform Boarding There are twenty different Platform Boarding levels, and there is big platform and a smaller one. Unlike the Target Test, the player have to land on each of those platforms, but some of them are tricky to get on, so certain characters will have advantages while others will have troubles.
Home-Run Contest This is a simplier game; the player have to damage and launch the Sandbag as much as possible. The best way to launch it is to use the Home-Run Bat that is available on the board. Some characters have their Special Moves tweaked in order to either help it or to avoid it from being able to hit harder than the Home-Run Bat is able to or to "kill" the Sandbag, such as Kirby, King Dedede and Wario unable to eat the Sandbag.
Multi-Man Fray

The goal varies between the different ruleset but all of them contain the Fighting Custom Team (the step-up of the Fighting Mii Team that now include not only the Mii Mechas, but also the Pokémon Trianer's Raichu, Hawlucha and Swampert, and also Custom Robos, Villagers and Inklings) and are weak except in the last two ruleset.

  • 10-Men: The easiest one; you fight ten opponents. The last one is a Giant Fighting Custom, though.
  • 100-Men: The 10-Men Fray times ten. You fight 100 opponents, and they get progressively harder as you get closer to the end. The 50th opponent is a Giant version of a random character (including a full-version of a Custom Fighter) and the 100th is the Mega version of the character.
  • 3-Minute: Defeat as many Fighting Customs as possible within three minutes. Giant, Metal, Mega and even Great Fray versions of Fighters will appears every twenty foes defeated.
  • Rival: Defeat more opponents than your "clone" rival does. This is now possible with two-player mode, but no more.
  • Rivalry Free-for-All: Same as rival but is instead a four-player and the players will have five minutes to get the most K.O. and will lost five points when knocked out. Variations such as Giant and Mega do appears at every 30 Fighting Customs are knocked out.
  • Endless: Defeat as much opponents as possible until you (all) get launched off-screen. There is no time limit and no enemy limits. Variations mentioned also appears at any time.
  • Super Endless: Face off the Great Fray (but still weak) version of the Fighting Customs. Same things but Boss Fighters may also occasionally appears.
  • Cruel: Like Endless Mode but the opponents are more stronger, more resistant and more aggressive. The players seems to have a higher launch vulnerability because of that. The record is the most K.O. possible, but this is difficult to do so.
  • Impossibly Cruel!: The extreme version of Cruel; all opponents are Mega, and one of them is always a Great Fray Boss Fighter. Unlike Cruel, the record is the longest time instead of a K.O., but actually launching an opponent off-screen actually fully heal the players.
Race to the Finish Similar to the Run Final Battle from Smash Run but can be played solo with no Danger Zones, as the goal is to get there as fast as possible. Like in the original Race to the Finish from the original Super Smash Bros., there are Fighting Customs wondering around, ready to slow down the player but are as weak as in the Multi-Man Fray.

Boss Burst

Returning from Boss Battle of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This time, up to four players have to take on from ten to twenty bosses, and the one who scores the most points wins. For the solo player, it is simply to get the high score. There is also a surprise final boss called Ancient Master Hand who fight the same as the Master Hand form Super Smash Bros. 64 and Ancient Crazy Hand, the true final boss.

Unlocked once you completed Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Stars Mode and all of the Smash Run stages, regardless of the difficulty.

WarioWare Endurence

An endurence minigame where you have to clear as many microgames as possible while getting the Fighting Customs out of your way in WarioWare D.I.Y. stage. You have four chances, and missing a microgame will make you lose a chance. Missed them all and it is game over. The last player standing will win the game. It can be played alone to get through as many microgames as possible.

Unlocked once you completed all of the Stadium games, with only any of the rulesets of Multi-Man Fray required and excluding Boss Burst, as Wario.

Stage Builder



During the preview, Samtendo09 had confirmed that all veterans will returns, although some would be demoted into an alternative costume. All fighters are placed in the order is in order of confirmation. All of the veterans will be default characters. The Mii Fighters are now part of the new type of fighters which will be "Custom Fighters" which can have different costumes and other aestethic, and there are 8 type of Custom Fighters. It is confirmed that the game will have over ninety characters, which twelve of them need to be unlocked first.


Image Description Great Fray


Who could have a Super Smash Bros. without our beloved iconic plumber? Mario is a jack-of-all-trade plumber, and seems easy-to-use for beginners. His arsenals are based on multiple techniques and power-ups during his history of adventures. The real question is; would he stop saving the princess Peach or put Bowser at the furthest distance, soon or later?

Gold Mario

His Great Fray is about Mario becomes gold by using a Gold Flower and his strength, weight and Special Moves are greatly enhanced. He can also makes coins everytime he hit someone, but sadly, this is purely aesthetic.

100px-HW Link
A speechless, yet courageous and good-looking warrior of Hyrule, who faced Ganon and his humanoid form, Ganondorf, as well as various dark forces during his...generations. His Master Sword is certainly his signature, but he also uses other weapons and arsenals from The Legend of Zelda games. His speed and Special Moves are much better than before.

Fierce Deity Link

Link wears the Fierce Deity Mask, becoming Fierce Deity Link. His abilities, such as his speed, are increased, and his Special Moves are much more damaging.


Isn't that cute little electric rodant from the worldwide known franchise? Yes, and that's Pikachu. His attacks are based on what Pikachu can learn, but his speed and his aerial attacks seems to be much better. He is one of the lightweight though, so a powerful attack can be dangerous for this fellow.

Pikachu Libre

Pikachu electricity intensifies like in Pokken, but also wears a costume of Pikachu Libre. His agility and power are greatly increased, and his down-throw becomes Flying Press, which is much more powerful.

KTD Kirby artwork-1-
The hero of Dreamland should not be underestimated this time. His attacks are mostly based on his Copy Abilities during his adventures. His attacks and his Inhale (Star Spit) are much better and much faster in this game. If you think you could laugh at Kirby and run away without a scratch, think again this time.

Robobot Armor Kirby

Kirby summons a Robobot Armor, then hop on it to take control on this mecha. Kirby's attacks are way more powerful and he is much more resistant. The extra weight makes him fall faster though...

The King of the Koopa Troops, the biggest evil brute of the Mushroom Kingdom (sometimes even literally), the constant kidnapper of the Princess can know anything else about him. His attacks can be punishing and suffering, and now he gains Combo-Stopper and his attacks goes quite faster! What a beastly brute!

Giga Bowser

Bowser's most terrifying and beastly transformation who debuted in Super Smash Bros. Melee. His attacks becomes more powerful and have an element on almost each of them. His shield never brokes, too! Talk about a real Kaijin!

HWL Ganondorf Trident
The weilder of the Triforce of Power, the king of darkness, the one who want to conquer Hyrule with varied motivation, and the humanoid form of the Demon King, Ganon himself. If anyone can easily rivalize Bowser, that's him. His sheer power and mighty Special Moves should not be a joke at all, and one hit from his Warlock Punch can be fatal! Ouch!


Who else he could be? King of the demons, and a clever one to manipulate and betray his "victims", Ganon is considered the true form of Ganondorf. Needless to say more, his power is excruciatingly monsterous. Don't fool around when Ganon is here, or else you will be doomed!

The most powerful (or at least one of the most powerful) Pokemon of the universe. It is created fron Mew's DNA, but the experience has goes awry and becomes the most savagous Pokemon, only thinking of fighting. It seems that Smash is the right place for this Legendary Pokemon, and Mewtwo is no joke this time...

Mega Mewtwo X

Mewtwo performs a Mega Evolution into Mega Mewtwo X. His physical attacks becomes really powerful, and his standard, strong and Smash attacks becomes all physical. If it starts to punch, this only means bad news...don't you ever fight this great legend without thinking!

King Dedede
Kirby's most recurring rival, who goes as a real enemy into a frienemy, then into a vitrolic best friend...or best frenemy. He can clubber his foes with his hammer, but he got more tricks than before, not just punting a Gordo at you. And even, he can now deflect projectiles with his Jet Hammer...wait, how? Never mind, this so-called king can be really nasty at time...

Masked Dedede

The masked King Dedede, with his now electronical hammer and faster-pace. His dash attack can be maintained but if held too long, he will get dizzy. His Special Attacks becomes much more powerful and less counterable too.

Donkey Kong
The stubborn gorilla of Donkey Kong Island. This powerhouse Kong is actually a legacy character from the original Donkey Kong, who becomes the Cranky Kong we all knows. His agility and his strength together can make Donkey Kong into a dangerous fighter, and some of his Special Moves got stronger, too.

Going Banana!

Donkey Kong becomes faster and stronger while more durable, and his throwing skills on items becomes far better. Not only that, his Special Moves cannot be stopped at all, which means trying to interrupt his Giant Punch is a very bad idea...

Samus smash wii u png
The galactic bounty hunter from the Metroid series. She confronted all sort of scary and dangerous foes like his nemesis Ridley, the Metroids, and the Mother Brain. Her arm cannon is her main weapon, but she also have other arsenals like the famous Screw Attack.

She can now turn into Zero Suit Samus by holding a Taunt.

Omega Suit

All of her Power Suits combined. She gain a special armor which makes her flinchless from weak attacks, and her Arm Cannon becomes much more performant and powerful. The extra weight make her to fall faster, though.

Zero Suit Samus
Samus without her Power Suit. Although she is less durable and her weapon is less powerful than with the Power Suit, she is more agile and trickier. Zero Suit Samus can perform athletic skills to avoid powerful attacks and to outmanuver her foes.

She can recover her Power Suit by holding any Taunt.

Infinite Suit

Zero Suit Samus is able to makes one extra midair jump and her Paralyzer can deal more damage. Her Special Moves are also deadlier, as a fully charge Paralyzer is almost as powerful as a fully charged shot from the normal Power Suit Samus.

Full name is Fox McCloud, leader of the Star Fox, a team of galactic mercernaries who pilots the Airwings and other vehicles to stop various threats, including the mastermind, Andross. He is an over-the-top skilled pilot, but he is also an excellent on-foot combattant. His do deeply cares for his teammates, including the other ace, Falco.

Fox Instinct

His agility and attack rapidity will matches from Melee, but his speed and his jumping distance had greatly increased, and this allows Fox to deliver an infernal combo. This is as if the Star Fox characters aren't animal enough!

One Mario's best and loyal friend, Yoshi had partnered Mario for the first time in Super Mario World in gaming chronical order, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in the Mario Timeline. This cute, fruit-loving yet almost-extreme omnivorous dinosaur is more versiatile, and his Specials are much better, despite that Yoshi himself seems to be good already in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U!

Super Dragon Yoshi

Yoshi gains wings, which allows him to do unlimited jumps, and have greatly increased endurence and power. His standard attack is instand a fire breath, which can rapidly increase your % if you don't watch out!

King K. Rool
Donkey Kong's first and eventually longest nemesis like Bowser being Mario's nemesis. He is the leader of the Kremlings, with a sometimes goofy attitude, sometimes being dead sinister. He is so good at playing dead, you would even think that he is actually dead! His attacks are based of multiple attacks of Kremlings and his own from Donkey Kong Country 1, 3 and 64. But what about Donkey Kong Country 2...!!

Kaptain K. Rool

That's the same King K. Rool in Donkey Kong Country 2...except that he is a pirate captain. His standard attacks are replaced by the various shots from his barrelgun, and his dash becomes damaging for the opponents! Everything else are boosted slightly, but still, that's what you should expect from the King of Krocs.


It's-a-me, Wario! Of course you are reading this, because you better know who I am! I am a big and strong rival of Mario since my debut, and I am so cool that I have not one, but two sideseries of my own, Wario Land and WarioWare Inc.! But hey, is my nostelgia missing you? Do not worry, I 'bring back many of my nostalgic, awesome moves, including my awesome Dash Attack, for this Smash your face!! Wa ha ha!


Ta-da-da-daaa! Wario-Man, that's-a-me! I am faster than a racing car, stronger than an elephant, and able to attack like I am on fire, even in the air! And of course, my Special Moves are even more better, like my Wario Waft charging faster and stronger, or my Alternative Down-B, Earthquake Punch, to charge faster and leaves a mighty tremor! One thing is, if you are not controlling me, run!

Wolf render smash wii u 3ds style by machriderz-d8nym1k
Wolf O' Donnell is the leader of the Star Wolf mercernaries team hired by Andross, and is the proper reoccuring enemy team of Star Fox. Wolf himself is no joke; he is maybe slower, but he is stronger and have new attacks instand of using the same move of Fox or Falco. And remember; he will be the one who take Fox McCloud down!

Wild Wolf Instinct

Wolf becomes even more savageous, and his overall performance had greatly increased. His Smash Attacks will cause doubled damage, and his Special Moves will have high knockback, even his own Blaster. He's also much more wolf-like, making him a scarier opponent...

Dark Samus Smash Bros
Dark Samus
Phazon Control
Captain Toad
What!? That was unexpected! Actually...many people want him to be in Smash after his adventures proves that he is no pushover and makes the Toads, and Toadette, much more popular. With his explorer equipments, turnips, cartwheel and other things brung from his adventure, that Toad will be ready for the amazing adventure-- I mean courageous Smash! If he is bold enough to hold in himself against the likes of Bowser and Ganondorf that is...

Mega Captain Toad

Whoa! He becomes enourmous! But unlike a normal Mega-Sized fighter, Captain Toad was not slown down and his falling speed wasn't even increased, and his Special Moves can also produces powerful impacts. He also becomes completely flinchless by using his Cart attack! Imagine Wingo seeing him big...

Mario's cowardly brother, who actually is able to do almost as good as Mario if he is not around. He jump higher, but his speed and traction is any less good, and his Special Moves can be a big surprise when not being watched. His Super Jump Punch can be powerful when used right, so he is not a weaker brother!

Penguin Luigi

Isn't it silly? But apparently, the Great Fray energy seems to powered-up the Penguin Suit. His Fireballs are now a mix of ice and flame, which can freeze it's opponent, and he can press down quickly for a sliding attack which can damage the opponents. He jumps higher, he is a bit quicker, and his Special Moves are much more trickier!

Diddy Kong
Donkey Kong's best friend (sometimes believed to be his nephew), who uses his tail and agility for a lot of tricks. This trickster was his usually main partner, but he starred once in Donkey Kong 2: Diddy's Kong Quest with Dixie Kong, and there is no easy way to catch that monkey, especially with his banana peel!

Going Banana!

Like Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong becomes more aggressive and more agile, and his agility is much more enchanced. His Special Moves are also more aggressive, like he summon up to three banana peels, make his Rocketjet Barrel to charges much faster and fires his Peanut Popgun like crazy! Watch out for that crazy Kong!


Fox's good friend and second-in-command of the Star Fox team. He shows his cool and cocky personality and have a dislike of authority, and leaves and rejoin, preferably in the last minute in case of the latter one, but he is still one of the most skilled pilots and cares for his friends. He don't run faster than Fox but he can jump higher, which allows him to perform great air combo.

Falco's Air Nature

Falco did prefered the air, and he is not kidding with his Great Fray mode. His jumping and aerial attacks are even more performant, and his Special Moves are much more exceptional, including his Regular Up-B. If he ever catches you in the air with his attacks, you know you would like to think again next time!

Peach ssbc
Blossom Peach
Bowser Jr Smash Bros
Bowser Jr.
Koopa Clown Car
200px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Dixie Kong
Kong-Pow Time
Rosalina yendo alt
Rosalina & Luma
Galaxy Mistress
Waluigi sotchi 2014 by banjo2015-d99snkc
Wild Waluigi
Daisy Striker SSBB
Flaming Daisy
Switches to Shiek when pressing Down Taunt twice. Triforce of Wisdom
271px-HW Sheik-1-
Switches to Zelda when pressing Down Taunt twice. Triforce of Wisdom
HWL Toon Link 2
Toon Link
Triforce of Courage
Super Wigglytuff
Mega Charizard Y
Sceptile and Ivysaur (SSBGF)
Sceptile & Ivysaur
Mega Sceptile
Greninja and Squirtle (SSBGF)
Greninja & Squirtle
Ninja Spirit
Mega Lucario
PTWC Tyranitar
Mega Tyranitar
Z-Energy Outburst
Primal Upgrade
Meta Knight SSB4
Meta Knight
Galaxia Wrath
Bandanna Dee
Captain falcon union
Captain Falcon
Falcon Justice
Pit union
Three Sacred Treasures
True Light Goddess
Dark Pit SSB4
Dark Pit
Isn't that so-called dark version of Pit who hate to be called "Pitoo"? While once the adored counterpart, his welcomes is rather a fiasco for being almost the same fighter as Pit...wait, did Dark Pit is using different weapons and arsenal unlike Pit? And his style is more aggressive but more reckless!? Now that is what we did not expected to see! Dangerous Grudge
Viridi Icon SSB
Drenched Nature
Ness smash wii u
PK Boost
PK Desperation
Masked Man SSB
Masked Man
PK Corruption
Marth yendo alts
Sword Master
480px-Ike SSB4
No Sympathy from Ike
No, this is not the Roy Koopa we talk about this time! Blazing Sword


Robin Female SSB4

Wizard/Sorceress Wrath

SSB4 Corrin

SSB4 Corrin Female

Noble Dragon
480px-Little Mac SSB4
Little Mac
Giga Mac
Ice Climbers-0
Ice Climbers
Ice Champions
Ultra Monado
Spring Man
Champions' Arms
480px-Rob SSB4 Render
Complete R.O.B.
Mr. Game & Watch
Multi-Game & Watch
Wii Fit Trainer Smash Bros
Wii Fit Trainer
Fitness Power
Duck Hunt Duo SSBV
Duck Hunt
Evasive Duck Hunt
Army of Pikmin
Little Witch's Wrath
Captain Syrup Smash Bros
Captain Syrup
Shiny Syrup
Wonder Red
Wonder Red
The Wonderful 101
Hyper Unten
Dragon Armor Pesh
Naughty Machine
King Kube KiloBot
King Kube KiloBot
Kingly Knight
Shadow Aingeru
Altair Drake
Mega Man Smash5
Mega Man
Super Adapter
Solid snake
Weapon Arsenal

Pac-Man SSB4 7777777

Sonic SSB4
Sonic Speed!
Smashified style bomberman render of 4 4 by nibroc rock-d95pvn5
Golden Bomberman
Evil Ryu
SSB4 Cloud
Level Up!
SSB4 Bayonetta
Umbra Wrath


Aside of the mentioned unlock methods, you can also individually unlock them without fighting them for 5000 Smash Coins in the Smash Shop. Online Smash now count toward the total battles made.

Image Description Great Fray
Cranky Kong
You can fight and unlock me once you fought on normal Smash fight about 100 times, or complete Classic Mode at 6,0 difficulty as my good-at-nothin' grandson Donkey Kong! Of course, I bet you wouldn't beat me so easily, so buying me is a cheap but guaranteed solution! Grumpy Old Nostalgia
Shake King
Shake King
Defeat him upon playing 125 Smash matches, or clearing Adventure Mode as either Wario or Captain Syrup. Shaking Rampage
TPHD Midna Artwork
Defeat her after 75 Smash matches, or clearing Event 30: Foolish Darkness. True Midna
Impa Smash Bros
Unlocked after 150 Smash matches, or defeat 30 Enemies in one match in Smash Run as Link or Zelda, then defeat her. Impa's Rage
Defeat him after completing Classic Mode in 7,0 difficulty, or collect 20 different Trophies of Pokemon then complete a normal Smash match. Genesect Overdrive
Defeat him once you completed 150 Smash battles, or complete All-Stars mode as Kirby. Magolor Soul
418px-GX Black Shadow
Black Shadow
Defeat him once you complete a Smash Run in Dungeon as either Captain Falcon or Ganondorf, or complete Event 40: Racing to Doom. Ruthless Rampage
Aran Ryan
Defeat him once you complete Classic Mode in any difficulty or had made 20 Smash matches. Super Cheater
Defeat him after completing Classic Mode as Samus, or by collecting all of the Prime Hunters' trophies, including Sylux's and excluding Spire's. Erupting Rage
Isaac yendo alts
Defeat him once you unlocked all of the above and complete a Smash Quest game, or by completing Adventure Mode with the Secret Boss (Boss Fighter) meet and defeated. Psylock
Shantae smashified transparent by hextupleyoodot-d8xf3xa
Defeat her after completing a 100-Man Smash once, or completing Classic Mode as any third-party character. True Genie
Shovel KnightSSBV
Shovel Knight
Defeat him after completing 3-Minute Multi-Man Fray, or completing Adventure Mode as any third-party character. Golden Armor

Palette Swap Characters

Unlike regular alternative costumes, the Palette Swap Characters may act as such but may have a different voice and tend to be knowledged by the announcer and the crowd as a different character.

Custom Fighters

Unlike in Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, each type of Custom Fighter have now their own default model and can hold up to 16 different colors and looks, which makes them legal for With Anyone, being available in Smash Quest and can be used by CPU in the same mode as well as in Classic, Adventure and All-Star Modes, where which Pokemon used by the Pokemon Trainer will be decided at random.

Image Description Great Fray
Mii Brawler SSB4
Mii Brawler
One type of the Mii Fighters. The Mii Brawler specialize on close combat and is the fastest of the group. High strength and agility is encouraged to make the Mii Brawler an effective fighter.

Brawler Master/Mistress

The Mii Brawler becomes more agile and stronger, and his/her Speical Moves are upgraded. This allows the player to come up with powerful combos, although its resistance wasn't increased, so don't get hit by a Counter.

Mii Swordfighter SSB4
Mii Swordfighter
The second kind of the Mii Fighters. While not as strong as the Mii Mecha and as fast as the Mii Brawler, the Mii Swordfighter is the most agile, as he/she jump the highest of the four and can use multiple sword techniques.

Sword Master/Mistress

The Mii Swordfighter becomes more agile and powerful, and his/her Smash Attacks leaves a cutting winds, which hurts the opponents alot. The Special Moves are also able to reflect any projectiles, so make good use of it.

Mii Gunner SSB4
Mii Gunner
The third kind of the Mii Fighters. He/She is an all-around fighter with the biggest distance for most attacks, including her Forward Smash. Her arsenal are also varied, making her versiatile.

Gunner Master/Mistress

The Mii Gunner have a big boost on all stats, and his/her Smash Attacks have an even further attacks. His/her Special Moves are also enhanced, and can launch the foes further. Blast away!

Mii Mecha The newest type of the Mii Fighters. Being the strongest and the heaviest of the crew, this powerhouse can use multiple mechanical attacks to take down his/her foes with ease, but he/she jumps the lowest and most of her recovery moves are dangerous, as misuse of that will result a self-destruct.

Mecha Master/Mistress

The Mii Mecha is now unflinchable to weak attacks, and can now jump two more times with his/her upgraded jets. His/Her Special Moves are also more explosives, and can even break a Shield in one or two blow! Run before he/she catches you!

Pokemon Trainer (SSBGF)
Pokemon Trainer

While Charizard is still solo and that Squirtle and Ivysaur had formed a tag team with Greninja and Sceptile, respectively, those who misses the Pokemon Trainer mechanic will be rejoiced to use this kind of Custom Fighter. Among the trio, Raichu is the fastest, Hawlucha is the most agile and Swampert is the heaviest and the strongest. This time, there is no stamina system and there is no such Type-Effectiveness this time! Swampert can take on Sceptile without real worries in this game now.

Outside of For Glory, in order to switch the Pokemon, press Left Taunt twice to use Raichu, Up Taunt twice to use Hawlucha and Right Taunt twice to use Swampert.

Hyper Charged
Raichu becomes massively charged, and becomes even more agile and powerful. The Special Moves are also performed faster and with less negative self-effects. Get ready to literally shock your opponents!

Fighting Spirit
Hawlucha becomes more agile and attacks even faster, allowing him/her to make a terrifying combo. He/she can also jump one more time, which increase his/her attempt of recovery.

Mega Swampert
The bulkiest and strongest of the trio! His/her Smash Attacks are tremendously strong, breaking a shield even when uncharged, and his/her Special Moves are more dangerous. Talk about an hulking fighter!

Many think that the Villagers are adorable neighbors who simply want a good life, the others would rather thought that they are...psychopaths. Their playstyle can be either fun or annoying, but they are not all really dangerous...except the axe when he/she had his/her tree full grown up. Mischief Time
The Villager becomes more agile, and his/her Special Moves becomes faster except of the Pocket! His/her Smash Attacks are also more dangerous, so be prepared for the maximum mischief you expect from a Villager!
Ray Mk III
Custom Robo
The Custom Robos are, as their name imply, customizable, small robots that are used for entertaining battles in these days, but once used by notorious criminals. They have various Weapons, Bombs and Pads to came with, too. They are small and light-weighted, but they make up for it by being one of the most agile fighters, if not the most of them all. Perfection
The Custom Robo had all of its performances maximized, including the Smash Attacks and Special Moves. While actually more fragile, he/she can certainly turn the tide if the foe doesn't strategically attack or maneuver. Some of his/her attack will also harm her, however.
The Inklings are sentient race of squid-like humanoids debuted in Splatoon. Their ink are weaponized with various weapons and uses their own ink with their squid form to hide and move in there. Their weapons and accessories of choices varies between individual Inklings, although they all dislike water for a very good reason.

Tera Inkling

Gigantic version of Inklings from Splatoon Splash-Out, after consuming a Super Sushi. Their outstanding strength, near-flinchlessness and unlimited ink supply would make them even deadlier than any other Great Fray fighters, unless if you took adventage of their height and falling speed. Had those squid-kids watched too much Kaiji movies?

Mod Exclusive

Only Gear Games approved mods will have their characters revealed.

Image Description Great Fray
Say whatever you want about a character with a peculiar style of look, but Bowie the Teddy Bear is literally the greenest of the heroes (or anti-hero, depended on the story). Heck, even his sheriff badge is green! Do not worry, he is a fairly friendly guy who is easy to get along with...a rare example in the Fantendoverse. The only problem is that he is merciless against his foes.
Exclusive to Fatal Toxins mod.

Soup-preme Bowie

You sure think that he consume soup but this is only a pun. He goes supreme and able to use his strings as lassos to catch up his foes. He can also jump higher and run faster, but he got no benefice for his offensive and defensive.

If I were you, I will not trust this blob. Because he hates literally everything, without good reasons, and mostly out of his super-dumb but sometimes funny blob-brother, Bob the Blob. He can be exceedingly more despicable than the most despicable villain, and he is not above to harm anything that annoys him. But unfortunately, he loses his control because he hates being angry and wanted to more like "destroy everything" and no "friendly smashing". you know it why.
Exclusive to Fatal Toxins mod.

Extreme Rage

Fandro at beyond his usual rage...and at such an extreme it is comparable or even exceeded to...well...a human-vampire hybrid woman. He attack so violently that even the Nintendo bad guys will not tolerate it! Thankfully, only his attack and Special Moves are boosted, and his launching vulnerability is also increased. Just know when to strike him without getting caught up and pummeled like in a bloody rampage!

KH3 Sora
"Whilst he may look like a generic anime character and fights with a Giant Key, Sora is no pushover. Don't let his looks deceive you or you'll be sent flying!"
Exclusive to D.E.V.A mod

Trinity Limit

Sora fights with his Keyblade and can use Magic, Flowmotion, and Limits. He is very unpredictable so watch out.

Smashified Lilac
"This dragon joins the battle using her hair like Bayonetta, Shantae, and Dixie Kong and her super speed to attack!"
Exclusive to D.E.V.A mod

Hologram Dragon

Lilac is fast on her toes and can lead to some devastating combos so watch out for her attacks!

Tails Sonic Adventure
"Sonic's sidekick/brother joins the battle!!"
Exclusive to DEVA mod


Tails uses his Arm Cannon, Gadgets, and Tails to fight. Tails is a strategic character.

"Steve joins the battle with his...... Blockiness?"
Exclusive to DEVA mod

Ender Dragon

Steve uses his Sword, Pickaxe, Ender Pearls, Blocks, and Potions. Steve is a strategic character.

Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Tier List


Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Stages


Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Item List

Enemies and Bosses

Unlike the other Smash Bros. games, there is no Story Mode but there is Smash Run and other modes where you can face the Enemies and there are three type of bosses; Stage Bosses, Assist Bosses and Boss Fighters. Super Smash Bros. Great Fray/Enemy List


Like other Evo-Gem games, this game can be legally modded by any players via Mod-Mode. Only the mods that are widely accepted and approved by Gear Games shall be shown in this section.

Fatal Toxins

This mod is heavily based on the gameplay and toxicity mechanic from Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality, although it is divided into two difficulty; Safer, which minimize the amount of toxic zones and Risky, which is the exact amount of toxicity like its origin.

The way the toxicity works is found on this section, and it include the two optional functions of team battles called Shock Ropes and Forces. Notable differences is that most characters are changed, notably the top-tiers and the bottom-tiers, in order to adapt more of this type of gameplay. The toxicity can be turned off but the mods keeps the changes on the characters.

The initial two extra characters, exclusive to this mods, are Bowie and Fandro, who play almost exactly from the game, with the difference of extra moves and the capacity of Great Fray. The two are met with rather positive but does met general criticism; the two are praised for interesting design and playstyle as well as unusual personality, albeit criticized by others as they seems too different than even Snake and Bayonetta despite their appearance and especially Fandro for being overly cynical and overly brutal, albeit some defenders said that it would be what Fandro should be since he is supposed to be the most sadistic of the blobs.

However, the two are actually much more tolerated by competitive players but are easily bothered by their "edgy" fans, but their behaviors didn't left the two characters' creator, .snickedge (tbc), disappointed since she does saw that coming. This is quite ironic since they are Fantendo characters and Unten and Netnu got mixed receptions does to their so-called iconic status, but the other six, Meta-Form, KiloBot, Pesh, Oldton, Aingeru and Drake were met with much more positive reception, and are quickly more welcomed by Nintendo fans.

Stages also exclusive to this are Lobby and Bloodbath, albeit they got some modifications to avoid being a rip-off from Big Battlefield and Final Destination, respectively. The stages bosses are Oxide Dragon and Toxia, also respectively, and attack almost the same as in their debut, with the latter one have two formes. There is also a surprise "super final boss" as Exateno who canoncially debuted in Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!, but officially appeared as a foreshadow in the game that the mod based on. Exateno will appears in this mod's version of Boss Burst and is fought right after Ancient Crazy Hand, and his difficulty as a super boss had certainly surpasses Ancient Crazy Hand, but not to the point of being impossible as he is not as resistant as he was in Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality.

More characters that fit with the theme would comes if the mod is successful enough. The introduction of Bowie and Fandro may caused many players to fear to see more "extreme" characters, especially Leah Needlenam does to her very sadistic personality. The developers of the mod ensure that they will avoid it in order to not shock the Nintendo fans again, especially that they noticed that Nintendo fans, as well as Meta-Form series' fans, had already developed dislike of "dark and edgy" series of Fantendo does to the "edgy" violence and sometimes frequent swearing, but the Smash Bros. community itself is also quite divisive with the Fantendo Smash Bros. shenanigans for being only Smash Bros. with mostly Fantendo characters.

It is often rumored that Slanito would also be in this mod as a playable character in the future because, despite his slightly polarizing reception although perfectly fitting in the original game's theme, and seeing Slanito's very high popularity, and the developers having plans to do so, this is likely to be true, but still not guaranteed.

The mod itself was met with mostly positive receptions from Nintendo fans, Evo-Gem players and fans of Fantendo alike. Many praised it for being a step-up and a well-respecting tribute of the original Fantendo Smash Bros. Fatality game from TimeStrike, but also met with criticism for the two first exclusives for some fans, and also for being too dark for a Nintendo Smash Bros. mod (which will be fixed later) and for Melee-paced gameplay for players used for Great Fray or any Smash games in general.



  • This is the first Super Smash Bros. game where Master Hand and Crazy Hand would have much more prominant role other than being Classic Mode bosses, although their exact roles in which modes are still unknown at the moment.
    • This is also the first Super Smash Bros. game that show up villains that are not newcomers in the preview, which in this case are Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo and King Dedede (if he is considered as one). It even reveals a Brawl veteran, Wolf, during the presentation as the game emphasize into putting more playable villains than usual.
  • During the Fantendo 9th Anniversary Showcase presentation, Samtendo said that Captain Toad was intended to be an Assist Trophy, but because of his popularity, he is changed into playable along with Toadette as a palette swap.
  • In the Fatal Toxins mod, if Fandro had won any type of multiplayer matches, the other characters, including Fandro's teammates, are severly injured and some of them jeer at him like Wario and King Kube KiloBot. This is actually not a coincidence; this demonstrate Fandro's violent nature and hatred, and despite being far from edgy, can be more destructive than others.