Super Smash Bros. Global Warfare
Developer(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealm Studios
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Group, Solo, Minigames, and Data.
Age Rating(s)
ESRB: T for Teen.
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Media Included Wii U Disc
 Super Smash Bros. Global Warfare is a game for the Wii U in the Super Smash Bros. series. It posesses many Nintendo and third-party characters.


New Characters

Character Name Picture Universe Moves
The Lich King
178px-The Lich King TCG

Standard: Death Coil

Side: Plague Strike

Up: Death Grip

Down: Death and Decay

Final Smash: Frost Wyrm

Illidan Stormrage

Standard: Felstrike

Side: Demon Rush

Up: Hand of Gul'dan

Down: Immolate


Minecraft-steve 12

Standard: Archery

Side: Whirlwind

Up: TNT Jump

Down: Lava Bucket

Final Smash: Herobrine

Maxwell Scribblenauts

Standard: Conjure Fireball

Side: Conjure Car

Up: Conjure Rocket

Down: Conjure Earthquake

Final Smash: Object Summoning

King Boo
King boo luigis mansion dark moon

Standard: Boo Summon

Side: Ghost Dash

Up: Haunting Jump

Down: Tongue Spin

Final Smash: Ghoststorm

Freddy Fazbear
Five Nights at Freddy's`

Standard: Claw Swipe

Side: Bear Rush

Up: Ambushing Jump

Down: Scare

Final Smash: Night Watchman's Nightmare

2163973-character slippy
Star Fox

Standard: Blaster

Side: Frog Rush

Up: Fire Frog

Down: Reflector

Final Smash: Arwing

The Pyro
Team Fortress

Standard: Flamethrower

Side: Scorch Shot

Up: Flare Jump

Down: Ring of Fire

Final Smash: Pyroland

Donkey Kong

Standard: Spiked Ball Toss

Side: Charge

Up: Super Jump

Down: Klaptrap Toss

Final Smash: Kremling's Might

Sinnoh Pokemon Trainer
Diamond Pearl Lucas

Uses Chimchar, Grotle, and Empoleon.


Standard: Ember

Side: Flame Wheel

Up: Inferno

Down: Pokemon Change


Standard: Leaf Storm

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Vine Whip

Down: Pokemon Change


Standard: Hydro Pump

Side: Surf

Up: Whirlpool

Down: Pokemon Change

Final Smash: Triple Finish

Dr. Robotnik
3379 doctor-eggman-prev

Standard: Missile Array

Side: Jet Boost

Up: Rocket Jump

Down: Grabbing Claw

Final Smash: Green Hilll Battle

King Hippo
King Hippo clipped rev 1

Standard: Power Punch

Side: Charging Strike

Up: Punching Jump

Down: Ground=Pound

Final Smash: Finishing Punches

Returning Characters

All the characters from SSB4 return, along with the Ice Climbers, Wolf, Snake,  and Lucas.


There are many new stages.

Stage Name Universe Description
Battlefield Super Smash Bros. Self-explanatory.
Final Destination Super Smash Bros. See above.
Airship Armada Mario A scrolling stage that goes through an airship fleet.
Ganon's Tower Legend of Zelda A stage within Ganon's Tower from Hyrule Warriors.
Zebes Metroid Ridley will attempt to interfere with the fight, alongside Metroids.
The Underworld Kid Icarus Hades' minions will occasionally appear.
Epic Yarn Kirby A moving stage that goes through a form of Dream-Land made of yarn.
Battle Frontier Pokemon The Hoenn Battle Frontier.
Great Fox Star Fox Arwings can leave and enter the hangar.
Death Egg Sonic Eggrobos can come in and attack.
Pac-Maze II Pac-Man Similar to the original.
Dr. Light's Lab Mega Man Robot Masters will occasionally disrupt the fight.
The Jungle Donkey Kong Tikis will fly around and attackl fighters.
Yoshi's Island Yoshi It's Yoshi's Island.
Flat Zone 3 Game and Watch All-new minigames inside it.
New York Punch-Out You can see Doc Louis on his bike with Little Mac.
Smashville II Animal Crossing Similar to the original.
The Dark Portal Warcraft Iron Horde orcs or demons can be seen exiting it.
Icecrown Citadel Warcraft The platforms are made of ice, and will break if stepped on for too long.
The Overworld Minecraft A basic stage.
The Nether Minecraft Ghast fireballs can crash into the stage, destroying parts of it.
Surveillance Room Five Nights at Freddy's Animatronics can come in, and will attack any fighters that they can see, so you better hide!
2Fort Team Fortress 2 Rockets shot by the Soldier, as well as Demoman grenades, can damage fighters.
Hyphen Heights Scribblenauts Random objects can come in, helping or harming you.
Shadow Moses Island II Metal Gear

An improved version of the original stage.

Game Modes

Smash: Battle with up to 8 players!!!

Online Smash: Smash online!

Adventure Mode: Journey through the World of Trophies and stop the Master Core.

Classic: Defeat fighters to advance, and then defeat Master Hand and Crazy Hand, along with the Master Core,  to win!

All-Star: Fight every fighter in the game with limited healing items.

Special Orders: Master Hand and Crazy Hand have challenges for you to complete.

Tourney: Create a tournament to play in.

Stadium: Multi-Man Smash, Target Blast, Home-Run Contest, and Boss Battles can be done here.

Vault: Look at your trophies, pictures, replays, and more.

Custom: Create Mii Fighters or modify existing characters here.

Stage Builder: Create stages here.

Training: Practice your skills.

Achievements: Check the achievements in the game here.

Statistics: Name says it all.

Options: Customize Smash Bros. to suit you!

Adventure Mode: The Master Core

An all-new adventure mode is included, and takes place two years after Tabuu's defeat. The Master Core has awoken, and is sending forth what remains of Tabuu's forces to take the World of Trophies for himself. The main hub is the Halberd, and as you progress through the game, characters will set up shop on the Halberd, selling goods and providing advice. This makes Adventure Mode mor like an open-world story mode.

Coming Soon!!!


Throughout the game, you can complete achievements and recieve rewards. Here are the achievements.

Achievement Name Description Reward
Newcomer Load the game for the first time. N/A
Champion of Trophies Complete Adventure Mode for the first time. Boss Battles is unlocked.
Character Collector Unlock all characters. All-Star Mode is unlocked.
Stage Collector Unlock all stages.


Classic Victory Complete Classic Mode for the first time. N/A
All-Star Victory Complete All-Star Mode for the first time. N/A
Trophy Collector Collect all the trophies in the game. N/A