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Super Smash Bros. Gamma
The official logo for the game.
Developer(s) WaddleInc., BANDAI Namco, HAL Laboratory, Sora Ltd.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. 5


Super Smash Bros. Gamma is the 6th game in the Smash Bros. series (due to many Super Smash Bros. 5 games this one is the sixth). At the moment it only includes classics from N64 edition and new characters (plus some DLC characters, but they have yet to be revealed.) A demo for the game can be downloaded from the eShop. That is, when the NX is out. In Super Smash Bros. Gamma, Story Mode has returned! Characters can be seen below.


See the roster here.

Story Mode

Story Mode can only be unlocked by getting all characters.

Part 1 - The "Reflection"

The camera zooms slowly into an arena. Mario is seen fighting Sonic. Mario does some epic combos and defeats Sonic, when suddenly, a cosmic sonic appears behind Mario and grabs him. Mario is taken away to the Cosmic Fortress. The screen fades to black. After a while, the camera zooms out of Sonic, who is asleep. A flicky flies down and tries to wake him up. Sonic then woke up, and saw Mario and the crowd was gone. So he dashed out of the arena. Sonic noticed that everywhere seemed to be isolated. The same Cosmic Sonic who grabbed Mario appeared infront of Sonic.

Sonic: "Hey, are you some clone of me?"

Cosmic Sonic shrugs his shoulders.

Sonic: "You look like your up to something!"

Cosmic Sonic takes out a mysterious orb from nowhere.

Sonic: "Whoa, whats that?"

Cosmic Sonic shoots the orb, yet Sonic dodges it.

Sonic: "Just as I expected! You're going down clone!"

Part 2 - A Star Team

Sonic homing attacks onto Cosmic Sonic, and Cosmic Sonic explodes into cosmic plasm. After that, a mysterious small figure appears walking in the dust.

Sonic: "And my work is done!- Wait, who are you?"

???: "Haiii!"

The mysterious figure turns out to be Kirby. Sonic greets Kirby, and they talk about teaming up to defeat the Cosmic Empire. Sonic explains everything he knows to Kirby.

Sonic: "Kirby, do you know the way to Hyrule?"

Kirby nods, and rushes towards the north.

Soon, Kirby and Sonic arrive at Hyrule.

Sonic: "Hey Kirby! There's a cosmic shadow over there!"

Kirby looks a bit confused.

Sonic: "We have to go defeat it!"

Suddenly, the cosmic shadow who is Meta Knight, rushes towards Sonic, spinning his sword. Sonic faints.

Kirby: "Urgh!"

Kirby tries to inhale the cosmic shadow but fails. Meta Knight challenges Kirby.

Part 3 - Shadows Unite

Sonic wakes up, Kirby walks over to him to give Sonic a Maxim-Tomato. After that Meta Knight is recovered and takes them to the Halberd. It turns out the Halberd is infected with cosmic plasm and a ton of cosmic forms are there. Sonic and Kirby launch like rockets into the cosmic forms, but then they get launched backwards again because all the Cosmic forms attacked them.

Meta Knight: "You two stay back, I'll handle this."

Sonic: "But Meta Knight! We could do better as a team! Right Kirby?"

Kirby: "Yup!!!"

Meta Knight: "But if we team, there could be a higher chance of you two getting infected with the cosmic plasm."

Sonic & Kirby: "How?"

Meta Knight: "If they defeat you, they can use their plasm to take over your form. Got it?"

Sonic: "Got it!"

Part 4 - More Trouble

After defeating many foes, they all recovered. Meta Knight told Sonic and Kirby they could stay at the Halberd. Most of the cosmic forms that had been recovered were asleep. Pit was the first one to wake up.

Pit: "Where am I?"

Dark Pit wakes up after.

Dark Pit: "Hey Pit, we shouldn't be here."

Pit: "How did you get here, Pittoo?"

Dark Pit: "Don't call me that, and the question is how did you get here?"

Pit: "I only remember some strange blue stuff attacking me! What about you?"

Dark Pit: "Mhm.."

Pit: "We have to go back to Angel Land!"

Dark Pit: "Ehm, ok..."

Dark Pit & Pit fly to Angel Land. They encounter a cosmic Tails during the flight.

Dark Pit: "Hey Pit, looks like we've got some work to do."

Pit: "OK Pittoo! You'll fight that guy, while I'll protect Angel Land!"

Dark Pit: *sigh* "Ok then.... BUT PLEASE DON'T CALL ME THAT!"