Super Smash Bros. GOLD, formerly Super Smash Bros. Great Duel, is an overhaul of the unfinished game, to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. It is being created by Fortune's Wings Studios, and inspired by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which was headed by Masahiro Sakurai.



The controls in Super Smash Bros. GOLD are similar to Ultimate. You can use one or two Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, or a GameCube controller.

When using two Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, or a GameCube controller, use the control pad to move, the A button for a Smash attack, and the B button for a Special Attack.

When using one Joy-Con, use the control pad to move, the X button for a Smash attack, and the A button for a Special Attack.

Game Modes

Dimensional Exodus

Dimensional Exodus is the Story Mode of the game. It takes place after World of Light.

After the downfall of Galeem and Dharkon, everything is peaceful in the World of Trophies... for a while. One day, a mysterious rift opens in the sky and five figures emerge from it. They are the Primal Mages: Terrix, Galen, Pyro, Aquadon, and Electra. Without the balance of light and dark that the universe has always had, the dimensions are crumbling and the Primal Mages are seeking out the root of the trouble. They capture all the fighters and carry them into the rift to create Puppet Fighters. But Link escapes, and he holds the future of the universe in his hands.


The normal mode of the game. Up to 8 players can join a Smash, and different rule sets can be created. The three standard battle types are Time, Stock, and Stamina.

Special Smash

The battle is even more customizable in Special Smash! You can make every fighter metal or on fire, change the gravity of the stage, and even spawn certain Items!


A tournament with up to 8 players that works its way down the entire roster! After you use a fighter, they disappear from the board until there are none left.

Classic Mode

In Classic Mode, every fighter has a preset path to follow. You can raise the intensity to make the matches harder, and lower the intensity for an easier path. There are even more different bosses than in Ultimate, and you can unlock fighters by playing Classic Mode once again.


Icon Fighter Name At A Glance Description
Goldmario Mario

Super Mario

The king of video games himself is back in the roster, and his biggest change in GOLD is a Final Smash that nicely sums up how far this plumber has come: Multi-Mario Burst! Fireball Mario conjures a slow bouncing fireball from his hand.

Cappy Throw Mario's hat-shaped companion travels forward and then zooms back. His direction can be changed, and he bounces back other projectiles.

Super Jump Punch Mario does his signature jump in the air and punches his foes like they're ? Blocks.

F.L.U.D.D. Mario sprays a disruptive water jet from the F.L.U.D.D. It can push opponents back and even off the stage.

Multi-Mario Burst Paper Mario, 64 Mario, Jumpman, and Mini-Mario appear and charge at the opponent à la Mega Legends.

DonkUUUkong Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong's newest rendition is inspired by his arcade-game origins and his role in Donkey Kong Country Returns. He has a new Final Smash, Finishing Punch, and a new Side Special, Barrel Throw! Giant Punch DK winds up for a super-powerful punch that can launch the opponent.

Barrel Throw DK throws a slow-rolling barrel that buries the first opponent it hits.

Spinning Kong DK spins around with his powerful arms and launches anybody caught in the cyclone. In the air, it can be used to recover.

Ground Slap DK smacks the ground with his hands to create tremors. At a distance, this can make foes trip.

Finishing Punch DK takes an opponent into the air and delivers a series of punches and kicks that can launch the foe into a Star KO.

Newestlinkk Link

The Legend of Zelda

Link, the Hylian Champion, is once again inspired by Breath of the Wild. One of his greatest changes includes a new Up Special, Revali's Gale! Hero's Bow Link fires a chargeable arrow at the foe. Arrows can be picked up and reused.

Boomerang Link tosses a boomerang that can attack opponents coming in and on the way back.

Revali's Gale Link is boosted into the air by a gust of wind, and deploys his Paraglider. He can attack while using the glider.

Remote Bomb Link throws a remotely detonated bomb. It can be blown up in a wide radius by entering the command again.

Ancient Arrow Link fires an arrow created by the ancient Sheikah. It does more damage to foes at a long distance.

Variasam Samus


Samus hasn't changed very much in GOLD, but she's been equipped with a new Up Throw that freezes her foes in solid ice! Charge Shot Samus fires a ball of energy from her cannon arm. The blast can be charged for super launching power.

Missile Samus shoots homing missiles that can change direction, or straight-travelling missiles that pack a bigger punch.

Screw Attack Samus slams her foes with an electrically charged corkscrew jump. The Screw Attack is also an Item, so Samus' power can be shared!

Bombs Samus transforms into the Morph Ball and drops several small bombs below her. They float down slowly before exploding.

Zero Laser Samus fires up her cannon and unleashes a devastating laser beam that obliterates anything in its wide range.

Yosho Yoshi


Yoshi is staying faithful to his rendition in Ultimate, but some small details have changed. For example, Crafted World Yoshi now throws balls of yarn. Egg Lay Yoshi swallows an opponent with his long tongue and captures them in an egg.

Egg Roll Yoshi rolls around in an egg. The more he rolls, the stronger the move gets.

Egg Throw Yoshi throws an egg in a curved arc. This only recovers a little, but Yoshi has a great Flutter Jump to compensate.

Ground Pound Yoshi jumps up and sits on opponents. This can't be canceled, so don't use it over the abyss!

Yoshi Stampede A stampede of Yoshis storm onto the stage and trample opponents caught in their path.

Warpzatio Kirby


Kirby is another much-loved veteran who isn't much different in GOLD. But he's got a new Dash Attack: the famous Warp Star! Inhale Kirby sucks up nearby opponents and copies their Neutral Special. There are 101 copy abilities to master!

Hammer Swing Kirby charges and swings his powerful hammer. But don't charge too long, or you'll take damage!

Super Cutter Kirby swings his sword, comes down on opponents, and sends off a wide and disruptive shock wave.

Stone Kirby transforms into something very heavy, like a Thwomp or a treasure chest, and slams down on foes.

Ultra Sword Kirby slices and dices his foes with the supermassive Ultra Sword, and then sends them flying.

Foxyo Fox

Star Fox

Fox is back in the fray, armed with a blaster, a reflector, and of course his faithful fleet! (Have you ever tried getting in contact with Team Star Fox on Corneria?) Blaster Fox shoots fast-moving lasers from his blaster. They have no knockback, but they can add up to a lot of damage.

Fox Illusion Fox zips through his foes at an imperceptible speed. If this hits in the air, it sends the target straight down.

Fire Fox Fox envelops himself in flames and does a strong tackle. But... doesn't being on fire hurt?

Reflector Fox triggers a device that sends back projectiles stronger than they came in.

Star Fox Fleet Fox calls upon Slippy and Krystal, who fly by in their Arwings and fire dangerous missiles.

Espika Pikachu


The adorable mascot of Pokémon is joining the roster once more, this time with a new Final Smash: Volt Shock Fist, from Pokkén Tournament! Also, you can now play as-- Detective Pikachu?! Thunder Jolt Pikachu creates a bouncing pulse of electricity that can travel across the whole stage.

Skull Bash Pikachu throws itself headfirst at the opponent. It can be charged up for incredible launching power.

Quick Attack Pikachu zooms upward with a lightning-quick tackle. Its direction can be changed by moving the control pad.

Thunder A thunderbolt hits Pikachu from the sky. It does great damage to any fighters above Pikachu.

Volt Shock Fist Pikachu surges forward and locks its foes in a zigzag throw ending in a massive punch.

Icon Fighter Name At A Glance Description
Oneweeg Luigi

Super Mario

Luigi has some surprises in store for his fans. His Up Special now comes with balloons, and doing his Up Taunt on Luigi's Mansion puts him in a call with Professor E. Gadd! Fireball Luigi tosses a green flame that moves slowly through the air.

Green Missile Luigi launches himself at his foes and sends them flying with his head. Every once in a while, he goes super far.

Super Jump Punch Luigi lands a precise punch in the air, and then floats down with balloons.

Luigi Cyclone Luigi spins around so fast, it stirs up a strong wind around him. In the air, he can recover with it.

Poltergust 5000 Luigi pulls all nearby opponents into his Poltergust and blasts them out into the abyss.

Auness Ness


Ness's Side Special has a big change. It's no longer PK Fire but his signature move in EarthBound: PK Rockin! PK Flash Ness summons a ball of light that he can move in any direction to stun and launch opponents.

PK Rockin Ness fires a wave of strange light and sound that makes grounded opponents trip.

PK Thunder Ness strikes his foes with a long-range bolt. If he hits himself with it, he'll get launched.

PSI Magnet An odd field opens around Ness that absorbs projectiles and heals him.

PK Starstorm Paula and Poo assist Ness in causing a great cascade of the stars. Anyone caught underneath them is doomed.

Captain Falcon


This star racer sped onto the scene in 1999 when the first Super Smash Bros. game was released. Now he and his famous taunts are back again, almost 20 years later!