Super Smash Bros. Fusion
Logo for the Prototype and Pre-Alpha Version
Developer(s) ZyphyrisTheMythyris, Crysonis Games
Publisher(s) Crysonis Games
Platform(s) PC
1 Versus 1
Genre(s) Fighing
Series Super SMASH Bros.
Predecessor None
Successor None

Super Smash Bros. Fusion is a Fangame of the critically acclaimed Super SMASH Bros. Franchise. It is named after the Software it is being developed in, Multimedia Fusion 2.5.

It's being Developed mainnly by User:ZyphyrisTheMythyris and is being helped out by Crysonis Games. There are currently two versions, the Prototype version which is released, and the Pre-Alpha version which is being developed.

Prototype Version

The Prototype version didn't have much, and there were many Bugs. There were only two characters, Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The only mode was a 1 Versus 1, according to the creator; "The UI of the Prototype Version is terrible, i might rewrite it."

Pre-Alpha Version

The Pre-Alpha version is currently being developed, and has a Completely Re-Done Interface. There is still only the 1 Versus 1 mode, but there are many other changes.

A new Feature was added to this version, called "Sound Test". Basically, you get to listen to the various soundtracks in the version. There is also another new feature,

in the beggining there is a Intro showcasing people who helped out. (Crysonis Games, TheBri-ex Producions, and Reyn Time Music. Then it closes off with a "Hope you Enjoy") 

In addition to these new features, 4 New Characters, and 1 New Stage have been added. These Four New Characters are, Mii Fighter (Smash 5), Ness, Link, and Kirby. The new stage added is Battlefield.




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