This page lists every stage entrance that the characters have in vs. mode, in Super Smash Bros. Fusion.

Character Entrance
Adam Malkovich A small pod lands on the stage, and Adam climbs out of it, hitting his head, before the pod flies back up.
Agnès Oblige Agnès appears from a diamond of magic.
Alexander Roivas A beam of light appears in the background, before it is revealed to be a flashlight held by Alex, and she switches it off.
Ashley Ashley appears in a cloud of purple smoke, causing a red light to shine around her in the shape of a skull.
Baby Mario Bros. The Baby Mario Bros. are dropped in a blanket by a stork.
Blaziken Blaziken crashes onto the stage in a spiral of fire.
Bowser An airship flies overhead, and Bowser jumps out of it, causing the ground to shake.
Captain Falcon The Blue Falcon drives on-screen, and Captain Falcon climbs out of it, before the vehicle drives away.
Captain Syrup Captain Syrup descends from the sky by being carried by Bobo.
Charizard Charizard emerges from a PokéBall alongside burning embers.*
Charizard glides in from the background as embers burn around him.*
Diddy Kong Diddy Kong bursts out of a DK Barrel, before clapping twice.
Dillon Dillon rolls on stage, before standing up.
Donkey Kong DK bursts out of a DK Barrel, before striking a pose.
Falco Lombardi An Arwing flies overhead and Falco jumps out of it, striking the same pose he did in Brawl upon landing.
Fox McCloud Fox falls from the sky, before striking the same pose he did in Brawl.
Ganondorf Ganondorf emerges from a portal of dark magic.
Ice Climbers The two Ice Climbers get carried onto the stage via a condor.
Ike Warps onto the stage via Warp magic before slashing his sword.
Ivysaur Ivysaur emerges from a PokéBall alongside leaves.
Jigglypuff Jigglypuff emerges from a PokéBall alongside white sparkles, before twirling around and saying "Jigglypuff".
Jody Summer Jody does a somersault through the air from off-screen, before landing on her feet.
Kamek A puff of smoke appears, and Kamek is heard laughing. The smoke disperses to show Kamek with rainbow sparkles surrounding him, before they disappear.
Karate Man Three explosions of music notes appear, before Karate Man is formed from all of the notes.
King Dedede Dedede is carried by onto the stage on a palanquin by four Waddle Dees, before jumping off it and scattering them.
Kirby Kirby crashes in on a warpstar.
Krystal Krystal rides in on a CloudRunner, before jumping off and having the pterodactyl-like creature fly off.
Link Link teleports in, holding the Master Sword above his head.
Little Mac Little Mac runs on stage wearing his pink hoodie, before he throws it away.
Lucas Lucas rides in on a Mr. Saturn coffee table, before it flies off.
Luigi Luigi rides in on the Poltergust 5000, which he then picks up and pockets.
Lyn A white slash appears on screen, and Lyn appears.
Magnus Magnus falls from the sky, planting his sword into the ground.
Mario A green Warp Pipe raises from the ground, and Mario jumps out of it yelling "yahoo". The pipe then lowers back into the ground.
Marth Marth warps onto the stage, as he twirls around and unsheathes his sword.
Mega Man Three blue orbs of light come together, and he appears in a flash of white light.
Meta Knight Meta Knight teleports in with his cape, before slicing his sword twice.
Mewtwo A test tube rises from the ground, with Mewtwo in his armour. He then growls and breaks out of the tube and shatters his armour.
Mii A hand drops a shaking Mii down onto the stage, as if moving him around on the Mii Channel.
Mr. Game & Watch Mr. Game & Watch walks along a row of Game & Watch LCD frames, before ringing his bell.
Ness A charred Ness appears in a flame. He then shakes the soot off himself.
Olimar The Hocotate Ship lands, and Olimar jumps out of it.
Pac-Man The classic 8-bit sprite of Pac-Man eats his way into the battle, before he transforms into the more modern appearance of Pac-Man.
Paper Mario Paper Mario flips dimensions, as in Super Paper Mario.
Pikachu A bolt of lightning crashes down on the stage, akin to the Thunder move, and Pikachu appears from it.
Pit Pit glides onto the stage from the background.
Primid Shadow Bugs appear from the ground, and come together to form the Primid.
Princess Peach Princess Peach falls from the sky, gliding in with her parasol.
R.O.B. R.O.B. assembles himself as pieces of his body fall from the sky.
Rosalina Rosalina appears from a white glow, holding a Luma in her arms.
Samus Aran A Super Metroid-esque save point appears, and Samus walks out of it, before it collapses in on itself.
Sheik Sheik appears in a puff of smoke, before striking a pose.
Sheriff Sheriff rides a horse into the battle, before it trots off.
Shulk Jumps down from the sky with the Monado, before placing it on his back as it deactivates.
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic spin dashes onto the stage.
Squirtle Squirtle emerges from a PokéBall alongside bubbles.
Toad Toad rides in on a Super Mario Kart-styled kart, before he crashes into a banana peel and the kart goes flying.
Vaati Vaati flies on-screen in his demon form, before transforming into his Hylian form.
Victini An orange star spins onto the stage, and Victini pops out from behind it.
Villager An Animal Crossing: New Leaf-styled train appears in the background, and the Villager walks out of it.
Wario Wario rides in on the Wario Bike.
Wii Fit Trainer Wii Fit Trainer teleports in as she strikes a yoga pose.
Wolf Link Wolf Link teleports in via a Twilight Portal.
Yoshi Yoshi pops out of a Yoshi Egg.
Young Link Young Link teleports in via the Song of Time.
Zelda Zelda teleports in using Farore's Wind, while Din's Fire burns in her hands.
Zero Suit Samus Zero Suit Samus jumps out of her Gunship as it flies past.

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