Super Smash Bros. Full Power! is a new Smash Bros. game for the new console Nintendo Platinum and ROC.






  • Battle Mode
  • Story Mode
  • Classic Mode
  • Stadium
  • Boss Battles (unlockable)
  • All-Star Mode (unlockable)
  • Smash Store
  • Data
  • Options
  • Wi-Fi Mode
  • Master Pieces
  • Character Challenges
  • Game Log
  • Training
  • Events


Default Characters
Custom Character Super Smash Bros. Series The Custom Characetr is a character made in Smash Store Mode.
Fighter Art


Super Mario Series Mario returns to the fray! His moveset hasn't changed, but it's always nice to play old school.
Fighter Art (2)

Dr. Mario

Super Mario Series Dr. Mario makes a triumphant return! Now with his own unique moveset and final smash!
Fighter Art (4)
Super Mario Series Princess Peach is back! Her powerful attacks and sassy additude will tell Mario and Bowser that she isn't getting captured today!
Fighter Art (5)
Super Mario Series King Koopa comes back! He is the king of heavy wieght fighters!
Fighter Art (8)
Yoshi Series Yoshi strikes back! So fast! So Cute! You'd be crazy not to play with him!
Fighter Art (9)
WarioWare Series Wario's back to the fray! He's a powerful rascal so watch out!
Fighter Art (11)
Donkey Kong Series King of Kongo Island is back! He's a force to be dealt with, but will never say no to a banana.
Fighter Art (12)
Donkey Kong Series Guardian of the banana hoard returns! What he lacks in size, he makes up for with crazy gadgets!
Fighter Art (13)
Donkey Kong Series Donkey Kong's son joins the fray! He has rescued his dad so many times from Mario, that his introduction was delayed!
Fighter Art (15)
Legend of Zelda Series The Hero of Time returns! Link is more then a swordsman, he has all sorts of weapons to fight with!
Fighter Art (16)
Legend of Zelda Series Young Link is back! but this time, he's got Masks! These masks allow him to turn into Deku Link, Goron Link, and Zora Link, and with the smash ball.. Fierce Diety Link!
Fighter Art (17)
Legend of Zelda Series Princess Zelda has rejoined the fray! Nothing more to be said but Magic! Magic! Magic!
Fighter Art (18)
Legend of Zelda Series Princess Zelda's Alter-Ego Returns! Shiek is a little more skilled then Zelda, so Beware of The Needles!
Fighter Art (21)
Poke'mon Series Pikachu returns! His perfectly round cheeks store tons of electricty!
Fighter Art (25)
Poke'mon Series Poke'mon Trainer Red returns! The reason why he needs "Red" in his title is something for us to know, and you to find out. His poke'mon are Squirtle. Ivysaur, and Charizard.
Fighter Art (27)
Kirby Series Kirby's Back! His nuetral moveset is left unchanged (except for final smash), but He has lots of new comers to give him new powers!
Fighter Art (28)
Kirby Series Hail to the King! He's a heavy wieght fighter, but a long time wind bag as well.
Fighter Art (31)
Metroid Series Samus has come back! She's one deadly woman, so keep your distance.
Fighter Art (32)
Metroid Series Samus' Final Smash is so powerful that Zero Suit Smaus Returns! She's not as powerful as she is with the power suit, but she's pretty fast!
Fighter Art (34)
Metroid Series Ridley has finally joined the fray! His size has always been an issue, but not when he is as tall as Bowser!
Fighter Art (35)
Star Fox Series Fox is back! Left unchanged too.
Fighter Art (37)
Star Fox Series Krystal has joined the fray! With Dinosaurs!
Fighter Art (40)
Mother Series Lucas is back! Sad life, but not as much as to keep him from kicking butt!
Skylander Fighters (1)
Skylanders Series Spyro is the pinnacle of Video Game evolution. Now He's a Smash Fighter!
Fighter Art (44)
Fire Emblem Series Ike has returned! His moveset is a little scary isn't it.....
Fighter Art (46)
Nintendo Entertainment System Hector has joined the fray! He made R.O.B. and I suppose that battling him is just proving his skills.
Fighter Art (49)
Ice Climber Series These Twins have returned to freeze your socks off!
Fighter Art (50)
Balloon Fight Series The Balloon Fighter has joined the fray! He's a powerful little soldier with weapons at his disposal.
Fighter Art (52)
A Boy and His Blob Series A Boy and His Blob have joined the fray! This Boy requires nothing more then A Blob and some Jellybeans!
Fighter Art (53)
Pikmin Series Captain Olimar comes back to the fray! With his new friend the Rock Pikmin, anything's possible!
Fighter Art (54)
Kid Icarus Series Pit has returned! He's the servant to Lady Palutena, and his orders from her are to kick some butts!
Fighter Art (56)
Dillon's Rolling Western Series Dillon has joined the fray! He's quick as a whip and ready to flatten his opponents!
Skylander Fighters
Skylanders Series No Gold, No Glory! He's the quickest gunsman yet!
Fighter Art SA
Super Smash Bros. Series Shadow Bugs disolve and form into three different enemies, Primid, Borboras, and Ticken.
Unlockable Characters
Fighter Art (1)
Super Mario Series Luigi has rejoined the fray! He comes back with the Powergust 5000!
Fighter Art (3)
Super Mario Series Waluigi has joined the fray! With his sneaky skills, he'll be a great fighter for advanced players!
Fighter Art (6)
Super Mario Series Bowser Jr. joins the fray! He's a brat and a dilinquent.
Fighter Art (7)
Super Mario Series Bowser Jr's Alter-Ego joins the fray! With his paint brush, he'll get the battle field red! (or blue, or whatever colour.)
Fighter Art (10)

WarioWare Series

Ashley's joined the fray! She's evil, and at the same time adorable....
Fighter Art (14)
Donkey Kong Series King K. Rool has joined the fray! A monsterous kremling with a giant cannon gun!
Fighter Art (19)
Legend of Zelda Series Ganondorf has rejoined the fray! A worlock who will use his sword this time!
Fighter Art RM
Rayman Series Rayman has joined the fray! Limbless Legends have been told of this hero in Smash Bros. and now has been proved.
Fighter Art (22)
Poke'mon Series Jigglypuff has rejoined the fray! 
Fighter Art (23)
Poke'mon Series Mewtwo has made a triumphant return! He was a Boss Character in Melee, but now he's an Awesome Boss Power (etc) Character!
Fighter Art N
Mother  Series Ninten has finally joined the fray! Don't you call him a Ness clone!
Fighter Art (26)
Poke'mon Series The Hoenn Trainer has joined the fray! He uses the poke'mon Mudkip, Grovyyle, and Blaziken!
Fighter Art (29)
Kirby Series Metaknight rejoins the fray! He's an all-round character who's powerful, fast, and great at recovery!
Fighter Art (30)
Kirby Series Bandanna Dee has joined the fray! Fear the Spear!
Skylander Fighters (2)
Skylanders Series Gill Grunt's Here! Fear the Fish!
Fighter Art (36)
Star Fox Series Falco has rejoined the fray! Left unchanged too....
Fighter Art (38)
Star Fox Series Wolf has rejoined the fray! Now using his robotic arm!
Fighter Art (39)
Mother Series Ness has rejoined the fray! He's a rascally little boy with PSI Powers that boggle the mind!
Fighter Art (42)
Fire Emblem Series Marth has rejoined the fray! He's a skilled swordsman with a quick mind!
Fighter Art (43)
Fire Emblem Series Roy makes a triumphant return! His sword of seals is a firey weapon (literally).
Fighter Art (45)
F-Zero Series Captain Falcon rejoins the fray! Falcon Punch!
Fighter Art (47)

Nintendo Entertainment System 

R.O.B. rejoins the fray! Robotic Operating Buddy! The robot of power!
Fighter Art (48)
Game & Watch Series Mr. Game & Watch rejoins the fray! He's the flat zone's DLC Hero!
Fighter Art (51)
Mach Rider Series Mach Rider has joined the fray! He's using his gadgets on his bike to fight!
Fighter Art (55)
Metal Gear Solid Series Snake strikes back!
Fighter Art (57)
Punch Out Series Little Mac joins the fray! He's been working on the tital boxing champion, but Smash Champion works just as well.
Fighter Art (60)
Xenoblade Series Shulk joins the fray! Using the legendary sword Manado!
Fighter Art (61)
Sin & Punishment Series Saki has come to exterminate more than just monsters!
Fighter Art (63)
Spore Series The Sporeling has joined the fray! He's especially unique because his colour swaps change his appearance!
Fighter Art (64)
Sonic the Hedgehog Series Sonic's back!
Fighter Art (65)
Sonic the Hedgehog Series Sonic's Alter-Ego has joined the fray! Sonic B down was the same as his B side, so now it turns him into a Werehog!
Fighter Art (66)
Sonic the Hedgehog Series Knuckles joins the fray! His hands are huge with painfull punches!
Fighter Art (67)
Klonoa Series Klonoa makes a 3rd Party appearance.
Fighter Art (68)
Megaman Series Megaman makes a 3rd Party appearance.
DLC Characters
Downloadable (1)
Super Mario Series

Geno's making his stand in Smash Bros!  

Cost: 500 Smash Points

Downloadable (2)
Poke'mon Series

Pichu makes a triumphant return!

Cost: 200 Smash Points

Downloadable (4)

WarioWare Series 

9-Volt comes to the fray! He's a long time WarioWare character and now a downloadable Smash Fighter!

Cost: 500 Smash Points

Downloadable (5)
Donkey Kong Series

Chunky Kong makes an appearance! He's powerful and has a pineapple blaster!

Cost: 800 Smash Points

Downloadable (6)
Kirby Series

Waddle Doo's here! He'll surely give Bandanna Dee a friend!

Cost: 500 Smash Points

Downloadable (7)
F-Zero Series

Captain Pheonix makes an appearance! He's a racer from a future further than Falcon's!

Cost: 800 Smash Points

Downloadable (8)
Kid Icarus Series

Dark Pit makes an appearance! To keep from looking like a clone, he fights with the crusher arm!

Cost: 800 Smash Points

Fighter Art T
Skylanders Series

Terrafin?! He's here to pack a wallop on those lucky neutral skylanders!

Cost: 800 Smash Points

Downloadable (10)
Pikmin Series

Louie makes an appearance! He uses pikmin like Olimar, but his moveset with them is a little different.

Cost: 200 Smash Points

Downloadable (15)
Mushroom Men Series

Pax makes an appearance! He has his own series so the price is FREE!

Cost: Free!

Fighter Art Bonus!


Super Smash Bros. Series Tabuu, the master and creator of Subspace has left his foriegn land to fight in Smash Bros! His agreement to the Master Hand to become a fighter is a dooooozey, you'd have to know the story.

Default Stages

Starship Mario

Super Mario Series This stage has no suprises, but from a distance it does look like Mario's head.
Stages (1)

DK Island

Donkey Kong  Series 

You can jump from the first level and second level, and don't stay in the water to long or you'll drown.
Stages (2)

Flower Fields

Yoshi Series Don't get lost in the flowers!
Stages (3)

Wario Land

Wario Series It's one of those stages where you fall off isn't it...
Stages (4)

Sky Loft

Legend of Zelda Series 

There's a strong wind a' blowin!
Stages (5)

Lor Starcutter

Kirby Series It's basiclly like the halberd stage from Brawl.
Stages (6)

Poke'mon Stadium 3

Pokemon Series 

This stage is a collaberation of the past two pokemon stadiums, and with pokemon guest appearances.
Stages (7)

The Corridor

Metroid Series Don't be to loud, or the sirens will go off!
Stages (8)

Area 6

Star Fox Series It looks like a top doesn't it.
Stages (9)

Nowhere Islands.

Mother Series If it's nowhere, how is it here!?
Stages (12)


Nintendo Entertainment System

Wow! Not only are you fighting on the surface and controls of the first Nintendo Home Console, but the screen behind you shows your battle with 8-bit sprites!
Stages (13)

Inner Icycle Mountain

Ice Climber Series Is it cold in here? or is it just me?
Stages (15)

Balloon Trip

Balloon Fight Series Take a trip, and just relax and DESTROY EACH OTHER!
Stages (17)


A Boy and his Blob Series After the sun sets, it's hard to see.....
Stages (18)

Forest of Hope

Pikmin Series Only one onion, occasional pellets, and NO Bulborbs!
Stages (19)


Kid Icarus Series

Your fighting on an evil monster from the underworld!  


Stages (21)

Dillon's Rolling Western Siege

Dillon's Rolling Western Series This stage shows the town the desert, etc...
Stages (23)

The Lounge

Animal Crossing Series K.K.Slider is performing!
Stages (32)

Mid-Air Stadium

Super Smash Bros. Series Ah. A classic.....
Stages (34)


Super Smash Bros. Series

It looks like.....


Stages (35)

Final Destination

Super Smash Bros. Series It wouldn't be Smash Bros without it.
Unlockable Stages
Stages (10)

Crylia Castle

Fire Emblem Series This stage has no suprises at all, but you don't really fight at the castle, you can just see the castle where you are....
Stages (11)

White Land

F-Zero Series It's similar to Melee's Big Blue stage.
Stages (14)

Flat Zone 3

Game & Watch Series Has new games on it!
Stages (16)


Mach Rider Series There are a lot of obstacles!
Stages (20)

Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Solid Series Watch Out! It can hurt you!
Stages (22)

Boxing Ring

Punch Out! Series It was made for fighting!
Stages (24)


Professor Layton Series 

Watch out for cars!
Stages (25)

Bionous' Knee

Xenoblade Series No suprises here, except for an occasional krabble...
Stages (26)

Ruined Town

Sin & Punishment Series Watch the other fights behind you too!
Stages (28)

Angel Island

Sonic the Hedgehog Series

Fight all you want, but don't touch the emerald!


Stages (29)

Mushroom Valley

Spore Series The same place Sporeling was hatched!
Stages (30)


Klonoa Series A Bridge!
Stages (31)


Mega Man Series Arcade Madness!

DLC Stages
DLC (29)

Cave Story Siege

Cave Story Series This stage is for Quote.
DLC (28)

Tough Shed

Mushroom Men Series Watch out for the BUNNY!
DLC (23)

Bowser Castle

Super Mario Series Watch out for Lava!
DLC (24)

WarioWare, Inc. 2

WarioWare Series New micro-games!
DLC (26)

Reaper's Fortress

Kid Icarus Series No suprises, but it's a little creepy.....
DLC (27)

Casino Palace

F-Zero Series It's like Melee's Mute City.

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