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Super Smash Bros. Frontier
Developer(s) Omega Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Omega X
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA August 17, 2015

25px-Flag of Japan August 23, 2015
25px-Flag of Europe September 3, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia TBA

Smash (1-8 Players)

Online Mode
Smash Bash
Classic & All-Star
Master & Crazy Orders
The Vault

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Media Included Omega X Card

Super Smash Bros. Frontier is an upcoming fighting game. It is not necessarily the sequel to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, but this is a "spin-off" game.


NOTE: All the images below are temporary.

Veterans (Starters)

These are all the veterans that come to this game and are available from the beginning.

Image Name Series Introduced
Mario-SM3DW Mario Mario series SSB
Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Mario series SSB
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach Mario series SSBM
BowserNSMBU-transparent Bowser Mario series SSBM
Rosalina - Mario Party 10 Rosalina Mario series SSB4
Bowser Jr9 Bowser Jr. Mario series SSB4
YoshiPlaysHockey Yoshi Yoshi series SSB
DonkeyPartyDS Donkey Kong Donkey Kong series SSB
DiddyKong Diddy Kong Donkey Kong series SSBB
100px-HW Link Link Zelda series SSB
ZeldaHyruleWarriors Zelda Zelda series SSBM
OoT Sheik PM Sheik Zelda series SSBM
Hyrule Warriors Ganon Ganondorf Zelda series SSBM
Samus Aran Samus Metroid series SSB
Samus suit zero Zero Suit Samus Metroid series SSBB
KirbyWiiNew Kirby Kirby series SSB
Kingdedede King Dedede Kirby series SSBB
KRtDL Meta Knight Meta Knight Kirby series SSBB
FoxZero Fox Star Fox series SSB
Pikachu-1 Pikachu Pokemon series SSB
JigglypuffSSB4 Jigglypuff Pokemon series SSB
Mewtwo SSB4 Mewtwo Pokemon series SSBM
Red the trainer Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard) Pokemon series SSBB
LucarioPokkénTournament Lucario Pokemon series SSBB
Greninja-ssb4 Greninja Pokemon series SSB4
CaptainFalconAnarchy2 Captain Falcon F-Zero series SSB
Ness ssb 3ds and wii u by bubblekirby77-d6tj4ne Ness Mother series SSB
Lucas T SSB4 Lucas Mother series SSBB
Marth3 5 Marth Fire Emblem series SSBM
Ike (FE9 Artwork) Ike Fire Emblem series SSBB
Robin2 Robin Fire Emblem series SSB4
Mr. Game & Watch SSB4 Render Mr. Game & Watch Game & Watch series SSBM
Pit6 Pit Kid Icarus series SSBB
PalutenaRadioactive Palutena Kid Icarus series SSB4
WarioSSB4 Wario Wario series SSBB
OlimarSSB4 Olimar Pikmin series SSBB
ROBSSB4 R.O.B. (Technically none) SSBB
SnakeBrawlArtwork Snake Metal Gear Solid series SSBB
ASRT SONIC Sonic Sonic series SSBB
LittleMacVR Little Mac Punch-Out series SSB4
Shulkssb4 Shulk Xenoblade Chronicles series SSB4
MegaManSSB4 Mega Man Mega Man series SSB4
NewPacman Pac-Man Pac-Man series SSB4
Ryu SF Ryu Street Fighter series SSB4

Newcomers (Unlockable)

These are all the unlock able characters and newcomers in the game. They can be unlocked by doing a certain task or winning 10, 20, 30, or more battles. These are ordered in how difficult the task is or how many battles you have to win.

Image Name Series Moveset
SU Maxwell Maxwell Scribblenauts series B Neutral: Scribble

B Side: Sword Slash
B Up: Jetpack Thrust
B Down: Bomb
Final Smash: T-Rex

Bomberman Bomberman Bomberman series B Neutral: Chargeable Bomb

B Side: Bomb Kick
B Up: Bomb Thrust
B Down: Elemental Bomb
Final Smash: Expanding Bomb

CaptainToadCTTT Captain Toad Mario series B Neutral: Pickaxe

B Side: Mine Cart
B Up: Puff-Up
B Down: Vegetable
Final Smash: Toad Pile

Geno Brawl Geno Mario series B Neutral: Geno Blast

B Side: Geno Whirl
B Up: Geno Boost
B Down: Geno Flash
Final Smash: Geno Beam

PaperMarioStand Paper Mario Mario series B Neutral: Paper Fireball

B Side: Hammer
B Up: Super Paper Punch
B Down: Paper Tornado
Final Smash: Partner Smash

IsaacAnarchy Isaac Golden Sun series B Neutral: Quake

B Side: Astral Blast
B Up: Planet Diver
B Down: Nettle
Final Smash: Grand Gaia

Banjo&KazooieSmashified Banjo-Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie series B Neutral: Scratch

B Side: Forward Roll
B Up: Flap Flip
B Down: Egg Firing
Final Smash: Beak Barge

Waluigi SMW Waluigi Mario series B Neutral: Serve

B Side: Golf Club
B Up: Water Bend
B Down: Ground Stomp
Final Smash: Waluigi Dance Revolution

Zoroark SSB4 Zoroark Pokemon series B Neutral: Illusion

B Side: Embargo
B Up: Fling
B Down: Swords Dance
Final Smash: Fury Swipes

Splatoon Ika Inkling Splatoon B Neutral: Splat Charger

B Side: Splat Roller
B Up: Inkling Thrust
B Down: Squid Form
Final Smash: Splatterhouse

SimonBelmont Simon Belmont Castlevania series B Neutral: Whip

B Side: Cinquedea
B Up: Whip Up
B Down: Damascus Sword
Final Smash: Belmont Special

701Hawlucha Hawlucha Pokemon series B Neutral: Karate Chop

B Side: High Jump Kick
B Up: Aerial Ace
B Down: Swords Dance
Final Smash: Sky Drop

BayonettaSSBV Bayonetta Bayonetta series B Neutral: Kulshedra

B Side: Shuraba
B Up: Handgun Thrust
B Down: Sai Fung
Final Smash: Full Moon Slash

Gallade Conquest Gallade Pokemon series B Neutral: Confusion

B Side: Psycho Cut
B Up: Teleport
B Down: Swords Dance
Final Smash: Mega Gallade

K Rool SSB4 King K. Rool Donkey Kong series B Neutral: K. Rool Punch

B Side: Crown Boomerang
B Up: Cannonball Thrust
B Down: K. Rool Drop Kick
Final Smash: Charge Cannon

Unlocking Criteria

Name How to Unlock
Maxwell Clear Classic or win 10 battles
Bomberman Win Smash Bash or win 20 battles
Captain Toad Clear Home-Run Contest with 500 ft. or more or win 30 battles
Geno Clear All-Star or win 40 battles
Paper Mario Clear a Normal Master Orders ticket as Mario or win 50 battles
Isaac Get a chain of 125 in Trophy Rush or win 60 battles
Banjo-Kazooie Clear Classic at intensity 4.0 or higher or win 70 battles
Waluigi Clear Home-Run Contest with 1500 ft. or more as Wario or win 80 battles
Zoroark Clear Endless Multi-Man Smash with 125 or more or win 90 battles
Inkling Clear All-Star on Normal or win 100 battles
Simon Belmont Collect 125 trophies or win 110 battles
Hawlucha Clear a hard Master Orders ticket or win 120 battles
Bayonetta Clear Home-Run Contest with 3000 ft. or more or win 130 battles
Gallade Clear a Crazy Orders ticket after 15 or more turns or win 140 battles
King K. Rool Defeat Master Core at intensity 9.0 in Classic or win 150 battles

DLC Characters

Image Name Series Moveset
464Rhyperior Rhyperior Pokemon series B Neutral: Horn Drill

B Side: Hammer Arm
B Up: Stone Edge
B Down: Earthquake
Final Smash: Bulldoze

Falco SSB4deviantart Falco Star Fox series (same as previous games)
Wolf SSB4 Wolf Star Fox series (same as previous games)
Ice Climbers Shin R Ice Climbers Ice Climbers (same as previous games)
GiygasY Giygas Earthbound series B Neutral: Inexplicable

B Side: PK Rockin
B Up: Dark Dash
B Down: Embryonic Cell
Final Smash: PSI Shatter

719Diancie Diancie Pokemon series B Neutral: Diamond Storm

B Side: Rock Throw
B Up: Ancient Power
B Down: Moonblast
Final Smash: Mega Diancie


New Stages

These are stages that are new to the Smash Bros. series. (NOTE: Images are coming eventually.)

Image Name Series
Super Bell Hill Mario series
Maxwell Stadium Mario series and Scribblenauts series
Rainbow Stadium Mario series
Dragon Roost Island Zelda series
Whispy's Forest Kirby series
Brawlal Mountain Pokemon series
Hoenn/Cleoe Pokemon League Pokemon series
Fire Field F-Zero series
Serenes Forest Fire Emblem series
Beach Zone Bomberman series
Gaia Falls Golden Sun series
Mumbo's Mountain Banjo-Kazooie series
Dracula's Castle Castlevania series

Retro Stages

These stages made a comeback from other Smash Bros. games.

Image Name Series
Battlefield Super Smash Bros series
Final Destination Super Smash Bros series
N64 Mushroom Kingdom Mario series
N64 Hyrule Castle Zelda series
GC Mushroom Kingdom II Mario series
GC Kongo Jungle Donkey Kong series
GC Yoshi's Story Yoshi series
GC Fountain of Dreams Kirby series
GC Fourside Mother series
GC Poke Floats Pokemon series
Wii Mario Bros. Mario series
Wii Rumble Falls Donkey Kong series
Wii New Pork City Mother series
Wii Shadow Moses Island Metal Gear Solid series
3DS Spirit Train Zelda series
3DS Dream Land Kirby series
3DS Reset Bomb Forest Kid Icarus series
Wii U Mario Galaxy Mario series
Wii U Jungle Hijinks Donkey Kong series
Wii U Skyloft Zelda series
Wii U Pyrosphere Metroid series
Wii U Orbital Gat Assault Star Fox series
Wii U Coliseum Fire Emblem series
Wii U Gamer Wario series

New Custom Moves

These are the new custom moves that are in this game.

Pokemon Trainer


B Neutral

Scalding Water Gun: Use a water gun that deals more damage but takes longer to charge.

High-Pressure Water Gun: Use a water gun that pushes opponents far but deals no damage.

B Side

Penetrating Squirtle: Do a withdraw that penetrates shields quickly.

Squirtle Cyclone: Do a withdraw that pushes opponents in and deals damage.

B Up

Water Burst: Burst water under your feet to go high up.

Whirlpool: Pull opponents in and deal massive damage.


B Neutral

Worry Seed: Throw seeds that make opponents fall asleep.

Leech Seed: Throw seeds that take the life energy away from opponents.

B Side

Penetrating Razor Leaf: Throw leaves that penetrate shields.

Paralyzing Razor Leaf: Throw leaves that paralyze opponents.

B Up

Vine Throw: Grab opponents with vines and throw them.

Vine Cyclone: Go way high up and pull opponents in.


Slow Start: All your stats are halved until you reach/gain 5%.

Change Boost: All your stats are doubled until you reach/gain 5%.


B Neutral

Light Grenade: Throw a grenade that has more range but deals less damage.

Heavy Grenade: Throw a grenade that does more damage but has less range.

B Side

Power Missile: Launch a missile that is more powerful but gets weaker every time you use it.

Multi-Hit Missile: Launch a missile that is less powerful, but hits multiple times.

B Up

Damaging Cypher: Grab onto the Cypher (that deals damage).

Cypher Leap: Jump really high up then grab on (not for long, though).

B Down

Sacrificing C4: Latch down a C4 and explode it immediately. It damages you and others.

C3 Butterfly Bomb: Latch a C3 bomb on a butterfly and blow it up. You can control where it goes.


B Neutral

Zanku Hadoken: Unleash a Hadoken that goes diagonally down. it has a meteor effect.

Gorai Hadoken: Unleash an electric Hadoken that doesn't deal as much damage.

B Side

Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Do a Tatsumaki Senpukyaku that vacuums in opponents and deals damage.

Shippu Jinraikyaku: Perform a combo that can only be used so many times.

B Up

Goshoryuken: Perform a more powerful Shoryuken but don't rise as high.

Shinryuken: Perform a Shoryuken that hits multiple times.

B Down

Flash Chop: Perform a punch that deals more damage but doesn't stun opponents.

Chariot Tackle: Perform a dash attack. Like Flash Chop, it doesn't stun opponents.


B Neutral

Decisive Scribble: Maxwell either conjure the least powerful item or the most powerful item.

Scribble Bomb: Maxwell charges up a bomb and it explodes.

B Side

Sword Bomb: Maxwell slashes up and pitfalls opponents.

Maxwell Somersault: Maxwell does a somersault and kicks down with his foot. The kick has a meteor effect.

B Up

Double Thrust: Maxwell thrusts two times with his jetpack. The first thrust does no damage but the second thrust goes higher.

Thrust Loop: Maxwell thrusts in a loop.

B Down

Grenade Launcher: Maxwell launches grenades that explode.

Exploding Barrel: Maxwell carries around an exploding barrel. It does more damage but has less range.


B Neutral

Mine Bomb: Place a bomb that explodes when someone steps on it.

Bait Bomb: Place a bomb that pulls opponents in but has less damage.

B Side

Left Bomb: Throw a bomb that curves to the left.

Right Bomb: Throw a bomb that curves to the right.

B Up

Big Bomb Thrust: Blow up a bomb that thrusts you up a lot and does a lot of damage.

Double Bomb Thrust: Blow up two bombs to thrust you up.

B Down

Ice Bomb: Throw a bomb that freezes opponents.

Hyper Plasma Bomb: Throw a bomb that electrifies opponents and sends them launching.

Captain Toad

B Neutral

Golden Pickaxe: Use a pickaxe that deals less damage and breaks easily.

Diamond Pickaxe: Use a pickaxe that does more damage and doesn't break.

B Side

Speeding Mine Cart: Ride a mine cart that goes faster but deals less damage.

Burying Mine Cart: Ride a mine cart that pitfalls opponents.

B Up

Breathe-Out: Breath in, then breathe out shortly after.

Extreme Puff-Up: Breathe in for a long, long time.

B Down

(Both same as Peach's)


B Neutral

Geno Blizzard: Summon ice from the sky and freeze opponents.

Geno Firestorm: Summon fire from the sky and burn opponents.

B Side

Geno Shock: Throw a disk of electricity to shock opponents.

Geno Hurricane: Throw a disk that pushes opponents far away.

B Up

Geno Heal: Use magic to heal yourself.

Geno Special: Use magic to raise your special stat.

B Down

Geno Tar Ball: Shoot out a tar ball for opponents to get stuck in.

Geno Plasma Flash: Shoot to shock opponents and send them launching.

Paper Mario

B Neutral

Fast Paper Fireball: Launch a fireball that goes faster but deals less damage.

Giant Paper Fireball: Launch a fireball that deals more damage but goes slower.

B Side

Hammer Bash: Use a hammer that launches opponents upward but can't be charged.

Giant Hammer: Use a hammer that is more powerful but goes slower.

B Up

Super Jump: Jump high in the air but won't damage opponents.

Explosive Jump Punch: Deal massive damage but not gain as much height.

B Down

Mach Tornado: Pushes opponents away and gets you higher, but won't deal damage.

Clothesline Tornado: Does more damage, but won't launch you up.


B Neutral

Pitfalling Quake: Unleash a quake that pitfalls opponents.

Devastating Quake: Unleash a quake that does massive damage but is slower.

B Side

Astral Dash Blast: Unleash an Astral Blast and dash.

Mighty Astral Blast: Unleash an Astral Blast that deals more damage but is slower.

B Up

Wave Dive: Do a Planet Diver that does a wave on the ground.

Meteor Diver: Do a Planet Diver that has a meteor effect.

B Down

Penetrating Nettle: Unleash nettle that penetrates shields quickly.

Thorns: Unleash thorns that deal more damage but are slower.


B Neutral

Fire Breath: Kazooie breathes fire that lasts for a long time.

Ice Breath: Kazooie breathes ice that freezes opponents but lasts for a short time.

B Side

Airborne Assault: Banjo-Kazooie does a somersaulting smack, and it can be charged.

Banjo-Kazooie Somersault: (This is just like Maxwell's Maxwell Somersault)

B Up

Flap Flip Snag: Banjo-Kazooie attacks opponents but rises up a shorter distance.

Super Flap Flip: Banjo-Kazzoie will rise up a longer distance and opponents will be pushed away.

B Down

Transparent Egg: Banjo-Kazooie throws eggs that pass through opponents.

Timed Egg Throw: Banjo-Kazooie throws eggs that passes through opponents then explodes.





Changes From SSB4