Young Link
Young Link has time on his side!
Series SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Availability Unlockable
Debut The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Home Stage Stone Tower
Final Smash Fierce Deity Mask

(This page is for Young Link, a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All. To go to the page for this game, click here.)

Young Link is a semi-clone of Link, being faster, smaller, lighter, and less powerful. Young Link has multiple useful projectiles and ranged attacks, which is useful, considering it's quite easy for other fighters to land combos on him. With the use of his taunts, Young Link has three other forms. They are Deku LinkGoron Link, and Zora Link. Once he's changed form, Young Link can not change form once more until 30 seconds have passed, and after 2 minutes in one form, stats will harshly decrease.

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

Young Link slashes three times, the last slash being a jab that has a small amount of knockback.

Forward Tilt

Young Link swings his sword over his shoulder like an axe to the ground, with a small bit of start up lag.

Up Tilt

Young Link quickly swings in an arc above himself.

Down Tilt

Young Link swipes his sword at the ground while crouching.

Dash Attack

Young Link rolls forward, covering a good distance. This attack has decent knockback, and can hit foes on ledges.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Young Link first swings his sword weakly, and if the attack button is hit right after, he will follow up with a more powerful slash upwards, launching foes skyward.

Up Smash

Young Link performs his Up Tilt three times in a row in very quick succession, having great launching potential.

Down Smash

Young Link performs a Spin Attack with his sword against the ground.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

Young Link quickly and weakly spins his sword around full circle.

Forward Aerial

Young Link quickly slashes in front of him twice, with significant start up and end lag.

Back Aerial

Young Link kicks behind him twice, the second one harder to land but deals a bit more damage. The attack also makes Young Link turn around.

Up Aerial

Young Link holds his sword above him, but will quickly put it down. Has better knockback than Link's version, but doesn't last.

Down Aerial

Young Link holds his sword above his head and faces down, spiraling quickly to the ground as his body moves like a missile. Meteor smashes mid air foes, and bounces off of them, giving Young Link a lot of height, but will be left in a "helpless" state until he reaches the ground.




Forward Throw

Back Throw

Up Throw

Down Throw

Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)

Floor Attack(on back)

Floor Attack(trip)

Edge Attack

Specials/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Young Link pulls back a bow, an arrow in hand. How much it is charged determines it's range, and the arrow will travel forward in a straight line, unaffected by gravity. The arrow itself doesn't do much damage at all, but it does freeze foes.

Side Special

Young Link whips out a Pictograph Box and holds it to his face. Young Link can not double jump, attack, or use any other specials while like this, but pressing the special button again will make Young Link snap a picture and put away the Pictograph Box. The Pictograph Box's range is fairly short, but it's flash does minor damage and stuns, letting Young Link quickly get in an absurd amount of combos.

Up Special

Young Link performs a Spin Attack, quickly rising and spinning his sword around several times. This move has a lot more vertical distance than Link's variation, but deals minor damage to foes caught in the attack, not even making them flinch.

Down Special

Young Link crouches and winds up a Bombchu. Holding the special button will charge the attack, and it's charge determines how far the Bombchu will go. Fully charged, it's size increases slightly. Once released, the Bombchu goes forth, exploding once it comes in contact with a foe or an attack or once it runs out of charge. The Bombchu will even travel around all sides of a platform, and if it runs out of fuel, will fall and explode once it makes contact with something.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Ice Bow Pictograph Box Spin Attack Bombchu
Custom 1 Standard Bow Pictograph Paparazzi Swordcopter Big Bombchu
Custom 2 Blizzard Bow Faulty Pictograph Box Slice Attack Racecar Bombchu
Custom 3 Hail Bow Pictograph Box Beam Orbit Attack Friendly Bombchu

Custom Neutrals

Standard Bow

The bow's charge determines the arrow's range, power, and velocity. Doesn't freeze foes.

Blizzard Bow

The arrow travels slowly, a fierce wind surrounding it. It doesn't travel that far, but pushes away foes and freezes any who make direct contact with it.

Hail Bow

The arrow's tip is frozen in a chunk of ice, and falls straight to the ground. However, the charge determines it's distance, as it will slide across the ground.

Custom Sides

Pictograph Paparazzi

As soon as this move is executed, Young Link will immediatly start taking pictures, one aftter another in quick succession. Good for comboing, but doesn't stun.

Faulty Pictograph Box

When the Pictograph Box is activated, instead of taking a picture, it blows up, dealing 1% of recoil damage. Young Link then holds it like an item, and can throw it at foes. Has suprisingly good knockback, and can be picked up by others.

Pictograph Box Beam

The Pictograph Box fires a beam instead of taking a picture, traveling through foes and walls, as well as reflecting off of angled platforms.

Custom Ups


Young Link can freely fly around while spinning his sword for a brief moment before falling, but doesn't even deal damage.

Slice Attack

Young Link deals tons of damage with this attack, but gains little to no height when used in air.

Orbit Attack

Young Link spins slowly, with a gravitational effect pulling fighters torward him. If a fighter is close enough before it ends, Young Link slashes them, dealing lots of knockback and ending the attack.

Custom Downs

Big Bombchu

The Bombchu will start big by default, but it travels slower.

Racecar Bombchu

The Bombchu moves super fast, but it gives out quicker.

Friendly Bombchu

The Bombchu follows fighters, and only explodes once it runs out of charge.

Final Smash: Fierce Deity Mask

Young Link puts on the Fierce Deity Mask, transforming into his Fierce Deity form. His attack is through the roof, attacks doing lots of knockback and is as light as a feather, his only drawback being lowered speed. After 20 seconds, the attack ends.



Up: Young Link puts on the Deku Mask, turning into Deku Link. If he is currently Deku Link, he will turn back into Young Link.

Side: Young Link puts on the Goron Mask, turning into Goron Link. If he is currently Goron Link, he will turn back into Young Link.

Down: Young Link puts on the Zora Mask, turning into Zora Link. If he is currently Zora Link, he will turn back into Young Link.


Young Link walks onto the stage through a pair of double doors that look like the ones from the Clock Tower in Majora's Mask.

Victory Fanfare

Trophy Info

Young Link

Every hero has humble begginings, and Link was no exception! Young Link was a Kokiri boy who lived in Kokiri Village, until the Great Deku Tree summoned him, and set him off on a quest to save Hyrule. Later, searching for a lost friend, Young Link stumbled upon the land of Termina, where he had only three days to stop the moon itself from crashing into the planet! Nevertheless, in Smash Bros., Young Link is a smaller, faster, and weaker version of Link, but he uses an array of items from his adventures.

Young Link (Alt.)

Young Link's Ice Bow is infused with a powerful magic that freeze foes, despite their lack of power. The Pictograph Box is good for two things, stunning your foes to allow some awesome combos, and taking wonderful pictures right in the middle of the battlefield. The latter isn't reccomended. Finally, Bombchu is a small, explosive, mechanical mouse that's great for edge guarding, granted you can time it right.

Fierce Deity Mask

Alt. Costumes

  • Default -


Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Viridi: Is that Link?

Pit: It looks so...but he seems a bit different.

Viridi: If by different you mean ADORABLE, I agree.

Palutena: That's Young Link, a version of Link in his earlier years. Despite his age, he's achieved quite some feats!

Pit: Oh yeah, I remember that! Majora's Mask was one of the best games ever!

Viridi: Way to keep the forth wall intact.

Palutena: Young Link is smaller than Link, as you can probably tell, and his attacks don't hit as hard, but Young Link has a lot of his own unique moves, like the Ice Bow and Pictograph Box.

Pit: Sounds like a handful, but at least he can't, say, transform or anything. Right?

Viridi: Whatever you wanna tell yourself.

Pit:...Oh no.

Doc's Ringside Tips

Tippi's Tips

That's Young Link, the Hero of Time in an earlier stage of his life. He's got an entirely different array of moves than Link himself, so I shouldn't approach him with the same strategy. If I can get some good attacks in on him...yeah, that'll work. Good thing we both specialize in a fair bit of ranged attacks. His other forms are another story...

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