The Viruses have the fighting fever!
Series SSB5 Mario series
Availability Unlockable
Debut Dr. Mario
Home Stage Bottle
Final Smash Outbreak

(This page is for the Viruses, a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All. To go to the page for this game, click here.

The Viruses are a group of three that have a very interesting mechanic that can easily turn the tides of battle for either side. When any of the Viruses are hit by a strong attack, like a Smash attack for example, they change color. For every 10% damage they take at once, they change one color. So, if one Virus takes 10-19% damage from a single hit, they'll change color once. If a Virus takes 20-29% damage from a single hit, they'll change color twice, and so on.

By default, the order of the Viruses is Red/Fever, Blue/Chill, and Yellow/Weird. Fever is a bit of a speed demon, being the fastest of the Viruses, but can't deal too much damage. Chill is a glass cannon, able to land lots of damage, but is also the lightest of the Viruses and takes the most damage from attacks. Weird is defensive, shrugging off weaker attacks and taking less damage in general, but is the slowest and heaviest of the Viruses. Any of the Viruses can change by taking damage, and if all three are the same type of Virus, they're in serious trouble, as they can now be launched very easily. If this is the case, as soon as one of the Viruses is KO'd, it's buddies will quickly follow.

To make up for their vulnerability, the Viruses can also infect fighters through contact. There is a slight chance that, after landing a hit on a fighter, they'll be infected, depending on what Virus hit them. Smash Attacks in particular have increased chances of infection. Fever can make foes slower and gradually take damage for a short amount of time, Chill can reduce a foe's attack and gradually take damage for a short time, and Weird has a few effects, one chosen randomly everytime it infects a foe. Weird can either make a fighter grow as if they had used a Mushroom but not increase their attack, shrink as if they had used a Poison Mushroom but not decrease their attack, heal the foe by 10% damage, or do devastating damage with high knockback, almost guranteeing a KO. The last effect is the rarest.

Also, as a callback to their appearance in the Mario & Luigi series, their throws are modified versions of Bros. Moves, which were special attacks used by Mario & Luigi in those games. Specifically, they use the Bros. Moves from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. The Player must press the Attack button when they would press the A Button and the Special Button when they would press the B button in the original game, and how well they do these commands will affect the overall damage of the attack. During these attacks, attacking any of the Viruses will do damage, but not interupt their attack, so foes can take advantage of this and whale on the Viruses, stacking up damage onto them. However, no matter how much damage they take, their colors won't change during these moves.

Neutral Attacks/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

The lead Virus punches repeatedly with one fist. Last hit deals a bit more damage and has a slightly increased chance of infecting.

Forward Tilt

The middle Virus holds the lead Virus by their feet, thrusting them forwards as the lead Virus spins like a corkscrew.

Up Tilt

All three of the Viruses do an uppercut, first the front one, followed by the middle one, and then the back one.

Down Tilt

All three Viruses cartwheel forward a short distance.

Dash Attack

All three Viruses do a diving bodyslam forward.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

The lead Virus winds back and punches.

Up Smash

The Viruses do a wave, going from the front Virus to the back, and then back again.

Down Smash

The middle Virus grabs the other two by the feet and swings them around.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

The Viruses imitate the pose they make in Dr. Mario, when a Virus of their color has been defeated.

Forward Aerial

The Viruses paw in front of them, dealing minimal damage. The Virus in the front deals the most damage.

Back Aerial

The Viruses kick backwards, making a ballerina-like pose. The Virus in the back deals the most damage.

Up Aerial

The Viruses flip upside down and kick their feet above them.

Down Aerial

The Viruses corkscrew to the ground, dealing multiple hits to foes caught in their path. This move can end with Viruses temporarily vulnerable if the attack misses.



The lead Virus dives forward, with the middle Virus following, and then the back Virus. Any of the Viruses will grab a foe during this move if their in it's range. Short for each individual Virus, but long as a group.


The Virus clocks their foe in the face. An average speed pummel, that deals ok damage.

Forward Throw

The other two Viruses immediately come in front of the Virus grabbing, standing a fair distance away from the foe before the two perform a team attack. The back Virus begins by hammering the middle Virus into the ground with a hammer, pressing the Attack button. The underground Virus will then move torward the foe, and the aboveground Virus jumps torward them. It is at this point that the Special button must be pressed, which will make the underground Virus pop out and propel the aboveground Virus upwards. Then, at the right moment, the Attack button must be pressed repeatedly, which will make the back Virus spin around with it's hammer, doing constant damage to the foe as they fall to the ground and send them flying.

Back Throw


Up Throw


Down Throw


Floor Attacks/Edge Attack


Special Attacks/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Pressing the Special button will make the lead Virus change color on command, but there is a bit of lag after doing so, leaving it vulnerable. Pressing the Special button twice will make the lead Virus jump to the back, and move the middle Virus to the front.

Side Special

The lead Virus throws a Megavitamin, one half of it always being it's color. It moves fast and does lots of damage, but can be caught and used as a throw item. If Fever is hit by a Megavitamin that is partially red, it will become slower and gradually take damage over time for a while. If Chill is hit by a Megavitamin that is partially blue, it's attack will drop and gradually take damage over time for a while. If Weird is hit by a Megavitamin that is partially yellow, it will under go one of the effects caused by infection via a Weird Virus. If a Virus is hit by a Megavitamin that has neither of it's colors, it will instead heal them by 5% damage.

Up Special

The lead Virus hops into the Sky Pop, with the other two grabbing onto the tail of the plane and holding on tight. It travels quickly in a upward angle in the direction the Viruses were facing. After a while, the Sky Pop's engine will fail as it plummets straight to the ground. If the Sky Pop collides with a wall or platform, it will explode, damaging the Viruses but sending them sky high and giving them a lift. 

Down Special

The lead Virus swiftly swings a hammer, doing decent damage and burying foes. If used in mid-air, swings it full circle and can meteor smash foes, but the Virus is left vulnerable until it reaches the ground.

Custom Moves

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Color Change Megavitamin Sky Pop Bros. Hammer
Custom 1 Quick Color Change Nutritional Megavitamin Sky High Pop Quake Hammer
Custom 2 Group Color Change Megavitamin Overdose Sky Dive Pop Rattle Hammer
Custom 3 Lucky Color Buff Megavitamin Dive Bomber Pop Dunk Hammer

Custom Neutrals

Quick Color Change

No lag after changing color, but instead after changing Virus positions.

Group Color Change

All the Viruses change color at once, but all stats are doubled if all three are the same color.

Lucky Color

All the Viruses change into a random color at once.

Custom Sides

Nutritional Megavitamin

The Megavitamin will never include the color of the Virus who threw it, but it only deals minor damage on the first hit. After that, anybody whose hit by it, except for Viruses that have their color on it, will be healed by 10% damage. The Virus who threw it will be healed by 20% damage.

Megavitamin Overdose

Five Megavitamins are thrown, one after another at rapid speed. If a Virus is hit by one of these Megavitamins and it has their color, they'll suffer a near OHKO.


The Virus pulls out a Buff Megavitamin and eats it, randomly boosting one stat for 20 seconds. The stat boost goes away early if it changes color.

Custom Ups

Sky High Pop

The Sky Pop flies straight up before exploding and sending the Viruses downward. The explosion does not propel them, but deals less damage.

Sky Dive Pop

The Sky Pop flies high above the stage before the Viruses jump out with parachutes, allowing them to fall slowly to the ground. The Sky Pop explodes shortly after, dealing no damage. If the Viruses are hit while parachuting down, or press down, they'll helplessly fall at normal at speed until they reach the ground.

Dive Bomber Pop

The Sky Pop targets the foe at the highest point at the stage(if everyone's at equal elevation, then a random fighter) and homes in on them at an downward angle, spiraling out of control. Hitting the foe or the stage will cause the Sky Pop to explode, meteor smashing an airborn foe and damaging both the Viruses and anybody caught in the blast. The damage done by the explosion is higher.

Custom Downs

Quake Hammer

The hammer, when swung, buries everybody near the lead Virus. If used in mid-air, the hammer will cause the lead virus to go hurtling towards the ground, or if you're over a pit, to it's death.

Rattle Hammer

The hammer is weak, but is swung super fast. If it hits a shielding opponent, it will break their shield instantly.

Dunk Hammer

The middle Virus instead swings it's hammer, hitting the lead Virus and burying them under ground. Whenever another button is pressed, the lead Virus will hop out of the ground, launching any foes it hits high up.

Final Smash: Outbreak

All three Viruses grow twice their size, as a swarm of pixelated versions of themselves(the sprites from Dr. Mario on the NES) follow at their footsteps. The Viruses' stats will gradually increase over the duration of the Final Smash, increasing faster each time they hit a foe. Their stats return to normal at the end of Outbreak. The pixelated Viruses do constant damage to whoever they touch, and are surprisingly powerful. Despite all this, the Viruses can still take damage, and can even be KO'd if foes are lucky enough.



Up: The lead Virus puts their hands near their head and stick out their tongue, making a funny face as the other two Viruses snicker.

Side: The back Virus trips, causing a domino effect that knocks the other two over, quickly recovering afterwords. If the lead Virus hits a foe on a ledge as it's falling, the foe will be meteor smashed.

Down: A magnifying glass appears, and hovers over the Viruses. They then dance around in a circle before the magnifying glass dissappears.


A floating glove, holding a bottle, pours it's contents onto the stage, causing the Viruses to fall out. The floating glove then snaps it's fingers and dissappears.

Victory Animations

  • The three Viruses perform their down taunt, without the magnifying glass being present.
  • Two Viruses hold up the third one, lifting it up into the air as all of them cheer.
  • All three jump into the air and strike a pose similar to Mario's jump before landing and laughing.

Victory Fanfare

An upbeat, fast paced remix of an exerpt of the Fever theme from the Dr. Mario series.

Trophy Info


Alt. Costumes

  • Default - The Viruses' default costume.


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