SPM Tippi
Tippi flutters into battle!
Series SSB5 Mario series
Availability Unlockable
Debut Super Paper Mario
Home Stage Castle Bleck
Final Smash Purity Heart

(This page is for Tippi, a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All. To go to the page for this game, click here.)

Tippi is a very light character, but her small hitbox can make it fairly difficult to land a hit on her. Tippi is also a bit slow for a fighter her size, and is light and floaty in air. A lot of her attacks are focused on range, as to keep fighters at bay, since she can be easily launched if they get too close.

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

Tippi swipes with her left wing, right wing, and then flaps both of them at once. The last hit has decent knockback if a foe makes contact the tip of Tippi's wings.

Forward Tilt

Thoreau appears in front of Tippi, giving a quick backhand slap as Tippi mimics his motions.

Up Tilt

Barry appears above Tippi, spinning rapidly as he quickly goes a short distance up before disappearing.

Down Tilt

A small rainbow ring appears where Tippi is standing...fluttering, and travels outward a very short distance, tripping foes.

Dash Attack

Dashell appears behind Tippi and gives her a boost, a fiery aura emitting off of her as she moves forward like a rocket, stopping after a couple moments.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Thoreau appears in front of Tippi, clutching his fist and punching whoever's in front of him. Inputting up during the attack will make him perform an uppercut, and inputting down will make him go up a short distance and slam a foe from above.

Up Smash

Barry appears above Tippi, turning into a spiky barrier that deals damage and protects Tippi.

Down Smash

Dashell appears at Tippi's side, quickly bolting around her three times before disappearing.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

Tippi's wings extend twice their length as she faces the camera, her wings dealing damage.

Forward Aerial

Tippi swipes one of her wings downward, a rainbowy aura emitting off of it and giving the attack a fair bit of range.

Back Aerial

Tippi lays herself face down midair and spins wildly, a rainbowy aura creating a circle around her to indicate the attack's range.

Up Aerial

Tippi creates an upwards swipe of rainbowy aura, curving around to reach foes above her with fairly good range.

Down Aerial

The rainbow aura concentrates into a solid line, quickly forming below Tippi. Getting hit from it's side isn't too harmful, but getting hit as it materializes and being below it will cause a meteor smash.



Tippi has a long range grab, which is surprising for a fighter her size. Thoreau will appear in front of Tippi and lunge forward, grabbing anyone he runs into and coming back to Tippi. If he misses, leaves Tippi vulnerable for a dangerous amount of time.


Thoreau squeezes his fist, damaging the victim. A normal speed pummel.

Forward Throw

Thoreau lifts foe above Tippi, and tosses them forward.

Back Throw

Thoreau swings the foe around Tippi several times before letting them go in the opposite direction Tippi was facing when the move started.

Up Throw

Throeau lets go of his foe and swiftly follows up with an uppercut.

Down Throw

Throeau slams his foe to the ground before dissappearing, being replaced by Thudley as he goes high above them and falls, crushing them. Takes a bit long to execute, but is Tippi's most powerful throw.

Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)

Tippi gets up while Dashell appears and dashes a couple times around her counterclockwise, dealing damage to foes.

Floor Attack(on back)

Tippi gets up while Dashell appears and dashes a couple times around her clockwise, dealing damage to foes.

Floor Attack(trip)

Dashell appears next to Tippi on the side that is closest to a foe and tackles them while Tippi gets up.

Edge Attack

Tippi flips over the edge gracefully while Thoreau appears and rockets forward with his fist clenched.

Specials/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Fleep appears beside Tippi, creating a rectangle that can be moved by directional input, albeit somewhat slowly. Pressing any other button will cause the rectangle to flip, making any foes caught in it's range dizzy. Getting hit while using this move will make the rectangle automatically disappear.

Side Special

Carrie appears beside Tippi and turns into a platform, letting Tippi hop on. Carrie can be moved, and moves a bit faster than Tippi herself. Landing on foes will deal damage as well, meteor smashing if the foe's damage is over 90% only. Carrie is even big enough for other fighters top hop on to her like a moving platform, although they cannot influence her movement. Carrie will disappear after 10 seconds of use, or if Tippi takes damage while on her. It then takes 5 seconds before Carrie can be used again.

Up Special

Slim appears beside Tippi, making both of them turn paper thin, practically invisible before reappearing elsewhere. Tippi's end location can be determined by directional input during the move. Slim will always reappear with Tippi, being in front of her. A foe hit by Slim as he reappears will take damage and be launched.

Down Special

Dottie appears beside Tippi, shrinking her down to half her size, as if she was under the influence of a Poison Mushroom. Tippi can move faster, jump higher, and is even harder to hit, but deals less damage and can be launched easier. This wears off as soon as this move is used again, which will have Dottie reappear and return Tippi to normal size.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Fleep Flop Carrie Cruise Slim Escape Dottie Dodge
Custom 1 Fleepflect Crash Course Carrie Close Call Escape Piccolo Perk
Custom 2 Quick Fleep Elevator Carrie Slamming Slim Barry Blockade
Custom 3 Fleep Fights Back Trip Up Carrie Slim Comeback Thudley Thud

Custom Neutrals


Fleep creates a rectangle around Tippi immediately, flipping her instead. This does nothing to her, but projectiles are reflected while she is flipping.

Quick Fleep

The rectangle is half it's size, but can be moved quicker. However, it merely trips foes instead of making them dizzy.

Fleep Fights Back

Fleep stands near Tippi, pulling a defensive stance. If hit, will trap the offender and flip them, dealing damage and launching them with the same force the attack had.

Custom Sides

Crash Course Carrie

After hopping on Carrie, she moves forward at blinding speeds, damaging any foes in her path. However, she can't be controlled, and the move automatically ends as soon as Carrie reaches a ledge.

Elevator Carrie

After hopping on Carrie, she simply moves up slowly, and acts more like a platform. Tippi is in full control of herself at the time too, able to attack and such while on her. Carrie automatically disappears after 5 seconds.

Trip Up Carrie

Carrie immediately appears in her platform form, and slides across the ground without Tippi super quickly. Any foes hit by her will take a small amount of damage and trip. She'll go right off edges and up walls too, and won't disappear until she goes off screen or after 10 seconds.

Custom Ups

Close Call Escape

Slim teleports Tippi faster and the teleport's range is longer, but Slim will not reappear with Tippi.

Slamming Slim

Slim can only teleport Tippi directly up, but when the two reappear, he'll swiftly dive below Tippi, meteor smashing unfortunate foes.

Slim Comeback

Slim teleports Tippi exactly where she started when the move was executed, but it is executed super quick. If Tippi is hit at the beginning of this move, the offender will be stunned before Tippi teleports back in, burying them upon contact.

Custom Downs

Piccolo Perk

Piccolo appears and plays a short song, and if Tippi doesn't take damage or move by the time the song ends, Tippi will recieve a random stat boost that lasts until she is KO'd.

Barry Blockade

Barry appears and turns into a spiky barrier, surrounding Tippi and protecting her from damage until she moves. Getting hit by a projectile will automatically end the move.

Thudley Thud

Thudley appears and both him and Tippi jump forward a short a distance into the air before doing a soumersalt and performing a ground pound. Tippi herself won't deal damage, but Thudley will, able to meteor smash foes in mid air. If Thudley falls off the edge due to location, it'll be awhile until Tippi can use this move again.

Final Smash: Purity Heart

Tippi floats up into the air as the eight Pure Hearts gather around, combining above Tippi's head and forming the Purity Heart, which is shrouded by blinding light. The rays of light are intense, and appear in random patterns. Foes hit by the rays are launched and take tons of damage, and touching the Purity Heart itself will launch someone incredibly far. After a while, a white flash will end the move.



Up: Tippi spins 360 degrees before pointing her wings upwards, as if she was putting her nonexistent hands in the air.

Side: Tippi turns into her cursor form, moving slightly left and slightly right before returning to normal.

Down: Tippi goes limp and falls to the ground like a piece of paper before returning to normal.


The Light Prognosticus lies on the ground before it opens, with heavenly light emitting from it's pages as Tippi appears.

Victory Fanfare

An orchestrated remix of the theme that plays when Mario collects the first Pure Heart from Merlon in Super Paper Mario.

Trophy Info

TBA Alt. Costumes

  • Default - Tippi's default costume.
  • Thoreau - Tippi's colors are a mix of oranges, reds, and blues. Based off of Thoreau
  • Boomer - Tippi's colors are mostly dark blues, with black at the tips. Based off of Boomer.
  • Dottie - Tippi's colors are a mix of neon greens and neon blues. Based off of Dottie.
  • Monochrome - Tippi's colors are a mix of black and whites.
  • Rubees? - Tippi's colors are bright reds, slightly resembling Rubees.
  • Blumiere - Tippi's colors are a variety of indigos and black, resembling the colors of the Void.
  • Tiptron - Tippi looks exactly like her robotic counterpart, Tiptron.


  • Tippi's Down Taunt is actually a reference to an event in Super Paper Mario. After Chapter 4, when Mario and Co. return to Flipside, Tippi blacks out of nowhere, playing an animation similar to her down taunt.

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

(Note: Tippi's text appears in the form of a box with a rainbow border, like the ones used for Pixls in Super Paper Mario. However, she has no voice.)

Viridi: What the heck?

Pit: A rainbow butterfly? Those things are super rare! I wonder how many hearts I could get for it...

Viridi: Don't you dare touch it, Pit! If you so much as lay a finger on that wonderful, beauty of nature, I will personally tear off your wings, feather by feather!

Palutena: Whoa, there. Does somebody need a timeout?

Viridi: I am a goddess, not a child!

Tippi: I interupting something?

Pit: It can talk?

Palutena: She can talk. How about you introduce yourself, Tippi?

Tippi: Thank you, Palutena. I'm Tippi, and I'm a special kind of fairy known as a Pixl. You know Mario, right?

Pit: Yeah, me and him teamed up in Brawl! Good times.

Tippi: That's good. Me and Mario were once partners, and we worked together to stop Blu-, I mean, Count Bleck, from destroying all worlds. Along the way, we had found other Pixls who helped Mario and Co. get by, and they're here today to help me out.

Palutena: Pit, I'd look out for Carrie, the carrying Pixl. She'll turn into a platform and give Tippi a lift, allowing her to roam around quickly, and even damage you simply by stomping on you.

Viridi: Wait a you're not a butterfly?

Tippi: No, I'm not.

Viridi: Darnit! And I thought you were a rare one, too!

Pit:...Can't you just make you're own?

Doc's Ringside Tips

The stool is empty, until Tippi flips in, and all of the Pixls involved in her attacks flip in shortly after. They happily float around, socializing with eachother.

Version 1

Alright Mac, float like a butterfly, and sting like Tippi! She may be small, but that happens to be small enough for her to easily get away from your attacks.

Version 2

I'm no bug catcher, but Tippi certainly looks small enough to catch in a net. Maybe you should swap out your gloves for a net, son! Ha ha ha!

Version 3

Don't get discouraged if you keep missing, Mac! No matter how many times she gets away, one strong punch from you could be devastating for Tippi.

Tippi's Tips

That'! I thought I was Tippi! Oh no, is Mimi here? I've dealt with clones before, so this shouldn't be too hard. I'm a bit slow, but I'm light as a feather, and my small size is helpful for dodging attacks. But getting hit even a couple times could mean trouble. I've gotta use my own knowledge against her...I mean me!

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