Shadow Kirby
Shadow Kirby mirrors his foes!
Series SSB Kirby Series
Availability Unlockable
Debut Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Home Stage Fountain of Dreams
Final Smash Dimensional Mirror

(This page is for Shadow Kirby, a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All. To go to the page for this game, click here.)

Shadow Kirby is a semi-clone of Kirby statistics wise. He's faster but lighter than Kirby, and is a bit floatier in air. His moveset is completley different from Kirby's, however, pulling moves and skills from some of Kirby's more obscure abilities.

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack


Forward Tilt


Up Tilt


Down Tilt


Dash Attack


Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Up Smash


Down Smash


Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial


Forward Aerial


Back Aerial


Up Aerial


Down Aerial







Forward Throw


Back Throw


Up Throw


Down Throw


Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)


Floor Attack(on back)


Floor Attack(trip)


Edge Attack

Specials/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Shadow Kirby uses the Reflect Force move from Kirby's Mirror ability, whipping out a magic scepter and waving it around, quickly sending multiple shards of magical glass in front of him, traveling foward, 45 degrees down and 45 degrees up. Their range is fairly short, and each shard deals a small bit of damage. If a projectile hits one of the shards, it will be reflected.

Side Special

Shadow Kirby wears the Animal Copy Ability outfit and leaps forward a fair distance, claws first. If he collides with a foe, he'll grab them, slash them three times, and then jump off of them. Foes caught in midair will not fall as Shadow Kirby grabs them, but will be meteor smashed once Shadow Kirby jumps off if their damage is high enough. If Shadow Kirby misses his foes and falls off the stage, he won't be able to recover or use any moves.

Up Special

Shadow Kirby puts the Cupid Ability to use, able to fly around in any direction easily. Pressing the attack button will cause Shadow Kirby to fire an arrow. This move can be charged and used while flying. Shadow Kirby will fall to the ground after a few moments, or once he takes damage.

Down Special

Shadow Kirby pulls out a red and white yo-yo and throws it foward before it slings back to him. Deals constant damage and drags opponents toward him if they get caught in the yo-yo's path on it's way back. Attacking the yo-yo when it's not moving will cause it to break, leaving Shadow Kirby immobile and vulnerable for a moment. If used in mid-air, Shadow Kirby spins the yo-yo around him clockwise, and counterclockwise if used while Shadow Kirby is moving backwards in mid air.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Reflect Force Animal Fury Cupid Crusade Yo-Yo Throw
Custom 1 Shard Force Animal Flurry Cupid's Flight Yo-Yo Zip
Custom 2 Reflect Fury Animal Pounce Aerial Attack Angel Yo-Yo Blade
Custom 3 Gale Force Animal Grab Cupid's Burning Passion Figure 8 Yo-Yo

Custom Neutrals

Shard Force

The shards of glass are larger and deal more damage, and have a larger range as well, but it takes longer to execute this move and it will not reflect projectiles.

Reflect Fury

The shards of glass are smaller, but twice more than usual are fired, and this move is executed faster. The shards are fired spurraticly, making it difficult to block projectiles, and do minimal damage, but reflected projectiles are fired back three times as fast.

Gale Force

Shadow Kirby instead shoots a twister forward from his wand, pushing back foes. It deals no damage, and the effect dies down the longer it is used, and will not refill until Shadow Kirby is KO'd.

Custom Sides

Animal Flurry

Shadow Kirby swipes wildly with his claws from the get go, dealing damage to foes that get in his way. Deals less damage, but has greater distance, and Shadow Kirby can cancel this move at any time by pressing the special button, still able to recover.

Animal Meteor

Shadow Kirby jumps straight up before staright down at an angle, claws first. Any foes caught by Shadow Kirby are meteor smashed as Shadow Kirby bounces off of them. Does more damage. If Shadow Kirby misses and lands on the ground, he'll be vulnerable for a moment as he pulls his claws out of the ground.

Animal Grab

Shadow Kirby grabs in front of him with his claws, having a pretty small range. Caught foes will be slashed three times before Shadow Kirby jumps, and does tons of damage.

Custom Ups

Cupid's Flight

Shadow Kirby can fly faster and can stay in the air longer, but can't fire any arrows.

Aerial Attack Angel

Shadow Kirby rises a short distance before firing three homing arrows at a nearby foe before falling.

Cupid's Burning Passion

Shadow Kirby's flight is hindered slightly, and his arrows are burning at the tip, being heavier and often dropping straight down unless fully charged. Arrows deal fire damage and more damage in general.

Custom Downs

Yo-Yo Zip

Shadow Kirby throws foward the Yo-Yo lightning fast, dealing not a lot of damage, but good knockback, especially when the Yo-Yo is at it's peak distance. Opponents are not pulled back by the Yo-Yo.

Yo-Yo Blade

The Yo-Yo has a razor sharp blade around it, the attack taking longer to start up, and travels slower, but it deals contstant damage at a faster rate.

Figure 8 Yo-Yo

Shadow Kirby whips the Yo-Yo around him in a Figure 8 shape, the range covering him from attacks at all sides, but doesn't deal too much damage.

Final Smash: Dimensional Mirror

Shadow Kirby calls upon the power of the Dimensional Mirror, pieces of it coming back together as it creates a vortex that sucks in nearby fighters. Inside the mirror, fighters are then assualted by a variety of attacks from Shadow Kirby and Dark Meta Knight before both of them send the fighters flying with one final slash.



Up: Shadow Kirby does one of Kirby's signature Victory Dances.

Side: Shadow Kirby pulls out Kirby's cellphone from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror as it rings, but hangs it up immediately.

Down: Shadow Kirby puts on a defensive pose, looking left and right before he calms down.


The Dimensional Mirror is on the stage, and a silloute of Kirby appears in it before Shadow Kirby hops out. The Mirror shatters into pieces before dissappearing.

Victory Fanfare

A fast, heavy metal remix of the full version of the Victory Dance theme from the Kirby series. This theme is shared with Meta Knight.

Trophy Info

TBA Alt. Costumes

  • Default - Shadow Kirby's default costume.
  • Yellow - Shadow Kirby has a yellow tint, his facial features being purple. Based off of Yellow Kirby AKA Keeby.
  • Red - Shadow Kirby has a red tint, his facial features being green. Based off of Red Kirby.
  • Green - Shadow Kirby has a green tint, his facial features being red. Based off of Green Kirby.
  • Classic - Shadow Kirby has a monochrome tint, his facial features being pure black. Based off of Shadow Kirby's appearance in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
  • Kirby - Shadow Kirby has a pink tint, his facial features being pure black. Based off of Kirby.
  • King Dedede - Shadow Kirby has a cyan tint, with white eyes, red blush marks, and yellow mouth. Based off of King Dedede
  • Waddle Dee - Shadow Kirby has an orange tint, with a tan tint around his facial area, and pure black facial features. Based off of Waddle Dees from the Kirby series.


  • The Dimensional Mirror shattering during Shadow Kirby's Enterance and reforming during his Final Smash is a nod to Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, in which pieces of the Dimensional Mirror are scattered, and Kirby needs to find them to return the mirror to normal so he can save Meta Knight.
  • During Shadow Kirby's Final Smash, when the fighters are sucked into the Dimensional Mirror, it has the same background as it did in Kirby Triple Deluxe, and subsequiantly, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.
    • Said Final Smash implies that Shadow Kirby and Dark Meta Knight have at least a neutral relationship, as he assists Shadow Kirby by attacking the captured fighters and lands part of the final blow on them.
    • During the attack, while Dark Meta Knight simply repeadtly attacks with his sword, Shadow Kirby uses a bunch of random attacks, including those from all the abilities that first appeared in Kirby's Adventure, some attacks used by the Animal Friends from Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3, even using the Star Rod, the Triple Star ability, and the Ultra Sword on rare occasions. These are purely cosmetic, and do not affect how much damage this attack does.

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Oh no, did Kirby accidently mess with the Mirror of Truth?! I thought I destroyed that thing for good!

Palutena: Calm down, Pit, this isn't another Pitoo situation.

Pit: Phew. That's a relief...but then who is this?

Palutena: That's Shadow Kirby, Kirby's counterpart from the Mirror World. Although he may look somewhat evil and clone-ish, rest assured, he's as care-free and evil-thwarting as normal Kirby.

Pit: So he's a clone? I though we got rid of those this time around.

Palutena: Actually, Shadow Kirby may look like Kirby, but he's lighter and faster, making him harder to hit but easier to launch. Not to mention, Shadow Kirby has an entirely different moveset, some notable moves being his Animal Fury and Yo-Yo Throw.

Pit: First Ness, now this guy? Where can I get a super powerful yo-yo like that?

Doc's Ringside Tips

A health bar from classic Kirby games is shown above Shadow Kirby's head, with only one bar of health left. Shadow Kirby is panting, until a Maxim Tomato is tossed to him from outside the ring. He eats it, and the health bar returns to full as Shadow Kirby cheers. He then sits down on the stool, content with himself.

Version 1

I've heard of a mirror match, but this is just crazy! All jokes aside, Shadow Kirby is faster and lighter than regular Kirby, which means he may be harder to hit, but it'll pay off when you do!

Version 2

If Shadow Kirby uses Cupid Crusade, stay low, Mac! He'll fly around, shooting arrows before he falls. That'll be your chance to hit him!

Version 3

Come on, Mac, let's send Shadow Kirby back to the Mirror World! Make him a mere shadow of your glory!

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