Serperior, The Regal Pokemon!

|Availability - Starting| ~ |Series - Pokemon| ~ |Home Stage - Black City/White Forest| ~ |Final Smash - ???|

Serperior is a big and heavy fighter, and has a somewhat slow speed. It's jump height is meh on the first jump, but the second jump has slightly more height. Lots of it's moves have endlag, and even while moving, it's long tail gives it a larger hitbox than other fighters it's size. However, the pure power and range of it's attacks more than make up for all of this.

Neutral Attacks

Jab Serperior whirls it's tail in front of it somewhat like a lasso, dealing damage until the button is released.
Side Tilt Serperior cracks it's tail like a whip in front of it, has a long range and deals more damage at the tip.
Up Tilt Serperior lifts it's self into the air by standing on it's tail, damaging foes it runs into before descending. Has surprisingly good vertical range.
Down Tilt Serperior whips it's tail at ground level, having good range and able to trip up foes easily.
Dash Attack Serperior lifts a short distance off the ground and "soars" for a moment like a dragon, damaging foes it hits before landing.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Serperior uses a combination of it's jab and side tilt, whirling it's tail in front of it like a lasso before swiftly following up with a whip like crack of it's tail.
Up Smash Serperior lies on it's head and cracks it's tail like a whip above it. This move has more vertical range than horizontal, the hitbox being very precise.
Down Smash Serperior gets flat on it's belly and slithers swiftly in a circle, damaging foes it rams into.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Serperior coils into a ball and soumersaults, dealing damage with it's flailing tail.
Front Aerial Serperior swiftly whips it's tail forward, has good horizontal range.
Back Aerial Serperior swiftly whips it's tail backwards at a somewhat upward angle, decreasing horizontal range slightly for vertical range.
Up Aerial Serperior whips it's tail above it, like it's up smash.
Down Aerial Serperior cracks it's tail like a whip below it, having a small bit of start lag and a very precise hitbox, but has good vertical range and meteor smashes if hit at the tip.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Serperior whips it's tail forward like a lasso and also acts like a grapple. Has the best range by far.
Pummel Serperior tightens it's grip on it's foe, and is a faster than average pummel.
Front Throw Serperior nonchalantly tosses it's foe forward.
Back Throw Serperior spins it's foe above it's head three times before letting go, sending them in the opposite direction Serperior was facing when the throw began.
Up Throw Serperior swiftly tosses it's foe into the air.
Down Throw Serperior wraps it's entire body around the foe and squeezes tight before they slip out and slide across the ground.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Leaf Tornado Serperior creates a small cyclone of sharp leaves, and flies around within it. It can be moved around the stage swiftly, and significantly faster than Serperior itself. Foes caught in the cyclone take multiple light hits until the move ends. Leaf Tornado ends after a couple brief moments, and doesn't leave Serperior helpless. Mashing the special button will actually make this move give Serperior a good bit of vertical height as well, but not much.
Side Special Slam Serperior quickly slams it's tail down hard right in front of it, dealing good damage and burying foes caught. However, the move has a short range, unlike the rest of it's arsenal. Can't be used in air.
Up Special Energy Ball Using it on the ground, Serperior coils up and charges a green ball of energy, similar to Lucario's Aura Sphere and Mewtwo's Shadow Ball. Upon full charge, the move automatically ends. Used in mid air, Serperior shoots the Energy Ball downwards, propelling itself up. How much height it gets depends on the charge, before it goes helpless. With no charge, Serperior gets little to no height before immediately becoming helpless. If the Energy Ball is deflected/neutralized/hits a foe at the very start, Serperior will also become immediately helpless.
Down Special Solar Beam Serperior takes in energy from the sun, a glow of sunlight emitting off of it once fully charged. This move can only be used if fully charged, and it can't be charge canceled by shielding or dodging mid charge. Once let loose, a medium sized beam of green energy bursts forth, doing heavy damage.

Neutral Special Tornado There are no leaves, and instead of dealing damage, the twister instead causes chaos for foes by pushing them back from all angles.
Side Special Meteor Slam Executed a bit slower, but meteor smashes foes instead of burying. Can be used in mid air.
Up Special Light Energy Ball Requires a longer charge, but gives more height than usual. Deals very little damage.
Down Special Beam Requires a very brief charge up period, but the beam is smaller and deals less damage.

Neutral Special Leaf Hurricane The tornado is twice it's normal size and deals more damage, but doesn't last as long and is slower.
Side Special Tail Whip A longer range, but only does a small amount of damage rather than burying.
Up Special Incredible Energy Ball Takes only slightly longer to charge, but deals incredible damage, at the cost of recovery.
Down Special Hyper Beam Takes even longer to charge, but deals massive damage. Serperior will actually fall asleep for a brief moment afterwards, even if the move misses.

Neutral Special Swift Gale More mobility, and lasts longer, but deals even less damage.
Side Special Shattering Slam Serperior pauses for a brief moment before very quickly executing this move. No longer buries, but instead breaks shields if timed right.
Up Special Energyless Ball No charge required, but only travels a preset distance.
Down Special Easy Beam Can be charge cancelled, unlike other variations, but isn't quite a devastating than it's default version.


Serperior stomps the ground, and tall, thorny roots come out of the ground three times in varying patterns, able to launch foes with ease before the move ends. Will automatically fail if used in mid air.


Up - Serperior coils into a ball and and is seen snoring before awaking abruptly.

Side - Serperior flicks it's tongue out while hissing, as well as puffing out it's chest in an attempt to menacing.

Down - Serperior glares menancingly at it's foe for a brief moment.


A Pokeball is thrown onto the stage, and Serperior flies out before landing and coiling into it's battle stance.

Victory Animations

  • Serperior scoffs and has it's chin up before looking away from the camera.
  • Serperior slithers onto the screen and stands on it's tail, looking down from above and hissing.
  • Serperior coils up and falls asleep, similar to it's up taunt but stays asleep.

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Serperior looks impressed and smiles slightly for it's opponent's victory.

3rd Place - Serperior isn't facing the camera, and looks slightly upset because of it's loss.

4th-8th Place - Serperior is coiled up on the ground and looks at the camera slightly depressed.

Victory Fanfare

Alt. Costumes

  • Default - Serperior's defaullt costume
  • Shiny - Serperior's underbelly is a mint green, and it's coat is a dark blue, matching it's "shiny" appearance from it's games of origin.
  • Autumn - Serperior has a brown, yellow, and red color scheme, colors commonly associated with autumn.
  • Winter - Serperior has a brown and white color scheme, resembling a dead plant in the middle of winter.
  • Bloom - Serperior has a light pink color scheme like a Sakura flower.
  • Poisonous - Serperior has a purple and black color scheme, and it's eyes are a darker red. It also has an unitended resemblence to the Pokemon, Arbok.
  • Delta - Serperior has a color palette that resembles the legendary Pokemon, Rayquaza.



Shows Serperior in it's official artwork

The fully evolved Pokemon of the Grass Snake Pokemon, Snivy. Serperior is a master of intimidation with it's frightening glare and long, serphine body, and will only give it's all when it fights an opponent it deems worthy. In Smash Bros., this still stands. It's long body makes it a huge target, but said long body is also super useful for hitting foes farther away. A master of ranged attacks, Serperior is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Serperior (Alt)

Shows Serperior with it's Bloom costume using Leaf Tornado

Leaf Tornado is the signature move of Serperior and it's preevolutions, which tosses razor sharp leaves all of the place as it creates a twister to hover around and cause havoc with. Slam is the only close ranged move in it's arsenal, useful for burying foes. Energy Ball is the move that must be charged on the ground, and once used in the air, will launch a ball of energy that is useful for getting back onto the stage. Solar Beam is a powerful move where Serperior harnesses the power of the sun before firing a massive beam, but they're vulnerable before and after the beam is fired.

Frenzy Plant

Shows Serperior in it's Delta costume using Frenzy Plant, with Greninja and Pikachu shown getting hit by the massive roots

The most powerful Grass-type move of all, Frenzy Plant is a devastating move. Serperior makes gigantic roots pop out of the ground at different intervals and angles. That being said, the Final Smash will imediately fail if Serperior is not on the ground or any other platform. What? Don't get mad! You try planting a seed in mid-air, see how well that works out for you!

Appearance in The Millennium Battle

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

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