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Rotom is one of the smallest fighters out there, and generally weakest. By that, I mean that most of his standard attacks don't exactly hit hard. Rotom's main advantage against fighters is his versatility, with his various forms. When he uses his down taunt, he changes his form, and this can change up his entire moveset. Rotom is a more strategic fighter, and one that bodes well with competitive players.

Rotom has six formes, and starts in his Normal Form. By using his down taunt, Rotom can change his form. Each form has their advantages and disadvantages, and taking note of these can help players develop good strategies. For example, Normal has powerful special attacks to deal some damage, but it has a weak shield. Heat has some different, and generally more powerful standard attacks, but it's grab is incredibly short, and thrown items or projectiles travel a short distance. Wash has great grab range, and throws items and shoots projectiles farther and stronger, but it's dash is significantly slower. Frost doesn't flinch from weak attacks when below 50% and has a durable shield, but it's double jump is a struggle to deal with when recovering. Fan Rotom works better when in midair, and has no problem recovering, but it has variations of standard attacks that are either weaker or don't even deal damage, instead tripping or pushing around foes. Finally, Mow is one of the fastest characters in the game, but it's special attacks are more for navigation or tricksy purposes, and otherwise deal low damage.

Rotom makes a shocking appearance!
Series SSB Pokémon Series
Availability Unlockable
Debut Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
Home Stage -
Final Smash -

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

Rotom generates sparks of static energy in front of him, dealing damage. Can be used infinitely and deals a bit more damage once the attack ends. If Rotom is in his Heat Form, he will instead use his fists to repeatedly punch his opponent infinitely until the button is released, and this attack deals more damage in general. If Rotom is in his Fan Form, he will merely blow small gusts at the opponent, dealing minimal damage and won't even make the opponent flinch.

Forward Tilt

Rotom butts it's head forward diagonally. If Rotom is in his Heat Form, he'll swing his fist viciously at the opponent, dealing more damage. If in his Fan Form, Rotom will blow a big burst of air at the opponent, dealing no damage and simply pushing them back.

Up Tilt

Rotom creates a field of static above his head to damage incoming foes. If in his Heat Form, Rotom will release flames into the air above him, dealing more damage. If in his Fan Form, he will simply push them upwards, dealing only a little bit of damage.

Down Tilt

Rotom spins with his static aura creating bursts at his sides, tripping the foe. If in his Heat Form, Rotom will simply take a large swing at the opponent's lower body, dealing more damage. If in his Fan Form, Rotom simply pushes the opponent away with a small gust, and occasionally causing them to trip.

Dash Attack

Rotom dashes forward head first, spiraling through the air before landing. Heat Rotom will launch itself forward with it's fist in front of it ablaze. Anyone it hits are immediately hit by a follow up uppercut that launches foes upward. Fan Rotom will turn backwards and launch itself with a gust, it's body dealing slight damage that can make the opponent trip rarely.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Rotom winds back and then releases a burst of electricity in front of it. Heat Rotom will wind up his fist and then thrust it forward as it bursts into flames. Fan Rotom will charge up and then shoot a large gale, pushing back the opponent greatly.

Up Smash

Rotom spins in place and a jolt of electricity surges off of his head. Heat Rotom will charge up and then slam his fists together above him, causing a small explosion. Fan Rotom spins in place as fierce winds blow off of him, sending foes above him high into the sky but deals no damage otherwise.

Down Smash

Rotom stabs it's "arms" into the ground, jolts of electricity emitting from the ground around him. Heat Rotom thrusts it fists to it's sides, hitting foes hard. Fan Rotom will spin around and release fierce winds that push those at his sides away from him. Doesn't deal damage.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

Rotom spins in mid air and strikes a pose, static emitting from his body. Heat Rotom strikes a pose with his arms out to his sides. Fan Rotom faces the camera and releases a small gust that pushes anyone around him away, dealing significant damage.

Forward Aerial


Back Aerial


Up Aerial


Down Aerial







Forward Throw


Back Throw


Up Throw


Down Throw


Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)


Floor Attack(on back)


Floor Attack(trip)


Edge Attack

Specials/Final Smash (Normal)

Neutral Special

Rotom unleashes a large amount of electricity, surrounding Rotom like an aura. Can be charged up and damages fighters while it's charging. Damages all fighters who are hit, including teammates in team battles.

Side Special

Rotom sends a small pulse forward. It turns invisible after a short moment, and will burst when the special button is released. Does no damage, but will stun if it hits an opponent shielding.

Up Special

Rotom will fade out quickly, before fading back in higher than where Rotom was before. Inputting a direction while Rotom has dissappeared while make Rotom appear there.

Down Special

A purple gust surrounds Rotom for a short time, damaging foes and planting a flower on their head if they take enough hits. Has a 1/10 chance of increasing all of Rotom's stats for about 5 seconds.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Discharge Confuse Ray Double Team Ominous Wind
Custom 1 Charge Confuse Beam Triple Team Ominous Twister
Custom 2 Protect Sleep Ray One Man Team Fair Wind
Custom 3 Uproar Hidden Power Double Edge Sweet Scent

Custom Neutrals


Rotom instead absorbs the energy around him surrounding Rotom like an aura. Can be charged up and when used, increass Rotom's attack by 10-50%, depending on how much it was charged.


Rotom creates a shield around him, negating all damage taken and reflects projectiles. Once used, it cannot be used again for 5 seconds.


Rotom screeches and makes an intolerable noise, slighty damaging all foes on screen. Opponents right next to him are stunned.

Custom Sides

Confuse Beam

Rotom's attack is in the form of a beam, making it harder to avoid but easier to detect. Must hit the instant the shield is put up to stun foes.

Sleep Ray

Rotom's attack moves slower, but dissappears faster. Will instead put opponents to sleep, shielding or not.

Hidden Power

Rotom's attack is now sparratic, moving in a bizarre path and at random speeds, often making it incredibly hard to hit. If it hits, it deals monsterous damage.

Custom Ups

Triple Team

Rotom fades out, fades in, fades out, and then fades in once more. Offers more vertical distance, but makes it harder to control.

One Man Team

Rotom instantly appears higher up without fading out. Can't be directed else where.

Double Edge

Rotom thrashes, hitting foes on both of his sides. He will not be propelled unless he hits an opponent.

Custom Downs

Ominous Twister

The purple gust now takes on a larger form and has a large range, but opponents take damage at a slower rate.

Fair Wind

A clear gust surrounds Rotom, pushing away foes and reflecting projectiles but dealing no damage.

Sweet Scent

A pink aroma surrounds Rotom, slowing down all foes on stage and giving Rotom a speed boost for 3 seconds.

Final Smash: Shock Wave

Rotom moves to the center of the stage and releases a surge of electricity over the screen. Everybody takes damage from this move, and if anyone is over 100% when the last hit of the move lands, they will be sent flying.

Specials/Final Smash (Heat)

Neutral Special

Heat Rotom's "door" opens and expels a steady stream of flames. It's range causes it to hit enemies in front of Heat Rotom high and low. Will weaken the longer it is used, and takes 15 to fully recharge. When it does, a ding will sound, similar to that of a microwave oven.

Side Special

Heat Rotom engulfs it's fist in intense flames, before thrusting it forward. Can be charged up, but charging once it reaches maximum power will damage Heat Rotom over time. The overcharge damage will cease if Rotom is at 100% or higher.

Up Special

Heat Rotom is surrounded by a mystical fire of great intensity as it is lifted high into the air. The flames will then disperse in random directions, dealing damage to unlucky foes before they go out, and sending Heat Rotom back to the ground. Rotom's Specials deal less damage for about 25 seconds after using this move.

Down Special

Heat Rotom shakes intensly. This move must be charged or it does nothing. After charging up, Heat Rotom will explode, dealing damage to itself and nearby opponents. It's range and power depends on how long the move was charged for.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Flamethrower Fire Punch Mystical Fire Overheat
Custom 1 Heat Wave Punch Shy Fire Underheat
Custom 2 Incinerate Power-Up Punch Agrresive Fire Timed Heat
Custom 3 Dinner Rush Focus Punch Mystical Fire Launch Overfreeze

Custom Neutrals

Heat Wave

Heat Rotom releases a warm aura around it. Those who get caught in it are scorched badly. This move has shorter range but deals greater damage.


Heat Rotom expels a monsterous amount of flames, having greater range but dealing less damage. Items, even if they're being held by and opponent, are destroyed by this move.

Dinner Rush

Heat Rotom pops out either chicken wings, a turkey, pie, cookies, or burnt cookies, each with different effects. Chicken wings are small projectiles with good range, the Turkey doesn't travel far but hits hard, the pie goes far and fast, good at launching foes but doesn't deal much damage otherwise, the cookies heal 5% damage each, and burnt cookies, which look only slightly darker than normal cookies, instead deal 10% damage.

Custom Sides


Heat Rotom simply whams an opponent with his fist, sending them upwards. Can't be charged.

Power-Up Punch

This move is incredibly weak, but it's power increases every time it hits an opponent. Can be powered up to deal ludicrous amounts of damage over a long amount of time.

Focus Punch

Heat Rotom winds back before releasing a massive blow. Works exactly like Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch or Ganondorf's Warlock Punch.

Custom Ups

Shy Fire

While using this, Heat Rotom is directed far up and away from opponents before dropping down. Upon dispersing, the flames don't deal damage and go out quickly.

Agressive Fire

While not getting much lift, Heat Rotom is directed torwards foes, the flames exploding once the move ends.

Mystical Fire Launch

Heat Rotom is surrounded by the flames before they shoot him upwards and at an angle. Deals no damage, except for the trail of fire left behind Heat Rotom.

Custom Downs


Can't be charged, deals ok damage, but not nearly as much as Overheat.

Timed Heat

Is charged automatically for a set amount of time before going off. Deals more damage but hard to time right.


Instead of releasing heat and exploding, Heat Rotom releases a bunch of cold mist around it, freezing foes but not dealing much damage in general, even when fully charged.

Final Smash: Blast Burn

Heat Rotom traps whatever foes are next to him before it begins to shake rapidly. After a few seconds, a colossal, explosive flames is released from Heat Rotom, dealing the most damage to foes Heat Rotom trapped but can still damage other foes who get too close.

Specials/Final Smash (Wash)

Neutral Special

Wash Rotom spouts water at the opponent to deal damage. Has decent range and deals great damage, but the higher the opponent's damage is, the less damage this attack does. In exchange, the higher the opponent's damage is, the greater the knockback for this move is.

Side Special

A wave of water emerges from below Wash Rotom, allowing it to surf over foes. The water deals continous damage to foes, and the move ends when Wash Rotom reaches an edge, takes damage, or after 4 seconds.

Up Special

Wash Rotom blows a large bubble from it's pump and holds it skyward, lifting it higher and allowing Wash Rotom to move horizontally vertically. It travels slowly, and if the bubble is hit, it pops and Wash Rotom is sent downward. However, the move won't end until Wash Rotom presses the special button, or after 20 seconds.

Down Special

Wash Rotom creates a whirlpool at it's feet, pulling foes within it's range toward it and stunning them for only a second. This allows Wash Rotom to grab and toss foes with ease.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Water Spout Surf Bubble Whirlpool
Custom 1 - - - -
Custom 2 - - - -
Custom 3 - - - -




Victory Fanfare

Trophy Info

Alt. Costumes



Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Normal Form

Viridi: What the...what the heck is that thing?!

Pit: Uh, aren't you the goddess of nature and all living beings? Shouldn't you know this kind of thing?

Viridi: That's the problem! It isn't living! I can't detect anykind of life force coming off of this thing...

Palutena: That's Rotom, the Plasma Pokemon. The reason why you can't detect anything, Viridi, is probably because Rotom is part Ghost type and part Electric type.

Viridi: I guess that makes sense...carry on, then, with your...whatever you're doing.

Pit: It's called a Smash Taunt, thank you very much.

Palutena: Rotom is currently in it's Normal Form. By using it's Down Taunt, it can change it's appearance and abilities to best suit the situation, so it would be best to educate yourself on each form's advantages and disadvantages. Rotom's Normal Form has powerful special attacks, but weak defenses.  Dodge and strike, until Rotom tries something tricksy.

Heat Form

Pit: turned into a microwave?

Viridi: Doesn't seem very practical. Then again, like I much about spirits and their weird habits...

Palutena: This is Rotom's Heat Form, that just so happens to look like a microwave oven. It harnesses fire attacks for some of it's specials, and packs quite a punch. However, it's lacking in the arms department, so it's grab shouldn't be too much trouble, nor should it be terribly hard to make it drop an item. However, if Heat Rotom gets a Smash Ball, run. It's Final Smash, Blast Burn is devastating, especially if you get caught in Heat Rotom's range.

Pit: Okay, got it. Looks like this guy is toasted!

Viridi: Geez, what is it with you and bad puns? Do you ever take a day off from bad puns?