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Retro Mario, a hero from gaming's past, is dynamically different than modern Mario. He has good speed and jump, but he is the fourth lightest character in the game, right under Kirby, Mr. Game & Watch, and Jigglypuff. Retro Mario has one of the highest jumps out of the entire roster to make up for his lack of a recovery move. A lot of his special moves hit hard or have additional effects to make up for his generally weaker normal attacks.

Retro Mario
Retro Mario brings a blast from the past!
Series SSB5 Mario series
Availability Unlockable
Debut Mario Bros.
Home Stage Mushroomy Kingdom X
Final Smash Super Starman. Bros

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

Retro Mario jabs with one hand, then the other, before finishing with a forward kick.

Forward Tilt

Retro Mario kicks forward, as if he was kicking a Koopa shell in Super Mario Bros..

Up Tilt

Retro Mario jumps slightly off the ground before he hits an empty block above him that appears out of mid air, dealing damage. The block disappears shortly after.

Down Tilt

Retro Mario crouches and quickly slides his leg out in front him.

Dash Attack

Retro Mario stops dead in his tracks, skidding across the stage a short distance before stopping completely. Similar to how Mario skid in the original Super Mario Bros..

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Retro Mario pulls out a Hammer Bro's. Hammer and thrusts it in front of him.

Up Smash

Retro Mario jumps slightly off the ground before hitting a ? block that appears out of mid air. A coin pops out of the top and deals damage, but getting hit by the block deals even more. The ? block dissappears shortly after.

Down Smash

Retro Mario faces the camera and points to the ground at his left and right, before two Lava Bubbles from the original Super Mario Bros. pop out of the ground. They hop into the air a short distance before dissappearing.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

Retro Mario pulls his ironic death pose from Super Mario Bros., kicking his arms and legs out into the air.

Forward Aerial

Retro Mario pulls out a Koopa shell and thrusts it in front of him.

Back Aerial

Retro Mario holds his arms out in front of him and kicks his legs behind him, mimicking his swimming pose from Super Mario Bros..

Up Aerial

A coin pops out above Retro Mario, dealing damage.

Down Aerial

Retro Mario descends to the ground faster and deals damage to whoever he lands on before being bounced back up in the air a short amount. Grounded enemies are buried for a short moment and enemies in the air are meteor smashed. 



Retro Mario has a short grab range.


Retro Mario kicks his opponent in the shin.

Forward Throw

Retro Mario kicks his opponent once more, although much harder.

Back Throw

Retro Mario turns him and his opponent around before releasing his grip, jumping up and forcefully kicking them in the face.

Up Throw

Retro Mario kicks his opponent upward before jumping and punching them from below.

Down Throw

Retro Mario slams his opponent to the ground before jumping onto them and bouncing a couple times.

Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)

Retro Mario gets up then kicks behind him, then thrusts a Koopa Shell out in front of him.

Floor Attack(on back)

Retro Mario gets up then kicks in front of him, then thrusts a Koopa Shell out behind him.

Floor Attack(trip)

Retro Mario thrusts out a green Koopa Shell and a red Koopa Shell to his sides then gets up.

Edge Attack

Specials/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Retro Mario shoots a small, fast, pixelated fireball that bounces several times before dissappearing. Has great knockback that gets weaker the farther it travels.

Side Special

Retro Mario pulls out a Koopa Shell and kicks it forward. It does not dissappear until it hits a wall or falls off the stage. Anybody can jump on it to stop it, which then allows it to be picked up and thrown like an item. Rarely, Retro Mario will kick a red Koopa Shell instead of a green one, which travels faster and deals slightly more damage.

Up Special

Retro Mario throws a Poison Mushroom from Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. It deals 3% damage every second for 4 seconds. Can not be used again until the effects wear off. Opponents are more easily launched while under this move's effects.

Down Special

Retro Mario pulls out an axe from the castle levels in Super Mario Bros. and swings it in front of him slowly, almost loosing his footing. Breaks shields.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Fire Flower Koopa Shell Poison Mushroom Bridge Axe
Custom 1 Rapid Fire Flower Brittle Shell Corrosive Mushroom Bridge Tomahawk
Custom 2 Flame Flower Buzzy Beetle Shell Grumpy Mushroom Earthquake Axe
Custom 3

Super Flower

Skyward Shell 1-UP Mushroom Hammer Bro. Axe

Custom Neutrals

Rapid Fire Flower

Retro Mario can shoot smaller, less effective fireballs at rapid speed, similar to a shot from the Ray Gun.

Flame Flower

Retro Mario shoots a large burst of fire, dealing lots of damage but also taking recoil damage.

Super Flower

Instead of fireballs, Retro Mario shoots Superballs that bounce off of platforms and walls, not disappearing until they hit an enemy. However, only up to two can be on screen at once.

Custom Sides

Brittle Shell

The shell Retro Mario kicks is much stronger, but breaks after hitting an enemy or wall.

Buzzy Beetle Shell

Retro Mario kicks a weaker shell that travels slightly faster and can bounce off of walls once before breaking.

Skyward Shell

The shell is kicked skywards, capable of launching opponents at high enough percentages. It breaks upon reaching the ground.

Custom Ups

Corrosive Mushroom

The Poison Mushroom bursts upon contact, dealing instant damage rather than lingering damage. Enemies can still be easily launched for a short time.


Retro Mario throws a Mushroom which instead deals damage on contact. It moves in a straight path until it hits a wall or goes off the stage.

1-UP Mushroom

Rather than a poisonous mushroom, Retro Mario tosses a 1-UP Mushroom a short distance into the air. Whoever touches it is healed 10% damage. Can only be used up to twice per life.

Custom Downs

Thunder Axe

Retro Mario swings the axe quicker with electrical energy, but deals less damage.

Earthquake Axe

Retro Mario swings the axe into the ground, burying everybody next to him, and tripping everybody else on the same platform. Deals no damage.

Mega Axe

Retro Mario's axe is twice it's size, and takes longer to swing, but deals incredible damage. If a shield is broken by this attack, it launches and OHKOs the unfortunate foe, as if they were Jigglypuff.

Final Smash: Super Starman Bros.

Retro Mario tosses a Starman into the air and catches it, becoming invincible and flashing different colors. The music currently playing is replaced by a remixed version of the Starman theme from Super Mario Bros.. Mere contact with him causes lots of damage, any players that touch him while he's dashing are sent flying, and all of his attacks launch foes. After 10 seconds, Retro Mario and the music will return to normal.



Up: The words "1-UP" appear above Retro Mario's head, the 1-UP jingle from the original Super Mario Bros. playing as well.

Side: Retro Mario sits down for a second, with notes moving back and forth next to him. A jingle also plays, which is the first 6 notes of the Overworld theme from Super Mario Bros..

Down: Turning towards the camera, Retro Mario jumps slightly off the ground before pulling his iconic death pose from Super Mario Bros.. Upon landing, he falls on his back before getting back up.


An 8-bit pipe pops out of the stage. Retro Mario hops out and lands in front of the pipe as it sinks into the ground. The first 6 notes of the Overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. sped up faintly plays during this animation.

Victory Fanfare

A chiptune remix of the sound bit that would play when Mario completed a level in Super Mario Bros..

Victory Animations

  • Retro Mario jumps from off screen onto a flagpole and slides down it before hopping off and walking off screen.
  • Retro Mario hops on a Koopa Shell that keeps on bouncing between him and a block, as he recreates the infinite 1-UP trick.
  • Retro Mario shoots two fireballs, one to his left and one to his right, before looking at the camera and using a Super Mushroom.

Trophy Info


Alt. Costumes

  • Default - Retro Mario's Default Costume
  • Fire - Retro Mario has his Fire Flower coloration.
  • Jumpman - Retro Mario is colored like Jumpman from Donkey Kong.
  • P2 - Retro Mario is colored primarily green and white, like his Luigi variation.
  • Mushroom - Retro Mario is colored primarily orange and red, similar to the Super Mushroom's palette.
  • Poison - Retro Mario is colored primarily purple and tan, similar to the Poison Mushroom's palette.
  • Starman - Retro Mario is a rainbow of colors, similar to the effect he goes under in modern Mario games after collecting a Starman.
  • Princess? - Retro Mario's outfit is changed to match the pattern of Princess Toadstool's dress in Super Mario Bros.



Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Pit: Woah, is it me, or has Mario gotten out of shape?

Palutena: What do you mean?

Pit: It looks like he lost a couple hundred bits, and his resolution isn't in the best shape either...

Viridi: Oh, for crying out loud! That's not the actual Mario!

Palutena: Wrong and wrong. That actually wasMario, back in the old days. He's known as Retro Mario.

Pit: Now that you mention, he does look sorta familiar. Just looking at him makes that classy jingle play in my head!

Viridi: Let me guess, he's another Mario clone. Don't we already have one of those?

Palutena: Wrong again. Retro Mario is dynamically different than his modern day counterpart. He uses Koopa Shells, Fire Flowers, Poison Mushrooms, even a huge axe.

Pit: Well then, if you're looking for a fight, your victory is another castle!

Viridi:...Just for that, I'm rooting for bit boy.

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