New Super Mushroom Kingdom
Series Mario
Availability Default


New Super Mushroom Kingdom is a relativly simple stage in terms of layout. It has one main platform about 3/4 the size of Final Destination, along with two much smaller platforms off to the sides, over the edge. All edges on each platform are grabbable. Other elements are determined by the stage's current form.

In it's Acorn Plains form, the setting is like a grassland, and above the main platform are two rows of blocks, with three ? Blocks. Hitting these will spawn items instantly, and they will refill every 30 seconds. The Brick Blocks break after hitting them, but reappear after 30 seconds. Waddlewings will occasionally fly by above the stage, and deal damage upon contact.

In it's Layer Cake Desert form, bottomless pits are filled with quicksand, and in the background is a large, layer cake like rock structure. Pokeys occasionally appear on the stage, shifting across the quick sand. Contact with Pokeys deal damage, but will cause them to immediately retreat beneath the dunes.

In it's Sparkling Waters form, bottomless pits are flooded with water, and the scene is tropical. Occasionally, geysers will emerge from beneath the waves, and act as platforms. However, a Big Urchin may appear with it, and it deals damage upon contact.

In it's Frosted Glacier form, snow coats all of the platforms, somewhat increasing their height. The setting is that of a night time aurora, and occasionally, Cooligans will slide in from off stage and move back and forth on the main platform for a while before going away. They don't deal damage, but knockback fighters.

In it's Soda Jungle form, poisonous waters flood the pits, and deal damage like lava, OHKO fighters above or at 100%. The secondary platforms are replaced by Donut Blocks, and will collapse after standing on it for too long.

In it's Haunted Forest form, the artstyle changes to match that of the Painted Swampland level, and pits are also filled with poisonous waters. A Boo or two will sometimes appear, making chase after foes as long as their back is turned. Boos deal minor damage.

In it's Rock Candy Mines form, the mountainous landscape dominates the background, and the secondary platforms are gone entirely. Instead, they are replaced by Snake Blocks, which travel around the stage in a random pattern.

In it's Meringue Clouds form, all platforms are large clouds, and swarms of Para-Beetles fly by. They act as platforms, and function exactly as they do in New Super Mario Bros. U, but can be knocked out of the sky by attacks.

In it's Peach's Castle form, the layout changes dynamically, the pits being filled with lava and the main platform matching the two story layout of Peach's Castle. An airship flies around in the background, firing canonballs into the foreground now and then.

Omega FormEdit

New Super Mushroom Kingdom Ω has only the main platform, and the changes of scene are only aesthetic, nothing appearing in the pits, no enemies appear, and the geography staying the exact same.


New Super Mushroom Kingdom changes it's form every minute, but always starts in it's Acorn Plains form by default. Each form has different music, a different layout, and different hazards. This level is one of the most chaotic, having a total of 9 different forms, more than any other stage.