Mr. L, The Green Thunder!

|Availability - Unlockable| ~ |Series - Mario| ~ |Home Stage - Castle Bleck| ~ |Final Smash - Brobot Barrage|

Mr. L is a semi-clone of Luigi, sharing many of his identifying features, like his slowness and power, but having enough distingushing features of own, like his specials and some of his normal attacks. Yell "Have at you!" to your foes as you take them down with style.

Neutral Attacks

Jab Mr. L punches twice before finishing with a lunging headbutt forward.
Side Tilt Mr. L does a spinning kick. Can be angled.
Up Tilt Mr. L swipes at whatever is above him, his fist kinda acting like a cat's paw.
Down Tilt Mr. L crouches, turns around, and kicks his leg out behind him.
Dash Attack Mr. L does a sliding kick, like Mario's dash attack, but it's weaker and has a more active hitbox.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Mr. L bends his elbow and holds his arm above him before bringing it down like a karate chop. At most angles, it ends up sending foes in a downward diagonal angle. Can be particularly deadly if used near the ledge on an offstage opponent.
Up Smash Mr. L performs a hard-hitting headbutt, dealing damage to foes above him.
Down Smash Mr. L faces the camera and stands on one leg. His left arm is straight up and his right juts straight to his side. He stands on his right leg and his left leg juts straight to his side.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Mr. L performs a powerful sex kick.
Front Aerial Mr. L juts his arm straight forward, sending foes straight forward as well.
Back Aerial Mr. L turns around and does a powerful dropkick.
Up Aerial Mr. L performs a somersault and kicks backward.
Down Aerial Mr. L holds his legs out and crosses his arms before spinning in place, damaging foes with his spinning kicks. Can meteor smash at the very bottom of the hitbox, which is hard since Mr. L is at a diagonal angle while performing this move.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Mr. L grabs his foe with one hand. Mr. L has a relatively short grab range.
Pummel Mr. L jabs his opponent in the eyes with his pointer and middle finger. A slightly faster than average paced pummel.
Front Throw Mr. L grabs his foe by the arms and has them face away from him as he kicks them in the back and lets go.
Back Throw Mr. L smacks his opponent onto the ground in front of him and kicks them with the back of his shoe into the opposite direction he was facing when the throw began.
Up Throw Mr. L juggles his opponent with his knees like a soccerball two times before kicking them up.
Down Throw Mr. L pins his foe to the ground before stomping on them three times in quick succession with one foot.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Green Thunder Mr. L snaps his fingers, which create a small green spark and paralyzes anybody a short range in front of him. It's weak, but leaves foes paralyzed longer than other paralyzers.
Side Special Double Speed Strike Mr. L now has a green blurring shadow following him, which indicates Mr. L is using this attack. Mr. L is temporarily faster, and now damages foes just by running into them. He also comes to a complete stop instead of sliding a bit while using this move. This automatically goes away once Mr. L stops moving, goes a certain distance, he takes damage, or he is grabbed. He also can't jump at all for the entire duration of this move. If used in the air, he drops like a rock and won't deal damage until he reaches the ground.
Up Special Super Duper Jump Mr. L crouches and bends once, and then twice. After bending twice, he unbends and springs high into the air, damaging foes during his ascent. The jump is lower the sooner the button is released before it's fully charged, being mediocre if not charged at all. Upon descending, he can only use aerial attacks until he lands. Doesn't bend if used in the air and jumps immediately.
Down Special Shroom Shake Mr. L holds a Shroom Shake above his head in an iconic fashion for a full 2 seconds. If he is not hit during this time, then he'll get 10% health replenished. However, being interrupted causes him to drop the Shroom Shake, which only sticks around for a brief moment before vanishing. At this point, anyone can pick it up to restore 3%.

Neutral Special Point Blank Thunder As the name implies, this move's range is now practically point blank, but now it only launches rather far instead of paralyzing.
Side Special Light Speed Dash Mr. L zips ahead a set distance, and can be used in the air no problem. It deals a lot less damage, and he'll go into free fall.
Up Special Super SUPER Duper Jump Charges up much faster, and doesn't need to be charged in the air. It goes farther, but deals no damage and Mr. L goes into free fall while descending.
Down Special Empty Shroom Shake Instead of recovering HP, Mr. L holds up an empty Shroom Shake before briefly before holding it like an item. It can be thrown for 8% damage, or 13% if smash thrown. Only one Empty Shroom Shake can be out at a time.

Neutral Special Green Thunder Stream Mr. L's snap has a longer range, up to half the length of battlefield, but the paralyzing effect does no damage and doesn't last as long.
Side Special Turn Around Dash Mr. L turns around the instant this move is activated and runs in the opposite direction, deals slightly less damage, and it ends almost instantly. However, anyone hit by the dash is buried if hit near the beginning of the move and tripped if near the end.
Up Special Super Duper Meteor Charges up slower, it's weaker, and doesn't go as far, but it has a constant meteor hitbox on the way up.
Down Special Emergency Ration This move is executed a bit slower, and restores 1% under normal circumstances. However, if Mr. L's damage % is at or above 100, this move can't be interrupted and will heal 20%, but he then suffers severe endlag from the move.

Neutral Special Green Freeze Mr. L snaps slower and freezes foes instead of paralyzing them. Damage is the same.
Side Special Resistant Dash Mr. L runs significantly slower, but has super armor the whole time and deals greater damage.
Up Special Slower Duper Jump Mr. L charges at half speed, and jumps up slower and not as far, but won't flinch until it ends.
Down Special Dangerous Delight This move is executed very swiftly, and will reduce Mr. L's attack, disables special attacks, reverses controls, reduces jump height and reduces speed. All of these last for 3 seconds. Getting hit as Mr. L executes this move will inflict these effects onto the attacker rather than Mr. L, making it a very risky counter.


Brobot bursts in through the background as Mr. L hops insides. Brobot can now be controlled freely and fly around the stage, able to shoot lasers and suck in/chomp on fighters. Part way through the attack, Brobot will flash brightly and transfrom into Brobot L-Type. Brobot can now walk across the stage, dealing damage to foes it steps on, and land powerful punches, as well as use any of his previous attacks. After a short amount of time, Brobot explodes, a devastating attack which ends the move.


Up - Mr. L makes his signature "L" pose for a moment.

Side - Mr. L points one hand on his hip and points forward with his other, yelling "Have at you!"

Down - Mr. L puts his hands on his neck and cracks it a bit.


Mr. L "flips" in, as a solid black empty box appears around him before he fully materializes. This originates from Super Paper Mario, as this same animation would play when Mario (or enemies whom had the ability to do so) flipped between 2D and 3D.

Victory Animations

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Mr. L, although unamused, claps sarcastically, often rolling his eyes.

3rd Place - Mr. L crosses his arms and has his back turned to the camera.

4th-8th Place - Mr. L is on all fours, banging his head on the ground repeatedly.

Victory Fanfare

Alt. Costumes

  • Default - Mr. L's default costume.
  •  Barbaric - Mr. L's clothes and bandana are orange, his shoes are dark red, his gloves are brown, and his hat and hankerchief are dark brown. Inspired by O'Chunks.
  •  Decieving - Mr. L's outfit consists of a variety of light greens, with his bandana and hankercheif being a ruby red. Inspired by Mimi.
  • Illusion - Mr. L has purple and black clothes, with his buttons, bandana, and hankercheif being yellow. Inspired by Dimentio.
  •  Chaotic - Mr. L's outfit is colored to look like a purplish tux, and his eyes are red. His hankercheif is also rainbow colored. Inspired by Count Bleck and Tippi.
  • RBY -
  •  BWG -
  •  SMW -


Mr. L

Shows Mr. L in his official artwork

The Green Thunder, as he goes by, Mr. L is a shady looking cassanova that isn't afraid to speak his mind. The newest member of Count Bleck's crew of delinquents, this guy looks an awful lot like Luigi, don't you think? In Smash, Mr. L moves a lot like Luigi, but his moves are completely different. Noticably, he has a higher jump, but less ground traction.

Mr. L (Alt)

Brobot Barrage

Green Thunder

Double Speed Strike

Super Duper Jump

Shroom Shake

Green Thunder (Customs)

Double Speed Strike (Customs)

Super Duper Jump (Customs)

Shroom Shake (Customs)

Appearance in The Millennium Battle

Mr. L first appears as a boss in Level ?: ???. After beating him, he'll reluctantly join ???, and is one of the playable characters available for the rest of the level.

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Doc's Ringside Assistance

Tippi's Tips

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