Micaiah, The Silver-Haired Maiden!

|Availability - Unlockable| ~ |Series - Fire Emblem| ~ |Home Stage - ???| ~ |Final Smash - ???|

Micaiah is a newcomer and the second character from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the first being Ike. Contrary to Ike, however, Micaiah can be described as a non-physical glass canon. She primarily uses her tomes to cast Light Magic, and her Stave, which can perform weak physical attacks, but also has some other functionalities. Both her tome and Stave have a set durability, and using it too much will cause them to break, being tossed aside. This can be devastating to a character with almost no other means of attack, but 10 seconds after they have been discarded, her tools will respawn in her hands. While fragile, she's also fairly fast, even more so in the air. Her attacks are meant for setting up frame traps and landing weak but efficient combos on her enemies.

Neutral Attacks

Jab Burning Leo does a flurry of light, fiery and fast punches. Chilly does a flurry of hard hitting, icy cold but slower punches that can be DI'd out of at mid high percents, unfortunately.
Side Tilt Burning Leo holds his foot out and spins around once to deal light damage. Chilly holds out his fist and spins around once to deal a slower heavy blow.
Up Tilt Burning Leo does a quick uppercut that deals light damage, but isn't good for juggling since it knocksback farther than usual Up Tilts. Chilly does a slower uppercut that's equally as hard to use for juggling since it doesn't knockback far, but it is executed too slow to do so efficiently.
Down Tilt Burning Leo blows one quick puff of flames from his mouth, which deals three light hits and his minimal knockback. Chilly blows a small but thick cloud of mist that hits only once and actually has semi-decent knockback, as well as freezing if the target is close.
Dash Attack Burning Leo uses the Burning ability, traveling a fair distance as a fireball swiftly before it ends and he falls on his face. Chilly does a similar tactic, instead encasing himself in ice and not traveling as far, but deals a heavier blow before the ice breaks and he falls on his face.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Burning Leo creates an explosion right in front of it, which can actually spike foes if hit at the right angle, but is an otherwise weak attack. Chilly creates a miniature snowstorm that deals multiple hits, the last one always dealing the same amount of damage but having an increased chance of freezing the longer it's charged.
Up Smash Burning Leo concetrates and has a pillar of fire erupt from his head like a volcano, good for disrupting aerial enemies but not for dealing damage. Chilly sends a very slow moving cloud of mist upwards, which hits multiple times and will linger for a few moments before dissappearing. Another cloud won't spawn until it dissappears, even if Chilly uses his Up Smash again.
Down Smash Burning Leo seemingly explodes, create a powerful explosion that, while not that powerful, can easily KO foes closer to the edge of the stage, and is the only smash attack that causes recoil damage. Chilly creates an icy twister around him which deals multiple hits, and the last one has a weak windbox.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Burning Leo turns into a spinning fireball for a brief moment, and has little to no knockback in exchange for some power. Chilly turns into a spinning snowball for a brief moment, and is actually incredibly lacking in power and knockback, but if it hits a foe on the ground, it actually bury them.
Front Aerial Burning Leo swings his fist down like an axe, with a fiery burst at the last seconds that can meteor smash. Chilly moves in a similar fashion, but instead does a hard hitting headbutt which can not meteor smash.
Back Aerial Burning Leo tucks in both of his legs before kicking both of them backward with fiery passion. Chilly whips his head back in the same way with a very awkward hitbox and strange endlag, but is the only aerial that can freeze foes if hit at the right angle.
Up Aerial Burning Leo does a swift headbutt, the damage being done by his fiery hair. Chilly does a slower headbutt which can spike.
Down Aerial Burning Leo spirals to the ground headfirst, with minimal endlag but minimal damage. Chilly is the opposite, who falls faster with more endlag but more damage.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Both Burning Leo & Chilly try and feebly wrap their arms around their opponent. Their grab range is poor, but they both grab at the same time.
Pummel They both feebly punch their target, Leo's pummel is faster but weaker, and Chilly's is slower but harder.
Front Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw .

Special Moves

Neutral Special Lightning Her tome in hand, Micaiah conducts and charges light energy with the tome. For comparison, it takes about half the time it takes to fully charge Robin's Thunder attack, which is a similar move. Whatever attack Micaiah uses, it traps foes that are hit and is very hard to DI out of and also drag opponents with it in whatever direction it's going, but don't exactly deal a lot of damage. It's basic and most uncharged stage is Lightning, which casts a tiny and slow ball of light. It travels a short distance, but has a constant hitbox that'll deal 3%(6 hits, each dealing 0.5%) if every hit connects. Ellight is the next stage, which creates a slightly bigger ball of light with two thin beams of light swirling around it. It travels a bit faster, and has superior range, as well as having a larger hitbox. If every hit connects, it deals 7%(7 hits dealing 1% each). The third stage is Thani, which casts a very thin vertical beam of light from Micaiah's palm. It goes pretty far, but it only deals 5%(10 rapid fire hits, each dealing 0.5%) if every hit connects. However, it is devastating on shields, and is guaranteed to break one if it's at 2/3 of it's health while right in front of Micaiah. Fully charged, she can use Rexaura, which creates a twister made of pure light that travels a short distance forward, which will swing foes back and forth between hits. This does 13% if every hit lands, and the move doesn't last too long. If cast in the air, Rexaura will descend slowly before disappearing, pulling caught foes slightly down as well.
Side Special Shove This move is only able to be performed on the ground. Micaiah will stand her ground before forcefully pushing whoever's in front of her. A surprisingly strong attack for such a physically weak character, but can be difficult to kill with until high percentages. Grounded foes will always trip once they're hit by Shove, while midair foes will be knocked back pretty far.
Up Special Warp Stave Micaiah waves her stave, which will instantly teleport her back to the last platform she was on. While it sounds too good to be true, her stave's durability goes down quickly when this move is used, and it can't be used at all if her stave breaks. Further more, if the last platform she was on is now broken (on stages with breakable platforms), she'll go into freefall.
Down Special Sacrifice Using her Sacrifice ability, Micaiah increases her attack, speed, and jump height all at once, but will deal 40% damage to herself as well. Using Sacrifice will also instantly cure her of sleep, flower effect, being paralyzed, and being dizzy (cannot be used to recover if her shield is broken). All her stats reset as soon as she gets KO'd.

Neutral Special Tornado There are no leaves, and instead of dealing damage, the twister instead causes chaos for foes by pushing them back from all angles.
Side Special Meteor Slam Executed a bit slower, but meteor smashes foes instead of burying. Can be used in mid air.
Up Special Light Energy Ball Requires a longer charge, but gives more height than usual. Deals very little damage.
Down Special Beam Requires a very brief charge up period, but the beam is smaller and deals less damage.

Neutral Special Leaf Hurricane The tornado is twice it's normal size and deals more damage, but doesn't last as long and is slower.
Side Special Trip Up A longer range, but only trips foes instead of burying.
Up Special Incredible Energy Ball Takes only slightly longer to charge, but deals incredible damage, at the cost of recovery.
Down Special Hyper Beam Takes even longer to charge, but deals massive damage. Serperior will actually fall asleep for a brief moment afterwards, even if the move misses.

Neutral Special Swift Gale More mobility, and lasts longer, but deals even less damage.
Side Special Shattering Slam Serperior pauses for a brief moment before very quickly executing this move. No longer buries, but instead breaks shields if timed right.
Up Special Energyless Ball No charge required, but only travels a preset distance.
Down Special Easy Beam Can be charge cancelled, unlike other variations, but isn't quite a devastating than it's default version.


Serperior stomps the ground, and tall, thorny roots come out of the ground three times in varying patterns, able to launch foes with ease before the move ends. Will automatically fail if used in mid air.


Up - Serperior coils into a ball and and is seen snoring before awaking abruptly.

Side - Serperior flicks it's tongue out while hissing, as well as puffing out it's chest in an attempt to menacing.

Down - Serperior glares menancingly at it's foe for a brief moment.


A Pokeball is thrown onto the stage, and Serperior flies out before landing and coiling into it's battle stance.

Victory Animations

  • Serperior scoffs and has it's chin up before looking away from the camera.
  • Serperior slithers onto the screen and stands on it's tail, looking down from above and hissing.
  • Serperior coils up and falls asleep, similar to it's up taunt but stays asleep.

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Serperior looks impressed and smiles slightly for it's opponent's victory.

3rd Place - Serperior isn't facing the camera, and looks slightly upset because of it's loss.

4th-8th Place - Serperior is coiled up on the ground and looks at the camera slightly depressed.

Victory Fanfare

Alt. Costumes



Shows Serperior in his official artwork

Serperior (Alt)


Leaf Tornado


Energy Ball

Solar Beam

Leaf Tornado (Customs)

Slam (Customs)

Energy Ball (Customs)

Solar Beam (Customs)

Appearance in The Millennium Battle

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Doc's Ringside Assistance

Tippi's Tips

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