Mario, The Superstar in Red!

|Availability - Starting| ~ |Series - Mario| ~ |Home Stage - New Super Mushroom Kingdom| ~ |Final Smash - Mega Mushroom|

Mario is a very balanced fighter, with an all-around arsenal of skills. There are a variety of ways to use Mario to the best of his ability, so the true power of this Mushroom Kingdom Hero depends on the player.

Neutral Attacks

Jab Mario punches with his left hand, then his right, and then finishes with a swift kick.
Side Tilt Mario does a roundhouse kick. Can be angled.
Up Tilt Mario does an uppercut while spinning around once in a full circle.
Down Tilt Mario sweeps his leg close to the ground.
Dash Attack Mario does a sliding kick, with a hitbox that lasts for a brief moment even after Mario comes to a complete stop.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Mario thrusts his arm forward, causing a fiery explosion in his palm. Can be angled.
Up Smash Mario performs a headbutt, dealing damage to foes above him.
Down Smash Mario sweeps both of his legs around him while close to the ground.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Mario performs a sex kick.
Front Aerial Mario swings his fist from above his head downwards, the resulting blow causing a meteor smash. At the right angle, of course.
Back Aerial Mario rotates his body as if he was belly down, and kicks both of his feet backwards.
Up Aerial Mario swings his foot above him, and ends up spinning around in a full circle.
Down Aerial Mario holds his arms and legs out like a star and swings around a couple times quickly, ending by retracting and then stretching out his arms and legs swiftly.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Mario grabs his foe with one hand. Mario has a relatively short grab range.
Pummel Mario headbutts his opponent. An average paced pummel.
Front Throw Mario quickly swings his opponent around by their feet once before letting them go.
Back Throw Like his front throw, but he swings three times before letting them go in the opposite direction he was facing when the throw started. Foes hit by Mario's victim while they're being swung take damage and are knockbacked a bit.
Up Throw Like his front throw, but is much faster and Mario swings them upward at the last moment.
Down Throw Mario grabs his foe by the head and slams them into the ground.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Fireball Mario shoots a fireball from his palm, which bounces forward at a fairly slow pace three times (each bounce weaker than the last) before vanishing. Does a small amount of damage which diminishes with each bounce.
Side Special Cape Mario swings a yellow cape in front of him as it appears on his back, flipping opponents, dealing a small amount of damage, and reflecting projectiles.
Up Special Super Jump Punch Mario jumps in an diagonal angle with his fist to the air, looking like his traditional jumping pose. It is an average height recovery. This attack hits up to 6 times before Mario falls to the ground helpless.
Down Special F.L.U.D.D. The first part of this move has Mario charging up F.L.U.D.D. for a few moments as it appears on his back. Once fully charged, Mario can use this move again to shoot a torrent of water at foes, pushing them back but not dealing damage.

Neutral Special Fast Fireball The fireballs shoot faster, have a longer range, and deal the same amount of damage at any given time. However, they only go straight forward, deal less damage, and don't even cause foes to flinch.
Side Special Shocking Cape The cape is swung a bit slower, but it shoots erratic static right in front of Mario, dealing more damage as well as destroying projectiles instead of reflecting them, and foes can't be flipped.
Up Special Super Jump Mario gains more height, but this attack no longer deals damage.
Down Special Scalding F.L.U.D.D. F.L.U.D.D. takes slightly less time to charge, and now deals multiple hits of fire damage. It no longer pushes back foes, and has a somewhat smaller range.

Neutral Special Fire Orb Mario takes twice as long to fire a massive fireball which travels very slowly, and doesn't disappear after hitting foes, but will after traveling for a bit. It hits multiple times, and deals more damage than a regular Fireball.
Side Special Gust Cape The cape sends forth a short range windbox, pushing foes far but dealing less damage. Hitting with the cape itself still flips foes.
Up Special Explosive Punch Mario gets less height from this move, and only hits twice, once at the beginning of this move, and once at the peak of this move. Each time, his fist causes an explosion, the second being more powerful than the first.
Down Special High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D. F.L.U.D.D. takes longer to charge, but pushes back foes much farther and has a larger range.

Neutral Special Fire Blast Holding out his palm slowly, Mario takes a short while to create a fair ranged blast which is lacking in the damage and speed department, but specializes in knockback and KO potential.
Side Special Pushy Cape Swinging the cape will push Mario back a fairly short distance, Mario dealing damage to whoever he runs into mid-flight. The cape has no hitbox and won't flip. Using in mid-air will push Mario slightly diagonally upwards twice before landing, until just pushing him horizontally.
Up Special Triple Jump Punch At first, Mario just performs a very weak jump with no hitbox. Use the move again before landing to perform another, slightly higher yet hitless jump, and then again to get a fairly good jump with a hitbox like the usual Super Jump Punch. Deals more damage in the end, but the recovery process leaves Mario open for a fair while.
Down Special Forceful F.L.U.D.D. F.L.U.D.D. takes not at all long to charge, but the water, when shot, travels in a thinner stream, is stricter when angled, and has slightly more range. Further more, this actually pulls fighters toward Mario, not push them away.


Mario grows four times his size, as if he was under the influence of two Mushrooms. Mario's mere footsteps cause tremors that make foes slip, and running buries them. All of Mario's attacks deal more damage, and interestingly enough, landing on an enemy is a devastating attack, meteor smashing them. Mario stays in this state for a short period of time, and must deal damage effeciently before he shrinks back to normal.


Up - Mario grows twice his size while both of his arms are curved inward. He stays like this for a moment before returning to normal size. A reference to Super Mario Bros., as the sound effects and pose made is reminscent of what happens when Mario gets a Mushroom in that game.

Side - Mario spins around once and takes off his hat, holding it to the side before putting it back on.

Down - Mario faces the camera and hops slightly off the ground, spinning while holding his arms and legs out before he falls to the ground, no longer facing the camera and on his back with his legs up. This is a reference to his death animation in the original Donkey Kong.


Mario jumps out of a green pipe as it appears on stage, saying "Lets-a-go!" as he holds one of his arms to the sky. He then lands on the stage as the pipe dissappears.

Victory Animations

  • Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching torwards the screen.
  • Spins around before looking at the camera an making a peace sign, similar to his victory animation from Super Mario 64.
  • Mario does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose. This is reminiscent of his "character selected" animation in the original Super Smash Bros..

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Mario claps and nods every once in a while, being a good sport.

3rd Place - Mario holds his head in his hands and can be seen shaking it every once in awhile apathetically.

4th-8th Place - Mario collapses onto his backside, looking at the ground solemnly.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished, orchestrated remix of the theme that plays when Mario completes a level in Super Mario Bros..

Alt. Costumes



Shows Mario in his official artwork

Everyone's favorite plumber, Mario! No offense to other plumbers, but you don't see them rescuing Princess Peach and saving several kingdoms from peril. Mario is best known for his run-ins with the Koopa King, Bowser...which always end with Mario dumping him into a pit of lava. Here, Mario is a well-rounded character, good for someone who can always keep foes on their toes. If you don't know who to choose, Mario is always a reliable choice.

Mario (Alt.)

Mario has plenty of tools to take on his foes with! He has fireballs, which allow him to shoot small projectiles to pester them with, his cape, which can keep foes off the stage for good, his Super Jump Punch, which doubles as an attack and a recovery move, and his trusty F.L.U.D.D., which keeps foes soaking wet and far away from Mario.

Mega Mushroom

What happens when you eat the biggest mushroom of them all? You grow four times in size! Well, maybe not any mushrooms you find, but trust us on this. Mega Mario can trample foes with ease, and jumping on them can send them to their doom! Act quick, though, because your newfound powers don't last forever...

Appearance in The Smash Legacy

One of the twelve starting characters, Mario first appears in Stage 1: Battlefield, and is one of the available playable characters in the first and second match.

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Pit - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 7

Wow! It's Mario! Long time no see! 

Viridi - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 4

There's no mistaking that red hat, blue overalls, and goofy mustache. He's practically a superstar!

Palutena - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 5

You've got that right. Mario is a video gaming legend of sorts, and is well known by many. When he's not stomping Goombas or stopping Bowser's plans of varying levels of nefariousness, he's actually picked up a couple hobbies over the past 30 years.

Pit - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 17

He go-karts, plays several sports, I even hear he throws some killer parties!

Viridi - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 2

Not that you'd ever be invited to one.

Pit - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 13

We're good friends! I'm sure I'll get an invitation...sooner or later...

Palutena - Kid Icarus SSB4 sprite 10

Daydream all you want, Pit, but just know that Mario is an all-around fighter, and can come at you at almost any angle. Just don't get careless and you should be fine.

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