Luigi (recoloration)

Luigi, The Lean Green Underdog!

|Availability - Starting| ~ |Series - Mario| ~ |Home Stage - New Super Mushroom Kingdom| ~ |Final Smash - Mega Mushroom|

Luigi is a somewhat bizarre fighter. He's somewhat slow, moving and attacking, but nowhere near the slowest. He has a high jump, but moves slow in the air as well. To compensate, Luigi is generally stronger than his brother, some of his specials even able to OHKO at high enough percentages. Prove that Luigi is more than a Player 2!

Neutral Attacks

Jab Luigi punches twice before lunging his behind forward.
Side Tilt Luigi does a spinning kick. Can be angled.
Up Tilt Luigi swipes at whatever is above him, his fist kinda acting like a cat's paw.
Down Tilt Luigi crouches, turns around, and kicks his leg out behind him.
Dash Attack Luigi slows down and flails his arms wildly, landing a few hits on foes in his way, the last hit always having good launch capability.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Luigi bends his elbow and holds his arm above him before bringing it down like a karate chop. At most angles, it ends up sending foes in a downward diagonal angle.
Up Smash Luigi performs a hard-hitting headbutt, dealing damage to foes above him.
Down Smash Luigi curls into a ball on the ground, and then immediately goes into a planking position, damaging foes to hit him while he's extending his arms, legs, and head outward.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Luigi performs a powerful sex kick.
Front Aerial Luigi raises his hand and performs a karate chop in front of him, having the same downwards launch when hitting foes at higher percentages.
Back Aerial Luigi turns around and does a powerful dropkick.
Up Aerial Luigi performs a somersault and kicks backward.
Down Aerial Luigi holds his legs out and crosses his arms before spinning in place, damaging foes with his spinning kicks. Can meteor smash at the very bottom of the hitbox, which is hard since Luigi is at a diagonal angle while performing this move.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Luigi grabs his foe with one hand. Luigi has a relatively short grab range.
Pummel Luigi headbutts his opponent. An average paced pummel.
Front Throw Luigi quickly swings his opponent around by their feet once before letting them go.
Back Throw Like his front throw, but he swings three times before letting them go in the opposite direction he was facing when the throw started. Foes hit by Luigi's victim while they're being swung take damage and are knockbacked a bit.
Up Throw Like his front throw, but is much faster and Luigi swings them upward at the last moment.
Down Throw Luigi pins his foe to the ground before performing a ground pound on them.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Thunderhand Luigi creates a ball of plasma in his hands, charging it up the longer the button is held. It reaches it's maximum power after about 2 seconds, and once the button is released, the plasma implodes and sends loose sparks all over the place. Mostly a melee attack, but the damage and range depends on how long it was charged, the fully charged range being somewhat decent.
Side Special Green Missile Luigi crouches as he begins to charge up for a couple seconds, before shooting forth like a missile. If held for too long, the move cancels out and leaves Luigi vulnerable for a moment. This move has a 1/10 chance of misfiring, where he travels faster, goes farther, and deals more damage, although the distance is the same no matter how long Luigi charged up.
Up Special Super Punch Jump Like the move Mario uses, but Luigi only travels straight up. If a foe is hit the first instant this move begins, it has OHKO potential around 40-50%, but if it doesn't hit right, it deals pitiful damage. Luigi gets his head stuck in the ground for a moment when he lands, making this move easily punishable.
Down Special Poltergust Cyclone The Poltergust 3000 appears on Luigi's back, and he spins around in a cyclone created by the vacuum for a moment before finishing off the move by kicking outward. Functions almost exactly like the Luigi Cyclone, which used to be Luigi's Down Special, but it now has a windbox and a bit higher knockback, although deals a little bit less damage.

Neutral Special Thunder Burst The plasma shoots forward like one of Mario's fireballs once the button is released, but only bounces once before imploding. Deals less damage.
Side Special Floating Missile Luigi only travels straight forward, which makes hitting enemies and getting back on the stage easier, but it deals less damage. Charges up twice as fast.
Up Special Fiery Punch Jump It's easier to hit foes at the very beginning of the move, but has less power and less height.
Down Special Twister Cyclone This move is executed faster, and instead pulls in foes instead of pushing them away, but deals less damage.

Neutral Special Ice Hand Instead of plasma, Luigi creates a ball of ice. It freezes foes instead of damaging them.
Side Special Quick Missile Luigi travels faster and farther, but missing foes causes him to slide across the ground and be open for an attack.
Up Special Burial Header Does pitiful damage no matter what on the way up, but comes down faster and harder on the way down, burying foes. Luigi also gets up faster.
Down Special Comboless Cyclone This move is executed slower, and Luigi only hits once, but hits a lot harder.

Neutral Special Meteor Hand Once released, the ball of plasma falls straight down, imploding once it hits a platform or fighter. Has less range, but meteor smashes fighters.
Side Special Atomic Missile This move is slower and gives Luigi less distance. However, it now has 1/2 chance of misfiring, and while it still doesn't travel that far or fast, it hits hard.
Up Special No Punch Jump Luigi travels twice as high, but deals no damage at all.
Down Special Rising Cyclone Luigi gains some height from this move, and has a stronger windbox directly below him that pushes fighters away from him. However, it deals no damage.


The Poltergust 5000 from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon appears on Luigi's back as he preceeds to suck up any nearby foes. He then shoots them out into the air, potentially KO'ing them.



Luigi jumps out of a green pipe as it appears on stage, hesitantly saying "Lets-a-go!" as he has both of his hands on his face, as if he was shrieking in terror. He then lands on the stage as the pipe dissappears.

Victory Animations

  • Luigi is at first looking away from the camera before he turns around and points with his hands like guns, saying "Bang, bang."
  • Luigi falls once, and then again at a different angle, both times as stiff as a board.
  • Luigi childishly swings his arms around in the air before looking at the camera, panting. This is reminiscent of his "character chosen" animation from the original Super Smash Bros..

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Luigi claps happily, a content smile on his face.

3rd Place - Luigi holds his hat in one hand and scratches his head with the other, looking a bit puzzled.

4th-8th Place - Luigi falls flat, as stiff as a plank with his eyes closed shut.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished, orchestrated remix of the theme that plays when Luigi completes a level in Super Mario Bros..

Alt. Costumes

Appearance in The Millennium Battle

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Doc's Ringside Assistance

Tippi's Tips

That's Luigi, the man in green. He's Mario's younger brother, and is often casted into his shadow. Luigi does have plenty of skills of his own though, such as his Thunderhand and use of both models of the Poltergust. He has no other outstanding features of note. Maybe some day, Luigi won't be stuck in the shadows...maybe if he grew a spine, that would help.

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