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Despite his size, Captain Toad is easily one of the most heaviest characters in the game. His jump is lackluster, but he does get a third jump where he holds his breath and kicks his feet, trying to flutter in midair. This will give him more horizontal distance, but even then still doesn't help much. What Captain Toad lacks in air and recovery, he more than makes up for in other areas, with a durable shield, great ground speed and a versatile moveset.

Captain Toad
Captain Toad makes his treasured debut!
Series SSB5 Mario series
Availability Starter
Debut Super Mario Galaxy
Home Stage Pyropuff Peak
Final Smash Wingo's Whackdown

Neutral Attack/Tilts/Dash Attack

Neutral Attack

Captain Toad weakly jabs at his foe. Using it three times in a row will make Captain Toad butt his head forward the third time.

Forward Tilt

Captain Toad attempts to punch, slightly losing his balance, and his large head swings forward and deals damage instead.

Up Tilt

Captain Toad cat swipes the area above him, similar to Luigi's Up Tilt.

Down Tilt

Captain Toad slide his foot forward, dealing surprisingly good damage. If used too many times in a row, the Captain will trip and be left vulnerable.

Dash Attack

Captain Toad is given a sudden burst of speed, damaging foes he crashes into for a short while. This move is accompanied by the sound effect that would play when a player touches a Boost Pad in Super Mario 3D World.

Smash Attacks

Forward Smash

Captain Toad winds up before swinging a Super Pickax over his head and in front of him.

Up Smash

Captain Toad swings a Super Pickax over his head, having increased range above him and less around him.

Down Smash

Captain Toad spins in place with his arms out to his sides.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial

Captain Toad thrashes in mid air, swinging his arms and legs wildy. After pulling off this move, if still in the air, there will be a bit of a delay before the Captain can double/triple jump.

Forward Aerial

Captain Toad swings the Super Pickax in mid air. Starts slowly, but can cause a meteor smash if it connects.

Back Aerial

Captain Toad reaches out behind him quickly tosses the Super Pickax. Has a short range, but even though it's a projectile, it cannot be reflected. It can, however, be pocketed.

Up Aerial

Captain Toad quickly thrusts a Turnip above his head, dealing damage. Has a 1/300 chance of being a Giant Turnip, which has double the launch rate.

Down Aerial

Captain Toad plummets to the ground, backpack first. Once he makes impact, he'll slowly get back on his feet, leaving him vulnerable for a moment. Enemies hit on the ground are buried and enemies in mid air are meteor smashed, but the Captain will panic and be unable to double/triple jump or use - until he hits the ground if this happens.



Captain Toad has a short grab range. He grabs foes by their sides with both of his hands.


Captain Toad headbutts his foe to deal suprisingly good damage. Can not be used rapidly and is a slow pummel.

Forward Throw

Captain Toad lifts his opponent above his head and chucks them ala Super Mario Bros. 2.

Back Throw

Captain Toad swings his opponent around a couple times by their feet before letting them go in the opposite direction than when grabbed. Similar to Mario or Luigi's Back Throw, but a bit slower and deals more damage(not to mention Captain Toad is a bit clumsy when doing so).

Up Throw

Captain Toad tosses his opponent a short distance above him before striking with his Super Pickax from below.

Down Throw

Captain Toad slams his opponent to the ground before jumping onto them backpack first.

Floor Attacks/Edge Attack

Floor Attack(on face)

Captain Toad barely hops off the ground, spinning with his arms out before landing on the ground.

Floor Attack(on back)

Captain Toad barely hops off the ground, spinning with his arms out before landing on the ground.

Floor Attack(trip)

Captain Toad barely hops off the ground, spinning with his arms out before landing on the ground.

Edge Attack

Captain Toad swings the Super Pickax over the edge before pulling himself up.

Specials/Final Smash

Neutral Special

Captain Toad turns his headlight on or off. When first turned on, foes in it's range are stunned, and it breaks shields. Afterwords, it does continuous damage to anyone in it's range, but doesn't cause them to flinch. The longer the Captain has his headlight on, the more he'll get his speed and defense reduced. After turning it off, his speed and defense will return to normal over the course of 5 seconds.

Side Special

Captain Toad hitches a ride on a minecart that dashes across the stage at an incredible speed. Deals great damage, but once it stops, it will come to a screeching halt that travels incredibly slow and leaves Captain Toad vulnerable.

Up Special

A ladder appears in midair, and Captain Toad grabs on to it. He can move up and down it before jumping off, giving him a better vantage point. The ladder disappears after a couple seconds, even if Captain Toad is still on it.

Down Special

Captain Toad cowers with his arms on his head in a defensive manner. If hit while in this state, Captain Toad will counter by plucking from a Pluck Patch underneath the foe's feet, dealing 2.5x the damage the original attack dealt before sending them skyward. Can not be used in the air.

Custom Specials

Custom Specials Neutral Side Up Down
Default Headlight Minecart Dash Last-Second Ladder Pluck Patch Counter
Custom 1 Blinding Headlight Turnip Cart Dash Lickity-Split Springboard Pluck Patch Grab
Custom 2 Attracting Headlight Treasure Cart Dash Not-A-Second-To-Spare Noteblock Cabbage Patch Counter
Custom 3 Headlight Burst RC Minecart Firm Flaptor Turnip Patch Pick

Custom Neutrals

Blinding Headlight

Captain Toad's headlight automatically makes everyone in it's range dizzy, but said range is shorter and the move has a significant start-up delay. Automatically turns off after turning on.

Attracting Headlight

Captain Toad's headlight doesn't deal damage or stun foes, but instead pulls items in it's range toward him, and energy projectiles are absorbed and give Captain Toad temporary stat boosts. The Captain loses speed and defense at a faster rate with this move on.

Headlight Burst

Captain Toad turns on his headlight, which immediately blows a fuse. OHKOs anyone within it's incredibly short range, and deals recoil damage along with making the Captain dizzy.

Custom Sides

Turnip Cart Dash

The minecart Captain Toad rides in is filled with stacks of Turnips. The cart travels slower, but Captain Toad can press the special button while riding to toss a turnip at the closest foe.

Treasure Cart Dash

Filled with coins, gems, and gold galore, the cart deals more damage on impact but is incredibly hard to control.

RC Minecart

Captain Toad sends the cart forward without him in it. It moves on it's own, and putting in any directional input will cause it to change into that direction. Captain Toad can't move while this move is in effect, and if the Captain is hit or the cart goes off the stage, he loses control of it.

Custom Ups

Lickity-Split Springboard

A springboard appears below the Captain's feet, sending him higher but leaves him vulnerable in mid-air with little horizontal control on the way down.

Not-A-Second-To-Spare Noteblock

A noteblock appears under the Captain's feet, sending him up and making him deal damage to foes on the way at the cost of vertical distance.

Firm Flaptor

A Flaptor grabs hold of Captain Toad's head with it's sharp talons. It can be moved in any direction quickly and swiftly before dropping the Captain. Captain Toad takes damage while flying, and even more if the Flaptor makes a sharp turn.

Custom Downs

Pluck Patch Grab

When hit, instead of countering, the Captain instead immediately grabs a nearby foe, and his throw will deal more damage temporarily.

Cabbage Patch Counter

When hit, the Captain counters by pulling out a head of cabbage from the ground that bounces around before disappearing. Can be grabbed with good timing.

Turnip Patch Pick

The Captain immediately pulls a Turnip from the ground, and holds it as an item which can be tossed to deal damage with decent knockback. Has a 1/300 chance of pulling a Giant Turnip, which has double the knockback.

Final Smash: Wingo's Whackdown

Wingo, Captain Toad's treasure-seeking nemesis, swoops in from nowhere and grabs the Captain with it's beak. Wingo then goes to either side of the stage(depending on which way Captain Toad was facing before the Final Smash was used) and flaps it's wings, pushing back opponents and can easily send lighter opponents flying. Wingo then summons Giant Turnips to rain from above, dealing monstrous damage before he flies off screen. Captain Toad then drops back in from above.



Side: Captain Toad looks from side to side with his hand on his forehead, blocking sunlight. This is identical to the animation that plays when Captain Toad starts certain levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Up: Captain Toad holds out a Power Star in his hand and looks at it for a second before putting it away.

Down: Captain Toad laughs and applauds, like he does in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker when idling right after defeating a boss.


A glass pipe appears on the stage, and the Captain pops out of the top saying "Ready for adventure!" before landing. The pipe is gone by the time he lands.

Victory Animations

  • Captain Toad holds a star and plays the same animation that plays when Captain Toad grabs a Power Star in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  • Captain Toad's back is facing the camera before it quickly zooms in on him, catching him off guard as he yelps and falls on his face.
  • Captain Toad looks around curiously before facing the camera and giving a thumbs up.

Victory Fanfare

An upbeat jazz remix of the sound bit that plays when Captain Toad completes a level in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

Trophy Info

Captain Toad

Some of history's most glorious adventurers are known for being cunning, determined, and brave. Unfortunately, Captain Toad here is all of those but the latter. Either way, he's always ready for adventure, his backpack stuffed to the brim with supplies. In Smash Bros., this hinders his jumping abilities greatly, but he makes up for this with his variety of moves, offensive and defensive.

Captain Toad (Alt.)

Despite his small stature, Captain Toad is really heavy! At least this means he's better at standing his ground, and if he ever falls of the stage, use a Last-Second Ladder to climb back up. Mashing the Special Button when using this move will actually make the ladder a bit longer and give the Captain more time to climb! As you fall off, that would be a good time to use one of your aerial attacks.

Wingo's Whackdown

Watch out, it's the winged menace, Wingo! When Captain Toad breaks a Smash Ball, this nasty fellow swoops in, and takes Captain Toad off the stage. Foes will have to watch out for fierce winds and...giant turnips? Rest assured, Captain Toad is returned to the stage unharmed afterwords.

Alt. Costumes



Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance


Doc's Ringside Tips

Captain Toad tries to pull himself up on to a stool, but ends up tipping it over with him partway on it. He's then stuck on the ground, his backpack making him unable to get up. He then thrashes before sighing and giving up.

Version 1

As much as I know you wanna go in there headfirst and knock that guy's headlights out, be careful Mac! Captain Toad could pull, or rather pluck, something out from right under your feet you hit him at the wrong time, so hit that fool when he isn't looking!

Version 2

If you ask me, Captain Toad looks like he should be off in ancient temples instead of in the ring! Stay alert, because if you get caught in his headlight as soon as he turns them on, you could be in some serious trouble, Mac!

Version 3

Come on, Mac baby! Teach Captain Toad a lesson or two, like to not bring a pickax to a fist fight!