Burning Leo & Chilly, The Dynamic Duo!

|Availability - Starting| ~ |Series - Kirby| ~ |Home Stage - The Arena| ~ |Final Smash - ???|

Burning Leo & Chilly work similarly to the Ice Climbers, with one fighter in the front being controlled directly by the player, and one in the back who is controlled indirectly and follows the front fighter. The two have an almost identical moveset with minor differences, and the back fighter will try to mimic the actions of the front fighter at the same time. However, smash attacks and specials are different, and only the front fighter can use them. Using their Down Taunt, Burning Leo & Chilly can switch positions. If the back fighter is KO'd, the front fighter will have to continue on by their self, but will be reunited once they are KO'd. If the front fighter is KO'd, the back fighter implodes automatically and respawns with them. Burning Leo is fast and furious, with quick attacks that deal less damage in exchange for knockback. He is fairly light, and can be knocked back easier himself. Chilly is heavier and harder hitting, with slower attacks that deal more damage, but is lacking in knockback. He also has shorter jumps, and can have a harder time recovering.

Neutral Attacks

Jab Burning Leo does a flurry of light, fiery and fast punches. Chilly does a flurry of hard hitting, icy cold but slower punches that can be DI'd out of at mid high percents, unfortunately.
Side Tilt Burning Leo holds his foot out and spins around once to deal light damage. Chilly holds out his fist and spins around once to deal a slower heavy blow.
Up Tilt Burning Leo does a quick uppercut that deals light damage, but isn't good for juggling since it knocksback farther than usual Up Tilts. Chilly does a slower uppercut that's equally as hard to use for juggling since it doesn't knockback far, but it is executed too slow to do so efficiently.
Down Tilt Burning Leo blows one quick puff of flames from his mouth, which deals three light hits and his minimal knockback. Chilly blows a small but thick cloud of mist that hits only once and actually has semi-decent knockback, as well as freezing if the target is close.
Dash Attack Burning Leo uses the Burning ability, traveling a fair distance as a fireball swiftly before it ends and he falls on his face. Chilly does a similar tactic, instead encasing himself in ice and not traveling as far, but deals a heavier blow before the ice breaks and he falls on his face.

Smash Attacks

Side Smash Burning Leo creates an explosion right in front of it, which can actually spike foes if hit at the right angle, but is an otherwise weak attack. Chilly creates a miniature snowstorm that deals multiple hits, the last one always dealing the same amount of damage but having an increased chance of freezing the longer it's charged.
Up Smash Burning Leo concetrates and has a pillar of fire erupt from his head like a volcano, good for disrupting aerial enemies but not for dealing damage. Chilly sends a very slow moving cloud of mist upwards, which hits multiple times and will linger for a few moments before dissappearing. Another cloud won't spawn until it dissappears, even if Chilly uses his Up Smash again.
Down Smash Burning Leo seemingly explodes, create a powerful explosion that, while not that powerful, can easily KO foes closer to the edge of the stage, and is the only smash attack that causes recoil damage. Chilly creates an icy twister around him which deals multiple hits, and the last one has a weak windbox.

Aerial Attacks

Neutral Aerial Burning Leo turns into a spinning fireball for a brief moment, and has little to no knockback in exchange for some power. Chilly turns into a spinning snowball for a brief moment, and is actually incredibly lacking in power and knockback, but if it hits a foe on the ground, it actually bury them.
Front Aerial Burning Leo swings his fist down like an axe, with a fiery burst at the last seconds that can meteor smash. Chilly moves in a similar fashion, but instead does a hard hitting headbutt which can not meteor smash.
Back Aerial Burning Leo tucks in both of his legs before kicking both of them backward with fiery passion. Chilly whips his head back in the same way with a very awkward hitbox and strange endlag, but is the only aerial that can freeze foes if hit at the right angle.
Up Aerial Burning Leo does a swift headbutt, the damage being done by his fiery hair. Chilly does a slower headbutt which can spike.
Down Aerial Burning Leo spirals to the ground headfirst, with minimal endlag but minimal damage. Chilly is the opposite, who falls faster with more endlag but more damage.

Grabs & Throws

Grab Both Burning Leo & Chilly try and feebly wrap their arms around their opponent. Their grab range is poor, but they both grab at the same time.
Pummel They both feebly punch their target, Leo's pummel is faster but weaker, and Chilly's is slower but harder.
Front Throw Burning Leo swings their foe like a ball and chain, before tossing them forward. If Burning Leo is absent, this throw can't be used.
Back Throw Chilly swings their foe like a ball and chain before tripping, sending them backwards. If Chilly is absent, this throw can't be used.
Up Throw Burning Leo bumps their foe up in the air before propelling them with a large burst of fiery breath.
Down Throw Chilly pushes their foe to the ground before shooting a large burst of icy breath at them, freezing them.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Fire Breath/Ice Breath Burning Leo blows a long ranged stream of fire that deals constant, weak damage, making it good for spacing/snuffing out projectiles. The move ends automatically after a full second if the button is held, otherwise it ends as soon as the button is let go. The move has some minor start lag but lot more endlag. Meanwhile, Chilly blows a short ranged stream of ice that only deals one fair blow before freezing foes. A lot of start lag, but very minimal end lag.
Side Special Sword of Fire/Ice Skating Burning Leo pulls out a fairly large, burning sword and slashes once. It has long range AND lots of knockback, making it a very reliable kill move. Using it in the air will even make them stop in place before executing the move. However, the move has around a 5 second cooldown. Chilly will instead dash forward, leaving a trail of ice behind them (for aesthetics). He moves faster than he does when they're dashing, making this move a good mobility option for an otherwise slow character. It'll stop once they try to turn, attack, or land from a jump. Speaking of which, jumping during this move will immediately create a blizzard around Chilly as they do a short midair pirouette, which damages foes and ends the move.
Up Special Fireworks/Giant Spiny Snowflake Burning Leo simply does one short hop, creating an explosion of fireworks at their feet as the move begins. Opponents above the blast are luckier than those elsewhere, as they'll be blasted upwards and take no damage. If used strategically, this move can even be used to save Chilly if they're having trouble getting back to the stage with you. The move itself is powerful, but not the best recovery option, even though Leo can still use aerials and another jump(if they still have one) in midair. Chilly quickly coats itself in a giant icy snowflake, barely bigger than it's body. Chilly can move freely and fairly fast in the air, and ramming into opponents will damage them with a decent hit, but the snowflake melts very quickly, which means limited air time before going into freefall. If the snowflake hasn't melted yet, Chilly will still fly around, even if they're trying to stay on the ground.
Down Special Super Fireball/Rolling Snowball Leo winds up before bursting forward in a huge fireball before stopping once they reach a certain distance, similar to a Falcon Kick. This move hits only once, but has high knockback, making it a good kill move at high percents. The move travels upward at a very low angle when used on the ground, and the most powerful hit is when Leo is at the peak of this move. Using in the air will make them go straight down like a meteor, spiking foes and taking them down with it. This move suffers heavy landing/end lag, though. Chilly, meanwhile, will use Rolling Snowball. This move has heavy start up lag, but will turn Chilly into a small snowball, hurtling forward and dealing multiple hits that will trap opponents until the end. Chilly will keep going until it hits a wall or a button is pressed, the latter dealing one last hit as it breaks free. Optimal for dragging foes off stage who have bad recoveries, but the move has to be used wisely to avoid self destructing.

Neutral Special Heat Wave/Snow Wave Leo shoots a very short stream of fire that goes farther, but is generally weaker and does less damage the farther it goes. Chilly spews a small stream of ice that goes slightly less farther than Leo's Fire Breath, but doesn't freeze anymore.
Side Special Strong Sword of Fire/Strong Skating Leo's sword takes longer to pull out and swing and the knockback is decreased a bit, but it's damage output increases and Leo has super armor as soon as the sword is pulled out. Chilly moves a bit sluggishly, but he has super armor as long as the move is active. Jumping is heavier and the blizzard does reduced damage.
Up Special Blastoff Fireworks/Bursting Snowflake The fireworks have a much smaller and weaker blast radius, but blast Leo super high into the air, putting them into freefall immediately after. The snowflake will travel straight up (but can be angled slightly left or right)
Down Special Beam Requires a very brief charge up period, but the beam is smaller and deals less damage.

Neutral Special Leaf Hurricane The tornado is twice it's normal size and deals more damage, but doesn't last as long and is slower.
Side Special Trip Up A longer range, but only trips foes instead of burying.
Up Special Incredible Energy Ball Takes only slightly longer to charge, but deals incredible damage, at the cost of recovery.
Down Special Hyper Beam Takes even longer to charge, but deals massive damage. Serperior will actually fall asleep for a brief moment afterwards, even if the move misses.

Neutral Special Swift Gale More mobility, and lasts longer, but deals even less damage.
Side Special Shattering Slam Serperior pauses for a brief moment before very quickly executing this move. No longer buries, but instead breaks shields if timed right.
Up Special Energyless Ball No charge required, but only travels a preset distance.
Down Special Easy Beam Can be charge cancelled, unlike other variations, but isn't quite a devastating than it's default version.


Who gets to use the final smash is determined by which character is in the front. If Burning Leo is in the front, he'll dawn the Monster Flame headpiece and summon a fiery dragon to fly across the screen horizontally. He only gets one shot, but it's great for securing KOs at mid-high percents. Chilly will dawn the Snow Bowl headpiece before rolling into a gigantic snowball that can be controlled and rolled across the stage. It becomes more deadly when rolling down slopes, and run over foes take heavy damage and get frozen. Chilly can guide himself left or right, but falling off the stage or when 10 seconds pass means it's over.


Up - Both Leo and Chilly do a short hop, one hand above their head in a victorious pose.

Side - The front fighter will trip over themself, before the back fighter quickly helps them up.

Down - Leo and Chilly high five each other, switching places. Getting hit during the taunt will cancel the switch.


Two yellow stars rise from the ground before turning into white silloutes, which turn into Burning Leo and Chilly.

Victory Animations

  • Arms and legs tucked in, Leo and Chilly roll back and forth, one in front of the other before leaping up and posing mid air.
  • Holding each other's hands high in the air, the duo wave to an imaginary crowd.
  • The duo hold a large, golden trophy of...theirselves, as it drops in from above. 

Losing Animations

2nd Place - Looking emberassed, Leo rubs his head with an awkward smile, while Chilly claps for the winner.

3rd Place - Leo crosses his arms and scowls, while Chilly simply frowns and looks unamused.

4th-8th Place - They're both on their backs, looking exhausted and defeated.

Victory Fanfare

Alt. Costumes



Shows Serperior in his official artwork

Serperior (Alt)


Leaf Tornado


Energy Ball

Solar Beam

Leaf Tornado (Customs)

Slam (Customs)

Energy Ball (Customs)

Solar Beam (Customs)

Appearance in The Millennium Battle

Smash Taunts

Palutena's Guidance

Doc's Ringside Assistance

Tippi's Tips

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