Battlefield is a simple stage with no stage hazards at all. It solely consists of one solid platform, with three thin platforms flying above it, while no other gimmicks appear in this stage.

Final Destination

640px-SSB4 WiiU FinalDestination

Final Destination is a completely empty stage, with the exception of one wide solid platform. There are no other platforms, nor are there any stage hazards, making it the most simplified stage.

Koopa Cave

Koopa cave

Koopa Cave is a stage from the Super Mario universe, taking place in a cave. To the left of the stage, there are 6 Brick Blocks, in two lines of three. They can be used as platforms, but when jumped against from the underside, they will break. They will respawn after a short amount of time, however. The top of the stage has a wide platform that can be moved through. To the left, there is a transluscent pipe, that will move around fighters when they enter it. Occasionally, Koopa Troopas will walk through the cave. They can be jumped on, after which they become an exact replica of the Green Shell item. Rarely, a Koopa Troopa wears a Blue Spiny Shell.

Treasure Tracker

Captain toad puzzle

Treasure Tracker is a stage from the Super Mario universe, based on the game Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The stage has four sides, and occasionally, the stage will spin a quarter. The stage has 4 different formes.



Flipside is a stage with many possibilities for layout, as the background houses (which function as platforms) are randomised every time the stage is played.

Hyrule Castle Town

Castle Town

Hyrule Castle Town is a stage from the Legend of Zelda. There isn't a lot to the stage, except for the fountain in the center. It spouts water that pushes fighters up in the air, and if the fountain is attacked a lot, it can break, after which it will do that even more. It will respawn after a short amount of time.

Lake Hylia

Lake Hylia

The stage has two parts, one of them being above water on top of Lake Hylia while the other part is in the Water Temple. The stage switches occasionally between the two areas. The part on top of the lake has one island with a lone tree, which functions as platform, and on the other side, the main land around the lake is part of the stage, where the lake's house is located. Inbetween is water. The other part of the stage, in the Water Temple, is a simple platform surrounded by water. Enemies such as Stalfos or Like Likes can appear as well.

Palace of Twilight

HW Palace of Twilight

This stage takes place on a sole platform majority of the time, which takes the fighters to several areas of the Palace of Twilight, such as the throne, the outside area, and a hallway.

Fine Fields

KTD Yellow 3D Warpstar

The first Kirby stage, taking place on a simple grassland. Warp Stars appear on the field, which can take fighters to the background or foreground, depending on where they are.

Castle Lololo

KTD Castle Lololo

This stage has three platforms, of which the majority are solid, making it hard to knock others out of the blastlines, as the platforms are in the way. Lololo or Lalala can walk through one of the floors, harming fighters. They can also be attacked to eventually be defeated.

Another Dimension

KTD Another Dimension

The stage is an autoscroll level which doesn't have a lot of platforms. Landia can appear and he can be stood upon. He will then proceed to fire attacks like in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. The player who rides Landia can still be attacked, though.

Main Street


Main Street is a very wide stage, which takes place on top of the buildings on Main Street from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The stage consists of both sides of Main Street, which is why the stage is very wide. Like on the Smashville stage from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, balloons can fly over, holding healing items. The Balloons can be popped by attacking them, after which they will drop the item.

Train Station


Similar to the Spirit Train, it takes place on top of a driving train. Players will be dragged off-screen when they stand on the actual ground. Additionally, as opposed to the Spirit Train, there is only one floor. Occasionally the train will stop at a train station, where Porter can throw healing items at the fighters.

Kalos Power Plant

Kalos Power Plant

In this stage, Electrode will automatically appear as stage hazards, without being summoned by a Pokéball item. Additionally, there are 3 platforms that change altitude if they are attacked.



A flying platform will take the player around, to many of the different buildings. All parts have different platforms on them. It can take the fighters to the large Lickilicky, where the entire stage is slanted and fighters will slowly slide down. It can also take them to the Bronzor ferris wheel, which will simply continue spinning while the fighters can only stand on the different parts. Finally, it can take them to the floating Buizel, which will bounce the characters back if they get launched into it. Additionally, there is water next to it.



Grima is a large stage taking place on top of the fell dragon, Grima. Because the stage is a dragon, parts such as its head or wings may move, acting as moving platforms.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple DKCR

The stage takes place in the Golden Temple, a location in the sky. There are some towers and many large, floating pieces of fruit that function as platforms. These fly around the area. There is also one tower on each side of the level.

Frozen Hijinx

Homecoming Hijinks DKCTF

A jungle level with one small central platform, with one higher platform on both sides. The platforms are all slippery, as they are frozen. Barrel cannons appear above the stage occasionally, which may shoot the fighters to the opposite side of the stage.

Gluglug Lagoon

Gluglug lagoon

This level takes place underwater, which largely improves aerial combat for all characters. There are seaweeds at the bottom of the stage, which can be attacked to reveal items.


Great Temple

Wii Fit


Yoshi Touch & Go

Seafloor Palace

Tippy Tower

Mute City


Eryth Sea


Tropical Wilds

Formidable Oak

Nostaljunk Museum

Flat Zone X

Night Walk

Saltspray Rig

Kolima Forest


Muu Desert

Murasame Castle

Nintendo Land


Excitebike Arena



The Final Tile

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