The following is a list of fighters' special moves in Super Smash Bros. Fray. Currently it does not include other moves such as smash attacks or tilts.

Super Mario series

SSBF Mario
Mario remains largely the same as he was in the previous game. His attack speed has been slightly reduced from his appearance in Super Smash Bros. 4. However, his attacks have generally received more range.
Neutral B Fireball Mario throws a fireball, which bounces along the ground. It disappears after bouncing 4 times. 6%
Side B Cape Mario whips a cape from the Cape Feather power-up, which can reflect projectiles and reverses fighters. It can also be used as a small recovery move. 4%
Up B Super Jump Punch Mario jumps up, holding his hand up. While he hits fighters, coins appear aesthetically, althoug not for the Dr. Mario alt. 5% (first and last hit), 1% (middle hits)
Down B F.L.U.D.D. Mario takes out F.L.U.D.D. when used, and charges it. When used again, F.L.U.D.D. will shoot a jet of water to push away fighters. 0%
Final Smash Mega Mario Mario uses a Mega Mushroom to turn into a giant version of himself. Mario can walk around to attack fighters with his regular attacks, although they are now more powerful due to his increased size.
Paper Mario
SSBF Paper Mario
Paper Mario is a new character, who is very different from the regular Mario. He mostly uses his hammer during attacks, and can also use partners occasionally; for example, he uses Thoreau from Super Paper Mario during his grabs. He also has other animations that are visually the same as in the Paper Mario series, such as falling over during his Dash Attack and heavily waving his arms when he balances on the egde.
Neutral B Hammer Spin Mario takes out his hammer and swings it around himself. The attack can be charged and it visually appears similar to the same move from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. 10% (uncharged), 16% (fully charged)
Side B Line Jump Mario jumps to the side, and, if he hits someone, will continue doing so unless the attack is cancelled or after 5 hits. The attack gets progressively stronger with every bounce until it reaches its max. 2% (1st), 4% (2nd), 6% (3rd), 8% (4th), 12% (5th)
Up B Super Jump Mario folds himself smaller, after which he launches himself up at a high speed. While it deals little damage, it has relatively higher knockback if it hits. The attack can be charged briefly to make Mario jump up higher. It is based on the same move from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Luigi's move in Super Paper Mario. 2%
Down B Flip Mario uses his personal ability from Super Paper Mario, the Flip ability. Mario flips around at a high speed shortly, reflecting projectiles and reversing fighters. 3%
Final Smash Paperize Kersti from Paper Mario: Sticker Star appears to pick Mario up and hold him right in front of the screen on the side, making him appear as the player's perspective. The player can throw stickers on the stage, of which the effects vary depending on the type of sticker. It is similar to Zero Suit Samus's Gunship.

Donkey Kong series

Animal Crossing series

SSBF Isabelle
Isabelle appears from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Most of her attacks involve items from the Animal Crossing series, similar to Villager's attacks. Her voice tracks consist of the iconic Animalese sounds from the series. She also uses a fishing rod as her grab, which also functions as a tether recovery.
Neutral B Pocket The same as Villager's neutral special, Isabelle can grab projectiles and store them to use later in the battle. Only one projectile can be stored at a time. 0%
Side B Rotten Fruit Isabelle throws random rotten fruit which damages on contact. Occasionally, she will throw coconuts instead, which explode to deal more damage and knockback. 3% (regular), 8% (coconut)
Up B Umbrella Isabelle jumps up and floats while holding a minty gingham umbrella. It is similar to Peach's up special. 10% (final hit), 2% (other hits)
Down B Megaphone Isabelle yells into a megaphone, which blows away fighters. 0%
Final Smash Public Works Project Isabelle summons Lloid, who will trap nearby fighters in a small area surrounded with a fence, and starts building a random Public Works Project from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It is similar to Villager's Final Smash.

The Legend of Zelda series

Kirby series

Galacta Knight
SSBF Galacta Knight
Galacta Knight is a rival of Meta Knight and often a type of hidden boss in the Kirby series. He is similar in physique to Meta Knight, but he uses a lance rather than a sword. He is also stronger, but slower. He is better at ranged attacks, and can use his lance in a similar way to Corrin, albeit less extensively so. He can jump 4 times.
Neutral B Lance Beam Galacta Knight shoots a beam whip from his lance that will move clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the direction he is facing. 1% per hit
Side B Lunging Slice Galacta Knight flies to the side at a high speed, pointing his lance forward. It has a sweetspot at the beginning. 15% (early hit), 4% (other hits)
Up B Shuttle Loop Galacta Knight jumps up and makes a quick movement that goes up, with a loop in the middle. It is virtually identical to Meta Knight's up special. 5% (two hits)
Down B Counter Galacta Knight holds his lance in front of him, and strikes back immediately when hit. 1.2×
Final Smash Multithrust Galacta Knight jabs in front of himself with his lance a large amount of times, trapping nearby opponents and eventually launching them.

EarthBound / Mother series

Pokémon series

Fire Emblem series

Pikmin series

Metroid series

Star Fox series

Kid Icarus series

Other series

SSBF Matthew
Matthew appears from Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, as a Venus Adept. His gameplay mainly focuses on different elements and his Djinn placement, as in the Golden Sun games. He also has 4 alts which change his model to that of Isaac, with his appearance from Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
Neutral B Djinni Set By pressing the B button, the player sets a Djinni for a specific element. The special is similar to Shulk's. The effects are temporarily, but last fairly long. The following Djinn appear, in order:
  • Venus Djinni: Matthew's Venus (earth-based) attacks will be powered up, but his Jupiter (wind-based) attacks will decrease in effect.
  • Mars Djinni: Matthew's Mars (fire-based) attacks will be powered up, but his Mercury (water-based) attacks will decrease in effect.
  • Jupiter Djinni: Matthew's Jupiter attacks will be powered up, but his Venus attacks will decrease in effect.
  • Mercury Djinni: Matthew's Mercury attacks will be powered up, but his Mars attacks will decrease in effect.
Side B Fireball Matthew throws a large fireball. It can also be charged for better effect. 5% (uncharged), 7% (uncharged, Mars), 3% (uncharged, Mercury), 10% (fully charged), 15% (fully charged, Mars), 6% (fully charged, Mercury)
Up B Typhoon Matthew launches himself up while a tornado appears below him. The effect lasts longer when using a Jupiter Djinni, but shorter when using a Venus Djinni. 6% (regular), 9% (Jupiter Djinni), 4% (Venus Djinni)
Down B Move A large hand appears next to Matthew, which will push away fighters and reflect projectiles. It moves slightly to the side before stopping and disappearing. It stays longer when a Venus Djinni is set, and shorter when a Jupiter Djinni is set. 0%
Final Smash Psynergy Vortex A Psynergy Vortex appears, which draws in nearby fighters, dealing damage until the end of the move; therefore, being drawn in earlier on will result in large amounts of percentage. The vortex explodes in the end, delivering knockback.
SSBF Wario
Wario's moves have largely been changed, especially his specials, to fit more with the character and his series. Wario uses more moves from the Wario Land series, while still holding influences of his WarioWare appearances. His default costume is now also his yellow and purple plumber outfit, as opposed to his WarioWare outfit.
Neutral B Shoulder Bash Wario bashes to the side, barging into opponents with a body slam. 8%
Side B Wario Bike Wario takes out his bike and rides it. He can turn around and change the speed of the bike. He can also get off by pressing B. When activated in mid-air, Wario also jumps, giving it some horizontal recovery distance. 4% per hit
Up B Puffy Wario Wario turns into Puffy Wario from the Wario Land series, which temporarily makes him fly up. 0%
Down B Smash Attack Wario slams down at high speed. Its power will increase if the attack is performed from higher in the air, similar to how this move gets stronger from higher places in Wario Land games. 4% (uncharged), 15% (fully charged)
Final Smash Wario-Man Wario turns into his powered-up version from the WarioWare series, which improves his attack power. He is also slightly faster and can jump 3 times in this form.

Retro series

3rd Party series

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