Super Smash Bros. Football is a game for the Nintendo Wii made by Magmoor Games inc. It was released on December 1st 2009.


The game is played like any Super Smash Bros. game with the addition of a football and two goalposts on either end of the field.


Master Hand and Crazy Hand return to the Smash dimension and challenge the Smashers, whichever Smasher that bests the others at a game of football may compete against them in a battle. Who will win? You decide!

Playable Characters


~~=Final Smash Transformation

Name Pass Dash Jump Steal Final Smash
Mario Fireball Fire Slide Hi-Jump Fire Snatch Super Fireball
Samus Charge Cannon Speed Booster Screw Attack Grapple Beam Shinespark
Bowser Throw Shell Dash Bowser Leap Claw Giga Bowser
Peach Lovely Throw Daytripper Glide Smack Random Vibe
~Zelda Din's Fire Fayore's Wind Fayore's Wind Heart Grab Shiek
~~Shiek Ninja Pass Speed Vanish Chain Whip Zelda
Link Bow and Arrow Speed Hookshot Hookshot Giant Bomb
~Luigi Green Fireball Green Missle Super Jump Cape Slap Mr. L
~~Mr. L Super Green Fireball Super Green Missle Ultra Jump



Kirby Star Pass Fireball Float Inhale Warpstar
Fox SpeedPass Fox Illusion Fire Fox Snatch Arwing
~~Arwing N/A Speed Boost Vertical Speed Boost Harpoon Fox
~Falco Same as Fox Same as Fox Same as Fox Same as Fox Fury
~Meta Knight Throw Stab Wings Sword Mach Tornado
~Wario Reverse Magnet Run Magno Grapple Magnet Wario Man
~Gannondorf Shadow Throw Shadow Speed Shadow Leap Shade Steal Gannon
~~Gannon N/A Charge N/A N/A N/A
~Lord Crump Throw Body Slam Hi-Jump Grab Magnus Von Grapple
~~Magnus Von Grapple Missle Hand Body Slam Jet Boots Missle Hand Lord Crump
~Magnus 2.0 Machine Gun Body Slam Jet Boots Vacuum X-Naut Army
~Sonic the Hedgehog SpeedPass Speed Spin Jump SpeedGrab Super Sonic
~~Super Sonic Super SpeedPass SuperSpeed Flight Super SpeedGrab Sonic
~Pikachu Lightning Lightning Dash Lightning Jump Grab Pokemon Swarm
~Raichu Super Lightning Super Lightning Dash Super Lightning Jump Quick Grab Thunder Storm
~Jigglypuff Pass Run Fly Quick Grab Bedtime


This game uses the Wii Remote held sideways.

2 Button: Pass

1 Button + Control Pad: Dash (Left/Right) Jump (Up) Steal (Down).

1 Button (No Control Pad): Final Smash (With Smash Football)

Control Pad (Left or Right, No 1 button): Walk/Run

+ Button: Pause the game

Modes of Play

Free Play

A battle of up to four players.

Classic Mode

A series of battles against CPU players. One player only.

Challenge Mode

Challenges such as break the targets. One player only.

Final Smashes

A list of Final Smashes, and descriptions about them.

Final Smash Description
Super Fireball Mario throws a HUGE fireball that burns through everything in it's way!
Shinespark Samus dashes forward, not stopping until she hits a wall or scores a point.
Giga Bowser Bowser grows to a colossal size and charges forwards until he scores a goal or falls off the stage.
Random Vibe Peach uses a random vibe from Super Princess Peach.
Shiek Zelda transforms into Shiek.
Zelda Shiek transforms into Zelda.
Giant Bomb Link drops a HUGE bomb that does massive damage to all on screen enemies.
Mr. L Luigi transforms into Mr. L.
Luigi Mr. L transforms into Luigi.
Warpstar Same as Shinespark.
Arwing Fox climbs into his Arwing.
Fox The Arwing explodes leaving Fox on his own.
Fury Falco calls in a fleet of Arwings that blast lasers into the field doing MASSIVE damage to all enemies.
Mach Tornado Meta Knight spins rapidly around creating a MASSIVE tornado that KOs all enemies that get too close.

Wario eats a clove of Garlic that turns him into Wario-Man. He then dashes forwards until he scores a goal or falls off the field.

Gannon Gannondorf temporarily transforms into Gannon.
Magnus von Grapple Lord Crump leaps into Magnus von Grapple.
Lord Crump Magnus von Grapple explodes. Sending Lord Crump and all nearby items and foes flying.
X-Naut Army

Magnus 2.0 summons an army of X-Nauts that do damage to all onscreen enemies.

Super Sonic Sonic becomes Super Sonic.
Sonic Super Sonic becomes Sonic
Pokemon Swarm Pikachu summons a lot of pokemon from the sky.
Thunder Storm Lightning Bolts rain from the sky for a brief period.
Bedtime All foes fall asleep temporarily.

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