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Super Smash Bros. Flame Brothers is a upcoming installment in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. It was mostly created by Nintendo and Koopa Fox Tornado Studios, but other companies, such as Sega and Campon, were involved. The game will be released for the 3DS, Wii U, Wii, Nintendo DS, PC, and 1 other unnamed console.


The game first started in February 2015, when Nintendo wanted Koopa Fox Tornado Studios were planning on making a new game. Koopa Fox Tornado Studios thought that a new Super Smash Bros. game would be a good idea, because of it's popularity. Nintendo did not like this idea, because of the 3DS and Wii U game only recently came out. Koopa Fox Tornado Studios decided that if Nintendo agreed to making the game, they would release the game some where in beteween November 2015 and June 2016, so there would be a good range between the 4th game's releases, and the next game's release. Nintendo agreed with this deal, and the game was started to be made. Nintendo revealed the game's development in March 2015's Nintendo Direct, and Koopa Fox Tornado Studios posted a poll saying, "Are you excited for the next Super Smash Bros. games?" As expected, the poll showed the fans were pretty excited. In April 2015, Koopa Fox Tornado Studios revealed that the game is planned to be released in March 2016, and that it will be released on The 3DS, Wii U, Wii, DS, and a upcoming Nintendo console. On May 2015, Nintendo revealed that the game's title will be, "Super Smash Bros. Flame Brothers". On June 2015, Nintendo and Koopa Fox Tornado Studios got some other video game companies to join the development in the game, such as Sega and Campon. In November 2015, all of the game's starters were revealed, and Koopa Fox Tornado Studios put a series of mini-games on their website, that would reveal the unlockables if the game if the player wins. No other info has been revealed, but Nintendo and Koopa Fox Tornado Studios claim that more info will be coming out soon.


Starting Characters

Character Series Character Summary Moveset DLC

Mario MK


Super Marios Bros. Known for making Nintendo #1, Mario is easily known to everyone. He is smart, strong, and a amazing jumper. But can these traits make him victorious in Super Smash Bros.?

Standard: Fire Ball

Side: Galaxy Spin


Coin Punch



Final Smash:

Fire Mario

Metal Mario
Hyrule Warriors Link TP Clothes


Legend Of Zelda This young swordsman is known for stopping evil from taking over the kingdom of Hyrule. As the bearer of The Triforce Of Courage, Link is a brave one of green. Beside from his swordskills, he is also a horse-back rider, and a archer. However, can these skills help him in Super Smash Bros.?

Standard: Hero's Bow

Side: Gale Boomerang

Up: Spin Attack

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Triforce Slash

Dark Link
Kirby by mintenndo-d5x2vmu


Kirby He may seem like the cutest creature in the world, but he is much more than that. Kirby is known for absorbing his enimies' powers, and using them against them. But can this give him victory in battle?

Standard: Inhale

Side: Hammer

Up: Final Cutter

Down: Stone

Final Smash: Ultra Sword

Fighter Kirby
Pikachu SSBR


Pokemon The little rat that nobody wants to exterminate: Pikachu! Pikachu can use his electric powers to run a whole hosehold, and is the pokemon that everyone wants to catch! That is, unless Pikachu captures his enimies in Super Smash Bros....

Standard: Thunder Jolt

Side: Skull Bash

Up: Quick Attack

Down: Thunder

Final Smash: Bolt Tackle 

Blue Orb Pikachu

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong It's on like Donkey Kong! The king of the jungle himself, DK is always ready for a battle! He may not be the brightest, or the fastest, but he sure can pack a punch! Hopefully his strength will help him in Super Smash Bros.!

Standard: Giant Punch

Side: Headbutt

Up: Spinning Kong

Down: Hand Slap

Final Smash: Konga Beat

Yeti DK
Fox Icon SSB5


Star Fox The leader of the Star Fox himself: Fox! This Spaceship Ace Pilot is quick on the ground, and is experienced with space technology like a pro. Will his space-smarts and speed help him win this battle?

Standard: Blaster

Side: Fox Illusion

Up: Fire Fox

Down: Reflector

Final Smash: Landmaster

Ground-Mission Fox
480px-Samus SSB4


Metroid Let me get this out of the way: Samus is female. But that doesn't mean she can't win a fight. Samus is a well-trained fighter who can make sure that the universe can stay safe. Can she use her alien fighting skills to win her upcoming battles?

Standard: Charge Shot

Side: Missle

Up: Screw Attack

Down: Bomb

Final Smash: Zero Laser

Dark Samus


Yoshi Yoshi is that green creature that you want to hold all day! He is cute, nice, and willing to let people ride on his back. However, he will fight whenever he needs to. Let's all wish him the best of luck in Super Smash Bros.!

Standard: Egg Lay

Side: Egg Roll

Up: Egg Throw

Down: Yoshi Bomb

Final Smash: Super Dragon

Negative Yoshi
Freddy fazbear by i6nis-d7x3wqt

Freddy Fazbear

Five Nights At Freddy's A "cute" anamatronic friend in the day, and a monster trying to stuff you into a suit at night. Can Freddy Fazbear stuff people in a suit in his upcoming battles?

Standard: Microphone

Side: Pizza Slash

Up: Hat Toss

Down: Super Punch

Final Smash: Fazbear Stuffing

Toy Freddy
Bonnie by i6nis-d7x3x8t

Bonnie Bunny

Five Nights At Freddy's  A "energetic" anamatronic friend in he day, and a monster trying to stuff you in a suit at night. Can Bonnie and his guitar rocking skills assist him in Super Smash Bros.?

Standard: Guitar Sound

Side: Guitar Smash

Up: Rockstar Kick

Down: Bunny Moves

Final Smash: Fazbear Stuffing

Toy Bonnie
Chica by i6nis-d7xbmvp

Chica Chicken

Five Nights At Freddy's A "flirty" anamatronic friend in the day, and a monster trying to stuff you into a suit at night. Can Chica and her cupcake end up victorious in Super Smsh Bros.?

Standard: Cupcake Boomerang

Side: Girly Spin

Up: Cupcake Toss

Down: Splits

Final Smash: Fazbear Stuffing

Toy Chica
Ultimate smashers characters bowser by starmasterjohn-d5o6lrx


Mario Mario's arch enemy has joined the battle once again! A tough opponent for anyone, Bowser truly deseves to fight Mario once again in Super Smash Bros.!

Standard: Fire Breath

Side: Flying Slam

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Bowser Bomb

Final Smash: Giga Bowser

Dry Bowser
Bowser Jr without Koopa clown car

Bowser Jr.

Mario Bowser's mischievous son returns to the battle to assist his father in battle, and fight foes such as Mario again. Will his quick movestyle lead him to victory, or will his hope be erased? Play as him to find out!

Standard: Fire Breath

Side: Double Paintbrush

Up: Whirling Fortress

Down: Paintbrush Spin

Final Smash: Shadow Mario



Sonic The Hedgehog The Blue Blur himself joins the battle once again! With Sonic's fast moveset, he can take out enimies before they can even move themselves. But can his feet bring him to victory?

Standard: Homing Attack

Side: Spin Dash

Up: Spring Jump

Down: Spin Charge

Final Smash: Super Sonic

Boom Sonic
Tails Sonic Adventure


Sonic The Hedgehog Let's face it, not even the fastest thing alive can win a fight on his own. That's why Tails sticks by his side. Get ready, because some double trouble is on it's way!

Standard: Punching Spring

Side: Tails Spin

Up: Flight

Down: Sky Laser

Final Smash: Super Tails


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