Super Smash Bros. Fissure will be a game for the Nintendo Gem. Not much is known about the game, but the story will revolve around the cast of playable characters stuck in a giant earth fissure and trying to get out of it. It is more of an umbrella game, with no real limits on which characters are added. This is a mix between a regular fanon Smash game and Omega Smash Bros. Orochi-type stuff, where the creator has to add every character that anyone wants to be added, but he can add his own wacky characters as well.

Yes, you can suggest away in the comments.


Gameplay is pretty much exactly like other Smash games. Rack up other's % by trying hitting them, the more % they have the more knockback they get, knock em off all that cool stuff.

Story Mode


10 Player Smash


Character Description
Mario SSB4Mario Mario is the guy everyone expected to be right here on this very character list on this page. He can shoot fireballs. Enough said.
Peach SSB4Peach The Peach completely unable to defend herself from Bowser can surprisingly defend herself from Link or even Waluigi. She must be tough to hold off Waluigi.
100px-HW LinkLink The hero of hyrule is here. MIDNA! Just kidding, its Link, he throws boomerangs, swings swords and directs you to internet sites
WaluigiMP8OfficialWaluigi Waluigi is the cheating fun loving, villainous friendly, IITS A MEE man in purple. What?
Thebagmanfissure2The Bag Man I have no idea what this is. I searched it on google and this appeared. I guess you play as either the box or the main character and trap people in bags to kill them? I don't know.
The Bombastic Bag ManThe Bombastic Bag Man Another bag man, which is Spiderman with a Mr. Fantastic costume on, wearing a bag on his head. I guess he can shoot webs just like Spiderman, and also put bags on other's heads to reverse their controls.
Inkling2Inkling The species of Squid Kid obsessed with the game Turf War. They can turn fully into squids in their own ink, which they shoot on the floor with their various attacks, which act like Palutena's, with custom moves which are completely different.
Squid SistersThe Squid Sisters 2 squid kids who greet you whenever you open the game. They work like the ice climbers, but you can switch between them. They can even jump into the background to activate a newscast, which is just random crap no one needs.
Cap'n CuttlefishCap'n Cuttlefish A squid old guy. He's the grandfather of Agent 1 and 2, and leads a war against the octopuses for no reason at all I guess. He can use the Hero weapons from Splatoon. Also, DJ Octavio is his alt. costume.
CrankyKongCranky Kong Cranky is a old monkey, who likes to start internet memes, such as "GIT GUD", which you really need to do. Also, his cane is surprisingly sharp and it can poke your eye out.
AntmanfissureAnt-Man Ant-Man is a man who can change sizes. He is more powerful in regular size, but in tiny size he's hard to hit. He can also ride on horseflys .-.
ShaqFissureShaquille O'Neal Self explanatory. He will use you as a hoop and shoot basketballs at you- and score everytime.
YeefissurePeek They told me to add a "Dingo Pictures" character. MWAHAHAHAHA yee
ForbushmanfissureForbush Man A mutated comic gofer, wearing a pot on his head. Marvel is running out of ideas. He has no powers, but when he's around, people trip much more, and do other stupid stuff.
GodzillafissureGodzilla Godzilla is not the guy your expecting. He is styled after those old tv shows, with him wobbling around, making weird noises. He can breathe fire and has the godzilla victory dance as his victory dance
AmbushbugfissureAmbush Bug Ambush Bug is a drunken superhero. All that he can do is become drunk and smash beer bottles on his enemies and teleport. He also has a sidekick toy, but he only uses it in like 5 moves.
PlushtrapfissurePlushtrap Plushtrap is a plush toy in a fnaf minigame, and doesn't have any other use BUT that. He can speed up and slow down time in his Final Smash by jumping onto an X.
TrashfissureTrash & Oscar The trash can does all the fighting, and a palutena's guidance-type thing activates when Trash makes its down taunt, which summons Oscar to do a trashy dialogue.
The Pizza Man
The guy from a random trollpasta. He is made of pizza and is naked. Just kidding, he's just wearing a peach shirt and pants.
GhostfissurePac-Ghosts The 4 ghosts from pac-man. They can be so spooky your guts fall out of your ass :o mom im scared. They can damage you by running into you.
RidleysfootfissureRidley's Foot I couldn't use his toe because it looked too much like a dong, so here's his foot. It can do everything a foot can do.
PurplingPurpling A clone of sheen esteves, doing everything he does.
360WynautWynaut A pokemon. He can use a MLG quickscoping power since he is Pokemon 360. He also attacks using the Xbox.
BallistafissureBallista An old catapult. For some reason it can fly, and it can shoot anyone into the air just with one flick of its "arm". I don't know. Also, it is fully black and white
CenafissureSuper Cena A wrestler. Actually, a clone of Little Mac. He's even a remodeled little mac.
HussiefissureAndrew Hussie Uses MS Paint weapons. All I want to say.
FantendofissureFantendo/Invertendo Does whatever I want him to do. Also, he can summon bad recolors to do his will. pǝuǝddɐɥ ɹǝʌǝ ʇɐɥʇ ʇǝƃɹoɟ oʇ ʇuɐʍ ᴉ 'ʇ,usǝop ʇᴉ ˙sᴉɥʇ ɥʇᴉʍ op oʇ ƃuᴉɥʇǝɯos sɐɥ uǝʇuᴉɹn ʞuᴉɥʇ ʎlqɐqoɹd noʎ
Jalloon joy jissureJalloon Joy Jalloon Joy joes jabsolutely jothing jut jand jhere jand jalk.

In Progress




Item Description
Obviously grows you bigger for a short amount of time, making you less vulnerable to attacks for the time being.
Sonic '06
Can be thrown at opponents to glitch them, making them float away, freeze and other shit. Also, that tornado is carrying a car!
Using the Rosalina SSB4 picture to meet wikia's standards. You can throw a permanently blinding picture of rosalina + waluigi deviantart fanfics.
Reverse Pokeball
Looks like a Pokeball, but when thrown catches someone in it, and then has horrible crunching noises, before releasing them as a mangled piece of shit.

In Progress

  • A copy of Sonic 0'6
  • Rosalina.
  • Reverse Pokeball


Assist Description
Phantom Freddy
Phantom Freddy
I don't want to include a FNAF rep until someone suggests one, so here's an assist. Phantom Freddy makes the FNAF3 screech noise. The screen then begins to repeatedly fade out and back in like after you get a Phantom jumpscare in Five Nights 3. This lasts for only a few seconds.
Crusty Sean
Crusty Sean throws shoes at you which do damage. He also can do melee attacks for some time, which are extremely rapid due to his 8 legs.
Buffckles is the Sonic Boom Knuckles. He is incredibly stupid but will lift people up and throw them, but there is a 50% chance he'll drop the eprson.
A Can Of Spagghetti
After 30+ years of training at camp bell, he jumps onto the battlefield- then instantly spills, shooting meatballs and spagghetti everywhere.
Sheen Estevez
Sheen Esteves
Who? What? Why? Ugh, completely annoys you with jimmy neutron stuff, making everyone else instantly die.
Byeah Army
A happy meal appears at one side of the stage. You know what happens next.

Pokeball Pokemon

In Progress





Pokemon Description
ThealmightydeskfanfissureDesk Fan The ruler of the Fantendoverse, the Fan! Oh, I meant that fan. He literally blows you away. The FNAF4 fan has a rare chance of spawning, but then dies inside a yellow cupcake suit and with stay there, bleeding for the rest of the round.
MissingmodelMissingno. Missingno riwvnouwovbtuweioubvoweurbvoiurwbvoeurowebruwibvuriebuvieuribvweuriwebvuriwebvuirwebv sorry, i just slammed my head on the keyboard.
618StunfiskStunfisk Stunfisk camoflauges with the ground, and then waits for someone, including its owner, to step on him. Then- you are dead, unsuprisingly.