Finale Logo
Developer(s) Blade
Publisher(s) Blade
Platform(s) Blade Edge
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Super Smash Bros.
Predecessor Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Media Included Disc
Super Smash Bros. Finale is the sixth installment of the Super Smash Bros. series following for Wii U. It will be released for the Edge and will feature a "record smashing amount of playable fighters" according to it's website. It was revealed at the Halloween Con 2014 and has 74 playable fighters.


Finale Mode

Finale Mode is the basic, single- or multi- player battle mode. Like previous game's Smash, Brawl, or Melee, special modes like "Stamina" and "Sudden Death" are avaliable inside along with standards like "stock", "time", and "coins".



In this Smash Bros. title, there are 74 characters (77 including every Mii Fighter), but DLC is a possibility. There are 30 unlockable characters, and 44 default ones. 23 new challengers appear, with 5 previously cut characters (Mewtwo, Wolf, Snake, Lucas, and the Ice Climbers) and 46 veterans. Only two characters were cut in the transition to this title: Pac-Man and Toon Link. 

Finale Mario Finale Luigi Finale Toad Finale Peach SFinale Rosalina&Luma Finale Bowser SFinale BowserJr SFinale DrMario Finale Wario SFinale Ashley Finale Yoshi Finale Kamek Finale Samus Finale ZeroSuitSamus Finale Ridley Finale DK Finale Diddy SFinale Cranky SFinale KingKRool Finale Inkling Finale Link Finale Zelda SFinale Impa Finale Sheik Finale Midna SFinale Lana Finale Zant SFinale Ganondorf SFinale Villager Finale WiiFitTrainer Finale Pit Finale Palutena SFinale DarkPit Finale Lucas SFinale Ness SFinale Marth Finale Ike SFinale Anna Finale Robin Finale Lucina Finale Kirby SFinale Maglor Finale Meta Knight Finale KingDedede SFinale DuckHunt Finale Pikachu Finale Charizard SFinale Mewtwo Finale Greninja SFinale Lucario Finale Genesect SFinale Jigglypuff SFinale Plulse&Minun SFinale Takamaru Finale IceClimbers Finale Fox SFinale Slippy Finale Falco SFinale Peppy SFinale Wolf Finale Shulk SFinale ROB Finale LittleMac SFinale KingHippo SFinale PrinceSabel Finale CaptainFalcon SFinale Dillon SFinale Alph Finale Olimar SFinale G&W Finale Sonic Finale MegaMan Finale Snake Finale Agnes Finale MiiFighters

Unlockable Criteria

Fighter (by Match #s) Matches Method Alt. Method
Rosalina & Luma 10 matches 10-Man Smash (in 30 seconds)
Mr. Game & Watch 20 matches Complete Classic Mode
Ganondorf 30 matches Win a "For Glory" match
Villager 40 matches Complete Classic Mode as 3 Fighters
Ness 50 matches Unlock "Big Step"
Marth 60 matches 100-Man Smash
R.O.B. 70 matches Complete Events 1-15
Jigglypuff 80 matches Complete Events 15-30
Bowser Jr. 90 matches Complete Classic Mode on "Burning"
Lucario 100 matches Play Pokèmon Stadium 3 twice
Duck Hunt 110 matches Complete Classic Mode as 5 Fighters
Wolf 120 matches Play on Arena Ferox 3 times
Takamaru 130 matches Own 150 trophies
Ashley 140 matches Fill Out Challenge Board #1
Dark Pit 150 matches Complete All Events
Lana 160 matches Fill Out Challenge Board #2
Impa 170 matches 10-Minute Smash
Plusle & Minun 180 matches Own 250 trophies
Magolor 190 matches Fill Out Challenge Board #3
Slippy Toad 200 matches Complete Classic as 10 Fighters
Mewtwo 220 matches Complete Classic as 15 Fighters
Alph 222 matches Fill Out Challenge Board #3
Peppy Hare 230 matches Complete Classic as 20 Fighters
Cranky Kong 240 matches Complete All-Star Mode
Anna 250 matches Complete Classic as 25 Fighters
Dillon 260 matches Complete Classic as Mr. Game & Watch
King Hippo 270 matches Complete Classic as 30 Fighters
King K. Rool 280 matches Fill Out Challenge Board #4
Prince Sabèl 290 matches Win a "For Fun" match


Normal Items


Assist Trophies


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