Super Smash Bros. Final Smash is, as the name implies, the final game in the Smash Bros. series. It is made by ElectricMayhem.


Peach is possessed by a cosmic deity and wages war against Hyrule. Mario and the rest of Peach's allies are blinded by how much they trust her, and so they join her army. Now, Nintendo characters are being forced to pick sides, and it's only a matter of time before things take a turn for the worst.


Mario Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros.
Luigi Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros.
Yoshi Mushroom Kingdom Yoshi's Island
Bowser Hyrule Super Mario Bros.
Peach Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros.
Wario Hyrule Wario Ware
Waluigi Hyrule Mario Sports
Toad Mushroom Kingdom Super Mario Bros.
Rosalina Hyrule Super Mario Galaxy
Link Hyrule LOZ
Zelda/Sheik Hyrule LOZ
Ganon Mushroom Kingdom LOZ
Skull Kid Mushroom Kingdom LOZ
Demise Mushroom Kingdom LOZ
Kirby Mushroom Kingdom Kirby
Meta Knight Hyrule Kirby
King Dedede Hyrule Kirby
Fox Hyrule Starfox
Falco Hyrule Starfox
Krystal Hyrule Starfox
Wolf Mushroom Kingdom Starfox
Samus Aran Hyrule Metroid
Ridley Hyrule Metroid
Sonic the Hedgehog Mushroom Kingdom Sonic
Tails Mushroom Kingdom Sonic
Knuckles Mushroom Kingdom Sonic
Shadow Hyrule Sonic
Ness Mushroom Kingdom Mother
Lucas Mushroom Kingdom Mother
Poo Mushroom Kingdom Mother
Pikachu Hyrule Pokemon
Greninja Hyrule Pokemon
Charizard Hyrule Pokemon
Jigglypuff Hyrule Pokemon
Mewtwo Hyrule Pokemon
Trainer Hyrule Pokemon
Marth Hyrule Fire Emblem
Ike Hyrule Fire Emblem
Donkey Kong Mushroom Kingdom Donkey Kong Country
Diddy Kong Mushroom Kingdom Donkey Kong Country
King K. Rool Mushroom Kingdom Donkey Kong Country
Megaman Mushroom Kingdom Megaman
Protoman Hyrule Megaman
Little Mac Hyrule Punch-Out!
King Hippo Mushroom Kingdom Punch-Out!
Captain Falcon Hyrule F-Zero
Villager Mushroom Kingdom Animal Crossing
Wii Fit Trainer Hyrule Wii Fit
Pit Hyrule Kid Icarus
Steve Hyrule Minecraft
Master Chief Hyrule Halo
Travis Touchdown Hyrule No More Heroes
Amaterasu Hyrule Okami
Ryu Mushroom Kingdom Street Fighter
Snake Hyrule Metal Gear

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