This is the complete list of items for Super Smash Bros. Fantasy.


Image Name Series Description
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros. The Final Smash is a secret skill that can be performed but once…and only after obtaining an item called the Smash Ball, which is a precious item, indeed.
Assist trophy
Assist Trophy Super Smash Bros. Assist Trophies allow you to enjoy even more characters who couldn’t quite make it as playable fighters.
Gooey Bomb Super Smash Bros. The Gooey Bomb, when throw, latches onto a player or surface. It will then stick to them where ever they go. Players can also pass the bomb onto an opponent by hitting or running past them. It has a time explosion so it`s almost like a hot potato game.
Sandbag Super Smash Bros. Sandbag appears again as the punching bag of the Home-Run Contest.

Sandbag also serves as an item that again expels stickers and CDs.

Laser Cannon Super Smash Bros. The Laser Cannon is a powerful laser-based arsenal that fire four laser beams. The laser beams themselves do not do much damage but it can be fired 5 times without charging up. The beams shoot out straight but twirl together as they get farther away from the cannon. The beams do 10% damage and can fire 5 times. However, it takes 20 seconds for it to recharge. It can only recharge 3 times before it becomes defective and runs out of charges. It is also cumbersome and players can’t dash or double jump while holding it
Bumper Super Smash Bros. The Bumper makes another appearance in SSBF. It has the same type of mechanics before. If smash thrown, it almost always deals a KO.
Smoke Ball Super Smash Bros. The Smoke Ball is a item that can obscure the vision of other players by releasing a massive amount of smoke. The smoke ball can be thrown at an opponent which does a small amount of damage and obscures the player from view. If it doesn’t hit a player, it will bounce up and down, emitting smoke, until picked up again.
Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros. The Home-Run Bat is one of the most feared items in the Super Smash Bros. series. When hit normally, it only does 7-8% damage but when used with a Smash Attack, it can do OHKO at 30% damage and a very high knock back.
Metal Box Super Mario The Metal Box allows players to appear as a metallic form of the player. Characters under the effects of the Metal Box, besides a huge change to their appearance, experience increased weight, deals more knock back when attacked, increases falling weight, reduces jumping height, makes double, multiple jumps, and gliding useless.
Thwomp Candy Super Mario The Thwomp Candy changes everyone into a rock version of themselves. The players can move and jump but they are very restricted in their movements.
Chance Cube Super Mario The Chance Cube has five items it can grant to a player when they throw it. The following are: a Starman , a Heart Container, an Assist Trophy or Poké Ball, a random item, or a self-destruct mechanism.

When the cube hits any type of surface when thrown, it bursts apart and the item appears on the thrower or his/her hands. However, the self-destruct mechanism will cause the thrower to explode and deals high vertical knock back. It can be caught and throwing it at opponents deals no damage.

Oil Slick Super Mario When thrown on the ground, it creates a medium sized puddle of oil. Whenever a character steps on it, they slip much like a banana but keeps slipping until they some how maneuver out of the oil slick. However, be careful because it can affect the player who first used the Oil Slick.
Spin Drill Super Mario When grabbed, the player jumps on top of it and immediately begins spinning and drilling. It doesn't affect jumping or dashing and retains the normal speed of the character. However, it can damage any opponent that gets close to it, hitting for 1% damage for each hit. Additionally, if a opponent is jumped on while the Spin Drill is active, it does 5% damage each hit and constantly pushes the opponent to the ground. It can be quiet destructive in the right hands. As a added bonus, it has a slight vacuum affect that draws opponents closer to it. However, this depends wholly on how close the Spin Drill is. The duration lasts for 12 seconds and cannot be dropped if attacked.
Golden Hammer Super Mario The Golden Hammer appears again in SSBF! It delivers fast, powerful attacks and allows the opponent to float. However, unlike before, it doubles the opponents jumping height allowing even higher jumps while using the Golden Hammer. As well as before, there is a chance it could be a Squeaky Hammer so be careful!
Bob-omb Super Mario The Bob-omb makes it’s explosive return in Super Smash Bros. Fantasy. It remains the same with very little changes. The biggest change is it causes a different type of knock back, depending on where it hits the opponent. Explosions on either side causes mostly horizontal knock back while explosions from the top area does vertical knock back.
Green Shell Super Mario The Green Shell comes back as a powerful throwing item that can KO opponents at high levels. Players can either pick up the shell and throw it or jump on top of the shell which will cause it to propel itself further. Additionally, hitting it with an attack will cause it to shoot forward. The stronger the attack, the stronger the damage it delivers to the opponent.
Ice Flower Super Mario The Ice Flower acts much like the Fire Flower. When A is pressed and held, a stream of ice blasts out and slowly freezes the opponent. It doesn't automatically freeze but gradually while both hurting and slowly down the opponent. When thrown, it deals 6% damage.
Starman Super Mario The Starman gives the player invincibility for 10 seconds and now, a player cannot be KO’d by attacks.
Soccer Ball Super Mario The Soccer Ball is a powerful item that can be launched by hitting it with an attack. The more powerful the attack, the harder the soccer ball hits. If hit with a exceptionally strong attack or a smash attack, the soccer ball ignites on fire as it speeds through the air. It can be deflected by counters or reflectors or a bumpers. If shielded, it can break them. It can’t be caught while on fire but if hit by a basic or weak attack, the opponent can grab it, place it on the ground, and given the opportunity to kick/hit it back.
Vanish Cap Super Mario It renders the wearer invisible for 10 seconds as well as pass through impassable solid platforms and thin walls with a visible side. It can fall off the wearer if hit with a hard enough attack. It lasts for approximately 14 seconds before the wearer reappears. If knocked off, the timer on the cap returns to normal.
Hammer Donkey Kong The Hammer, alongside the Home-Run Bat, is one of the most feared and damaging items in the Super Smash Bros. Series. When picked up, the character goes into a hammer smashing animation and can strike opponents for very high damage. The Hammer does 22% damage with every hit. However, the Hammer can malfunction and the hammer head can fly off from it. It can be picked up and thrown for 22% damage.
Watermelon Yoshi When eaten, by pressing A, a spew of watermelon seeds come from the character’s mouth. It only does 1% damage but it can shoot out 20 seeds in total. It doesn’t cause flinching; much like Fox’s lasers.
Blimp Fruit Yoshi The Blimp Fruit is a item that can be thrown at an opponent. Upon contact, it will comically inflate the opponents body and causes them to float to the top of the screen. While it does no damage, it can still KO an opponent if they reach the very top. However, struggling will shorten the duration of the blimp fruit. The blimp fruit lasts roughly 12 seconds but excessive struggling will shorten the time by .5 seconds. Additionally, if someone is holding the fruit holds it past 5 seconds, they themselves will turn into a blimp so it’s best to throw it as soon as you get it.
Cucco Legend of Zelda The Cucco acts much like it did in LoZ. It allows a player to cross a area after jumping by using the birds strong wings. However, the player will fall into a helpless state if hit while in midair. The Cucco will then fly to safety. The Cucco can also be attacked repeatedly until it calls for it’s brethren. Cuccos will then invade the stage and attack players. They will not attack the person who picked it up last unless it was that player that caused the Cucco to cry. The lasts 10 seconds.
Groosenator Legend of Zelda The Groosenator acts much like Snake’s Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, in order to deliver successful attacks, the player must angle the bombs just right so they hit the opponents. This is because the bombs arc much like a real catapult. The player can adjust the catapults track movement by moving left and right and move the angle of the catapult by moving up or down. Pressing A while fire the catapult and launch a LoZ bomb (Ocarina version) onto the stage. The bomb has a large blast radius and does between 15-20% damage, depending on the distance from the centre of the blast. It has 6 stocks of ammunition but it has no time limit. However, not shooting after 10 seconds will result in a immediate launch of the bomb. The Groosenator itself appears far from the stage which, much like Snake’s Final Smash and Kirby’s Dragoon, allows a full view of the stage.
Bunny Hood Legend of Zelda The Bunny Hood appears again as a piece of equipment that can boost the height and speed of players jumps, the players running speed, and the falling speed of players. The effect lasts 12 seconds and can fall off with enough damage.
Gust Bellows Legend of Zelda By pressing and holding down the attack button, the player can shoot out gusts of air at opponents. While it does no damage, it can push them fairly far distances; especially those who are light weight. Lower percentages do not move as far while higher ones do. Heavy weights like Bowser and Donkey Kong hardly feel the effects of the Gust Bellows unless they are at a very high percentage.
Fairy Legend of Zelda If you capture a fairy, it will stay with you for only a minute. If you are KO’d during this time, the game does not take away a life or a point (depending on the mode) but when you respawn, 50% damage will added to your damage meter.
Hi Jump Boots Metroid The wearer can jump even higher than the Bunny Hood and even perform a third jump (one two more jumps for characters like Kirby and Pit). They last for 15 seconds and can be knocked off while the player is wearing them.
Seeker Missile Metroid The Seeker Missile is a bit different then before. It does much more damage to the opponent and it erupts in a shock of lightning when hit. It can do upwards to 28% Lightning damage. It is much faster than Samus’ Seeker Missile. The player who picks up the weapon receives a arm cannon just like Samus (Samus' arm cannon stays the same) and can fire 5 missiles in a row. It targets the closer opponent and will follow them either until it explodes or it’s 15 second time expires in which it will explode.
Palm Kid Icarus When equipped, the Palm allows the player to shoot energy shots when attacking. When hit directly, it doubles the damage of the attack. The projectile shot damage is halved when it connects though.
Eggplant Curse Kid Icarus When grabbed, it transforms everyone into a bouncing eggplant. The only catch is that when hit, the damage does is 10% more damaging which can allow for easier KO’s. The duration itself lasts for 13 seconds or until all the opponents are KO’d.
Punching Bag Punch-Out The Boxing Bag can be punched, kicked, and smashed. This increases it’s damage on the bag. When picked up and thrown, it can do a lot of damage based on how much it was attacked before. It can do between 1% to 101% damage; depending how much damage it has.
Wheelie Kirby The Wheelie can be picked up and thrown. It does moderate knock back and around 15-22% damage. However, if thrown while it’s wheel is spinning does an additional 10% damage. It will also chase after players and try to attack.
Hydra Kirby The Hydra takes the Dragoon’s place however, it has similar characteristics to the previous one. In order to be used, the three parts must be collected. Being hit can cause pieces to fall out from players.

Once all three are collected, a aiming screen is shown. Instead of the fiery red aiming screen as before, the colours are inverted on the outer edges. It gives it a very intense feel.

Once the player presses A, the air ride shoots forward and rams into people. It is capable of doing a One Hit KO when it hits one or more people. It deals extremely high vertical knock back. The player who then rode the Hydra into battle falls back into the stage.

Triple Star Kirby Allows the character to surround themselves in stars and shoot them. The stars will circle around the character and will follow them wherever he or she goes. The stars does 8% Light damage upon contact and has small knock back. It also cancels out projectiles but not Final Smashes. It is possible to still hit the character who is holding the item by attacking right when the stars are not protecting the character. This is because they circle the character and there are brief points where the character is not fully protected. The character can also fire one of the stars into the opponent which does 15% Light damage when thrown. The star that was thrown is replenished by the wand. The duration lasts for 10 seconds.
Star Rod Kirby The Star Rod functions much like in the previous Super Smash Bros. Series. When tapping the attack button, it only does 5-10% damage while fully charging it’s smash attack will increase it to 13-24% damage and the projectile does 6-12% damage. It holds 16 to 18 projectiles.
Hover Jade Golden Sun The Hover Jade allows the character to hover in the air and technically, fly in the air much like how Pit and Metaknight does. However, the only difference is that they can perform ground, throws, and aerials attacks while hovering. They can even roll like on the ground. The player just needs to run or jump to hover higher or crouch to go lower. The duration lasts for 13 seconds and can be knocked out it the player recieves too much damage.
Plasma Cannon Star Fox It can only shoot 5 rounds and, when fired, it causes 10% damage to the player. However, if it lands a shot on a opponent, it does 50% damage and very high knock back. It has one of the largest KO potentials other than the Hammers and Starman. However, after firing, it recoils thus causing the player to be pushed back so it cannot be fired in succession. It can be dropped after taking a lot of damage.
Speed Boost F-Zero A Speed Boost is a hovering non-holdable item that a player can jump through. It resembles a revolving ring of sorts. When jumped through, it will shoot the player forward. This can both good and bad since it can possibly KO a player if the Speed Boost is to close to the side or upper boundaries. As well, it can also aid in escaping an opponent, knocking an opponent into the ring for a KO, aid in recovering to the stage, or in jumping. It increases a players speed by 50% as it shoots them through the boost. However, the effect is only temporary and diminishes as soona s the player leaves the ring.
Bug Net Animal Crossing The Bug Net is used to swipe at opponents. Hitting them on the head will cause them to go into a surprised look and they will begin to look around at who hit them in the head. If done in the air, it will cause the opponent to fall to the ground. It deals 5% if a regular hit and 10% if a smash attack.
Beehive Animal Crossing The beehive appears as a throw-able weapon. When thrown, the beehive sticks onto the opponent which results in a swarm of bees buzzing around the opponents head. It lasts for 6 seconds and hits 3 times for 1% damage each hit. It does 18% damage total. However, the opponent can shake up the beehive thus destroying the bees and beehive but it is fairly difficult unless the player starts as soon as he is hit.
Poké Ball Pokémon When you throw a Poké Ball in Smash, a Pokémon

of some sort will appear and come to your aid.

Rare Candy Pokémon The Rare Candy is a temporary stat enhancing item that boosts all stats for 5 points. It lasts for 15 seconds but, during this time, it can be hit out of the player and grabbed by the opponent. However, it does not reset the clock so grabbing it only re-starts the timer.
Armourslayer Fire Emblem the Armourslayer is a powerful sword that has a very slow start up swing, but when connecting, it can do upwards to 45% damage and high knock back. During the start up lag, the opponent is immune to flinching so it is a particular damaging weapon. However, it slows down the opponent and, like the Metal Box, reduces jumping fight and increases falling speed. Armoured and heavier opponents like Ike and Knightmare actually receive more damage and knock back when hit compared to lighter characters such as Pikachu and Kirby. It can be dropped if the player takes enough damage.
Franklin Badge EarthBound The Franklin Badge allows players to reflect projectiles of any type when hit by them. It lasts a certain amount of time and then the effect wears off the player. If it is overloaded, it will just absorb or allow the projectile to pass through the player.
Mr. Saturn EarthBound Mr. Saturn is a walking, jumping, and living item that can be picked up and thrown at opponents. It does very little damage and has little knock back but it can be thrown repeatedly before it disappears. When thrown with a smash attack, it does 11% damage, tapping the attack button does 8% damage, and dropping it 4% damage.
Omega Sword & Elk Shield Soul Calibur It focuses more on speed and close combat than distance or power. It alternates between sword and shield attacks. It has moderate KO potential but it’s speed is the fastest of the three. The two come as a pair however, while they can be separated, if one is grabbed, the other disappears and re-appears in the characters hands.

Neutral A – A shield bash. Does 4% damage.

Forward A – A quick slash and shield bash. First hit does 4% damage while the second does 3% damage. Does 5% damage total.

Dash – A running shield charge bash. Does 7% damage. No lag. Decent knock back.

Forward Smash – A quick shield bash followed by three quick sword strikes. First hit does 5-7% damage while the three sword strikes does 1-2% damage. Therefore, it can do between 8% damage to 13% damage with high moderate knock back.

Throw – Shield does 8% damage. Sword does 14% damage.

Unira Clu Clu Land Unira is an item that appears in Clu-Clu Land. When picked up, it extends its spikes and can damage opponents. If it hits a solid surface, it will latch onto that and extend its spikes out. Hitting the item will cause damage and knockback.
Burgertoy Nintendog The Burgertoy is one of the most damaging items in SSBF. When thrown, it does an initial 25% damage and can easily break through shields. However, once it hits the ground, it will continue to bounce around the stage and hitting opponents for 8% damage. Once it stops, another player can pick it up and throw it. Therefore, it is not restrictive to one player. It lasts approximately 25 seconds and will then disappear.
Lip's Stick Panel de Pon Lip's Stick makes another appearance in SSBF but with a few changes. It has various affects on different element types. If it hits a opponent that is a fire type, the flower on top of the dead will wilt after 5 seconds and fall off.
Pilotwing Pilotwing Players can grab hold of a Pilotwing and, while holding Up, will utilize the hang-glider much alike to Pit’s Flight ability. It can only be used once but, unless the player loses or uses it, will stay with the player for 2 minutes. If the player takes enough damage, they will drop the hang-glider and a foe can pick it up instead. If a character, like Pit, picks up the hang-glider; they have a much longer flight time then with out it. Of course, lighter characters like Pikachu and Kirby have a much faster, higher, and longer flight ability then heavy weights like Bowser and Donkey Kong.

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