This is a list of all Assist Trophies and Pokémon from Super Smash Bros. Fantasy.

Assist Trophies

Image Name Series Effect
Rosalina Super Mario She uses her star-wielding powers by blasting the stage with stars. She directs the direction of the shooting stars by her star wand. When she points up stars begin shooting upwards, when she points to left, they start shooting from left to right. She has four directions: up, down, left, and right. This creates a powerful storm of stars. She will stay on the field for 12 seconds. The stars do 2% damage for each hit and the entire attack can do 85 hits during the entire attack resulting in 90% damage; depending on how many hits. The starts can drain shields and causes opponents to flinch.
Ballywhoo & Big Top Super Mario When he appears, he flies around the stage while speech bubbles (much like to Mr. Resetti) appear to convey his excitement. He usually comments at things like “Everyone is fighting brilliantly!” and “(Characters Name) fighting spirit is START-TACULAR!” His speech bubbles and antics can distract players and cause visibility problems. He will then fly to the top of the stage and one of five things will fly out of Big Top’s head:

A large amount of Starman A large amount of Laser Cannons A large amount of stickers, several trophies, or a CD A large amount of healing items. Then bids the match farewell and vanishes.

Dry Bones Super Mario Dry Bones will appear from an Assist Trophy and begin walking/jumping around the stage. It will run into enemies causing 8% damage for every hit and can hit opponents after the initial hit. However, if attacked, Dry Bones will crumble into a pile of bones. This usually lasts for 6 seconds before he reconstructs himself. Dry Bones is usually out in the field for 15 seconds before he disappears however, if he is hit and crumbles, this pauses his timer.
Funky Kong Donkey Kong Funky Kong appears and places everyone into a flight barrel that begins to spin around. Pressing the A button will cause a player to shoot our for high knock back; even the player who summoned him. If a player does not press A, the barrel will shoot the person out after 10 seconds. It can be a possible OHKO if shot towards the end of the stage.
Baby Mario & Luigi Yoshi Baby Mario and Luigi enter the scene and immediately transform into Super babies. They begin to jump every where and run into opponents. When they run into an opponent, it does high damage with high vertical and horizontal knock back. Baby Mario always leads with Baby Luigi trailing behind. It does 18% damage with Baby Mario hits and Baby Luigi does 18% damage. Since Baby Luigi drags behind, they usually hit twice instead of once. The assist trophy usually lasts for 12 seconds.
Mona Wario She appears on her trademark scooter and begins driving back forth on the main platforms. Getting hit by her only does 15% damage and very low knock back. However, she stops looks at her watch and says “I’m late!” and begins rushing about the stage in a panic. She drives much faster and drives fairly recklessly. She does 30% damage and very high knock back. After 6 seconds, she vanishes.
Fi Legend of Zelda When summoned, Fi begins skating about the stage and, in a instant, the entire stages freezes with crystal. The entire view of the stage is distorted and everyone is frozen in place – even the player who summoned her. As soon as the frozen crystal appeared, it vanishes and everything cracks apart. Everyone besides the summoner is dealt high damage between 55-65% damage and can easily KO.
Rundas Metroid He emerges onto the battlefield, jumps high into the air, and then lands back down. When he lands, the entire stage erupts in spikes of ice and go in every direction. It can deal between 20-40% damage and deliver above-average knock back. Rundas will then vanish along with his ice.
Anthony Higgs Metroid He jumps into the fray and begins firing gun rounds at opponents. He walks forward,slowly but surely with guns blazing. He then does a dramatic back flip while firing his pistol. He then charges forward and does a impressive shoulder charge for one last hit. The gun round bursts do 5% damage each hit. They hit between 8-10 times. The pistol does 3% damage and hits twice. The shoulder rush then does a final 20% damage. If hit altogether and with each hit connecting, it can do 76% damage but, most likely, it won’t connect every hit. The gun round and pistol shots do little knock back but the shoulder rush has the highest and can KO at mid to high percentages.
Magnus Kid Icarus Magnus appears and slams into the closest opponent with his shoulder. This attack does 12-15% damage. He than slams his sword down and then up for a combined attacked of 10% altogether. He then begins to attack the opponent unmercifully in the air with rapid attacks that does up to 25% damage with a final diagonally slam into the ground that does high vertical knock back and a explosive radius (not unlike the Final Aether) that can damage nearby opponents, A very KO’able attack.
King Hippo Punch-Out He will lumber onto the stage and deliver a powerful punch attack that will OHKO if it connects. He will then rush forward and deliver a series of shorter punches and jabs that do around 15% each. His final attack is that he slams his fists down for 25% damage and can KO most opponents.
Bandana Dee Kirby Bandana Waddle Dee appears and begins striking opponents with his spear. Each attack from his spear does 12% damage and high knock back. He then does a rapid strike that does 3% damage each hit can hit 10 times. Lastly, he starts twirling his spear above his head and begins to fly to the top of the screen. He then takes his spear and drops down in a thundering slam on the stage. It does 50% damage overall.
Heavy Lobster Kirby Heavy Lobster appears and will begin walking around the stage while using it’s flame throwers. The flame throwers do around 15% damage. It will then begin jumping around the stage trying to squash opponents. It does 20% damage if it jumps on a player. Lastly, it will release a barrage of missiles that travel across the stage and does 6% Fire damage each hit.
Dynablade Kirby Dynablade will swoop down at a targeted player and will attack them with her razor sharp wings. She will dive bomb a targeted player three times totalling for a damage of 15% each thus totalling at 45% damage with a high knock back and KO potential. If the player who summoned her vanishes from play, she will go to retrieve him or her and bring them back to the stage. She disappears after the three hits.
Felix Golden Sun Felix appears and begins a massive Earthquake that shakes everyone until they fall. Shortly after the Earthquake begins, stalagmites appear and pierce everyone that is on the ground. It does high knock back and damage at 55% Earth damage. The attack is fairly quick and doesn't affect anyone who is in the air at the time. During the Earthquake, it is impossible to jump or move since the opponent is being staggered. During this time, they are helpless to the stalagmites.
NS Ironbat Sin and Punishment The NS Ironbat appears behind the stage and starts bombarding it with rocket fire. Each rocket can do 20% damage and high knock back. It will then disappear and then re-appear by flying over the stage and dropping bombs. The bombs do 30% damage and above-average knock back. However, they are slow, predictable, and have a small blast range. It’s last phase it will appear behind the stage again and it will start firing it’s wing guns at opponents. It does 5% damage for each hit. After 5 seconds, will will take off and above the screen.
Tarantula Animal Crossing Tarantula will not attack players unless a player does an attack. Once a player, even the one who summoned it, does an attack, it will start to chase the player down until it stings them. The tarantula's attack is devastating. It can do around 55% damage and very high knockback. It is almost always a OHKO. However, stepping on it can squash it but that takes some skill.
Micaiah Fire Emblem Micaiah appears and casts a glowing white ball of light onto the top of the screen. It starts to pulsate and rotate. It finally starts to shoot random rays of light around the stage. That can bypass platforms and solid objects like PK Starstorm and will destroy breakable objects. Opponents to are hit by the attacks receive 20% Light damage and does moderate knock back. If the rays hit the person who summoned Micaiah, it does heals 10% worth of damage from the player. The attack lasts for 10 seconds in which, the rays will diminish and Micaiah will disappear. You can tell when the attack is almost finished when the rays intensity diminishes.
Pegasus Knights Fire Emblem Pegasus Knights appear and instantly begin swooping and striking opponents. Ten Pegasus Knights appear and begin striking opponents. They deal more damage in the air than on the ground. Opponents hit in the air receives around 25% damage while those on the ground receives 20% damage. They do two attack sweeps before disappearing.
Kumatora EarthBound Kumatora appears and immediately uses one of her signature attacks, PK Starstorm. The attack is much alike to Ness and Lucas’ attacks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl but in a very weaker form. However, the comets are very fast and whistle past characters. It has the ability to inflict wide damage and juggle characters in the air. After 9 or 10 comets pass by, the attack ends.
Andy Jones Advanced Wars Andy will call forth three units which will rain down devastation onto the field. From the side of the screen, a Megatank, a Battleship, and a Black Bomber will appear and rain down artillery from the units. The Megatank does around 20% damage, the Battleship does 25% damage, and the Black Bomber does 30% Damage. It does a total of 75% damage and has a wide spread damage radius that extends around the stage. It is a very effective Final Smash and can OHKO as low as 30%.
Ray 01 Custom Robo Ray 01 appears and begins to fire his gun around the stage. Each hit does around 12% Lightning damage. It will then release four smaller satellites that circle around him and fire of plasma shots as well. These only do 1% Lightning damage but have a much higher rate of fire. Ray 01 is moving around the stage and firing during this time. After 9 seconds, Ray 01 vanishes like a hologram.
T-Rex Fossil Fighters The T-Rex appears in all its glory and starts stomping across the stage while gnashing its teeth and swiping its massive tail back and forth. It does around 10% damage. T-Rex will then turn around and charge forward and bites down hard with its teeth. It does 25% damage if its a full bite and 15% damage if its half a bite. T-Rex then vanishes.
Warrior Mech Gauss Chōsōjū Mecha MG Warrior Mech Gauss appears on the battlefield and readies his special beam attack which fires from the tip of his sword. He then fires it and it tears along the ground. It functions much like Lucario’s Final Smash however, unlike that, it is unable to be controlled. It boasts high knock back damage and does upwards to 60% damage if it hits 100%. Warrior Mech Gauss then jumps up and vanishes.
Ouendan Ouendan The Ouendan comes charging out and begins dancing and chanting. This boosts the attack power, speed, shield strength, and element power of the character(s) that summoned them. They do 3% damage if a opponent runs into them while they are dancing. This lasts for 12 seconds before they leave.
Shulk Xenoblade Shulk holds up his sword and a cyclone forms around it and encircles a large radius. It will envelope an entire small stage, a quarter of a medium size stage, half of a large stage, and a 3/4 of a huge stage. It can hit an opponent 10 times a second with 1% damage for each hit. The attack lasts 8 seconds thus I can damage for a total of 80% damage.
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo will appear, small and tiny, and start throwing random household items around the stage. Some of which are paper clips, fingernail clippers, ping pong balls, bottle caps, Q-Tips, and other items. Each item does 18% damage and has very high knock back. Chibi-Robo lasts for 10 seconds before it vanishes.
Mike Jones StarTropics Mike Jones says "Batters up!" He then rushes forward and starts whacking opponents with his trademark bat. Does 6 to 8 hits, each dealing 5% damage each hit and little knock back. Mike Jones then whistles, winds up, and smashes his bat into the closest opponent. It does very high damage at 50% and very high knock back. He then says All right! and jumps away.
Ayumi Tachibana Famicom Detective Club She investigates who has been cheating/playing dirty while during the match. She searches for: – Edgehogging – Projectile Camping – Excessive taunting – Move Spamming – Kill Stealing – Friendly Fire – Item Stealing – Stalling She then compares amongst the other players. If a player has done thus more than the others, she will accuse them which appears as a giant gavel that crashes onto the opponent. It is almost always a OHKO.
Wave Racers Wave Race The Wave Racers, four in total, come crashing into the stage on their high speed wave racers. They come landing on one side of the screen and continue the other side; falling down if there is a drop off the stage. It does 5% damage per hit from a Wave Racer.
Yoshimitsu Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu appears and says “May there be mercy for you (namu namu namu namu)!”. He then performs his critical strike that appears in the games. Yoshimitsu hops on one foot and then dashes at the opponent. He slashes horizontally at the peak if his dash in which, it stuns the opponent. He then vanishes and appears sporadically as he spins around the opponent. Yoshimitsu then slashes forward with a vertical attack.

The first cut does 20% damage but no knock back. The last attack does around 28% damage and has very high knock back.

He then clasps his hands together and vanishes after saying “I am Yoshimitsu! Behold my magnificence!”

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad Assassin's Creed Altaïr activates his Eagle Vision. The entire battlefield turns back save for the summoner which appears shrouded in a white light and the opponents who appear in a red light. This vision is unique because it presents a movement trail of the opponents as they move as to predict their movement as well as displays the hitboxes from opponents' attacks. All of the summoner's attacks have higher priority and, while deal the same amount of damage, deal 10% more knock back. After this is finished, he disappears.


Image Name Effect
Arceus Arceus performs Judgement. He releases a energy ball that travels to the above the centre of stage and then rains energy beams onto the stage. The type of damage depends entirely on what element the player who summoned him is. The attack lasts around 6 minutes and does 15% damage for every hit. It is a very damaging move and can almost OHKO any opponent as low as 20%.
Ducklett Ducklett runs around while spraying water everywhere. This can cause opponents to slip and fall if they touch the water. If Ducklett is hit or runs into someone, it will spray even more water around the stage. It can be attacked and launched off stage.
Joltik Joltik will jump around the stage while shooting out electric webs. Touching one of these will do around 12% Lightning damage and will cause the opponent to be temporarily helpless. There can only be three of these webs on a stage.
Golurk Golurk appears and unleashes a flurry of punches across the stage. They have a long reach and lasts 8 seconds. It can do around 40% damage total if all hits connect.
Druddigon Druddigon rushes forward and slashes with his claws. If it touches a opponent, it grabs them and starts slashing at them. Altogether, it can do between 10-40% damage; depending how many times it hits and if the last hit connects.
Stunfisk When it appears on the stage, it buries into the ground with a puff of dust/dirt. If anyone walks, jumps, or falls onto the waiting Pokemon, it will release a shocking Thundershock attack. It does 25% damage and deals high knock back after the attack.
Darmanitan It jumps up, gathers intense heat around its right fist and then punches forward. A volanic like eruptions bursts from its fist and deals 45% damage and decreases by 5% the farther away. It also deals high diagonal knock back. However, on some occasions, Darmanitan will appear and immediately transform into it`s Zen Mode. Darmanitan will then just sit there and glow with a mysterious aura of purple energy.
Scrafty It appears and immediately pulls up the skin around it’s legs. It then jumps high into the air with it’s right foot extended. If it hits someone who is grounded, it only does 12% damage with low knockback. However, if it catches someone in mid-air, it’ll do 20% damage and high knock back.
Cofagrigus It appears and casts Curse on a random player. That opponent can move, jump, dash, shield, roll, and crawl but he or she is unable to attack, pick up items, do special moves, or do their Final Smash for 15 seconds. During the Curse attack, Confagrigus appears on the stage with its arms moving and the casket opening and closing.
Foongus It appears and starts casting spores everywhere. These spores can out players to sleep for 6 seconds. Foongus will last for 20 seconds.
Giratina Giratina uses Shadow Force which causes the summoner and Giratina to vanish instantly from view. 5 seconds after that, Giratina delivers a devastating attack in the right, centre, or left area of the stage. It resembles a pillar of dark space matter that reaches up fairly high and delivers 45-55% Dark damage depending on the location from the core of the attack. It is a very strong attack that does high vertical and diagonal damage. After the attack, Giratina and the summoner appear. After that, Giratina vanishes in a dark space vortex.
Emolga It jumps out and immediately begins gliding about the stage. Touching it will cause 8% damage. Every now and then, it will begin to pulse with electricity. Being hit by this pulse does 14% damage. It will stay on the field for 15 seconds before leaving.
Drilbur It will jump to ground and start digging. It will then totally disappear. After 8–14 seconds, it will strike a random player with Dig. It does 20% damage and has a decent amount of knock back.
Chandelure Chandelier will slowly appear and start shaking itself in the air. Spouts of purple flame will slowly shoot out and float to the ground. If a character is hit by one of the purple flames, it does 3% damage each second. The burn affects lasts 15 seconds. In total it does 45% damage but has virtually no knock back. It then vanishes eerily.
Blitzle Blitzle appears and begins pawing the ground as it charges electrical energy. It then sprints forward straight across the stage dealing up to 18% Damage. It will then turn around and charge across the stage again for an additional 10% Damage. it has a fairly high knock back but cannot KO unless at very high percentages.
Roggenrola Roggenrola begins walking around while the core inside it begins to glow. It will periodically start releasing Power Gem which shoots out small lightened crystals. It does 1% damage for each hit and can do 8% hits in one burst, It will do this attack 3 or 4 times. As well, it can be picked up and carried around. In this way, it can be almost used like a gun. However, it can greatly burden a player and cause them to walk slowly.
Krokorok Krokorok appears and automatically a sandstorm begins whipping around the stage. Within 5 minutes, it blankets the entire stage unless in a Large or Huge stage, in which case, the are around the ledges are not enveloped in sand. It does very little damage 1% damage for every 3 seconds but it has a very high knock back as the wings push against players in various directions. As well, the larger the opponent, the more hits it does every other second. So Bowser will be hit with 1% every second. It can confuse and bewilder opponents, event he player who summoned it. It lasts around 15 seconds and then the Sandstorm disappears. Light Weights like Pikachu and Kirby are at the mercy of the storm while heavy weights on Bowser and Donkey Kong, while not affected by the Sandstorm, receive more damage do to their size.
Dialga Dialga shortly charges up and releases a loud Roar of Time. The attack slows down all movement save for the player who through the Poké Ball. The Roar of Time lasts thirteen seconds.
Palkia Palkia charges up and roars causing everyone's controller settings to switch randomly save for the player who threw the Poké Ball. The switching of the controller settings is randomized and each player has a different switched setting. The effect lasts thirteen seconds after which, the original controller scheme returns to normal.
Snivy Snivy is summoned onto the field from the Poké Ball. It immediately unleashes a cyclone of leafs that encircle the closest opponent(s). The attack can hit 10 times for a damage of 3% each hit. It juggles the opponent and then shoots them into the air.
Tepig Tepig crashes into the opponent with all of it’s force with fire damage. It has a good knock back and possible KO at higher percentages. The true strength of this attack is the damage it does in relation to the weight of the player who summoned Tepig. If a light weight character like Pikachu or Kirby releases Tepig, it will do it’s base attack at 15% but if a heavy character such as Bowser or Nightmare summoned Tepig, it can do 35% damage.
Oshawott Oshawott is summoned and pulls out his shell. He then dashes along the stage three times in a jet of a water while slicing with his shell. The attack does 2% damage for every hit and can hit 12 times for every dash. The last hit can do 10% damage and moderate knock back.

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