All-Star Mode Melee is a mode based on Super Smash Bros. Melee's All-Star Mode.


Character fought Stage
Mario Starship Mario
Luigi Starship Mario
Peach Starship Mario
Bowser Bowser's Castle
Dr. Mario Mario Party
Donkey Kong Sunset Shore
Yoshi Yoshi Touch & Go
Link Skyloft
Zelda/Sheik Skyloft
Ganondorf Skyloft
Samus Skytown, Elysia
Kirby Lor Starcutter
Fox Katina
Falco Katina
Captain Falcon Aeropolis
Pikachu Pokémon Stadium 3
Mewtwo Pokémon Stadium 3
Jigglypuff Pokémon Stadium 3
Marth Castle Crimea
Ness Saturn Valley
Mr. Game & Watch Final Destination
Ice Climbers Icicle Ruins

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