Adventure Mode Melee is a mode in Super Smash Bros. Fantasy based on Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode.


Universe Stage Objective (s)
Super Mario Mushroom Kingdom
  1. Reach the flagpole
  2. Vs. Mario & Peach

Alternate: Vs. Luigi & Peach

Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle
  1. Vs. Tiny Donkey Kong Team
  2. Vs. Giant Donkey Kong
Legend of Zelda Underground Maze
  1. Find the Triforce
  2. Vs. Zelda/Sheik
Metroid Brinstar
  1. Vs. Samus
  2. Escape Zebes
Kirby Green Greens
  1. Vs. Kirby
  2. Vs. Team Kirby
  3. Vs. Giant Kirby
Star Fox Corneria
  1. Vs. Fox
  2. Vs. Fox Reborn

Alternate: Vs. Falco

Pokémon Pokémon Stadium
  1. Vs. 12 Pokémon
F-Zero F-Zero Grand Prix
  1. Reach the finish line
  2. Vs. Captain Falcon
EarthBound Onett
  1. Vs. Team Ness
Ice Climber Icicle Mountain
  1. Reach the top of the mountain.
  2. Vs. Ice Climbers
Super Smash Bros. Battlefield
  1. Vs. 15 Fighting Wire Frames
  2. Vs. Metal Mario/Mario Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Final Destination
  1. Vs. Giant Bowser
  2. Vs. Giga Bowser

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